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  1. Reminds me of the many years I spent in a violent abusive marriage.

    The looks where more demoralising that the words.

    Surprisingly the physical abuse was not the worse part.

    I did manage to put an end to the physical abuse, surprisingly by hitting back.

    It was impossible to stop the anger and the words, but it is the looks that still haunts me. Pure hate.

    It is the face of a hateful bully who is not getting his own way.

    I think this was meant to be light hearted comments but to me I cannot trivialise Mr. Abbott, the Opposition behaviour.

  2. CU, good on you for hitting back, but I agree that constant verbal and psychological abuse is more harmful in the long run, because it saps your confidence and ability to function as a person in your own right. And “the look” is the threat of what is to come.

    Obviously, I don’t discount the appalling consequences of continual and escalating violent assaults, which I understand are generally accompanied by verbal assaults on the victim’s psyche.

  3. That is what Mr. Abbott’s behaviour is about. The sad thing is that I do not think he sees it this way. It is the behaviour of a bully and a coward. It is the behaviour of a over tired toddler throwing a tantrum.

    As far as PM Gillard is concerned, the same behaviour is coming from those who stand behind on the front benches.

    This one and Ms. Sophia Mirabella are the worst offenders.

    “Loud and ugly’ clash with Bishop
    25 Mar, 2011 06:41 AM
    Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop engaged in a brief but heated argument after question time on Wednesday that, according to witnesses, got ”loud and ugly”.
    Those contacted by The Canberra Times yesterday agreed it was the Prime Minister whose voice was raised the most when the pair bumped into each other as they left the House of Representatives chamber.
    One said the Prime Minister had ”lost her cool” during the exchange.
    ”I don’t know what it was that Bishop said but it got under Gillard’s skin,” a source said.


    PS. Hitting back is not the answer. Getting rid of him was.

  4. ‘A picture speaks a thousand words.’

    Over four thousand years ago
    Wise Chinese rulers seemed to know
    An image outweighs any word.
    So often has that truth been heard
    An experienced politician
    Always looks for that position
    Which shows his most attractive side;
    Smiling, friendly, nothing to hide.
    Let’s rejoice that Tony Abbott
    Hasn’t learned this useful habit,
    Nor pondered on the reason why,
    Unlike himself, the camera does not lie.

  5. Looks like Hanson might be in.

    “Don’t forget Howard governed for 11 years with wall to wall State Labor govs. Can’t see how NSW result reflects on Federal politics”

    You are correct, what is happening is that Australian politics is reverting to the norm. It was not the end of the Coalition in Mr. Howard’s day. It is not the end of Labor today.

    I believe that the problem of the Coalition Opposition is that they have not had a good clean out and there are too many from Mr. Howard’s era controlling the party.

    I do acknowledge that this reversal is more severe that most but the Labor government has been for sixteen years. This when we look back in hindsight might prove to be a positive thing. Most of the old government has gone, there will be an influx of new people and ideas that meet today’s problems.

    I as a Labor voter believe this is good for Labor and the country. Every party needs a time to revitalise, grow and a time to govern.

    As a leftie, I hate to admit we do not have all the answers, the other side sometimes do have good ideas as well. It is good in this country that it appears difficult, at least in the short term, to throw out everything the previous government has done, but Mr. Abbott is trying hard to prove me wrong in this regard.

  6. CU, oh goody just what NSW needs…Fred Nile, the Shooter’s Party and Pauline Hanson holding the balance of power in the upper house.

    In the spirit of Migs’ topic…


  7. The one on the right is going to be Abbott’s fill-in at the next carbon tax rally…as GetUp’s guest speaker.

  8. LOL Min. And I can see the slogun now: “Tony Abbott – breathing fire into the election campaign”.

    I know, I know, there isn’t an election campaign going on at the moment, even though Abbott thinks there is.

  9. One is a mythological creature that logically cannot exist in the physical world we inhabit.

    The other is a dragon

  10. C’mon that’s the same … er … nasty looking whatsit!

    I wear glasses these days I see everything much more clearly … 😉

  11. TB, an old flame once told me that I look much younger when I don’t wear my glasses.

    I replied that when I’m not wearing my glasses she looked much younger too.

    End of story.

  12. ‘Reb’s cheque is in the mail.’

    Well, the male just got here……… NO CHEQUE!!

    (He was in stripes) 🙂

  13. Migs, an old flame or just a smouldering cinder?

    Well, the male just got here

    Lol! It could have been a C&W CD (still in cellophane wrapper!)

  14. This is off topic but given that it’s to do with cane toads maybe less so 😉

    From a link courtesy of daughter Briony…the product is appropriately named Hop Stop.

    A SMALL Canberra bio-tech company has developed a household aerosol that will kill cane toads in less than a minute.

    ”It’s not toxic to people or family pets, and won’t contaminate the garden with chemical residue. You spray the toads, they hop a bit slower, stop hopping and become unconscious. It kills them in their sleep.”

    Cane toads have poison glands on their shoulders, which can kill dogs and cats that pick up toads in their mouths. The toad venom causes rapid heartbeat, convulsions and death within minutes.

    ”We’re hoping people will use this spray rather than golf clubs and cricket bats to kill cane toads,” Mr Dall said.

    ”Its active ingredient, chloro-xylene, is is already in use in personal care products,” Dr Dall said.

    Ummm, the active ingredient is already used in personal care products?? I dread to think which ones!!

  15. Sounds like a humane way to ‘take care’ of Mr. Rabbit.

    Perhaps someone should present him with a complimentary
    gift of appropriate toiletries for use after his morning work-out
    at the beach or on his bike.

  16. Bacchus, the one on the left also definitely has a resemblance to the cane toad and so it’s most definitely worth trying it.

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