Never fear, Smith is here

I regard Dick Smith to be a fairly smart fellow.  His wealth and notoriety are testament to his intellect and deserved success.  To get where he has he would have had a lot of smart ideas and made a lot of smart moves, but I think his latest idea falls well short of something that has been thoroughly thought through.  Believing that Australia’s population is too high, he has offered $1M to any young person who designs what he thinks is the best population plan for Australia.

It is apparent that having wealth in this country provides one the privilege of having an opinion that can be thrown out to the masses.  It also can give one an ego:

Mr Smith, fiercely opposed to immigration, said he would devote the rest of his life to educating other Australians, including politicians, about the need to keep the nation’s population from exploding.

The above comment displays a man who believes that his own ideologies should enter into the public discourse plus be adopted as Government policy.  That appears to be the aim of his message. Continue reading