Environment Australia: Care but little Responsibility

Perhaps the appeal of Tony Abbott’s Direct Action Plan is that it requires no one to do anything nor to pay anything whatsoever because as a recent OECD report indicates, this is precisely what Australians excel at.

Here are the areas where Australia rates a resounding worst. We are the least likely to:

. consider energy costs when buying houses

. believe that individual actions can make a difference

. use appliances in standby mode and the least likely to read the energy efficiency label when buying appliances

. the least likely to recycle plastic, paper and glass even though our recycling services are among the best in the world

. the most likely to use the car to go shopping

. the best at wasting water per person

. and we don’t like to drink it from the tap much either with 30% of us paying for bottled water.

Mind you, while we’re busy doing absolutely nothing we’re terrific worriers about the nothing that we don’t do with 40-50% of us being ”very concerned” about issues such waste generation, air pollution and climate change. And while we’re sitting around performing all of this worrying 5% of us think that there is no point in doing anything anyway, twice the number of worriers who do nothing in Canada and Mexico.

And even when there are ideas to get us to do something, then we don’t like that either. The shock and outrage at Peter Garrett’s suggestion of phasing out plastic bags is mirrored only by the same outrage which occurs when “they” try to muck around with AFL grand final matches.

We are obviously in need of an idea or several to help motivate our fellow Aussies. Maybe a little of Garrett’s passion.