Final post.

Sadly, but not without a certain amount of relief, I’ve decided to leave blogging. It wasn’t an easy decision but after a decade of commenting on blogs…and a couple of years posting music & political threads I’ve decided for the good of my health & well-being that it’s time to call it a day.

I started commenting in 2000 on Dreampop Losing Today, a blog dedicated to alternative music. The blog’s peace was eventually broken by bickering between two factions of music supporters. And the fact GW Bush’s administration had invaded Afghanistan, which led me to put up some anti-war poems and got me thinking about searching for politically-based blogs.

One I discovered was the feedback area for Fox News. A music friend & Democratic party supporter joined me as we tangled with many an avid Fox News supporter.

Whilst primarily keeping my commenting to music blogs in the years 2000 – 2004 I did add the odd comment to various political blogs during that time…primarily voicing my concerns about the bogus wars, the corporations, dynasties & individuals who benefitted from these “avoidable” conflicts…and concern for the rights of asylum seekers.

The increased xenophobia in this country & America…combined with the sight of children in detention centres…and wounded, dead or dying in the streets & plains of Afghanistan…and then Iraq, truly sickened me. And when one spoke out they were accused of being “unpatriotic” by hordes of  Nationalist bullies.

Furthermore, I grew even more troubled by the lack of courageous and in-depth reporting in the mainstream media…as evidenced by their poor showing, often playing the cheer squad role, in the buildup to the Iraq War.

This seemed to be directly connected to the pressure applied by Israel & Saudi lobby groups. And the exponential growth of the Murdoch media into a virtual empire…a sickness of tabloid proportions that infected many a gullible & ill-informed voter…and led to copycatting of the worst kind by other struggling media outlets…particularly those who bowed to the constant barrage of bullying from the likes of Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity…and avid Fox News supporter Rush Limbaugh.

As the fiasco in Iraq grew ever worse in the years 04-06 I felt a compulsion to try to speak to truth…and help right some wrongs. I began to see Rupert Murdoch as a Moriarty like figure…a nemesis for those of us who were not willing to kowtow to the bullying & character assassination approach of many of his profitable media organs. I spoke up…like a few others…and they were “few” in those days…and whenever possible, went about explaining the tactics & techniques being used by this propaganda machine so others might counter them based on my media experience & observations of Fox News from the late 90s onwards.

And voicing my other concerns, as outlined above. This meant commenting on pioneering blogs such as Troppo Armadillo…Anonymous Lefty…Lavartus Prodeo…Huffington Post…and eventually, in 06, Tim Dunlop’s groundbreaking Road to Surfdom.

Tim is someone I have great respect for…and his move to the Murdochracy by way of Blogocracy initially shocked me. I now understand his motivations…and have met some good folk who originated on that interesting site. Some I would rather have not met…as they have gone on to damage a number of good & decent bloggers…and left a trail of hate, tricky dick behaviour & vitriol that is more appropriate of the worst of Murdoch rags.

In 2009, after the closure of RTS & Blogocracy I joined other contributors on joni’s Blogocrats. A challenging blog. Yet filled with many informative & enlightening characters, some of who contribute at Cafe Whispers. We are fortunate to have them.

Having provided music posts on a couple of blogs Joni was the first to request I provided some political posts…this in the early part of last year. Since then approximately a 100 posts have burst forth. I thank both joni & Miglo for the wondrous opportunity to express my views.

Creating this blog was Miglo’s idea…a good one…and with the aid of the amazingly prolific & diligent Min, Mobius & myself, Miglo has created something special.

WE have created something special. All of us. Every author…every contributor.

And we have linked to numerous others in the blogosphere…and to those journos & columnists & articles & public information/service shows that we feel are speaking to truth…resisting the Murdoch stranglehold…doing the right thing by the public…investigating in-depth the corruption, crimes & cons that have been perpetrated in the name of greed & God…and lust for power.

We’ve done a bloody good job in my estimation considering this is voluntary work, with access to far fewer resources than the average corporate journo…and the fact we are not INSIDERS.

However, it takes its toll. Particularly when those who stand up to the serial bullies & bullsh*tters & xenophobe-stirrers are not defended by those they thought as partners & allies in the blogosphere. And petty feuds between blogs seem never-ending…often stoked by the overly-competitive…and perhaps even those who have been working hard for a good long time to try to silence effective voices…for whatever reasons.

It’s been a long ride. And hopefully I’ve been able to make a useful & positive contribution to the blogosphere, media, politics & Australia in general.

I’m no flower…and let’s face it, sometimes the blogs can feel like a game of ‘Rollerball”…you have to get down & dirty to deal with the hysteria, fear-mongering, distortions & campaign-oriented exaggerations (lies?) of the likes of Tony Abbott & his extreme right-wing party…Andrew Bolt, Piers Akerman, Miranda Devine, Alan Jones, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the deranged brigade. And that includes a number of their close minded supporters.

As I said in another knee-jerk reactionary blog today:

Instead of people learning the hard lessons from the GFC and those once again increasing oil prices off the back of “Middle Eastern/Levant/Persian/Gulf States’ instability…

and supporting “profit redistribution”, “egalitarian-based” & “climate change mitigation” policies pushed at present by this government…

in turn ensuring the average worker continues to have a certain degree of protection from exploitive & greedy bosses…and we are able to move ourselves off the fossil fuel (particularly coal & oil) rollercoaster…

too many will fall for the bogus & tricky dick right-wing economics style SPIN of those who work to enhance & continue the lifestyle of the privileged who benefit from our present dire global circumstances. Those who have benefitted from keeping the “fossil fool” dominated status quo.

If there was ever a time to get off the “oil” & “free market” CON & casino share market rollercoasters it is now.

The GFC was preceded by high oil prices as I have explained on various occasions…

putting incredible pressure on fragile home owners & businesses in a number of countries/regions…including the UK, Ireland, parts of Europe & America.

Changes to bankruptcy laws & barbarian like activities of credit companies, and in America grotesque fees for healthcare, ensured many people were driven over the edge financially…

this was the beginning of an economic tsunami.

If this Australian government, that helped its workers survive the GFC pretty well intact, is not permitted to do its job & implement essential policies to help the future generations of this country…because of fear-mongering and SPIN by the usual suspects & their copycat newspapers & bloggers…we will see one of the great crimes & cons of this country’s history.

As we did w/ the assassination of the prime minister who led us out of the GFC storm.


Keep up the truth telling & linking Cafe contributors. I felt privileged to be part of the experience.



28 comments on “Final post.

  1. My last request is that some of you wonderful contributors, that includes jane, Pip, Augustus & CU begin posting…no matter how short the piece…to help this blog continue in my absence.

    You, and many others on here, helped motivate me.

    A coffee for all of you.


  2. TB and Nas, one thing my father taught me was to make up my own mind not to be swayed by others, but to do the research for myself, not to get involved in other peoples arguements unless you are truely seeing an injustice, then one must act.

    I have read the stouches and don’t know the history but! they are your opinions, both of you have valid points to make and I for one appreciate those comments from both of you even when you are not getting on.

    Talking by remote control is extremely difficult at the best of times, face to face is easier as we then have the ability to read one another, especially when our views differ but that is all they are, “our” views.

    So in closing all I need to say is cheers, and how about a little Canadian Rye fella’s

  3. Nas, your contribution to the Café and the blogosphere has been immeasurable. Whilst you’re certainly irreplaceable, your contribution will always live on.

    Running a blog site is a hard game. Other bloggers such as reb and Ad astra could certainly testify to that. None of us would be able to maintain our sites if we had your level of intensity. It’d be too overwhelming.

    With such an input – like you’ve contributed – I can accept that it must be frustrating to feel as though the message isn’t getting heard. But I’m certain it is.

    Research has shown that out of eight blog visitors only one will post a comment. So if one person posts a comment that disagrees with yours there still might be seven other people nodding their heads and learning something. We just don’t hear from them, even though the message is getting across.

    I’ve always respected your opinions, as I have with TB and all other commenters even though I may not agree with what is said. I have always had the option to disagree but I’d feel more comfortable in offering an opposing view if I knew it was going to be dissected and discussed.

    George Harrison once said that if we are filled with hate, we’ll always find someone to hate. Might I suggest that the same rule could apply to anger. If we are filled with anger, there will always be someone to be angry with.

    Perhaps some of us need to take a deep breath and stay focused on our goals.

  4. Nas’, nobody can doubt your dedication and commitment to trying to make a difference. Your energy in tackling issues is well known across several blogs and you know that I wish both yourself and S’ all the very best.

  5. Greetings and very best wishes to you Nas,
    I only recently found the Cafe [can’t remember quite how long ago but that’s another matter!]. After finding myself yelling at the tv and complaining, to family mostly, about the deranged presentations of the Murdochracy and latterly the ABC at all levels, it was a relief to know their are kindred spirits both here and elsewhere.
    The internet has enabled us all to read articles not just here in the stifled, contrived atmosphere that is our reality, but from other countries and after a while the picture becomes very clear. None of this has happened independently but is, I believe the work of the think tanks, sorry, “institutes” handsomely financed by some of the wealthiest people on the planet. Twitter is a good way to find a lot of information through the links provided.
    I wasn’t really aware of the problems you’ve encountered but from what I’ve read you have stayed true and that’s what matters.
    I’m very sorry on my behalf that you are retiring from the blogging world but you must do what is best for you and I hope that includes good books, good music, good movies, good friends, and the odd visit to the cellar. the keepers of the keys won’t mind I’m sure.

    You will be missed my friend.

  6. Hi Nasking

    Thankyou, for all your enjoyable comments on TPS, I will
    miss your support very much. I have a delightful memory
    of when you, and Miglo first came to TPS. I thought the
    pair of you were just wonderful.

    Inspiring pair , a duck and a bear.

    I appreciate your everlasting support for
    Today’s links, you never failed ever, to show your
    appreciation, thankyou Nasking.

    Recognition by fellow commenters, and Blog owners
    is one of the greatest incentives for all bloggers.

    Your work with Miglo in setting up “Cafe Whispers”
    is to be admired by all, I used to visit when you
    had Blogocrats, so you are a long time friend.

    Nasking you have worked hard and deserve a rest, I
    hope you enjoy whatever you decide to do.

    Also Nasking, congratulations on your “last post”
    on Cafe Whispers , well written, well thoughtout,
    most enjoyable read, taking out the sad part.

    Best wishes Nasking.

  7. But I’ve only just got to really know you! Your encouragement has meant a great deal to me, here and elsewhere. But I understand. There is an intensity about the sort of writing you do, with the conviction you have, which does take its toll. And you really do give it all you’ve got. I hope we’ll hear from you from time to time once you’ve had some time out.

    Take care, Nas’ – I’m sure you don’t need us to tell you to spend more of the time you’ll now have with sanqween and your feline friends. Patricia


  8. I understand exactly where you are coming from nasking.
    I to have similar feelings.

    I have been posting on a political message board just about daily for nearly , or over , 5 years now. And I’m ‘feeling it’- Health wise I worry also. I am to sensitive for all this. As well as very frustrated & worried.
    Sadly, reading your ‘farewell’ I felt the need to speak up and let you know-And probably about time to – it is people like you that inspired me to continue on . Sounds funny considering I very rarely posted on either site – this site OR the political sword. But to me it is my daily newspapers . 🙂 I then forward (spread) you message on to these message board where those that lean to far right- debate or try hard to derail (run down, twist and turn the facts, blah blah , etc etc etc ) anyone that has a slight left lean .

    It’s not only all the wonderful posts here ,(or at both sites) -but the comments that are also just as informational . And I find I like the Quality verse quantity – as some sites get way to many comments and they have fine line in becoming like days of our lives hehe.:)

    So, to sum up. ~ Your inspiration and insight will be surely missed.~ 😦

    A double decaf latté skim milk flat white espresso cappuccino to you

  9. Just have a rest N’

    Things will look better after a cooling off period. I have always enjoyed reading your posts. You can’t keep a good man down so I will hope to see you back in print when you’ve had a break – you’ve got to learn to pace yourself so you don’t burn out! All the best in health and life to you and yours N’.

    Now onwards:

    The only problem that I have is with your statement:

    [i]”…too many will fall for the bogus & tricky dick right-wing economics style SPIN of those who work to enhance & continue the lifestyle of the privileged who benefit from our present dire global circumstances. Those who have benefitted from keeping the “fossil fool” dominated status quo.

    If there was ever a time to get off the “oil” & “free market” CON & casino share market rollercoasters it is now…”[/i]

    Labor is just as bad as the coalition in regard to fossil fuels and being captive to industry. Labor has had pro neoliberal economic policy since hawke/keating days and they have privatised just as much as the Libs have. Labor’s right wing union brothers are the ones that deposed Rudd on behalf of the mining lobby (yes, I’m still angry about the lack of loyalty shown) so you’ll have to forgive me for not thinking that Labor has any credibility when they allowed those billions to be lost to our economy. Rudd had much more of a ‘left leaning’ reform agenda than Gillard seems to have. I think that she is in hock to the right wing unions. I miss Tanner and Faulkner, I greatly respected both of them in Labor, now they’ve gone it’s like Labor has completely lost it’s soul (the libs/nats have never had one). Although I have felt a bit more positive about Labor since they appear to be taking a stand on asylum seekers and the carbon tax, remembering that they once had a social justice platform, may it continue until the next election.

    Cheers N’ and hi to the cafe crowd!

  10. Oh,Nas, what a shame to hear that a voice of reason will soon be snuffed out of the blogosphere. Man, if you reckon the going got tough here and there in the blogs millieu, you should try fighting the good fight on one of Murdoch’s blogs at The Australian, which I did for a couple of years before I got banned, which is yet another one of the many ways they silence dissenting voices. My late husband’s death was sought to be hastened when they knew he was dying of leukaemia, he was constantly referred to in the basest of fashions because he didn’t have a job, even though he was dying, I was called every feral low slur under the sun because I didn’t have a job, even though I was looking after a child who had been severely disabled since birth, as they all knew, but according to their warped thinking I should have worked instead of looking after him and he should have been put into some sort of a soulless Group Home, simply because I was still able bodied! And Jack the Insider let them get away with it over and over again because, even though he styles himself as some sort of voice of reason at The Australian, at the end of the day he is just another tool of Murdoch because he has to put out his hand at the end of the week for a paycheque from the Troll-In-Chief.
    It was unbelievable what I was put through there. All I was trying to do was to convincingly put a Left of Centre, rational point of view that differed from the Liberal Party/Murdoch/Conservative line. Which I did, successfully. Which is why I was so comprehensively attacked.
    The first time I let it overwhelm me and I left the blog voluntarily, I didn’t need it in my life as it was hard enough to cope with my life without that crap loaded on top. I stillkept reading the blog though because, at that time, it waas one of the few MSM blogs that wasn’t totally chockers with Rightards. And, I thought JtI was, at least initially, manfully trying to run a balanced blog. To my amazement, people popped up out of nowhere begging for me to come back to the blog! People who were not the regular commenters but lurkers. So I did. Of course this only gave the unhinged haters fresh licence to renew their attack on me, and let me assure you that when the Liberal Party unleashes the malignant mutants that they cultivate in the sewers of Menzies House, you see what they normally keep successfully under wraps. Oh, they are twisted souls, truly sick and twisted minds who have only Elitism, White Supremacy and crushing the Under Dog on their minds, and they seek to let nothing and no one get in their way as they attempt to steamroll over the top of you with their jackboots. Two of the guiding lights for a lot of the Younger Feral Liberals, are Dr Peter Phelps(I think he got his PhD in Unhinged Hating of Leftys), and Ian Hanke, one of Howard’s Disinformation Unit grubs who ran the constant smear campaign against the ALP when they were in Opposition. A sleazier, snarkier, smarmier lot of lowlifes I have never met before in my life(though I’ve seen what the Republicans can dish up).
    Anyway, they threw everything at me that they could muster, but I went by the motto that ‘What doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger’ because the cause I am fighting for is the correct one, and if they think that a constant shitstorm can knock us off, then they will just keep going until they prevail again and slime and connive their way back into government, except they will be 100 times worse than Howard because Tony Abbott will be at the helm, and there isn’t a ‘Lefty’ cause that he does not want to see ‘Dead, Buried & Cremated’, let me tell you that for free, I went to the same Uni at the same time as that megalomaniacal conservative warrior. He is one very ugly human being. So, because of the causes I seek to champion, and because of the society I don’t want to see Australia become, I will fight the Regressive Conservatives until I no longer have breath in my body. This fight is too important, and I have Right on my side. The right sort of Right. 🙂
    So, Nasking, as I know your heart is in the right place, and you have a passion that burns within your soul to see the evil ones vanquished, let me just leave you with some words of advice that helped me: ‘Never say Never’. Also, if you get knocked down, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and come out swinging again(after a restorative period of RnR). And, finally, don’t let the bastards get you down or get the better of you. Just try and keep the bastards honest!
    Of course, if you really have no more stomach for the fight, and that’s fine also, and I can understand that if that is the case, then you are always welcome to contribute your 2c worth at The Political Sword. Please don’t be a stranger because it’s been real, Nas.

  11. Pip, so we have a Liberal who backs a price on Carbon and lost the leadership over his position by the faceless men of the Liberal party, a current leader who would have placed a price on Carbon if he had Independant support to gain the the office as PM, the same Liberal who supports his leader over the denouncing price on Carbon but still backs the idea of a price on Carbon.

    Anyone else confused?, hey Nas don’t bogart that popcorn my friend.

  12. Nas will be back – you can’t keep a good man down, but listen to the wisdom of Migs Nas.

    Take a break – your passion is great, your views insightful and important, but personality clash attacks on the likes of TB are (IMHO) counter-productive. Be the duck, grasshopper – water just runs off your back 😉

    Just my halfpenny’s worth…

  13. I think Julia Gillard will have lots of fun in QT tomorrow with Malcolm Turnbull’s twisted logic on a Carbon Price which was on display for all the world to see and hear on qanda tonight.

  14. I agree FS, there’s plenty of material there. Did anyone else get annoyed at Turnbull interrupting Bill Shorten, I certainly did.

  15. I did, Pip! Talk about born to rule! He came across as a woolly minded windbag. Well past his best. He would have been better staying on the back bench, available when his party called. Right now he has to support Abbott come what may on Climate, Carbon Price and the NBN as well front up for ‘lovely guys ‘ Scott Morrison and Cori Bernadi. And have to work terribly hard to prove what a lovely high minded fellah he is, who will one day be a great PM. What a phony.

  16. I still can’t see what it is that Bill Shorten has that makes him a likely PM or leader of the Opposition, for that matter.
    Can anyone explain it to me?

  17. PatriciaWA,
    He can do arithmetic very well. 🙂
    However, I think Bob Hawke played the long game over the weekend by taking the wind out of Shorty’s sails in annointing Greg Combet over him to follow on from JG when she wants to put her feet up(and not before, I might add!).

  18. Pip,
    Tony Jones got very annoyed at Piers Akerman trying to take over his show as well!

  19. Patricia, when I think of Shorten I think of the sterling job he did in being “The Voice of the Beaconsfield Mines Rescue”. But as a personal preference, I would back Hawkie’s opinion and go with Greg Combet. Either whichway Labor has a fistful of talent for the future which compares with the Libs.

  20. “You are the best. You are the worst. You are average. Your
    love is a part of you. You try to give it away because you
    cannot bear its radiance, but you cannot separate it from
    yourself. To understand your fellow humans, you must
    understand why you give them your love. You must realize
    that hate is but a crime-ridden subdivision of love. You
    must reclaim what you never lost. You must take leave of
    your sanity, and yet be fully responsible for your
    actions.” – Gnarls Barkley

  21. Nas’ I’m so sorry you’ve called it a day. I’m going to miss your passion and your humour. Have a good rest, my friend. All the best to you and S’.

    FS, you are an amazing person! Of course the wingnuts hate you; you have true courage, integrity and principles while they are just hate-filled automatons incapable of kindness, empathy and even the most basic decency. No wonder they’re so afraid of you.

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