Environment Australia: Care but little Responsibility

Perhaps the appeal of Tony Abbott’s Direct Action Plan is that it requires no one to do anything nor to pay anything whatsoever because as a recent OECD report indicates, this is precisely what Australians excel at.

Here are the areas where Australia rates a resounding worst. We are the least likely to:

. consider energy costs when buying houses

. believe that individual actions can make a difference

. use appliances in standby mode and the least likely to read the energy efficiency label when buying appliances

. the least likely to recycle plastic, paper and glass even though our recycling services are among the best in the world

. the most likely to use the car to go shopping

. the best at wasting water per person

. and we don’t like to drink it from the tap much either with 30% of us paying for bottled water.

Mind you, while we’re busy doing absolutely nothing we’re terrific worriers about the nothing that we don’t do with 40-50% of us being ”very concerned” about issues such waste generation, air pollution and climate change. And while we’re sitting around performing all of this worrying 5% of us think that there is no point in doing anything anyway, twice the number of worriers who do nothing in Canada and Mexico.

And even when there are ideas to get us to do something, then we don’t like that either. The shock and outrage at Peter Garrett’s suggestion of phasing out plastic bags is mirrored only by the same outrage which occurs when “they” try to muck around with AFL grand final matches.

We are obviously in need of an idea or several to help motivate our fellow Aussies. Maybe a little of Garrett’s passion.

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  1. Min, On another subject I sent my comments to ABC News online regarding Gillard and Rudd being in dispute over a no fly zone over Libya, and I was bloody surprise that it got through.

    This is just another attack at trying to destroy the stabilizing ability of a minority government by the LNP, and in particular the Media who have gone into a frenzy of misinformation lies and deceit, and a lot of it is coming directly from the ABC, in simple words it is called gutter journalism.

  2. Crowey, I agree. I cannot see from the reports once you read the details that there is any ‘rift’ whatsoever between Gillard and Rudd. Obviously the media are once again trying to create some sort of jealousy thing between them.

  3. In Canberra the efficiency rating of a house for sale or rent must be displayed in the advertisement. A house with insulation, for example, would have a higher rating than those without. It is an important consideration, as the energy costs to run the place needs to be taken into consideration, especially for renters. I understand that other states have also adopted this initiative.

    Great topic, Min, btw.

  4. Min, I watched a bit of ABC24 a short time ag, and found experienced journalist discussing climate Change with Professor Will Steffen. Paraphrasing, she suggested clumsily that there should be opposing views on the subject, and received a very polished answer suggesting that qualified opinions would be the way to go.
    This is a perfect example of the damage the ABC Chairman, Maurice Newman has done

    “Climate change is a further example of group-think where contrary views have not been tolerated, and where those who express them have been labelled and mocked. In his ABC Online blog last October, Chris Uhlmann wrote a piece called In praise of the Sceptics. Climate science we are endlessly told is “settled” he wrote. “But to make the, perfectly reasonable, point that science is never settled risks being branded a “sceptic” or worse a “denier”… one of those words like “racist” which is deliberately designed to gag debate….You can be branded a denier if you accept the problem and question the solution”.
    That’s just one paragraph, but there’s more, much more.


    From Crikey,11th March, 2010.
    ABC Chairman gives editorial independence a kick in the groin

    “Editorial independence is little more than a concept sitting on a shelf until it is put to the test”.

    As we discussed yesterday, when does Newman’s term finish. Maybe we should all be writing to Senator Conroy to voice our concerns about this dinasour.

  5. Pip, that sounds to be an excellent idea. Newman was clearly put there by Howard because Newman’s views mirror that of JWH.

    Agreed, there will always be deniers just as there were people who continued to believe that the earth was flat and people who believed that the human body couldn’t survive speeds of over 60mph.

  6. Nick, where have you been? Aren’t you the bloke who thinks climate change is a left-wing conspiracy?

    Minchin ups stakes in carbon war

    Senior Liberal Nick Minchin says the globe is more likely to be cooling than warming, and has slammed the Government’s key climate adviser, Ross Garnaut, as “on the Government’s payroll”.


    PS, from mine at 12.35pm, the experienced journalist was Jane Hutcheance.

    Is there a “look, over there” happening this week. Tony’s gone to ground today, I think, while Hockey attacks the welfare system or should I say , recipients, Downer and Minchin have popped up to show they are still relevent.
    An agenda is playing out with the PM and the Foreign Minister at loggerheads…. no, really….

    Just for balance, GetUp and others, I think, have organised a rally in Melbourne for Saturday morning in answer to Anal’s rally.

  7. So Tony Abbott is at odds with his boss, Nick Minchin.

    TONY Abbott has been forced to reaffirm that the Coalition accepts climate change with human causes, after a senior senator rejected the concept.
    “Climate change does happen. Mankind does make a contribution,” the Opposition Leader said today.

    But Liberal senator Nick Minchin, who backed Mr Abbott for the party leadership in December 2009, rejects global warming and dismisses the credentials of the Government’s climate change adviser Ross Garnaut.

    Senator Minchin has spoken out despite a direction from Mr Abbott to his MPs last week not to discuss the science of climate change. The Opposition instead wants to focus debate on Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s “broken promise” and the “carbon tax”.

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national/climate-change-does-happen-abbott/story-e6frfkvr-1226019676890#ixzz1GFjTuqjV

  8. Good old Minchin, all the scientists don’t know a scrap.

    I noticed that Garnaut is speaking out..


    GOVERNMENT adviser Ross Garnaut has criticised media treatment of climate change, suggesting it has undermined support for action by giving equal weight to mainstream peer-reviewed science and sceptical views not backed by published evidence.

    And especially important…

    The latest Garnaut update (announced in Hobart last night) — the fifth of eight to be published before the end of March — finds that not only is the globe warming, but that most physical and biological systems are changing at least as quickly as predicted.

    The pace at which sea levels are rising has accelerated. While the likely increase this century remains uncertain, Professor Garnaut said credible estimates ranged up to 1.9 metres. The climate change department estimates up to 247,600 existing homes worth up to $63 billion are at risk of inundation from a sea level rise of 1.1 metres.

    “It is an awful reality that no major developments in the science hold out realistic hope that the judgments of the 2008 review erred in the direction of overestimating the risks,” Professor Garnaut said.

  9. So, there will be a citizens assembly, by another name,

    Climate Commission says it’s tough explaining science


    The Climate Commission will take to the road next month. It’s first stop is in Geelong followed by a series of meetings in regional areas of all states ans territories.

    Canada held a citizens assembly a few years ago to do with an electoral issue, so maybe the PM is not so wrong a bout this after all.

  10. Migs interesting..with Abbott now placing himself firmly in the ‘believers’ camp it doesn’t leave much backup for the deniers.

    Of course for Abbott it’s nothing more than political expediency which he said himself, “The Opposition instead wants to focus debate on Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s “broken promise” and the “carbon tax”.

  11. CU, months ago, on the Failed Estate, Mr. Denmore gave an address to write to about this stuff and being a bit lazy I thought I’d get back to it. I’m searching for it, and I’ll get back later.

  12. Min, this probably should be on Media Watch 11,
    continuing from @2.15pm.
    I can’t remember the name of Mr. Denmore’s article but he invited readers to write in support of a Parliamentary Enquiry to:-

    John Menadue,
    DirectorCentre for Policy Development,
    Box K3,
    Haymarket, NSW, 1240

    I’ll try and find the article.

  13. Oops again, that should read

    John Menadue,
    Centre for Policy Development,
    Box K3,
    Haymarket, NSW, 1240

  14. Thank you for that Pip. Maybe something will come out of the GetUp rally. Their site says this weekend but I’m fairly certain that their newsletter said the following weekend just before the “People’s Revolution” rally.

  15. Min, I thought I read somewhere last night that the rally would be on the 23rd March but can’t find it now.

  16. Thank you for that Pip. It seems that the Australian Youth Climate Coalition are also having a counter rally.

    While those who would deny action on climate change hold a rally outside Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s electorate office, we will gather outside Treasury Place in Melbourne with a different, positive vision. I invite all of you to join us there at 11am to stand up for progress, the future, and the survival of young people all over the world.


  17. Hi rogerthesurf. Thank you for visiting us from across the Tasman.

    I’ve had a brief look at your debate with denisedthornton (Denise) and I tend to agree with her. However, it was only a brief look and I’ll give your discussion its due credit once this busy week tapers out.

  18. Speaking of rallying support has anyone seen this about corey bernardi-Tea Party.


    and on the 23rd we have Anal’s [and apparently corey’s] rally.


    and from bernardi’s baby


    it’s worth giving him a click just to see what he,s up to.

  19. Pip, as Rob Burgess of the Business Spectator says in your 2nd link: “The question that will be answered on March 23 is whether this time the ‘people’s revolt’ will match the withering attacks being waged by the Coalition in parliament.”

  20. Possum at Crikey has some interesting stats up as to the demographics of those who support a price on carbon. I would have expected that the 55+yrs age group would have registered less than other groups and they do with 44% who strongly support/support compared with 18-24yrs at 50%. It’s a reasonably big difference but I was expected even less support from the 55+ group.


  21. As usual, the Smuggles Set and their MSM cheerleaders are spreading lies and disinformation as far as possible. However, the government needs to counter the perception that a carbon tax will be imposed on ordinary taxpayers by emphasising that the polluters will pay the tax, not them.

    This government has been singularly unsuccessful in getting its message across. I hope someone with some grey matter will devise a short effective ad that will serve several purposes;

    1) to make sure people understand that polluters will be taxed.

    2) to let people know that they will be compensated for price increases when polluters pass on the cost of meeting their obligations.

    3) to let people know that the Smuggles Set is out to protect polluters at any cost and that it is their intention to impose a carbon tax, not on the polluters but on taxpayers.

    Once that idea is implanted, I think the Smuggles Set could find themselves in a lot of trouble.

  22. Jane, and also if the big polluters don’t pay that there is no incentive for them not to clean up their act. The big miners have been polluting for years and have gotten away with it for example, Rio Tinto dumping 80 tonnes of aluminium oxide Gove harbour. Rio may or may not have stopped this now but only would have done so because the NT Environment Minister is seeking $1M in compensation.

  23. This one is worth a read and a couple of smiles, by writer Walter Slurry whose note about himself is …worked at Parliament House for 17 years, mostly as a cleaner. He is the author of the “Be Alert but not Alarmed” fridge magnet and is currently working out a price for carbon.


  24. G’day Min,

    I was quite interested in the Possum @ Crikey link and then got to this …

    The problem that Labor has here comes down to a number of groups, two of which are worth mentioning – the first being older people, particularly fixed income older people …

    … The first group is nearly always a right (sic) off for Labor in the broadest sense of the phrase, so it doesn’t really matter what either major party does or say with that mob since it has the smallest swinging voter proportion of any age cohort, the most strongly held views of any age cohort as Policy Day approaches and, if history is anything to go by, a profound ability to dismiss what they don’t want to hear should it ever interrupt their preconceptions. They’ll bitch and moan and carry on even if the compensation outweighed their additional costs by 6 to 1.

    I almost fall into this category …. although my income at the moment is blown like the wind, depending on the vagaries of The Robber Barons and their Vassals (read Government)

    a) Possum’s obviously younger than us Baby Boomers ’cause he/she can’t spell … see my “sic” above … try “write” off

    b) “That mob” – indicates a predisposition … and it does matter what major parties say – that’s what makes voters “swing” … “smallest swinging” I wonder why … we’ve seen most of it all before … strongly held views are “bad”?? The author seems to have them …

    c) “… a profound ability to dismiss what they don’t want to hear should it ever interrupt their preconceptions …” and this is confined to one generation and only one age group … try talking to a gen X or Y with a telphone in their hand … talk about bias

    d) We also bitch and moan … apparently … that makes us really special ( 🙄 ) … apparently …
    even if the compensation outweighed their additional costs by 6 to 1 … what costs and what compensation … we don’t know what they are? … my “cohort” have been lied to, manipulated and cheated too often, by governments of all shades, NOT to question the competency of ANY government …

    e) … and Possum had better get used to the fact that the cohort he calls “that mob” … is growing by the day …

    … them Bad Baby Boomers aren’t ALL dead and buried just yet …

    Then the question begs … how biased could the rest of the article be …?

    Just one paragraph.

    Someone should tell Possum that age is just a number … I know a couple of ten year olds who are much smarter than a couple of 60 yo I know? But I know another couple of 50 yo who could run rings around al of ’em 😉

    Seems Ageism is still alive and well too … 😯

  25. TB, that’s one thing that I picked up on also, Possum’s statement “older people, particularly fixed income older people …”. The democraphic involved is 55+, therefore which portion is: 1. retired – not working at all – plenty of 55+ people still do of course 2. on a fixed income. There is nothing in the stats to indicate that Possum knows either of these factors. Sloppy work IMO. It’s the same thing as stating unemployed under 24’s believe when there is nothing known except age, gender and voting intention.

  26. Min, sorry to sound like I’m … what does Possum say?? … bitchin’ and moanin’ but I was severely reprimanded taught early in my career that one stupid, inconsidered, biased statement can kill the veracity of a report … and try writing that for a uni assignment … whizzed back really quickly!

    Other than that, the report (would have) had some interesting thoughts (couldn’t call them conclusions) …

    … like I said, I was reading quite happily till I reached the bit I “critiqued” … 🙂

  27. oops! Editor, editor! – “severely reprimanded” in del only please Min(I gather your in charge —- as usual … dr … again??? 🙂 )

  28. You’re allowed to bitch and moan TB, we wouldn’t have you any other way 😉 And studying law taught me to always verify my sources as you cannot reach a logical conclusion without these. As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t think that 10% was a much of a difference between the 55+ age group and the younger groups. If Possum had wanted to draw any conclusions about ANY group then he would have needed stats which included employed/not employed/retired but he didn’t and so his conclusions are his own opinions and nothing more.

  29. Precisely, Min. That’s why it’s crucial for the government to get straight on the ball making everyone aware how nonsensical Smuggles’ direct action brain fart is. And to ram down peoples’ throats that polluters will be paying the tax, not them. Once they get that message out, Smuggles’ campaign will fizzle out.

  30. Jane, plus I think loads and loads of positive publicity to alternative energies…let’s start to fire up people’s imaginations!!

  31. [i]”I think this little post of mine illustrates that dilemma very well.”[/i]

    It does nothing of the sort. The usual straw dogs thrown up using quasi science to muddy the waters. The dilemma is of your own creation, deliberately done in an attempt to confuse and sidetrack the science.

  32. I might be in a state Migs, but Jacobs Creek! – you said two glasses – think of the state of that bowl in the morning!

  33. Yes, Bacchus, it’s Jacobs Creek then both glasses would be for you.

    Actually, my drink at the moment is Pepsi Max. I just know things aren’t going to be good in the morning. Can someone serve me a coffee around midday please?

  34. Well folks here it is provided by the Liberal Party’s website. It’s been difficult to locate I know the same as nearly all of their policies, so I thought to share.

    There is a 31 page document under the heading of Direct Action Plan of which as much space is given to their policy as is given to “Labor’s Great Big New Tax On Everything”.

    A summary of their DAP is also in their Environment Plan and this is ‘it’ quoted below.

    Action on Climate Change including the creation of a $2.55 billion (over the first four years) Emissions Reduction Fund, additional funding for one million solar homes by 2020, clean energy hubs, solar towns and solar schools, geothermal projects, studies into algal synthesis and the planting of 20 million trees.

    Yes people Abbott plans the world around doing nothing more than throwing money around. BTW must tell daughter Erin about Abbott’s plan to look into algal synethesis 🙄

  35. Good morning Min, looks like Miglo and Bacchus were on the slops last night!
    Algal synthesis? and didn’t the Lieberals bag the green schemes of the Labor Party? and isn’t Abbott travelling the length and breadth of the country talking about the wasteful Labor government?

  36. Pip, daughter is in the final few months of her PhD at UQ and they’ve been working in conjunction with the Germans and especially the Chinese on producing hydrogen from algae for years now. I found it ironic that Abbott came up with this whizz bang idea as if it was something new.

    I think that we had better walk tippy toe around Migs and Bacchus today 😉

  37. Pip, that’s excellent news..400 backers for Senators Mitch Fifield and Scott Ryan versus 8,000 for GetUp.

  38. Two choices Miglo, drink lot of water to rehydrate or a hair of the dog. I have long suspected these theories, not learned from experience :]

  39. Just found this via Twitter,


    Why we need a carbon tax, by the Coalition’s environment spokesman

    In 1990, Greg Hunt co-authored a university thesis entitled
    A Tax To Make The Polluter Pay

    His conclusion:

    “Untimately it is by harnessing the natural economic forces which drive society that the pollution tax offers us an opportunity to exert greater control over our environment”.

    What can be the solution for him and the other Coalition members who don’t actually agree with Rabbott?

  40. Bitchy comment, but I am competing with the likes of La Mirabella;
    The Age’s site claims Mitch Fifield saying the Carbon tax is “a tax on everything that achieves nothing”. This is an oxymoron- how can a universally applied action achieve nothing?. These people should really be held to account more. Be interesting to watch how all this is portrayed tonight.

  41. Maybe some of the arguments put forward in Greg Hunt’s thesis could be used by the pro carbon tax lobby..it seems that Hunt is quite an expert in the field 😉

  42. “These people should really be held to account more.”

    Ha ha. That is a point I’m making at GT, as if that’s ever going to happen with the current media makeup in this country.

    Conservatives are actually arguing that because the Liberals are in opposition they don’t have to be held to account and can lie and misrepresent at will. My point is that this seems to only apply to Liberal oppositions as Labor oppositions are held to higher standard of scrutiny than the Liberal government of the time, as happened during Howard’s reign.

  43. I think that we saw that happening with Fairfax who once used to provide a reasonably balanced commentary compared with the Murdoch rags but that seems to have deteriorated considerably.

    Abbott was copping it a treat especially around the time of his nodding-puppet episode but it seems that he’s now gone to ground. Clever tactics, repeat over and over Jul-LAIR and the evil word ‘tax’ and keep Abbott hidden out of the way.

    The proof that Liberal Party policies are subject to no scrutiny is the fact that just about no one knows what the details of their Direct Action Plan is other than it’s about planting trees..or somethin’.

  44. Almost from the time the first reactor was started Japan has lied about several nuclear reactor leaks over many decades.

    A news bulletin gave an explanation of why the reactor number 1 failed with diagrams of the reactor vessel and its cooling systems including emergency cooling. Apparently eight diesel generators that supply power to the cooling systems both standard and emergency. All eight diesel generators failed in the earthquake.

    I knew nuclear reactors had large diesel generators so they aren’t really pollution free, but I didn’t know that they had so many and how important they were. Ironic isn’t it that a nuclear reactor that creates megawatts of power needs fossil fuel generated power to operate.

  45. Mobius, I think that Japan is going to come under a huge amount of world-wide scrutiny because of this as is the nuclear energy in toto. I realize that many of these Japanese reactors are old and that there is Generation Next but I also doubt very much if the nuclear reactor industry can be relied upon to speak god’s own truth when it comes to safety issues. Just the same as none of big industry can be relied upon when it comes to safety and environmental issues – costs $$s, they’ll try to hide it under the carpet.

  46. Finally, a journalist has got around to calling Abbott’s direct action plan exactly what it is..flaky.

    Abbott will doubtless make a fine fist of standing on the floor in his shirtsleeves – be it at Rooty Hill, Altona or Brisbane – reiterating his view that Gillard has lied. But can that really be sustained for 90 minutes? And can he withstand the scrutiny of his opposition’s own flaky, market-anathema stop-gap ”direct action” policy on climate change that would be intrinsic to such a debate?

    Some in government doubt it. At least they hope. Which is why Gillard might soon see Abbott on his proposed carbon tax debate – and raise him one.


  47. Am I getting a little thinned skin when I come across slogans and posters describing our PM in language that I would not as a woman, tolerate being said about myself. Yesterday’s effort was a beauty in bad taste and close on sexual abuse. I feel I would react the way I have even if the comments were aimed at Ms. Mirabella among others.

    The last one that got my damper up :”Axe the tax” OK but I do not agree with the sentiments. On the same poster “dump the Frump”, this I find unnecessary and over the top. I find it insulting to all woman.

    Synonyms on my spell checker on OpenOffice.org Writer:- Dog, Unpleasant woman and Disagreeable woman. Maybe not as bad as “slag” and “harpy” but it tells us a lot about what these people think about women in general.

    We have to endure for weeks. The MSM, with the Opposition lowering debate and news in this country to one about the government’s questionable lying and Mr. Mr. Rudd’s supposed plans to get revenge. Every word muttered by the PM Gillard and FM Rudd are examined and twisted to fit in what the MSM and the Opposition is putting forwarded as fact. Every success that PM Gillard achieved is ridicule and dismissed as being of little consequence.

    What I consider to be important to Australian’s on humane grounds and the danger to our present and future well-being is getting little debate in the MSM or parliament. The public debate has become a beat up of what either the PM or FM said or did not say. There has been no debate on what we should be doing in the Middle East from the MSM or especially the Opposition.

    Today we have woke up to a disastrous situation in Japan, tens of thousands missing or dead. There are reports of one nuclear power station exploding and others in danger of melt down. What is the story of the day, whether FM Rudd should have used the word “demand”. Very little of what is happening in Japan and what we can do to help. No mention of any of the positives actions take by the PM, FM and government.

    The MSM and the Opposition do have a duty to examine and assessed what the government is doing, and no one on this earth is perfect, there will be much to criticise. At the same time it is rare for anyone not to do things that are positive as well. I believe the MSM has a duty also to report on the positives. They also have a duty to examine and assessed what Opposition actions.

    I do not need to know what journalists and others personal feelings are. It is not the role of the MSM to bring down a government.

    We have Mr. Hunt demanding that PM Gillard rein in those who are calling members on his side of being Goebbel. No one in Labor has accused any Opposition Leader of being a Nazi. What they have done is accused the Opposition of using Goebbel tactics, that is if you repeat something often enough, it will become truth or fact. Mr. Hunt had the hide to do this, in spite of many on his side, likening PM Gillard to Colonel Gaddafi or worst. It reminds me of the kettle calling the pot black.

    “Utterly cynical, he seems to have believed only in the self-justification of power. “

    “has hit ABC News where AGW skeptic Goebbelism by a decade or more by convincing the public through a disinformation campaign that there was an ongoing debate among scientists about global warming”


  48. CU, that seems to be the way unfortunately. I’ve had to stand up for other women in the past who have been called similar..and worse, only to have the person throw the accusation back at me that I’m far too too sensitive (sarcastic putdown) or that I must be a radical feminazi. My answer to this type of person is, Imagine your mother or your sister being called the same name and then tell me that it’s not an intended insult.

  49. Min. If it is not a sexist put down and insult, what is it. Remember Mr. Howard had two things he could not deal with. Political Correctness and his so called black arm band view of history.

    All I see PC to be, is that we do not have the right to say things that harm or put people down. PC does not stop us from making genuine comments, only how we can say it. If you have to resort to name calling and put down to put a point across, I would say you have little to say that is worth us wasting time listening to.

    As for black arm band view of history says more about the person than the history. Such people cannot live with the bad as well as much that is good in our past. To have any pride in this country, they have to bury their heads in the sand and create one that fits in with their fantasy of the past. Personally I am proud of this country, and proud that we as a people are capable admitting our mistakes, apologising and making reparation.

    I am proud of the country that we have become. I get angry when a minority behaved in a way that makes us look mean and selfish.

  50. Fair enough that pollies do cop a fair bit of humour used to bring them down a peg or several such as Howard’s bowling prowess, Abbott’s budgie smugglers and anyone wearing fishnet tights or a polka dot dress probably does deserve to be made fun of BUT as you say it’s the jibes with sexual connotations which are being aimed at Gillard that most women find offensive.

  51. Hi Roger,

    I haven’t forgotten you. I’ve been laid up with a bout of food poisoning so I haven’t been spending much time in front of the computer.

    I’ve been spending my time in another room. 😥

  52. For those with a iPhone I’ve found a useful little app called Shop Ethical! This app gives the low-down on the environmental and social record of companies behind common brands we buy in our supermarkets.

    The app is a tool that allows people to take action by avoiding companies with a negative track record and supporting companies who make a positive impact. It provides instant access to over 2,800 products with related company information and allows you to make an informed decision whenever we shop.

    Here’s an example; Moccona coffee. They are owned by the US company Sara Lee who are paying poor wages for coffee farmers and there is a campaign against Sara lee urging them to pay coffee producers a living wage instead of the poor wages they now pay.

    I like Moccona. 😦

  53. Migs,

    You’ll spend even more time in the ‘other room’ if you follow RTS’s links.

    Hope you get over the ‘Maccona poisoning’ soon. (If I remember correctly, wasn’t freeze dried coffee linked to cancer in the eighties?)

  54. Another beat up is Mr. Rudd demanding a briefing on the nuclear power house situation in Japan. The highly indignant Mr. Bolt is correct that we are to far away to be in any danger.

    What is also true that Australians that are visiting or living in Japan are not. I am sure I support the FM Rudd’s attempt to ensure the safety of these people. It does take time to get people out and any information as to whether this is a possibility is important.

    We know that the Opposition does not do anything without ulterior motive. This does not mean that what the government cannot be taken at face value.

    Maybe they are correct about Mr. Rudd being consumed by anger, but does anyone believe that the man’s pride would let him leave people in danger. Can someone tell me what Mr. Rudd has to gain by unsettling the government at this time. It would only lead to his own demise. It is just as probable that Mr. Rudd gets some pride out of doing the job of FM well. Maybe it is true he wants a UN job, would not succeed in his present job and ensuring a Labor Government stays in power, be a stepping stone to this ambition. This scenario is just a powerful as the one the Opposition and MSM insist on pushing, and based all their opinions on.

  55. CU, it seems that the media will try anything to provide ‘proof’ of their current theme of a ‘rift’ between Gillard and Rudd. Leading statement to a story is “JULIA Gillard has sought to dismiss suggestions of a rift between herself and Kevin Rudd over the Foreign Minister’s unilateral style.”

    The story then repeats previous text about Rudd wanting a no-fly zone (which BTW is now backed by the Arab League) and finally gets back on topic which is that Rudd requested urgent briefings as to the status of Japan’s nuclear reactors. Should any responsible foreign minister have done otherwise?


  56. Mobius, from your link “Furthermore, he (Spencer) used a bizarre statistical technique that he apparently just made up, because it was capable of giving him nearly any answer he wanted.”. Now that is the way to use statistics…..

  57. There is a reason they are called deniers Min, they deny the proven science, and try to make their own up to try to counteract what the science is telling us.

    And what is worse, they are given room in presumably reliable papers to push their junk, which lends it an aura of accuracy, which is totally false.

  58. It’s really like a Sunday here in little ol Adelaide Migs, so I’m prepared to let it slide.

    For today at least 😉

  59. Everyday in sleepy hollow is like a Sunday Tom. :P.

    Btw, I put a new post up but it isn’t appearing on my iPhone. Something may have gone wrong. I’ll check it out when I get home.

  60. “ George Pell said the world is cooling.”
    The Cardinal made a submission to Senate Hearings where it was demolished in spite of Senator MacDonald doing his best to stop proceedings.

    Maybe the latest Nielsen poll shows why the rebellion is slow coming. It appears that those who support a carbon price is steady. It appears that calling it a tax is the problem.
    Price on Carbon
    When asked about a price on carbon, 46% (unchanged since October 2010) supported a carbon price while 44% (steady) were opposed. Green voters (75%, up 1 point) are more likely to support a carbon price than Labor voters (59%, up 1) or Coalition voters (30%, down 1).
    All voters
    Oct 2010
    All voters
    Feb 2011
    Feb 2011
    Feb 2011
    Feb 2011
    Support for a ‘price on carbon’ at 46% is lower than support for an Emissions Trading Scheme. Nielsen Polls taken from February to July 2010 showed support for an ETS to be around 56% to 60%. It is not appropriate to conclude that support for climate change action has fallen between the ETS questions (February to July 2010) and the carbon price questions (October 2010 to February 2011). The data only support the conclusion that levels of support for a ‘carbon price’ are lower than levels of support for an ETS.
    Poll Profile
    Fieldwork Dates : 10-12 February 2011
    Sample Size : 1,400 respondents
    Sample Spread : Nationwide, 18+
    Method : Telephone
    The maximum margin of sampling error that might apply given this sample size is approximately 2.6%. Telephone numbers were selected at random. The data has been weighted to reflect the population distribution.
    The Nielsen Poll is conducted exclusively for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.



  61. ‘Everyday in sleepy hollow is like a Sunday Tom.’

    After just returning from Sydney, sleepy hollow was a welcome return. Great place to visit, couldn’t bear living there (unless the Opera House is up for rent)

    How the hell do they put up with all that pace and frantic movement in their days. Give me the lazy life anyday.

  62. I can’t let this one go by without a mention..

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has reopened his campaign against a possible Government campaign to advertise the carbon tax, describing it as a “travesty”.

    But (and here’s the good bit)..

    He did concede the Howard government was not blame free.

    According to budget papers it spent $121 million on advertising on the controversial industrial relations system, WorkChoices.

    “The Government I was a member of did do advertising, and frankly I think it overdid it and shouldn’t have done it,” Mr Abbott said.

    “We have promised to cut government advertising. It was part of the spending cuts we announced before the election.”

    But Climate Change Minister Greg Combet says no decision has been taken and he says the Howard government set aside $52 million in its last budget for a climate change information campaign.

    So there you have it, any advertising for climate change information has already been budgeted for so that (and it’s bound to happen) the usual suspects start to scream blue bl**dy murder about any advertising that the government might come up with, blame one JW Howard as it was his government that put it in the budget in the first place.


  63. Min
    “He (Abbott) did concede the Howard government was not blame free.”
    This goes to something the Liberals are good at, with Abbott being a prime example. The line runs:
    “We’ve done what we’ve done & pushed things way beyond reasonable limits, milking every drop of advantage from our actions. Now, however, finding ourselves in danger of retaliation in kind, it may be time to let passions cool, & not let things get so out of hand in future.”
    A refinement Abbott’s getting good at is to tell us that HE was against it anyway-HE thinks they went overboard on advertising, HE was opposed to Workchoices. Actually, he’s rupudiated quite a bit of the stuff he supported under Howard. But I bet he had his fingers crossed behind his back, then & now.

  64. Irrespective of the various points of view pertaining to the nuclear energy issue, I tend to agree with David Llewelyn-Smith’s opinion…

    The unsavoury scurrying of nuclear apologists that has dominated media comment for the past several days will be seen as a public relations disaster in retrospect. Without even the decency to wait until we understood how many Japanese have been killed and maimed by fallout has, to my mind, been one of the worst publicity campaigns in living memory. You can forget nuclear power in Australia. The Japan disaster has killed it and the apologists are just dancing on the grave. Someone should call Ziggy and give him the news.


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