Now that was funny!

Many years ago the late comedian and self proclaimed violin virtuoso, Jack Benny was booked to do a gig at the White House.  He fronted up to the sergeant of the guards with violin case in hand.  The sergeant asked what was in the case, and Benny replied that it contained a machine gun.  “Thank God for that” quipped the guard, “for a horrible moment I thought it might have been your violin”.

Now that was funny!

Perhaps, dear readers, you might have some anecdotes of your own you’d like to share with us.  Laughter is the best medicine and we could all do with a laugh.  Tones just isn’t funny any more.

Photograph of President Harry S. Truman Playin...

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32 comments on “Now that was funny!

  1. Oh nooo, that’s a very large spider. Did you know that during one’s lifetime one swallows over 100 spiders while asleep?

  2. Over 3,000 people were crammed in at the pschycics convention when the guest speaker asked the audience who among them had ever seen a ghost.

    About half raised their hand. Not surprising given it’s a psychic’s convention.

    The speaker nodded in approval then asked how many had touched a ghost.

    A few hundred raised a hand.

    Feeling cheeky he asked if anybody had ever made love to a ghost.

    A fellow sitting in the very back row jumped out of his seat waving his arm around shouting “Me, me. I have!”

    A stunned speaker enquired “What! You’ve actually f***ed a ghost?”

    To which came a humble “Oh, you said ghost. I thought you said goat”.

  3. A wise physician says to me: “I have been practising medicine for 30 years and I have prescribed many things. But in the long run I have learned that for most of what ails the human creature, the best medicine is love.”

    “What if it doesn’t work?” I asked.

    “Double the dose.” he replied!

  4. Migs, anything that gives the Tingles a serve is funny in my book. Unfortunately, I could only watch about 3 seconds of it, because my sons have used all our wireless quota for the month, so am reduced to dial up speed.

  5. Jane, it’s well worth a look once you get your speed back. I’ve watched it a few times; it’s like Fawlty Towers – it’s still funny no matter how many times you watch it.

  6. Migs @12.21am, surely that couldn’t be another dig at Collingwood supporters, I do hope that you keep in mind that Bacchus and I have hidden the key to the cellar 😉

  7. Min, it was a dig at Adelaide supporters. They are so easy to ridicule.

    And as for the key, well, I’m thinking of replacing it with a combination lock with 18 characters. 😀

  8. Now this isn’t funny: I go back to work on Friday. Now who on earth would ever end their holidays on a Thursday? Me! I stuffed the dates up.

    Well at least it’ll be a short week.

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