Mega Miners Revisited

It’s a pity that the MSM were or are too lazy or too busy having their opinions controlled in their haste to support the dark side of the force to bother with a little factual information such as they are now printing. 
How many times have we seen this one.  The MSM supports and publicises ever single snippet of negativity they can find on every single given issue as long as it puts Julia in a bad light.  However once they, the media have achieved ‘the desired result’ for example by changing a positive opinion into a negative opinion, they are then the first to jump on the bandwagon by criticising the outcome that they originally supported.
The Mega Miners Tax, global mining companies claimed whilst bleating sadly about having to pay their fair share of tax would put new developments at risk and could dramatically stunt economic growth.  It was they and they alone who had saved Australia from Recession was their dramatic exhortation.  All of a sudden it seemed that every man and his dog’s job was in the mining industry and therefore on the line in spite of the fact that this industry employs less than 2% of Australia’s workforce.  Result:  dramatic downturn in support for Labor in the mining States of Western Australia (4.9%) and Queensland (1.7%).   [Ref: ABS]
I loved this one from June last it really that long ago!
And so we fast forward to February 2011.  Instead of the predicted doom for the mining industry in Australia, the evidence in June 2010 being a sudden plunge in investment in Australia’s mining industry it was as Wayne Swan predicted, minor and temporary.
A MASSIVE $10.5 billion half-year profit announced by BHP Billiton has reignited calls for the federal government to ramp up taxes on mining companies to secure a bigger share of the resources boom for Australian taxpayers.
Treasury estimates revealed yesterday show Kevin Rudd’s original mining super profits tax would have reaped $99 billion for taxpayers between 2012-13 and 2020-21. The revised tax was tipped to bring in $38.5 billion – or $60.5 billion less.

MSM, just where were you with this support for government initiatives BEFORE the last election?  Is it only because it now suits your new agenda to ensure that anything that a Gillard government might do is never going to be good enough?