Abbott’s Drivel Continues

Crop of original picture of Tony Abbott in 2010.

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I doubt Tony Abbott is a respected leader…nor a rational man.

It seems to this blogger he’s an attention seeker with the morality of an infant at times…who speaks trolleyfulls of drivel…a desperate contortionist negabore who has become a blott on the political landscape…a barbed wire hurdle for the public who want reform that is for the public good…a liability for a Coalition that have been severely divided by his fear-mongering, dog whistling, say NO to everything, mouth before wicket approach.

Here’s more ugly drivel straight from the Abbott’s mouth:

“This will be the mother of all taxes”

(Obviously channeling Saddam Insane)

“There has been no greater betrayal in recent history.”

(Histrionics?…and the Oscar goes to…)

“We will fight this every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month,”

 (When not doing Churchill impressions for the mirror…fighting on the beaches…and cycling like a manic on steroids)

 “…I think there will be a people’s revolt.”

(Now he’s Robespierre…Turnbull readies the guillotine)

“As the Prime MInister has said, New Zealanders are family. They are not foreigners and that’s why this disaster has especially touched the hearts of every Australian,”

(Yea, asylum seekers drowning only brings dry eyes to Abbottville…just like 9/11 I take it with all them lousy foreigners that died…the London bombings…the Hurricane Katrina New Orleans disaster…kids, families killed in Iraqi, Afghani & Lebanon bombings…Pakistani floods…just bloody foreigners…no point letting the heart be touched, nor shed a tear…Asian tsunami?…”sh*t happens”…just another day…move on)

“This is the biggest surrender since Singapore,”

(Winner of the Annual Speedo Hysteria & Hyperbole prize goes to Tony for his convincing portrayal of an unemployed talkback radio shock jock searching for God on the streets of Sydney holding an “Apocalypse is coming” sign)

Someone please give the man his melodrama prizes and ask him to

 “exit stage right“.



From contributor Patricia W.A….a top poem:

Tony Abbott is Revolting!

I heard him talking to Andrew Bolt.
Good to hear what he had to say.
He’s organising a great big revolt.
Every month, every week, every day.

They’re going to march on Canberra.
They want us all to join with them
To fight the war on tax and terror
And make Mr Abbott our P.M.

Yeah, Tony’ll come to lead us all,
Right out front with his dog called Spot,
We’ll overnight in a new school hall,
For a cause like ours that’ll be the shot.

Our standard, red budgie snugglers,
We’ll wave aloft and chant our slogans,
“Ban the Burqa! No weapons smugglers!”
We’ll all march! Miners, bankers, bogans!

We’ll pay a levy for ‘extra’ details,
Like one last supper, or a portaloo.
We’ll follow Tony o’er hill and dales,
But where’s this place called Waterloo?

69 comments on “Abbott’s Drivel Continues

  1. He really is an embarrassment isn’t he?

    Or are his supporters and excusers an even bigger embarrassment?

    “Mouth before wicket”, love it.

  2. You’ve been very busy today Nas, and excellent work too.
    Is Abbott actually looking a bit madder every time he opens his mouth? Yep. Does he think his performance in Parliament yesterday was among his best as he squeaked and waved like a windmill. Yep. he’s on a roll and no doubt about it. Hyperbole is his specialty.
    He spoke of the PM reflecting during the night, and I pictured him dreaming up another great big speech to woo us. Fat chance Catatony.
    This name is not due to my own cleverosity, but I think from someone who closely resembles Maxine McKew on the Political Sword. Perfect.

  3. One thing that I had to look at twice was the description of when Oakeshott recently decided that it was a waste of time holding weekly meetings with Abbott. And this was that according to Abbott his hopes of having the independents switch sides were rapidly fading.

    Did anyone else except me think that it was kinda strange and peculiar that Abbott ever did expect them to switch sides?

    That was in September, Abbott again gave a rah speech earlier this year saying that his lot should be prepared to take over any tick of the clock..umm Tony it’s now almost March. And as the saying goes Time Marches on…sorry mate but it ain’t going to happen!

    Tony is the sort of person who I look at hoping to find some sort of logic…then find none whatsoever.

  4. Cheers Pip & Mobius.

    Off topic…but important…it’s about time that NATO did something to help the Libyan people.

    The way they did in Kosova.

    This Gadaffi is a menace of the worst kind. No boots on ground…but at least take some of his military & airforce out…his communication sytems…weapons areas…and so on.

    I just heard a poor woman in Tripoli pleading for help as mercenaries roam the streets and kill at will. It’s tragic.

    We must not let another former Yugoslavian & Rwanda style massacre happen.

    Here’s another woman stuck in this hell hole…c’mon world…WAKE UP!…one misadventure by the dopey Bush lot doesn’t mean we should abandon our responsibilities to help others in great need…women & children pinned under the boot of a tyrant:

    CNN: Libyan Video – Anonymous Libyan Woman Pleads for help – Feb 23,2011

  5. It’s a sad reflection on the morality of this country that so many see him as the savior to lead them in a world where nothing changes. The world is actually changing so fast that only those with eyes wide open have any chance of keeping up.

    We are no longer an isolated country. We are an economic player in the new world. We cannot stand still and all lay about in hammocks while the rest of the world moves on.

    I remember Julia saying during the election campaign “Imagine missing out on the possibilities of the future” (if we vote for Abbott).

    Sums it up, really.

  6. I can tony Abbott driving himself insane over this, his feined anger is going to take hold over him, his irrationality will get worse, he is going say more and more stupid things denying what he actually believes in himself a “carbon tax” in the name of poly tic, tic, tic, tic’s, he won’t be able to score point’s again Gillard on this, and that will intensify his insanity, till they drag him out of parliament screaming “I am a teapot, I’m a teapot”

    popcorn anyone?.

  7. God I must be tired, I just re-read my last post, oop’s sorry guy’s if I made it hard to read. Thinking about Abbott will do that to you I guess.

  8. No, Nasking, your comment on Libya is not off thread. It’s really relevant, because it is time something was done about those people dying up there. And for the survivors trying so bravely to hold their society together with some civility in the absence of a conventional rule of law which we take for granted here.

    Even as I was playing with words about Abbott’s ‘revolt’ I knew somehow that it was no laughing matter. I could not bring myself to use that term ‘people’s revolt’ as he did. Fortunately his own ‘great big’ tax phrase sprang to mind. It’s obscene for him to compare what he’s doing here with the heroism of those people in North Africa and the Middle East. He is such a shallow man that he cannot comprehend the suffering of others. To assume their struggle and its name for use in his own self-serving cause further points up his total lack of any leadership qualities at all. He is a canker on our polity. He is truly revolting.

  9. The GST was the father of all taxes. The one we’d never have.

    This is the Carbon Tax Tea Party. Led by Nine and their new TV shock jocks like Carl ‘compassion’ Stepanovic.

    They all give me the creeps. Phoneys galore.

  10. The pecular brand of religious fervor I see displayed by yabbott and others in the political sphere is very perplexing….. Seeming to have no empathy for anyone bar those who see things their way.
    I have daily contact with a religious fundamentalist, whose behaviour never ceases to amaze me, blantantly lying, temper tantrums of outrageous proportions and who never misses an opportunity to tell anyone around them what is the “right” thing to do. He/she also has a list of people who need to be “saved”. I am not on that list as I told this person to get on there bike years ago, yet others around me still put up with this crap for fear of offending.
    So I suppose anything that yabbot does or says no longer surprises me, because , as a Catholic, ya just go to confession, and ,TaDa, you are free to sin again.

  11. Something about this: professional diagnosis of the conservative mindset really resonated with me in relation to Phoney Tony.

    “…Conservatives distrust government because it is personal, not impersonal. Government is the voice and protector of the people. But the people are not supposed to have a voice. Only some “higher” impersonal law or representative of that law (father figure) is allowed to decide the right approach to life’s big issues. Just as children of conservatives must submit passively to the father, we adults are not supposed to have a mind of our own. We are not expected to grow in human consciousness.

    “…Conservatives believe the government should not provide health care, environmental protection, and other forms of public service. That gives too much respect and power to everybody. They rationalize their lack of empathy by claiming that the poor deserve their poverty because they are responsible for their own failings. But the poor haven’t necessarily failed. Perhaps they’re doing well with the poor cards they were dealt. We’re the lesser ones if our hearts are closed. So we have no business being judgmental. But the superego’s specialty is being judgmental.

    “…Conservatives’ mental gymnastics for disrespecting the poor enable them to practice guilt-free ruthlessness while feeling morally superior, which is precisely the stance adopted by the superego. The superego clings to its power like a dictator as it tries to keep down human consciousness. Meanwhile, the conservative embrace of individualism is derived from the righteousness and arrogance of the superego as a power onto itself.”

  12. Just sayin’, said very precisely. Which is why the shock jocks are able provide the self-righteous with a reason to believe that their own biased, narrow views are representative of what is ‘normal’. Surely the Brads of this world reason, the fact that My Views are given such prominence in the media must indicate that My Views are ‘normal’ and right. What the shock jocks do is to empower the bigoted by appealing to their egos.

  13. Min, I think you’ve got it. The Brads of this world feel their thoughts and opinions are so inconsequential that they’re slavishly grateful for the hypocritical dog whistling of execrable creatures like Alan Jones.

    Never mind that unless trolls like Jones implant the ideas and ramp up the xenophobia just under the skin, the Brads and Bradettes probably wouldn’t have given much thought at all to politics and government unless it meant higher rego or the price of alcohol.

  14. Jane, what a task you chose..trying to put yourself into the ‘brain’ of the Brads and Bradettes!

    Jones just takes the lowest common denominator being the irrational and the ignorant and gives them credibility.

    Quite right, the Brads and Bradettes are completely unable to relate to anything except their own very little world…the awful panic in Brad’s voice, OMG it’s going to cost meee another 50 cents!!!

  15. Nas’, any suggestion that Smuggles is either a leader or respected or both would require such a huge shut down of the synapses, instant death would be the result.

    That we are all still living and breathing puts us in the extremely high functioning, highly skilled and intelligent quadrant; however, I entertain grave fears for Neil and the Brads of this world.

    Min @12.07pm, nails and heads. 😀

  16. Having finally got around to listening to Anal Jones interviewing Julia I can say that it’s the lowest point in media in this country. It was appalling, disgraceful.

    As for Brad, he’s an absolute airhead. How can he possibly blame ‘pink batts’, school halls and the NBN for his poor station in life FFS?

    Wish Julia had have asked Anal if he wants a cleaner Australia.

  17. I’m sitting in the bistro of the Commercial Club in Albury while watching Fox Sports. They just replayed the final over in the infamous underarm bowling incident against NZ.

    Syncronicity? Underarm bowling – how Abbottesque.

  18. Just sayin’

    The conservative blindly follow the leader and hardly questioning the conservative mouth piece was amply illustrated under Howard.

    Most conservative followers, and especially the right wing ideologues, desperately need a figurehead to unquestioningly believe in and standup for no matter how flawed or wrong that leader may be.

    In Tim Dunlop’s Blogocracy I often spoke of the conservative ‘automatons’ who blindly regurgitated the Liberal talking point without thought and we see it today with their hordes of astro turfers let loose across the internet. There is hardly a lucid point or sentence, just glib one or two liners and most are almost identical except for the juxtaposition or substitution of words.

    That is rarely seen in the progressives’ spheres.

  19. Migs @12.56pm, agree. Brad should get his hand off it. And Anal Jones should change his name to your very sensible suggestion, forthwith. 😀

  20. The jokes don’t get any better around here do they? Thank goodness the company, the coffee, the wine and drinks more than make up for it 😆

  21. Bacchus, I thought my last one was a cracker.


    BTW have you reached the bottom of the cellar yet?


  22. And so the MSM continues to play it’s games…

    According to the Daily Drivel Hawkie “has been caught out speculating about the Labor leadership” and said that Julia “will not go the distance”. I’ve got it. It’s speculation on a speculation.

    For starters it’s not ‘caught out’, Hawke agreed that he did say that Gillard did inherit a difficult situation and he also agreed that he did say that Greg Combet is a standout candidate for future surprises there.

    Hawke: “I am simply making a comment about Greg that I have a very, very high regard for him. He has the academic background, engineering and economics. He’s got a very good mind, he’s got a good heart.”

    Very obviously this where Hawke came adrift, he made a simple statement…

  23. Min that came from none other than Julie Bishop. Say no more.

    But this is only the start as the dysfunctional Liberals attempt to shift any spotlight away from themselves and manufacture a leadership in Labor that does not exist. Insiders went on about Bill Shorten taking over before the next election without offering one piece of evidence or a source for this wild speculation.

    In the meantime Insiders went on about Abbott. Abbott this and Abbott that, Abbott said this, here is footage of Abbott in parliament, Abbott’s new slogan and the most unbelievable statement from the female commentator on the left of screen, Gillard should have done an Abbott in handling this. She also later quoted Abbott and used the Abbott attack of “wooden” against Gillard.

    One positive is that they unanimously praised Gillard’s effort against the shock jocks and railed the shock jocks for what they are, especially Jones.

  24. Still not home, Pip. I’m sitting in a sheltered courtyard in Albury having a very late breakfast. Rain is falling around me yet it is very pleasant.

  25. Hearing about the betting markets favouring Shorten to take over after JG it occcurred to me that it wouldn’t be impossible for the Right to do a sort of astro-turfing blitz there too? Anything to foment debate on ALP leadership speculation.

    Is that a naieve proposition?

    I was very impressed with Greg Combet on Insiders and thought he was absolutely believable in his expression of admiration and support for the PM.

  26. Patricia @1.36pm, as long as the ALP doesn’t react except for the occasional guffaw and pointing and laughing at the opposition.

    I’m sure this is just a strategy by the Murdochracy to try to divert attention from the infighting in the Smuggles Set and Smuggles’ increasingly erratic behaviour.

    They’ll try to convince the public all is well in Smugglesland, so they can recommence their all out attack on the government in a last ditch attempt to force an election.

    Hopefully, the good citizens of Smugglesland will continue to undermine themselves for the next 4 months. And hopefully the government will continue to get traction with their legislative program.

    Making sure that infrastructure rebuilding in the flood devastated areas of the country is vital, as well as picking up the pace on their medical and other reforms such as onshore processing for asylum seekers.

  27. One thing that is really giving me the irrits is statements from the MSM such as this one..

    “Ms Gillard was met with a hostile reaction when she announced the tax last week.”

    Who, what, where?? The only hostile reaction that I’ve noted comes from Abbott and his over the top rhetoric about “a people’s revolt”.

  28. ‘BTW, keep it up handyrab. You’re on a roll! ‘

    Thanks Jane….. and welcome back Migs.

    Just finished watching Toy Story 3. All I can do yo hold back the tears.

    Ah stuff it…BLAH…BLAH..SNIFF…SNIFF..BLAH……

  29. When it comes to Tabloid Tony and the carbon price & mining tax issues I would say:

    Thou doth protest too much.

    Abbott’s in someone’s pocket(s).

    Prosecuting their case. One only needs to look to Liberal party funders/sponsors.

    And he can obviously feel the tip of a blade or twelve in his back too.

    He prattles & screeches & rants & gets hysterical & irrational like a man who has his masters preparing to pull the rug out if he doesn’t do as they say…whilst simultaneously, various fellow party members are ready to insert the knives…some because they think they can lead an extreme right-wing revolt better…some because they see a need for the Coalition to negotiate & make compromises before it’s too late.

    Tabloid Tony, principles lost in some hollow a long long time ago.

    Not the kind of person I’d want running this country.

    Not w/ union basher Peter Reith whispering “WorkChoices mach II” in his ear.


  30. “I’m sure this is just a strategy by the Murdochracy to try to divert attention from the infighting in the Smuggles Set and Smuggles’ increasingly erratic behaviour.”

    Murdoch’s lot will do anything to sell papers, get attention, bring in advertiser dollars and so on.

    Creating fake duels berween politicians is part of the “hook-in the audience” formula.

    And the gambling businesses will oft say or do anything to also get attention & bets. It doesn’t take much imagination to look at the top earner’s lists in these countries & work out who might be putting large sums of money on certain political horses in order to sh*t stir & try and manipulate public perception.

    You might want to look at who are the major shareholders of these gambling businesses too.


  31. “I was very impressed with Greg Combet on Insiders and thought he was absolutely believable in his expression of admiration and support for the PM.”

    agree…a nervous start…but as time went on he grew in confidence and prosecuted the case for a carbon price well.

    Combet is a rational man.

    A calm character.

    He works well w/ the feisty & determined Gillard.

    PM Gillard.


  32. Nas’, you’re probably right there. I don’t see that J. Bishop has the nous to come up with an original idea, start a plot. However, the good news is that both Hawkie and Julia ended up having a good laugh at J. Bishop’s expense. And that’s the way to go about it, treat such gossip with the disdain that it so rightly deserves.

  33. “And that’s the way to go about it, treat such gossip with the disdain that it so rightly deserves.”

    Spot on Min,
    Julie Bishop was doing Murdoch imperial stormtrooper Tabloid Tony’s & his bosses dirty work.

    W/ distortions & exaggeration included.

    What next Julie Bishop?…working for ‘News of the World’…or should we say ‘Spys of the World’?

    Who’s that cockroach in the window?


  34. One thing that I spotted was an article where the MSM was once again trying to call to everyone’s attention to what they stated as Rudd getting ‘so much publicity’ due to events overseas. Apart from it being incredibly bad form to relate Rudd’s television appearances with what is increasingly becoming a very bad situation, the aim was to again try to stir up some sort of conflict between Rudd and Gillard.

    To me the reason that Rudd is receiving this publicity, apart from him being very good at his job, is the dismal performance of J.Bishop. She has zilch to say about her own shadow portfolio and it seems that the only way that she can count herself into some sort of relevance is via gossip.

  35. Reaction to the carbon tax has been interesting. We were at a friend’s house for happy hour earlier and they’re predicting that Gillard will fall on her sword over it.

    Then followed some vitriol about “broken promises” and how people won’t stand for the carbon tax etc etc, followed by an attack on Bob Brown-“he’s a poof” which apparently means it’s impossible to be an effective politician. Then we got Julia Gillard’s a lesbian! And so on.

    My contribution was “Better Gillard than a religious maniac”, which went down a treat, I thought. Needless to say these people are all red hot LIEberal voters.

    I didn’t think it was worth telling them that I expected Gillard’s popularity to increase with a corresponding fall for Smuggles and that I expected the government’s stock to rise as a result of the announcement.

    They also seem to have forgotten that shelving the ETS was what caused the fall in the Rudd government’s popularity. And that, apart from the dingbats, people are starting to see the Smuggles Set for what they are-a disorganised rabble who couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery.

    No matter how much proof you put before them they put their fingers in their ears and shout lalalala. They are absolutely impervious to reason.

  36. “No matter how much proof you put before them they put their fingers in their ears and shout lalalala. They are absolutely impervious to reason.”

    Jane, worse luck, you can say the same things a dozen ways and get the same reply “she lied”

  37. CU, you are so right. And in fact she didn’t lie. She made that commitment, silly as it was, thinking that she would have a majority government. The situation changed and so she had to adapt to the circumstances.

    Imagine a commander or coach of a sports team refusing to alter their strategy and tactics in the face of a radically changed situation!

    If I’d been quick witted enough, I would have put that to them.Sigh!

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