Gay and Green

There are times when an article appears in a newspaper that defies logic and more.

One such article is this one from The Australian.

Greens are attacking religious freedom

In an attempt to try to find some sort of reasoning behind this article . . . yes I know, I set myself quite a task . . . I thought to try to dissect the argument.

. Euthanasia and gay marriage is an attempt by gay-green activists to render us all the same

. They want to be the same as everyone else

. They’re not prepared to suffer diversity in anyone else (particularly religion)

. The UN has recognised freedom of religion ~ This freedom includes the right of people of faith “to manifest” their religion and to ensure “the religious and moral education of their children in conformity with their own convictions”.

. This atmosphere (of religious freedom) . . . incenses the homosexual activists.

. The reality is also hidden behind smart marketing such as “marriage equality”, which suggests there is some practical discrimination in entitlements or benefits, when years of legislative changes mean there is none.

People who are gay and green want everyone to be the same. These obvious ‘misfits’ want to be “the same as everyone else”. I see, it’s envy by gays and Green voters that they can’t be ‘normal’.

‘Euthanasia and gay marriage’ render us all the same. Pardon? Is the author suggesting that we’ll all end up gay and dead..and green.

Religious freedom incenses homosexuals. Many gay and lesbian people are also human rights activists therefore I find this remark offensive in the extreme. The author also chooses to overlook the fact that many openly gay people are members of the clergy and that many churches are supportive of marriage equality.

‘Practical discrimination’ doesn’t exist. I’ll leave this statement to stand on it’s own ‘merits’.

Obviously to Mr Jim Wallace, managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby being gay is horrendous enough, but Gay PLUS Green is clearly a plot to mutate society so that we are ‘all the same’ . . . gay and green.