Carbon Price: The Government Uses Its Momentum To Deal With Climate Change

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Time for a real change:

Julia Gillard Press Conference: Multi-Party Climate Change Committee Carbon Price Mechanism

Recently on the SKY NEWS program ‘Richo’ Independent Rob Oakeshott said the need to deal with climate change was “a no-brainer”.

Is a carbon price the way to go?

I reckon so. The government has the momentum…people know that something must be done for future generations.

The price of electricity will rise anyway. Best we attract new investment into renewable energy…diversify our energy generating systems.

Particularly with all the instability in the Arab & Persian state(s) at present.

It’s time to get off the fossil fuel rollercoaster.

That will take awhile…but I reckon a carbon price with the addition of  efforts by farmers & businesses & home owners using incentives will take us part of the way.

This from longtime contributor & poster Min:

I think that Gillard’s tactics were excellent in that she is tackling Abbott’s argument head on.

Rudd spoke about climate change mostly in terms of environmental impact which then allowed the Lib/Nats to confuse the issue with their own team of ‘experts’, this also allowed the opposition leeway to run a scare campaign.

To be certain Abbott will go full steam ahead with a scare campaign about a Big New Tax but he’s on the back foot already with Julia saying clearly and precisely “I’m determined to price carbon,” she told reporters.

“History teaches us that the countries and the economies who prosper at times of historic change are those who get in and shape and manage the changes.

“The time is right and the time is now.”

 (quotes courtesy of The Age).


Over to you.

N’…thnx to Min for the youtube link.