Carbon Price: The Government Uses Its Momentum To Deal With Climate Change

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Time for a real change:

Julia Gillard Press Conference: Multi-Party Climate Change Committee Carbon Price Mechanism

Recently on the SKY NEWS program ‘Richo’ Independent Rob Oakeshott said the need to deal with climate change was “a no-brainer”.

Is a carbon price the way to go?

I reckon so. The government has the momentum…people know that something must be done for future generations.

The price of electricity will rise anyway. Best we attract new investment into renewable energy…diversify our energy generating systems.

Particularly with all the instability in the Arab & Persian state(s) at present.

It’s time to get off the fossil fuel rollercoaster.

That will take awhile…but I reckon a carbon price with the addition of  efforts by farmers & businesses & home owners using incentives will take us part of the way.

This from longtime contributor & poster Min:

I think that Gillard’s tactics were excellent in that she is tackling Abbott’s argument head on.

Rudd spoke about climate change mostly in terms of environmental impact which then allowed the Lib/Nats to confuse the issue with their own team of ‘experts’, this also allowed the opposition leeway to run a scare campaign.

To be certain Abbott will go full steam ahead with a scare campaign about a Big New Tax but he’s on the back foot already with Julia saying clearly and precisely “I’m determined to price carbon,” she told reporters.

“History teaches us that the countries and the economies who prosper at times of historic change are those who get in and shape and manage the changes.

“The time is right and the time is now.”

 (quotes courtesy of The Age).


Over to you.

N’…thnx to Min for the youtube link.

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  1. Friedman touts wise environmentalism

    By Wayne Grayson Staff Writer Published: Wednesday, February 23, 2011


    Friedman said Americans must relieve their dependence on foreign oil, not only so Americans can live without worrying about how the political climate of the Middle East will affect their wallets, but also to relieve the people in those countries of their oil-hungry leaders.

    “Those regimes operate on just the opposite principle that we operate on here,” he said. “Our principle is ‘no taxation without representation’ and their principle is ‘no representation without taxation.’ If I don’t have to tax you because I can stick a pipe in the ground to get my revenue, then I don’t have to represent you.

    “The price of oil and the pace of freedom move in opposite directions and the greatest contribution to democracy we can make in that part of the world is bring down the price of oil so governments have no choice but to drill their people and unlock their potential, men and women, to create and innovate and trade and interact with the world rather than drilling holes in the ground.”

    He said relieving oil dependence and finding new, cleaner energy sources would take companies willing to make major changes in the way they operate, a major challenge that government regulation would help speed along.

    “I want to see my government put in an ecosystem of rules, laws, standards, regulations and, most importantly, prices that will stimulate 10,000 green innovators to try 10,000 things 1,000 of which will be promising, 100 of which will be way cool and two of which will be the next green-Google or green-Apple,” he said.

    “If we continue to behave based on situational values, we are going to put ourselves in a situation where we will be less free than had the Russians won the Cold War, because the market and Mother Nature will impose on us each in their own way constraints that will be worse.

    “It is the battle of our generation for freedom,” Friedman said.

    More here:

    Stuff Abbott’s threats of a “people’s movement”…it’s time to free ourselves from the oil rollercoaster.


  2. Not unexpected that The Australian’s James Massola and Ben Packham uses a pic of a raving loony Tony Abbott…and the following headline to report the carbon tax announcement:

    People’s revolt looms on Australian carbon tax, Tony Abbott predicts

    “I think there will be a people’s revolt against this carbon tax and I don’t think it will every happen because the Australian public will be so revolted by this breach of faith.”

    In a 2010 election-eve interview with The Australian, Ms Gillard said she would not introduce a carbon tax.

    “I don’t rule out the possibility of legislating a carbon pollution reduction scheme, a market-based mechanism,” she said then. “I rule out a carbon tax.”

    Moving the censure motion, Mr Abbott asked whether it was the “real Julia” who made the pledge in the first place.

    “Nothing is more fake than making a promise to the Australian people before the election and breaking it after the election,” Mr Abbott said.

    Ms Gillard said Mr Abbott only wanted to “wreck”, comparing him unfavourably to former prime minister John Howard.

    “He wanted to be remembered for the things he created, not the things he destroyed,” the prime minister said.

    More here:

    And so the battle begins again.

    This time the government must go full steam ahead.


  3. Brent oil price surges towards $120

    Updated: 08:13, Thursday, 24 February 2011

    The price of Brent crude oil jumped more than $8 a barrel in London this morning as fears spread that unrest across North Africa and the Middle East could further disrupt oil supplies.

    This morning the price of Brent hit a high of $119.79 a barrel, up $8.54 from yesterday’s close.

    Last night in New York, US crude jumped to a 28-month high of $100 a barrel briefly before finishing at $98.10.

    The stand-off between an increasingly isolated Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and rebel factions now in control of oil-rich eastern Libya has is estimated to have cut output in the world’s number 12 crude exporter by at least 25%, or 400,000 barrels a day.


    Nikkei falls on Mideast worries, oil price hikes

    Some us warned. It’s time to get off the rollercoaster.

    We won’t get fooled again. RIGHT.


  4. Chinese consumer confidence declines to lowest

    CNTV, February 24, 2011

    Data shows Chinese consumer confidence fell in the fourth quarter of 2010, to the lowest since 2009. The index stood at 100, from 104 in the previous quarter. That’s according to the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics and Nielsen.

    Analysts say that’s due to concern inflation may restrain domestic spending. 83 percent of consumers expect prices to rise further in the next 12 months, 6 percentage points higher than in the previous quarter.

    China’s inflation has topped the government’s 4 percent target for 2011 for the past four months. The report also says high housing prices and rising interest rates also curbed private consumption.

    Once the oil price hits full bore European & American businesses…and home owners…transport companies…it will be similar to that which preceded the GFC.

    Those on the brink of bankruptcy will topple…others will curb other spending.

    This will affect Chinese exports. More factory closes. More need for stimulus. More consideration & negotiation over commodity prices…think Australia.

    Good the government kept to a lower Super Profits tax…can always be changed later if circumstances ease.

    Fortunate our interest rates are higher than other countries. Nice mattress to drop on.

    As the sh*t hits the fan.


  5. GWB and JWH echoed each other after 9/11 when they sombrely declared that life as we know it will change forever.

    Today sits up there as another of those days. Life as we know it, will change forever.

    Today is the day that we are prepared do something about the sludge that this planet has become. Look at the filth in the air, in the water and the earth of western countries and developing countries. It’s beyond belief.

    These opponents who shout that we’re only a small country and don’t matter should really have more concern for our own backyard. It’s also beyond belief that they’d be quite happy to turn this country into a waste dump.

    That’s the big picture. There’s also a smaller picture.

    I took a drive from Port Augusta to Coober Pedy (some 540 ks) and there wasn’t a metre of the roadside that wasn’t littered with an empty bottle, can or carton. What is it with the mentality of some people?

    But back to the big picture, we’ve turning this country into a dump. Some of us want to clean it up. Others want to keep trashing it.

  6. Well said Migs.

    One way to stimulate yer economy when oil prices bite into jobs:

    Global clean energy investments to rise in 2011 – UN

    Wed Feb 23, 2011

    NAIROBI, Feb 23 (Reuters) – Brazil, China and India are expected to fuel global investments in clean energy in 2011 that are expected to reach $240 billion, the head of a United Nation’s green economy initiative said on Wednesday.

    The U.N.’s environmental unit (UNEP) said investment in renewable energy hit $180-$200 billion in 2010 up from $162 billion in 2009, driven by the three countries.

    The increased investments are because sustainable energy is gaining momentum as governments seek cheaper sources — such as solar, wind and ethanol — to cushion against rising oil prices.

    “Investment may be close to $240 billion in clean energy that includes energy efficiency and renewable energy,” said Pavan Sukhdev, head of UNEP’s Green Economy initiative.

    The United Nations says greening energy supplies needs over $360 billion annually.

    Adverse effects of climate change have forced countries to look for ways of cutting gas emissions and encouraging eco-friendly systems, Sukhdev told Reuters.

    He said the United Nations had a European Union grant to help seven African countries including Kenya, South Africa, and Burkina Faso to formulate policies that would enable the transition to a green economy.
    (Reporting by Beatrice Gachenge)

    Go go go. Can’t afford to be left behind.

    Murdoch knew that w/ payTV…but he missed the boat, was slow moving on the internet front…surely his support for cleaner energy due to climate change will see his empire oppose the Abbott negabore? Surely he won’t want to be lagging behind again?


  7. It seems that Abbott is again having to resort to his crystal ball, this time that he is able to predict that electricity prices will rise by $300pa and this is without knowing what the price on carbon will be.

  8. Just a thought..I wonder what Malcolm Turnbull will do given that he crossed the floor to vote with Labor on the ETS. Hopefully the media won’t allow him to just run and hide.

  9. It seems that Abbott is again having to resort to his crystal ball, this time that he is able to predict that electricity prices will rise by $300pa

    I reckon Abbott has been listening to his favourite information source again…GOD.

    This is worth reading from The Climate Institute:

    Good progress but not through the minefield yet

    Thursday, 24 February 2011 12:26

    The pollution price architecture released by the Multi-Party Committee on Climate Change represents good progress with a number of key issues still to be addressed, The Climate Institute said today.

    “Today’s announcement is extremely welcome and shows good progress but we’re not through the minefield yet,” said The Climate Institute CEO John Connor.

    “By making it clear that businesses will be responsible for their pollution with an initial permit price is an important foundation as is the focus on actual pollution reduction.

    The proposed 1 July 2012 start date, coverage of all major and fast growing sources of pollution and a system based on actually limiting pollution are important ingredients in a credible and effective pollution pricing mechanism.

    “The pollution price architecture is progress but it exposes a number of landmines that need to be removed if Australia is to join nations including China and those in Europe who are gaining first mover economic advantages from driving new clean energy investments,” said Mr Connor.

    “Any delay in moving to real limits on pollution across the economy, or specific polluting industries such as electricity or coal mining, increases the risk that Australia’s pollution levels will continue to grow.

    “Moving from a fixed price to an emissions trading scheme with real limits on pollution should be automatic and not left to the vagaries of pollution politics in Australia.

    “Any Australian pollution pricing mechanism should position the nation to meet the full range of international pollution commitments and unlock investor confidence in clean energy.

    “Without a credible initial pollution price of greater than $25/tonne we will not unlock billions of dollars new investments and thousands of new jobs in new clean energy and low pollution industries.

    “As we move forward based on this useful foundation, all members of the Parliament need to remain focused on achieving the outcomes we need – actual pollution reductions and unlocking billions of dollars of new investment, and growing employment and cleaner industries across Australia.”

    “Importantly the pollution pricing architecture recognises the important role that additional measures to encourage energy efficiency, clean energy and carbon farming investments will have.
    “Delays and half measures to tackle pollution and climate change will risk these new job and investment opportunities for Australia, its states and regions.”

    For further information:
    John Connor | CEO, The Climate Institute | 0413 968 475
    Harriet Binet | Communications Director, The Climate Institute | 02 8239 6299


  10. Don’t forget to check out Lyn’s links & Ad astra’s post at The Political Sword:

    This is a goodie:

    Rupert’s war on truth

    Posted by Ken Parish on Thursday, February 24, 2011


    From Peter Martin:

    Thursday, February 24, 2011

    The future starts in July 2012 – The agreement on carbon tax

    This is an essential economic reform, and it is the right thing to do.

    The two-stage plan for a carbon price mechanism will start with a fixed price period for three to five years before transitioning to an emissions trading scheme.

    The Government will propose that the carbon price commences on 1 July 2012, subject to the ability to negotiate agreement with a majority in both houses of Parliament and pass legislation this year.

    A carbon price is a price on pollution. It is the cheapest and fairest way to cut pollution and build a clean energy economy. The best way to stop businesses polluting and get them to invest in clean energy is to charge them when they pollute.

    The businesses with the highest levels of pollution will have a very strong incentive to reduce their pollution.

    The Government will then use every cent raised to:
    Assist families with household bills
    Help businesses make the transition to a clean energy economy
    Tackle climate change

    The Government will not shy away from this difficult but vital economic reform to move Australia to a clean energy nation.

    The global economy is shifting.

    Right now, Australia is at risk of falling behind the rest of the world. The longer we wait, the greater the cost to the economy, and the greater the cost to Australian jobs.

    An initial fixed carbon price will provide businesses with a stable and predictable platform to transition to a ‘cap and trade’ emissions trading scheme that will be linked to international carbon markets.

    This will give businesses time to understand their carbon liability and begin the transformation in a steady and purposeful way.


  11. Useful link Augustus,

    Grog writes:

    You may think, oh we’ve been down this road before and Rudd came up short (one vote short). But we’re on a different street now. The language used by Gillard and the Greens in today’s press conference was all economics. No moral challenge – it was about the economy.

    It is also a very smart strategy – no announcing the result and saying here it is cop it sweet or you’re a denier – instead a “framework” has been announced – which means within which much lobbying will be done (oh so very much lobbying), but which also establishes the framework as you’re either part of the solution, or you’re part of the problem. It puts Abbott on the sidelines shouting, while others – including all of business – are inside doing work.

    The mining companies of course have come out and told Gillard not to cave into the Greens, to which I say, oh go cry me a river. Where the hell were you this time last year when Abbott was blocking the incredibly polluting company friendly CPRS?

    The mining companies bet big on Abbott wining the election. He didn’t and now the ALP are in Government with the Greens holding the balance of power. Twelve months ago the mining companies had the chance to get a scheme that the Greens hated and with which they would have required them to change bugger all of way they do business. And yet they gave it zero support. Now the Greens are sitting at the table and the same companies say, “Please don’t hurt us”.

    Abbott opposes the tax. (Well duh – I mean, why on earth would a Liberal Party leader support a free market option?)

    Abbott in response decided to get out the hyperbole stick and give it a bit of a whack:

    “I think there will be a people’s revolt against this carbon tax and I don’t think it will every happen because the Australian public will be so revolted by this breach of faith.”

    It seems Abbott has been watching Fox News in the US and fancies himself the head of a Tea Party movement.

    Australians don’t revolt against anything. Think of the Whitlam dismissal. People maintained their rage for all of a couple days, then overwhelmingly voted for Fraser. Abbott may think his hollering and shaking will get people racing to the barricades, but the fact is the only type who would ever turn up in numbers to any such rally would not be the types he would want. Australia doesn’t have a tea party movement, and if Abbott or Alan Jones or Andrew Bolt want one, it’ll look very One Nationish.


    So true.

    Barnaby & Tony holding hands w/ One Nation & the Rolex Revolution miners…oh what fun. 🙂


  12. PM Gillard gave Allan Jones a good run for his money this morn…was shown on SKY NEWS. She ran right over him at points.

    and in parliament yesterday PM Gillard pelted Abbott w/ Turnbull’s words showing what a contortionist act & inconsistent twat he is.

    I think Julia is on a roll and this carbon price will get done.

    John Hewson said on SKY this morn that he knows a few of the guys who are the big carbon emitters and “they’ve known this is coming since the 80s”…they’re well prepared & full of crap if they say otherwise…Hewson recommended the government did not “go soft” when it came to compensating this lot.

    He also thought Gillard was fired up and ready for this fight.


  13. This from Ash:

    You see Tony would have people believe that he is a climate change sceptic. But that makes me wonder if that is true, why do the coalition have a policy to reduce Carbon Emissions?

    Tony claims that there would be an Egypt like revolution in the streets. What Tony doesn’t realise is that revolution was done by foreigners. Australians tend to prefer to go to see a game of football.

    Tony doesn’t remember that shortly after Julia Gillard announced an agreement with the Greens and the independents on carbon pricing late last year, her polling rose.

    What got me is in her press release, Julia Gillard did not run away from any questions in regards to what she had said or why. She stood there and started to do something a federal PM has not done in this country for a long time. Explain the issue.

    Julia so successfully brought up and dealt with every aspect of Tony’s arguments in her original press conference, he had nothing new. Eventually, he is going to be drawn into real debate about the merit of the system. Looking forward to that.

    One moment Abbott has a thing for foreigners…the next they just ain’t up to scratch.

    Anyone think Tony spends a great deal of time doin’ the yoga position ‘Head up own arse’…?


  14. Augustus, excellent! Simple straightforward explanations from Gillard: a clean energy future with all the jobs that go with it. Exactly. It’s precisely the way to go, not what it’s going to cost but what it’s going to cost to do nothing.

    Ewww obnoxious Jones, Do you understand/do you understand/do you understand…what an aggressive, sarcastic, condescending pr*ck.

    And ‘Brad’ somebody please HELP!!! A quick bullet out the back paddock would be a mercy.

  15. Min, I though ‘Brad’ was going to have a coronary, the saliva must have been dripping out of the other end on the phone.

  16. Augustus…LOL Apt pic.

    Alan Jones sounded like a squealing swine.

    Surprised he can lift his snout from the ad/moolah trough.

    “Why did you say that?…why did you say that?”…like a whining infant.


  17. Augustus,
    That caller has obviously picked up the ‘Abbott Hysteria’ bug. 🙂

    “what an aggressive, sarcastic, condescending pr*ck.”

    And that’s just his breakfast persona. 🙂


  18. Speaking of fossil fool greedsters backing aggressive conservatives:

    Koch Industry billionaires David and Charles Koch fund the conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity, which has launched an ad across Wisconsin as part of a “Stand with Walker” campaign. Critics of Walker point to a provision before the legislation that would allow for no-bid sale of Wisconsin state energy assets. They allege that Koch Industries would benefit from the legislation, but a spokesperson for Koch Industries told Politico that the company doesn’t have any financial interest in the political battle now taking place in Wisconsin.

    Bloomberg reported that Koch Industries, and its employees and subsidiaries, contributed $1.2 million in the midterm election to Republican governors who now favor curtailing the bargaining rights of state workers. Koch Industries was a major contributor to Walker’s gubernatorial election campaign.

    Murphy, presenting himself as David Koch, called Walker’s receptionist and was directed to call back a few hours later, when he would be put through to the governor.

    In the 20-minute call that resulted, Walker discusses plans for layoff notices and the strategies he is considering to punish Democratic lawmakers who have fled the state in protest of his budget proposal.;contentBody


    Yesterday, the Hotsheet reported on the support Walker has received from conservative groups like the Tea Party and the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity.

    The debate in Wisconsin has become a proxy for the larger national debate taking place over government spending and deficits.

    Koch-backed group, Tea Party mobilize in Wisconsin
    Wis. Gov. Scott Walker pranked by journalist posing as David Koch

    Walker said this week he communicates regularly with Republican Govs. John Kasich of Ohio and Brian Sandoval of Nevada, suggesting he isn’t the only governor willing to take on public unions.

    “There’s a lot of us new governors that got elected to do something big,” Walker said this week. “This is our moment.”

    Similar protests over anti-union bills have erupted in Ohio, Indiana and elsewhere, but not all Republican governors are following Walker’s lead. Yesterday, Indiana Republicans dropped their controversial bill after Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels said it wasn’t worth pursuing at this point.

    Goes to show who is behind the Abbott negabores & climate change sceptics.

    Big oil. Big fossils.


  19. One thing that made me laugh is Alan Jones’ form of ‘debate’: Yes you did. No I didn’t. Yes you did, you did, you did, you did.

  20. I think after that interview Abbott had better take notice, Julia is not going take any shit from anyone over this.

  21. I bet Jonsie’s listeners are calling in telling him what a great job he did of putting it over the PM. You certainly had her measure Alan, completely flummoxed her, and have I told you how great you are.

  22. Augustus, absolutely..Julia is one feisty lady and she’s in a mood for a fight 😉 I should add, with the patience of a saint for staying the course with Alan Jones.

  23. Ah! yes ME, they will be praising him, Saint Alan “we love you” hmm….. denial, ain’t just a river that flows though Egypt.

  24. Migs @10.56pm “Today sits up there as another of those days. Life as we know it, will change forever.

    Today is the day that we are prepared do something about the sludge that this planet has become. Look at the filth in the air, in the water and the earth of western countries and developing countries. It’s beyond belief.”

    I was reminded of this one:

    Life as it is…

    When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies?
    Perhaps to be too practical is madness.
    To surrender dreams, this may be madness.
    To seek treasure where there is only trash…
    Too much sanity may be madness.
    And maddest of all…
    To see life as it is and not as it should be.

  25. I was pleased to note some accurate reporting from the ABC.

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard endured a fiery morning on talkback radio today as she came out swinging in the political war over her plans to put a price on Australia’s carbon emissions.

    Also from this link “Mr Abbott also dismissed an attack from Ms Gillard, where she quoted him supporting a carbon price before he became Liberal leader.”

    Sorry Tone, but it’s in “Battlelines”…

    He may introduce a modest Carbon Tax. He won’t introduce carbon trading because of propensity to rorting and because catastrophic man-made global warming remains scientifically controversial.

    The page no. is at:

  26. So typical of to publish the bits where Jones called Julia a liar, but not the bits where Julia found him out. Turds

  27. You’re so right, Nas’ and Min, this is fun! And fantastic! Our ferocious PM Julia out there fighting, out-foxing them all. F.f.f.f…… phenomenal!

    Great to read all your comments here on the Jones interview and elsewhere, Grog’s, the Poll Bludger and TPS. By the way FS over there suggested an amendment to my pome on the Great Revolt.

    Thanks, Hillbilly. PS I’d be glad to hear if the last line means to readers what I hope it does. Is the meaning clear or do I need to change it?

    Tony Abbott is Revolting!

    I heard him talking to Andrew Bolt.
    Good to hear what he had to say.
    He’s organising a great big revolt.
    Every month, every week, every day.

    They’re going to march on Canberra.
    They want us all to join with them
    To fight the war on tax and terror
    And make Mr Abbott our P.M.

    Yeah, Tony’ll come to lead us all,
    Right out front with his dog called Spot,
    We’ll overnight in a new school hall,
    For a cause like ours that’ll be the shot.

    Our standard, red budgie snugglers,
    We’ll wave aloft and chant our slogans,
    “Ban the Burqa! No weapons smugglers!”
    We’ll all march! Miners, bankers, bogans!

    We’ll pay a levy for ‘extra’ details,
    Like one last supper, or a portaloo.
    We’ll follow Tony o’er hill and dales,
    But where’s this place called Waterloo?

  28. With all due respect to the fine people at the cafe, I would like to see Ms Gillard referred to as the Prime Minister (or PM).

    Likewise Mr Abbott should be referred to the Leader of the Opposition or alternative Prime Minister ….HA HA HE HE HE (falls off chair) …..HE HE HA HA!!!!!!!

    (Regains composure)…… in the same way Mr Jones does..(oh no. back on floor again)…..

    But seriously can you imagine the POTUS fronting up to a talk back show and being abuse by the ‘host’ for being a ‘little’ late!

    Mr Jones, you’re, with ‘due respect’, a CREEP.

    Now I feel better…

    I think courtesy is important

  29. “We’ll pay a levy for ‘extra’ details,
    Like one last supper, or a portaloo.
    We’ll follow Tony o’er hill and dales,
    But where’s this place called Waterloo?”

    my wife & I laughed so much with this poem. So good. Classic!



    Tony Abbott…ballad of a thin man.


  30. If they march on Canberra I’ll be here at the gates to fight them off. I’m full of red wine and ready for a fight.

  31. The really interesting question right now is Malcolm Turnbull, he believes in climate change and a market based pricing structure, and given that there are moves inside the Liberal Party to destabilise Tony Abbott’s leadership, who doesn’t have the support he once had, I think the Libs see him as too much of a loose cannon, too unstable.

    Turnbull has already crossed the floor once, will he do it again?, The mind ponders.

  32. Patricia your poem is a tonic, as for Waterloo I refer to Nas and yoga.
    The last yoga position for Mr. Abbott should be to bend down and kiss his arse goobye!!

  33. Bill Heffernan speaking to Phillip Adams recently: “Those members in my party who don’t believe in climate change are bloody idiots”.

  34. “Those members in my party who don’t believe in climate change are bloody idiots”.

    It takes one to know one.

  35. I just caught the end of Lateline in time to hear Greg Hunt suggesting that the government take the carbon policy to an election to seek a mandate. I s’pose that would be another shot at the PMship for Mr. Abbott, trouble is I think the majority still want action on climate change. Nice try Liberals but no cigar.

  36. And ‘Brad’ somebody please HELP!!! A quick bullet out the back paddock would be a mercy.

    Min, I think it would be the most merciful thing for poor old Brad. Up until the wee hours swallowing mylanta and foaming at the mouth! Either that or a strait jacket.

    I must say I liked the way she put Jones in his box. He is one of the nastiest most unlikeable people anywhere, I think. Another slimy LIEberal rumour monger in the mould of Dolt, Akerman et al.

    She did what a lot of politicians have been too afraid to do-stand up to the fat slug and put him in his place. I guess she’s now going for broke as she knows creatures like Jones will be perennially hostile and aggressive and RUDE!

    As Barrie Cassidy said-a self important bully. I can just imagine the huffing and puffing after the interview was finished. I’m sure good old Brad rang poor widdle Alan after that horrid PM boxed the bugger’s ears!

    Pip, I think the LIEberals must be getting pretty desperate by now. They’ve been trying to force another election ever since August 22 with a distinct lack of success and the clock’s ticking; only 4 months till the Greens get BOP in the Senate and the Smuggles Set becomes irrelevant.

    Humpty Abbott, if he survives beyond 1 July, will find that all the King’s horses etc will do him no good. No doubt he’ll go whining to Emperor Rupert, but even he won’t be able to paper over the cracks appearing in the LIEberal ranks.

    I’ve got the popcorn. I hope Julia, Kevin, Swan and the rest of the crew do him slowly.

  37. Hi Jane, the LIEberals are looking very desperately for any chance to have another election, goodness knows they’ve dropped enough hints.
    The Dickens caricature Erca Betz, friend of Godwin, also chimed in last night calling for an election, as Hunt said to give the government a mandate on the carbon price.
    Do you reckon we might be bombarded with more ads from the big shots over the next few weeks. We’ve heard it before, “there will be job losses etc.,”, and the usual Very Important Opinion pieces from the emporer’s minions.

    Bring on the popcorn.

  38. Augustus, on Turnbull, “will he cross the floor”, it’s possible I think, because there must surely be a fair percentage of the Liberals still ready to back him. After all Abbott got there with one vote to spare.
    Hockey is a buffoon and it’s beginning to show more often these days and no where near as smart as Turnbull IMHO

  39. On the subject of Turnbull. In his own words…

    So for these reasons Mr Speaker, I support this Bill. The arguments I have made for it are no different to those I have made, and stood for, for the last three years.

    During my time as leader of the opposition I defended the right of my colleagues, from time to time, to cross the floor and vote in accordance with their strongly held personal beliefs. It is one of the long-standing principles of the Liberal Party, unlike the Labor Party,

    I commend the courage of my colleagues Senator Troeth and Boyce who crossed the floor to support this Bill and effective action on climate change late last year.

    As expressed by Paul Kelly at:

    “If Gillard gets the upper hand the Liberal Party will disintegrate internally as Malcolm Turnbull offers an alternative climate change strategy to Abbott.”

  40. Pip @12.11pm. I’m absolutely certain we’ll be bombarded with more and more shrill and hysterical demands for an election as the next 4 months roll inexorably by.

    Once the lead time for a COALition win before the Senate changes composition passes, I think talk of an election will subside to background noise.

    However, the Emperor’s minions could be cast into the flames of Mordor for failure to accomplish the mission. In that case, I think we should stock up on comfy chairs, marshmallows and toasting forks and crank up our cameras.

    Having said that, now that Julia Gillard and the team seem to have donned the robes of office and found them tailor made, I believe there will be a turnaround in the TPP the government’s way. They KNOW they’re the government, now, and the Smuggles Set is looking more like a rabble as each day goes by.

    She looks much more comfortable in the PM’s role and that’s reflected in the way she handled that vicious troll Alan Jones. His face must have been puce by the end of that interview! I wouldn’t have liked to be an underling at 2GB.

    The shite from the Murdochracy won’t stop, but I reckon it’ll be water off a duck’s back and I wouldn’t mind betting that the trollops at the ABC, might start pulling their heads in. No matter, I reckon as their contracts come up, they should be discarded.

    Regarding the Smuggles Set, I take my hat off to Judy Moylan and Judith Troeth. Even Julie Bishop took me by surprise with the vehemence of her reaction to watering down the Indonesian Schools funding. Maybe there’s more to her than surface.appearances?

  41. Min @1.18pm, agree entirely. The resources in the ground are not infinite, so the country needs to start planning for a future with new ways of keeping the economy and jobs sound.

    Hopefully, with the Greens and the eminently sensible Independents, that will happen.

  42. Jane, old Anal (thank you Migs for AJ’s new name) did mention China/threats to exports. But guess which country is now the World leader in research into alternative energy research and is indeed China. Youngest is currently waiting for the tools necessary to complete a section of her PhD thesis on biofuel production and which country are these now sourced from, once again it’s China.

    Historically one of China’s goals has always been self-sufficiency and alternative energies provide a means for them to achieve this. Basically, Australia cannot count on China’s need for our minerals indefinitely.

  43. Exactly, Min. I want to chew my arm off every time I think of the tremendous benefit to this country of funding the various alternative energy innovators here instead of hunting them overseas to America, China and elsewhere. Another brilliant Howard government initiative.

    China, the US and a host of Eropean countries are powering (no pun intended) ahead with alternative energy sources and what are we doing?

    We could have been at the forefront of alternative energy production, but we languish at the rear still clinging to pollution based power production.

  44. Jane, every six months universities have to go cap in hand to industry for funding taking up valuable research hours and with PhD candidates a collective nervous wreck wondering if they are even going to able to finish their studies and graduate.

    Industry’s interest appears to be in direct proportion to the will of government, hopefully with Gillard stating specifically that a carbon price is the future that it will result in a good foot up the arse for the big polluters.

  45. Many in the media are saying that Julia had made a decision that could ruin her political career. How refreshing to have a PM who puts the country ahead of their own political ambitions.

  46. Migs, I think that Gillard realized very early on that there is nothing to be gained by not acting decisively. She is one lady who wants to make a difference and I have the utmost faith in her ability to do everything necessary..and for the country.

  47. No matter what one thinks of the NSW state government, I admire Keneally’s firm stance.

    Far from backing down on the issue, Ms Keneally today congratulated Prime Minister Julia Gillard on the proposed tax, saying climate change was an issue that could not be ignored.

    “Climate change is a real problem and we as a nation need real leadership to deal with it,” she told reporters in Sydney.

    “Real leadership is facing squarely the challenges we face as a nation and looking for solutions, not denying that the problem exists…

    “I congratulate the Prime Minister for showing leadership.”

  48. Min, @4.52pm, it’s a shameful situation that needs immediate rectification. Education is absolutely vital for the future well being of this country.

    The education sector is the intellectual infrastructure of this country and the people who use it are the intellectual capital we need for the future. As such, the current niggardly funding arrangement is a national disgrace, imo.

    Research funds should not be tied to specific vested interests and those engaged in research should not be tied to the whims of private enterprise nor in fear of having their funding snatched away and being unable to complete their education.

    It’s so frustrating that education is only considered valuable as a unit of economic output.

    When the hole digging ceases, we have to have other thriving alternatives for a sturdy economy and a thriving populace; not a peasant society.

  49. Jane, you have it precisely. This situation is of course a direct result of the policies of one JWHoward and his disinvestment in higher education. While the OECD reported an average increase of 48% to 2007, Australia went backwards by 7%.

  50. Min @2.47pm, I wonder why Howard had it in for higher education? I’ve never quite been able to understand his antipathy; after all he went to a tertiary institution.

    Do you think it’s because tertiary institutions have traditionally been anti-establishment?

  51. Jane, I think that one need go no further than Howard’s pathological hatred of anything leftist/unionist. Howard saw universities as the source of the upper class leftist movement, this being a direct result of allowing the offspring of the less deserving to rise above their station.

    Howard’s ideal was to return to the ‘good old days’ where only those of appropriate background and breeding were wealthy enough to grace the hallowed halls. This changed considerably due to Whitlam abolishing university fees, hence the rise of the ‘intelligensia’..sons and daughters of factory workers and laborers started to question the status quo of society.

  52. Yes, of course, Min. Instead of the universities churning out the next lot of “born to rule” LIEberal MPs, they became infested with the undeserving lower classes who, as you say, questioned the status quo, leading to “outrages” like the anti-Vietnam war marches and egging LBJ’s car.

    I think one of Whitlam’s best initiatives was to abolish Uni fees, thus allowing a generation of people who could never have aspired to a tertiary education, to make better lives for themselves and their families.

    To this day, I think tertiary education should be fee free-it’s an investment in our intellectual infrastructure.

  53. It’s become that way where only the children of the very poor or the children of the very wealthy could go to uni, irrespective of merit. This is especially true in country areas where young people have no alternative but to leave home to go to uni. And don’t I know it! Four years for youngest to obtain her Honors but fortunately for my finances she is now on a PhD scholarship (the princely sum of $400pw).

    Agreed about uni being fee free, but also an absolute necessity is to provide a financial support for students who must leave home. Fortunately Labor has made improvements with this.

  54. Fine Jane, thank you asking. An excellent job done by Centrelink, youngest in Brisbane reported that within 2 days she had her food allowance and her claim for $1,000 damage was there only a few days later. On the other hand, daughter in law in Cairns is still waiting for Defence Welfare to get around to replacing her clothesline. All very minor..all’s well that ends well.

  55. Migs, my memory of it is that if unis maintained their student union then Howard’s reasoning was that they wouldn’t need the funding. So the unis were got at each way they played it. The Howard government provided funds to help unis cover the cost of abolishing the fees however the unis were short changed by about $80M.

  56. Min @4.59pm, glad all’s well.

    I know where you’re coming from on the support for students who have to leave home.

    Our daughter had to leave home, but because she refused to do the gap year schtick and we were just over the income threshhold, there was no support. So we not only had to pay for her accommodation, but also spending money etc.

    I agree that there should be far more support for regional and country students, including an increase in the income threshhold for parents whose children aren’t entitled to Youth Allowance or other government funding.

    Migs, I seem to remember a threat of that nature, all because of his idiotic hatred for the word union. Of course, he never got stuck into employer unions or the AMA etc. Apparently, if you called your union an association, it was OK.

  57. “I s’pose that would be another shot at the PMship for Mr. Abbott, trouble is I think the majority still want action on climate change. Nice try Liberals but no cigar.”

    You only have to look at Chris Pyne’s nervous, attempting to hide “abandoned principles” face today on Agenda to know that many Liberals are full of sh*t on this issue.

    They have every intention of using a market-based mechanism, same or not unlike ETS, to make the nuclear industry more competitive in the future. Keep an eye on the Liberal states.

    And I’m sure some of their supporters, perhaps even them and their families, have their slice of the share pie in wind & solar etc.

    This is really about them wanting to own the change…own the agenda…and in turn put at risk the future of the nation & the world in order to fulfill their own selfish goals & help fill supporter’s coffers.

    Remember, it only takes a few selfish, evil moves by a few influential people to alter the path of history. Both Hitler & Stalin hindered the development of social democracy, genetic research, multiculturalism and world peace because of their own deranged ideas…supported by a few cruddy propagandists who fed into the fears and prejudices and narrow understandings of the economy.

    The Coalition are now so morally bankrupt they are willing to allow this country to remain hostage to Middle Eastern & Gulf State & other state oil barons’ whims…and the games of rich dick coal mining industry shareholders like Clive Palmer.

    It’s political opporurtunism & kowtowing of the worst kind…by Tabloid Tony and his team.

    In order to prosecute his morally bankrupt case, Tony Abbott, the ex-journo…still a columnist…uses the same kond of hysteria, HYPErbole, exaggeration, distortions and other attention-seeking techniques you would expect from a tabloid newspaper – a desperate approach to hook-in an audience/readership that has even infected the rest of the Murdoch empire such as ‘The Australian’, Sky News on occasion (particularly weekends & late nite), and Fox News.

    It’s not surprising then that Tabloid Tony uses such attention-grabbing techniques…when you think of the masters he once worked for…including Murdoch. It’s probably why he gets such a free ride from some of press…they see him as one of their own.

    However, it’s also not surprising that the reporters & columnists who are more balanced, investigate issues in more depth…and don’t always resort to copycatting tabloid behaviour…are seeing thru Tabloid Tony’s facade…and scrutinising his actions, words, policies, style of leadership…and finding them wanting.

    Abbott may see himself as Churchillian…but if many see Murdoch as a Goebbels like operator…running a world-wide propaganda machine…then what does it tell us about puppets like Tabloid Tony?

    And what affect will his negabore, exaggerbore Murdoch imperial stormtrooper attitude have on our future?


  58. Jane. I might be wrong but I believe that Mr. Howard did not frequent the university campus during his studies. He has always had contempt for universities.

    I read this week, he refuse to visited the university in Canberra because he did not like who it was named after. Also he did not like the chancellor.

  59. I would like to see PM Gillard to announce another policy this week. She may as well use the 24 hour circle to her advantage. We know the PM can cope with many balls in the air at once, as her ministries in the previous government proved. Maybe she might have more on the refugees or the mining tax. The Labor government needs yo keep the Opposition leader and the MSM off balance.

    The PM had the climate change proposals out while the Opposition was still stumbling around with the multi-cultural announcements.

    I noticed that the Opposition leader stayed away from the media, instead pulling a stunt. If what we seen on the news, it was not too sucessful.

  60. CU, excellent points. He is obviously such an ideologue he is incapable of understanding that education is a vital tool in the economic and general well being of the country. His head faces backwards to the fifties when most employment was in the unskilled sector.

    He just doesn’t understand that we’re in the second decade of the 21st century where technology rules. Ditch digging and mining are done using machines, not picks and shovels.

    Great idea to keep the wingnuts off balance; they won’t know where to direct their apoplexy, particularly Smuggles who is just as inflexible out of touch with this century as his hero.

    I was going to say they seem more in touch with the 19th century than this one, but the 19th century was full steam ahead with technical advances and forward thinking in pretty much every sphere of endeavour.

    Perhaps it would be more apt to compare them to the Catholic Church when Luther burst onto the scene. They retreated into ever stricter dogma instead of altering and adapting to change.

  61. Jane, he was reared in Earlwood, I would describe as an upper class working class area. It was a nice place to live at the time. His father, owned a garage.

    Now some in his position seen themselves as being above his peers.

    I know I lived there at the same time. My father was a wheat cockey. The difference was I did not see myself as superior.

    This was mainly because most of my extended family were small farmers or owned small businesses for generations. I can only recalled one who worked for a boss.

    What I do know, we were not wealthy or superior to workers, that we were all battlers.

    If you knew Earlwood, you can see where his vison of the white picket fence come from.

  62. CU, I’d say you are 100% right about him feeling he’s superior to the rest of us mere mortals.

    Obviously your family have their heads well and truly screwed on straight. People who work hard to get ahead, but never up themselves. I think they’re called salt of the earth. 😀

  63. We also knew that working hard did not necessary mean getting ahead. Bankruptcies where not unknown, often through no fault of your own.

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