9 comments on “Under the Boardwalk

  1. A very worthy cause Kevin. I was fortunate enough to have been able to cause something now called Quinn Reserve in Mt Evelyn (Vic) to be in existence. Had to fight tooth and nail against other Councillors who couldn’t see anything wrong with destroying a remnant piece of an important ecosystem.

  2. Kevin, it is an interesting reserve, nothing more than a very steep narrow gully but as you climb higher you pass from cool wetland ferns and sedges through to drier eucalypts. You can imagine what the damage that engineering works and piping the creek would have done.

  3. Kevin, great photos. It’s amazing to know they are actually still there, even though they are so important.

  4. Kevin, those photos you took of our water catchment areas are so telling. Odd how complacent people here are about the water situation, including myself. I think the desalination plants have made people forget how dire the position is. After ten years of virtual drought Perth/Fremantle metropolitan area is really an example of yet another extreme climate event, nothing like as dramatic as floods and cyclones, but critically serious all the same. It surprises me that it hardly rates a mention in the local news.

    Being retired I can daily do a lot of handwatering and I’m fanatical about water use in the house but I think the time has come to re-design my garden as if I live in a virtual desert. I’ve long rid myself of grass and replaced it with lippia and brick paving, but I’m still enjoying green all around me. My many trees are all from decades back and I assume so deep rooted they have found ground water. But how long, I wonder, before they too are affected by what has become our new climate pattern.

  5. Patricia

    Speaking of groundwater, I was surprised how little attention has been given to the use of the aquifer and proposals to refill them with recycled water.

    It was also a bit numbing to drive through the area where the desal plant takes in its sea water. The heavy industry there must be a concern.

    Even the WA greens seem relatively unperturbed. But then I was very unimpressed with them during our Broome stay in 2007-8.

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