19 comments on “Save Water – Shower with a FB Friend

  1. I read a comment that showing with a friend leads to longer showers. Now I am too old to know if this is true.

  2. It’s all water off a duck’s back anyway. 🙂

    BTW, S’ is thrilled w/ her gifts. And the flowers I picked.
    She’s enjoyed the wine & feta & avocado salad too.

    Now for the rest of the cooking. Guzzle…music maestro! 🙂


  3. Is it really such a good idea
    Saving water, showering with a friend?
    My experience, over many a year,
    Are its dangers. If you have to bend
    For soap and so expose your rear,
    The other party may well extend
    Not the helping hand of friendship here,
    But that other body part that seeks to blend
    With yours. May I advise, while I have your ear,
    Better share a bath, sitting end to end.
    There’s more economy of water. That’s clear.
    And fewer of those offers, and refusals which offend.

  4. Kevin, I keep seeing references to WA in your posts and comments. Does that mean you are still over here? If so, are you ever in Perth or Fremantle? If you ever need accommodation for yourself and one other, even with kids, I have mentioned before we have open house here to compatible friends. Not far from South Beach. Miglo will give you contact details.

    I haven’t joined your group since I don’t cope very well with Facebook. I am however from way back a water miser and stll manage to have a green garden with trees and shade. Apart from showering with friends I can find a dozen ways to save water every day.

  5. Love the poem Patricia! I agree..showering with a friend has it’s merits 🙂 It still stuns me that although water tanks are compulsory for all new dwellings in Victoria that water is allowed to gurgle on down the drain in other states.

  6. Min – Merits of showering with friends – those were the days!

    I agree with you, not only about tanks, but why should restrictions on water focus entirely on gardens? Why not on water usage generally? Obviously lawns are great water guzzlers and people should be encouraged to go for alternatives, but how about people who regularly hose down their driveways! Sometimes the street footpath too! God knows what the variables are for domestic water usage like showers etc. I guess there’s no way of measuring that?

  7. Patricia, I blame quite a bit of this on the greed-is-good mentality which took over in the 90’s, how dare anyone suggest that I restrict my water usage. I deserve it, I’m having it.

    Sadly the selfish of this world see everything as everyone else’s problem except their own. Maybe a stint having to manage on tank water would be character building!

  8. We just had a shower! Of rain, I mean. One brief thunder clap and the heavens opened. For all of three minutes it bucketed down. Then stopped! Just when I was about to strip off and dance in the garden in gratitude to the rain god.

    Forecast is for at least another week of the same hot, humid conditions, but no rain. Even a few little showers like that one just now would help!

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