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I’m just popping in to say hi and bye; heading off for some R&R on the Gold Coast and then down to Albury for some business.  I’ll be away a couple of weeks but I’ll be lurking via the iPhone and hope to drop in the odd comment if the opportunity avails.

There’s some great posts up and I don’t want to detract from them, but here’s a post for those who want something else to talk about: Anything Goes.  Like the name says, you can talk about anything.

Before I head off . . . if you get the chance to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo . . . take it.  It reminded me a bit of Silence of the Lambs, and it’s just as good.


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  1. Migs & Nas away!

    So who’s got the key to the cellar? Migs changed the lock after I spent my hard-earned getting a key cut last time 😦

    Enjoy your trip Migs – hope the weather treats you well…

  2. I’m still here. Min has the key; ask nicely and she might be persuaded in handing it over. But do please hand it back. 🙂

  3. What part of the coast are you headed for Migs – northern (Surfers Paradise) or southern (Cooloongatta) end? Or somewhere in the middle?

  4. Oh this is precious, thanks Shane via GT:

    Barnaby Joyce writes off 4WD after driving through flooded creek

    Note the long time silence on this incidence. If it had been a Labor pollie it would have been front page and outrage over the waste and abuse of entitlements would have ensured with the likes of Bolt making as much yardage in bashing Labor as possible.

    It’s the idiot Joyce who time and again proves he is an idiot yet rarely gets pulled up for it or is given nothing more than a byline for the utter nonsense he often comes out with.

  5. WTF is as much as I can utter on this as well Augustus.

    The forever bridesmaid PM?

    Liberal supporters have been coming out and saying what a great job she has been doing as Shadow Foreign Minister.

    Again WTF?

    The rare times she has come out and spoken on her shadow portfolio, and I can only remember once during the Rudd PMship, she has blown it. Otherwise she as been very conspicuous by her absence and silence for long periods and whenever she does appear it’s mostly about leadership contentions in her own party.

  6. Mobius, I think Gillard summed her up in question time during the Rudd goverment quite nicely.

    “You don’t just get respect, you have to earn it”

    Even if this is never to be and I can’t really see it happening, it was worth spraying coffee all over my monitor for as just a good laugh, but Tony Abbott would never lead the Liberal Party either, so bizarre things do happen.

  7. “You don’t just get respect, you have to earn it”

    Augustus, you do realise that there is a certain ‘class’ of people who are ‘Born with it’, in the same way that they are ‘Born to rule’ 😉

  8. An accomplished, beautiful and charming woman, several of the less-than-cultured Queensland members are apparently quite awestruck by her perfumed presence and would seriously consider Bishop if things became untenable for Abbott,

    That from your link Augustus, bold mine.

    Oh please I know beauty is subjective but I’ve never seen “beautiful and charming” used to describe her and I would never use them to describe her.

    As to accomplished. Just what has she accomplished apart from being the forever bridesmaid shadow deputy?

    This is the far right wing misinformation running amok again. Abbott may not be tenable for much longer no matter how much they hide him away or spin his supposed attributes so they are grooming the public for Bishop. Turnbull who is the only real decent leader they have is not tenable to the far right being too progressive and a moderate.

    So let the propaganda run free on Bishop and build her to something she clearly is not. Just like Abbott though they can’t hide her and run interference forever so when she is truly tested she will also fail.

  9. Mobius, I suspect if for some stranger than strange reason JB did become leader of the Lib’s, I think Turnbull just might reconcider his position within the party and move on to greener pastures.

  10. Julie Bishop PM WTF!

    No more idiotic than Smuggles for PM, when you think about it though, Augustus.

    Have good break, Migs.

    Nas’, how’s the leg? Still swollen? Enjoy your well deserved break as well.

    Hi, joni! 🙂 Are you enjoying being our international citizen?

    Bacchus, after her last experience, min may decide to confine you to the water cooler! lol

  11. I don’t think Turnbull will do that until after the next election no matter if the Libs chose anyone else but him.

    There is some footage around during Howard’s rigged republican referendum showing Turnbull in the PM’s office and sitting down in the PM’s chair and saying something to the effect that it fit like a glove.

    Turnbull’s aspiration above everything else, even above being a very successful businessman and making lots of money, has been to be the leader of this country. It is something he’s apparently wanted for a long time and believes is his right/destiny. It would in part explain his lack of judgement in the Godwin Grech affair where he may have seen an opportunity at a fast track to the PM’s chair.

    Turnbull probably has one more chance either toward the next election if Abbott or his successor if he’s dumped fail or after the next election if the Coalition loses again, even if by a slim margin. A second narrow loss would in many ways be worse than a large defeat for them.

    I don’t think Turnbull will be going anywhere soon and will continue to playout their silly games of negativity even when it’s against something he believes in.

  12. I don’t think Turnbull will be going anywhere soon and will continue to playout their silly games of negativity even when it’s against something he believes in.

    I think your assessment of Turnbull above is right, ME.

  13. I am absolutely disgusted with the opposition for this comment.

    Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison has questioned the cost involved in holding the funerals in Sydney, saying the services could have been held on Christmas Island.

    This in relation to today’s funeral for a little girl who was killed in the shipwreck off Christmas Island.

  14. More on the above now up at The Age:

    At least Hockey has put himself on the record as not agreeing.

    ‘‘When it comes to plumbing the depths of Australian political debate on asylum issues, nothing surprises me.’’ (said the Refugee Council’s Paul Power)

    Senior Liberal MP Joe Hockey broke ranks with his coalition colleague saying Australia had an ‘‘obligation’’ to the families.

    ‘‘No matter what the colour of your skin, no matter what the nature of your faith, if your child has died or a father has died, you want to be there for the ceremony to say goodbye, and I totally understand the importance of this to those families,’’ Mr Hockey told reporters in Sydney.

  15. Excuse me gentlemen, but I believe that I’ve been left in charge of the key. I’m also on guard’ll have to get passed me first 😀

  16. Hold firm, Min, some of the guys here are as bad as the sexist bastards in the Coalition! 🙂 Imagine the kerfuffle in the party room if Abbott were to implode. Would that idea floated above about Julie B as leader be seriously considered?

    Sexual Politics in the Liberal Party

    Leadership! Leadership!
    Where are the whips?
    Backbencher Liberals are licking their lips!
    Tony’s exploded.
    He can’t be reloaded.
    Let’s not replace him with Andrew or Mal.
    It’s gotta be Julie, the loyalty gal!
    She’s done a wonderful job
    Backing Brendan and Tony
    And Mal, the show pony.
    But what about Joe?
    Too sloppy. He’s not the go.
    He’s sometimes unruly.
    Let’s go for Julie,
    She’s snake-eyed and slim,
    The obvious choice before him.
    And a woman is better to clean up our mess.
    The man we’ll choose after is anyone’s guess.

  17. OK new plan TB – you’re a charming and disarming sort of chap – you sweet talk Min while I sneak in & grab a bottle or two 😆

    Or we could just ask Min to join us 😉

    Yes Min, once again the avuncular one distancing himself from the rest of the rabble – what IS going on?

  18. Min, looks like Scott Morrison’s heart has stopped bleeding pretty quickly now there’s no more political capital to be milked from this tragedy. It’s so sad, 2 babies, and so many others, and he’s whining about the cost of burying them here. Could he sink much lower.

    At least Hockey has put on a human face, unlike that waste of space Morrison.

    TB & Bacchus, Min has well and truly marked your cards. Be very afraid. My money’s on the little one! 🙂

    patricia, another good pome, from our resident laureate.

  19. Bacchus now that I know your plan, TB hasn’t got a chance! Thank you Jane we girls stick together.

    However now that I’m again in charge of the key, and as long as Jane is invited too I’m sure that the Café could spare a bottle..or several. 😀

  20. … some of the guys here are as bad as the sexist bastards in the Coalition!

    …erm … sexist? Bastards? COALITION! 😯

    (BTW, pwa, clever “sloppy Joe” connection … :lol:)


    I like the idea of getting Min asking Min to join us … 😉

  21. I agree jane – my money’s on Min too!

    I think I like your more sociable approach Min –
    OK that’ll be a WT for TB, a Mateus for Min, a Bethany Shiraz for me – what’s your poison jane? 🙂

  22. Min @7.06pm, I’ll do my best not to let the side down. Clink!

    I think I’ll start with a generous G’n’T Bacchus. Good health! Clink! I think we should put the cloak of invisibility over this party. Wouldn’t want to upset Migs’ security cameras. lol

  23. If you want to wear your mask TB, that’s fine by me 😆

    Migs is a benevolent mine host jane – as long as we don’t leave a mess for him to clean up I’m sure we’ll be fine (although if TB wears his mask, a cloak of invisibility may be wise 😯 )

  24. Min, can you bolt the back door and stoke up the wood fire? Don’t want them coming down the chimney. Oh, and can you let out the tiger to prowl around the cellar tonight? 😀

  25. Oh, and can you let out the tiger to prowl around the cellar tonight?

    Typical government employee welcome, I see 😦

  26. Oh Min, Migs is a romantic too – he wants to introduce some ambience to the cellar with a wood fire and pussy cat to cuddle up to. How very thoughtful Migs!

    You enjoy your holiday – I hope you can see, hear and smell the ocean tonight – I would be jealous if you hadn’t provided such a lovely atmosphere here for us – thanks again…

  27. Uh oh, I was a bit too slow last was that final glass of Mateus that did it 😉 I hope that the cellar survived reasonably intact.

    Great idea for an Autumn theme Bacchus, the ambience of a wood fire, Autumn is most definitely snuggle time.

  28. Well, I really don’t know what to make off the 7.30 report last night. They began with a story about releasing water from the Snowy River into what it started out (I had assumed) as flood waters in Victoria, but turned out to be simply lower dams in the Snowy system. DThis of course was all depending on who you believed. I came away more confused than when they started?

    Then they did an NBN story, which began by simply repeating the false claim made in the oo the other day, which I had addressed yesterday in the Media II thread, and Bernard Keane did also in Crikey

    I almost got up to leave the room after that, but laziness won, and the remainder of the story was pretty good, explaining just why wireless is not a ‘backbone’, and why we don’t want to use it to supply every street.

    Unfortumately, due to the completely opposite conclusion they ran at the beginning of the article, again, I could see people coming away completely confused again, uncertain as to exactly whether wireless is as good as fibre or not.

    Is it just me, or has the show lost its clarity since the departure of Kerry O’Brien ?

  29. What a heartless bunch of bastards the Liberal/National Party are, wanting to know how much it cost all up for the funerals of the asylum seekers killed so tragically looking for a better and peaceful life in Australia, and whats so tragic about this is the main stream media going out of it’s way to have these poor excuses for human beings elected into Government, this is journalism at it’s bloody worse.

  30. This is beautiful!, “Senior Liberal Staffer Speaks Out: Hockey Must Go”

    All because Hockey did the decent thing and stood up to his own party condemming Morrison’s politicising of the asylum seeker funerals in Sydney, after Julie Bishop’s comments the other day that she would not tolerate “Redneck policy decisions” it seems the Lib’s are cracking wide open and there is real divisions about policy direction.

  31. Tom R on the Snowy Mountains scandal. Snowy Hydro scandal hits 7.30 Report

    It’s significant because I think at least in this country it’s the first time a blog has broken a major news story with investigation and researched facts, including insider leaks, to back it up. It then went from the blog to the mainstream.

    And the story is dynamite and heads should roll over what the Snowy Mountains authority did.

  32. That’s incredible Augustus.

    Not the incompetent and brain farting Abbott must go.
    Not the racist Morrison must go nor any of the other radical right wingers (dries) who should go.
    But the moderate and on this occasion sensible one must go.

    Now we see why Turnbull tows the line and plays their stupid negative games.

    They Liberals are a dysfunctional brand and always have been with the dries and wets in constant factional battles. It has cost the NSW State Libs at least two elections.

    Where the Federal Libs have it over Labor is that they can mostly keep their dirty laundry and closet skeletons under wraps with the aid of a compliant media. It was Howard’s greatest forte for he certainly wasn’t a great leader in any other way.

  33. Mobius

    As I said, it was the confusion around the story that got me. I didn’t know if there was water reeased to the flood planes, as initially insinuated, or if they released it to the lower dams. If they did, this this add water to the flood planes??

    And sorry, call me skeptical (I dare you) but morrissy has a history of playing loose with facts before. I’m not saying thats the case here, but her history is less than exemplary.

    From the story, it didn’t look good, if you believe the leaker. If you believe the authority, then it appeared unremarkable. It wouldn’t be the first time an authority has lied to cover its arse. I am just upset with stories full of ifs 😦

  34. Why begrudge a few dollars
    The government’s spent?
    Why not, this time,
    Refrain from comment?
    Why not just stand
    And listen, and hear
    The sobs and the grief
    From afar and near,
    Not just for ‘illegals’
    Who’ve been lost at sea.
    Fire and flood could have taken
    From you or from me.
    That great leveller, Death,
    Requires our respect.
    Surely today, even you,
    Can pause and reflect.

    Unusually for me I trawled around as many sites as possible registering my opininion on Morrison’s ghastly comment on the funerals last night. The Australian had a spot for comment but did not accept mine, but I did vote in their on-line poll. There were over seven thousand supporting him and at the time two hundred or so who did not! That had changed very slightly just now but still had almost 98% agreeing with him! By the way I voted again this morning and wasn’t warned that I had already done so. So can one vote multiple times on these things?

  35. Menzies House have removed the article. How typical of the right wing to air some dirty laundry showing the party dysfunction but then remove it to hide the truth.

  36. Mobius, it is obvious why Turnbull is keeping low, he has been burnt by the dry’s and it wasn’t a pleasant experience especially having your front bench resign because some faceless men in the backroom told them to do so. Therefore the real question is, is Tony Abbott the leader of the opposition or just a strawman for the dry’s, it was obvious Howard was the leader of the Liberal’s he was in charge, but Abbott isn’t and never has been, Minchin was. With the article yesterday about Julie Bishop and the one today about Hockey are we seeing the smolderings a very bloody factional war within the Liberal Party that is going to be also very public.

  37. ME

    I like their excuse for removing it

    ‘Several of our readers and contributors have expressed concern that this article was not attributed to any particular author.’

    Perhaps it was all a ‘P.S.’ 😉

  38. I should have said in my comment above, that though I don’t normally trawl around looking for somewhere to express my opinion, after our exchange yesterday about being a presence in the blogosphere I have decided to find sites where we need to keep up our end and support the cause, even in the face of the astro turfers. I usually only find myself in those spots because of a link from Lyn at TPS. Registering a vote while there in their polls seems like a pointless activity but every little counts, I feel.

    It just happened that yesterday Morrison had made his awful comment about the funerals and I was fired up to have a go. Last night though at the Australian I wondered if I was in a different country. Who were these seven thousand Aussies who agreed with him? I added my puny vote to 163 who agreed with me which has risen now to some two thousand, but still seems to be only 3% of the vote against more than seven thousand. By my reckoning that’s at least 25% of the votes registered. Is their machine out of whack? Or is it fixed? Maybe that’s what happening with News Ltd. all across the country – what ever you say or think, if you don’t agree with them your views don’t count, or are discounted.

    Maybe you have some ideas on this Nasking? Is it worth persisting with one’s two bits worth on sites like that?

  39. Meanwhile back under the Liberal HQ rock Morrison backs down from yesterdays comments.

    but this bit from Abbott got me.

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott backed Mr Morrison’s comments yesterday but shadow treasurer Joe Hockey was among those calling for more compassion to be shown.

    This morning Mr Abbott praised Mr Morrison for acknowledging he went too far and denied the Liberal Party was split on the issue.

    “Scott has shown a lot of guts this morning accepting that he might have gone a little bit too far yesterday,” he said.

    So where does Tony truely stand, which ever way the wind blows I guess and preferably the lowest common denominator.

  40. So Abbott is ”curious” about ”why rellies are being flown around the country”, but then Abbott also feels threatened by gay people. It seems that he is somewhat lacking in the ability to relate to anyone’s feelings. Come to think of it Tony never does express much emotion other than cranked up aggression.

  41. From your link Augustus

    ‘Mr Morrison conceded he had stepped over the line in the timing of his questions’

    So, its all in the timing? WTF!!

  42. Patricia: Is their machine out of whack? Or is it fixed?

    There are a couple of reasons for this which is why these polls are meaningless.

    1. The conservative supporters tend to be both financially and time better off than those who you would call traditional Labor supporters.

    This means they have usually have better technology and more frequent access to the online/phone poll sites.

    2. Online polls are tracked by leaving a cookie that stops someone voting more than once. This is a simple text file usually only one or two lines long. All web browsers come with cookie browsers so you can see what cookies you have and what’s in them.

    There are several ways to circumvent or nullify the cookies to allow you to multiple vote.

    You can create a spider code that deletes the cookie after each time you click vote, which then allows you to vote again as quick as you can click the vote button. This is the fastest and most efficient way and takes only rudimentary knowledge in programming to achieve. You can easily create a Windows macro to do this as well. There are many free macro creation programs out there.

    After each click of the vote button you can manually delete the cookie by having the cookie browser window open and the cookie selected ready to delete. After deleting the cookie and voting again you refresh the cookie browser that shows the newly installed cookie and you delete it again. You can get quite quick at doing this.

    You can have multiple web browser clients running at the same time like Opera, IE, FireFox, Chrome, Metro etc. and indeed on your mobile as well along with a laptop and desktop PC at the same time as each have their own cookies. If you have more than one person in a household or work office doing this you can rapidly rack up hundreds of votes each in a short time.

    Or you can the wingnut zombie troll army at the standby to saturate the polls.

  43. ME – so you’re saying, basically, I’m wasting my time.

    Why is this not more widely publicised?

    Or why isn’t someone on the left organising a few genuinely disabled people in need of job, who understand the morality of their new role, to sit at their computers and do likewise?

  44. Just so I not confused about who thinks what in the Liberal Party

    “Mr Hockey, the opposition treasury spokesman, yesterday backed the government’s decision to fly relatives from Christmas Island to Sydney to attend disaster victims’ funerals, opening up a Coalition rift over the issue.

    But today Mr Hockey also softened his stance, saying Mr Morrison was right to question why the funerals were not held on Christmas Island.

    He urged Immigration Minister Chris Bowen to explain why the funerals were held in Sydney.”


  45. ME – loved the Menzies House thing. Delicious that with that article and the leads that follow especially the “Give Joe Hockey the Stick” piece they have given Labor plenty of campaign material if Hockey is their leader in the next election, or even if he’s their Shadow Treasurer.

    Things are looking up. Interesting that Abbott gets credit for the Coalition lead in the polls, not the Liberal Party, with Nationals as a coalition partner, yet no account seems to be taken of the Greens plus preferences as likely to be going pro Labor in any election. Do polling organisations take that into account in their calculations?

    I guess there’s always the local issue which determines preferences but I can’t imagine Bob Brown and Christine Milne not giving this some hard thought in the days ahead if Abbott looks like staying the course and coming to power.
    Or is that a naive assumption?

  46. Augustus, because both Morrison and Hockey know that the bodies of the deceased following their release by the Western Australian coroner were repatriated off Christmas Island by the Australian Federal Police.

    Here is the statement from the AFP.

    “The AFP respects the wishes of the next of kin regarding the final resting place of the deceased, and in accordance with the Western Australia’s Coroners Act, these wishes have afforded priority during this process.

    Guidance has been sought from Sunni and Shiite Community leaders in relation to the preparation of the deceased in accordance with religious observances where required, and the AFP would like to thank the community for their assistance during this process.”

    Not good enough Liberals?

  47. Well, well, Min. What a surprise; LIEberals in their default position. Looks like we have a bomb or two to plant in dingbat central.

  48. Jane, it’s most definitely a what-the are the Liberals arguing about? If they had problems with a decision by the AFP and as can see seen via the link which is a media release dated the 12th, then why didn’t they take issue with it then.

    I read it then I think on The Age, and so it’s no excuses for ignorance from the Libs.

  49. Cheers jane, TB & others. Health slightly improving.

    Just popped in to say, bit of a cheek Morrison fartin’ on about cost of charter filght etc. for funerals when his bloody party under Howard paid for rich man Packer’s funeral…when his family had more than enuff to pay for it considering the lack of tax paid.

    And…better the government invests in good relations w/ Shia & Sunni families that brings long-term security benefits…

    unlike billions spent on Iraq War by Howard’s lot that increased likelihood of terrorism…

    and increased cost of security for this country & others.

    And once again, we see Tony Abbott shirking responsibility for leading an ‘insensitive’ party making ill-timed, xenophobic-stirring comments.

    Abbott would be willing to see any minister, including Morrison, fall on their sword for him & his ambitions…and his grotesque One Nation smelly bum lickin’ style of politics.

    One Nation under Tony Abbott.

    As for Joe Hockey, one moment courage, the next jelly.

    Reminds me of the end of Howard era…Liberals speak up…then are bullied…then act cowed.

    Bad Opposition. Volatile, inconsistent, fractured, gutless, knee-jerk, xenophobe stirring, sewer dwelling antics & policies. Negabores. Extremists bully moderates.

    Apart from Turnbull…money, investments before integrity.


  50. Nas’, great to learn that your leg is improving..fortunately a cooler day which I hope has helped.

    I don’t think that Abbott and his supporters pulling out the race card is going to work nearly as well as it did for Howard. But then you never know the racism lurking not far beneath the surface in many Australians, but a funeral is neither the time nor the place for this.

    However Nas’, I think that you can add this one to Abbott’s never-ending list of stuff-ups.

  51. And on ABC News anti-government demonstrations demanding democracy are on the rise in Iraq just as they are in Yemen, Iran, Jordan and Syria.

    Hang on I though Iraq was made a democracy, that’s why we invaded killing hundreds of thousands and displacing two million to get rid of a tyrant and bring democratic freedom, so why are there protests for democracy?

  52. Things here are cool (cold actually). Been running around trying to find somewhere to live, and I move into an apartment this weekend – right next to the old city for those who have visited Heidelberg.

    Now the challenge is to get my work permit sorted so that I can actually start work.

  53. Nas’ glad you’re on the mend. And thanks for reminding me about the zillions poured down the drain turning Iraq and Afghanistan into even bigger basket cases.

    I’ve commented on a few sites recently with a high proportion of dingbats rabbiting on about ALP waste and have reminded them about Costello’s forays into currency swapping and flogging off our gold reserves etc, but for some unfathomable reason haven’t had the wit to hit them with Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ll be sure to rub it in at the earliest opportunity.

    Min @5.47pm. I think they did make a mistake when they decided to play that card, hence the hasty and unconvincing “apology”. I suspect there has been quite a backlash otherwise they’d be escalating their disgusting campaign.

    To that end I’d say the poll on the OO site that patricia spoke about is most likely dingbats hitting the “yes” button multiple times as suggested by ME.

    Augustus, I remember when the Coalition of the Dills were ramping up the rhetoric, there were reports that a defector had lied about both the alleged WMDs and the
    Iraqi people’s support for the proposed invasion.

    When’s the housewarming, joni?

  54. This is good news

    ‘Immigration Minister Chris Bowen says he will consider allowing a nine-year-old boy who was orphaned in the Christmas Island boat tragedy to live with his cousin’

    When I first heard him reject the idea, he said that it was best that he stay with the group who had gone through the same trauma, and I had assumed (always a bad habit, I admit) that this was on advice from specialists. However, I heard a psychiatrist who is actually involved with this case arguing against that, and stating that she would advice the child stay with his relatives. Glad to see Chris Bowen taking the advice.

    There was an interview Barrie Cassidie put up yesterday, and I thought the interviewer was extremely insipid, particularly going on this comment.

    ‘Bowen: “Jon, it’s a very sensitive and difficult case, as they all are.”

    Faine: “No it’s not, it’s a really easy one…”‘

    I really don’t think any decision in this context is ‘an easy one’. There are just too many factors. The first that sprung to my mind was, what did the governmnet know about the family. I do know that for anybody to get custody of a child, there are quite a few hurdles to get through, justifiably too. Cassidie also jumped on the bandwagon, which to me just highlighted how little thought he actually gives to topics.

  55. Barrie Cassidy gets it completely wrong in this Drum article about Morrison apologising and Abbott sticking up for him. Unsurprising Cassidy attempts to paint them in a good light of doing the right ting when they did no such thing at all, and now Hockey has taken the original Morrison line in an Alan Jones radio interview but where is Hockey’s apology or half baked apology like Morrison’s?

    I noted this in the comments from meredith and it illustrates what the left and Labor are up against:

    It was encouraging to see Joe Hockey set a conciliatory tone in his comments about the funerals of the refugees in Sydney, and that Scott Morrison and Tony Abbott were moved to add their support.

    Huh? Do these people really live in an alternate universe or do they deliberately post these falsehoods and misdirections.

    One bit of light from paula though:

    Once again a pretend article of ‘balance’. If you kick the opposition you must kick the government. You get a pat on the head then. If you kick the opposition without kicking the government you are not ‘balanced’. If you kick the government without kicking the opposition then you are really ‘balanced’ and you get a pat on the head and lots of comments saying “Well done, mate.” So just ignore anything Mr Bowen said stick to what you wanted to say to make your article appear ‘balanced’ and you can call yourself a journalist with an opinion.

    And that is what we must keep doing across all media pieces where comments are allowed and highlight this in ABC pieces where they deliberately uncritically take up opposition points and unreasonable bash the government.

    To labour this point a bit more there is a Drum Unleashed piece on some woes for the Navy at the moment. Being ex-Navy and currently in Defence contracting whislt weekly dealing with DMO James Brown has mostly got this wrong, but the point I want to raise is that amongst very good factual and lucid posts here yet again we find lots of Labor bashing. Somehow things started under the Howard government are Gillard’s fault and proof this government is incompetent and has to go. The SOP of one or two short sentence comments bashing Labor are there to see and are little different to thousands like them across the internet. Now Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all being flooded with Labor bashing.

    Think of what it’s going to be like leading up to the next election if this is what’s happening now and is probably only practice and building an army for their upcoming attacks in 2012/13.

  56. Hmm, seems the drums are beating in camp wingnut, Julie Bishop and Joe Hockey have threatened Abbott with any attempt to shift them from their portfolio’s will result in a spill. Given Julie Bishop at the moment is the darling of the WA lib’s and the mining industry in WA supports Julie Bishop, Abbott is in the shit, so who is going pull in Andrew Robb’s reins, Abbott can’t, he isn’t in charge.

  57. Well, looks like I’m not the only one who noticed that a sorry from a lib is not a sorry as the papers try to make it

    Morrison did not admit his comments were insensitive, he admitted the “timing” of his comment were insensitive. Abbott did not say “we went a little bit far”, what he actually said was: “I want to thank Scott for being man enough to accept that perhaps we did go a little bit too far yesterday.” So actually it was not Abbott admitting it, but praising Morrison for supposedly accepting it (which he didn’t – he only thought his comments were ill-timed, the content itself? Nothing wrong at all).

    And yet the guns are already turned on Bowen, who so far has not really put a foot wrong from what I can see. Except perhaps in the fact that he is still applying rubbish laws that the governmnet is too afraid to change even further…yet.

    I alos heard whyneyy pynyy this morning trying to find out about a boat of refugees that has reportedly been missing for over a year? Already blaming this on the government (if it even exists)

  58. Tom, one did go missing but not in Australian Territorial Waters. I believe that Indonesia went looking for it, but couldn’t locate the vessel.

  59. Huh? Do these people really live in an alternate universe or do they deliberately post these falsehoods and misdirections.

    Deliberately, Tom R, no question.

    ME, have read the article and replied to some posts blaming the current government for the situation. Asked why the Howard government, in power for 11½ years had done zip?

    And supplied the answer-Costello’s $10bn down the gurgler, illegal war in Iraq and middle class welfare.

    Whether they get published is another matter. But I’m in there trying.

  60. Pip @4.00pm..choke, choke. From your link,

    Mr Nelson admits One Nation – like “all mainstream parties” – often rallies its supporters to ring talkback radio and bombard politicians with letters and emails to “get their message across”.


    Media Monitors research reveals that, on January 18, the first calls linking Indonesian aid to government disaster support were made to talkback radio.

    One of the two radio jocks initially fielding the calls was David Oldfield, a former adviser to One Nation founder Pauline Hanson, on Sydney’s 2UE. The other was Melbourne 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

    Ya mean to say that if you have the misfortune to listen to shock jock radio then you indeed are likely to be listening to One Nation supporters.

    A calming tipple is excellent advice Pip, I think that the bar might open early at the Café after that one.

  61. Thanks for the link, Pip. Have read the comments and advised a couple of ignorant rednecks who instituted the schools aid to Indonesia and why and at whose feet they should lay the blame for all those pesky asylum seekers who keep upsetting their comfortable redneck existence.

    I’ll try to remember to check if the comment was posted.

  62. Hi Min, this article explains what I’ve been hearing on ABC Lateline. Last night a woman caller expressed her outrage at the very thought of the govt., paying for “these people” to fly to Sydney to bury their loved ones. She mentioned the young woman who looked beyond distraught, devastated, shattered, heartbroken, completely traumatised, and was wailing.
    The bitch caller said “If I’d been there I would have slapped her”. She went on to give an account of a friend who had nothing and couldn’t afford her husbands funeral. UUm Centrelink anyone?? Another worry for her was the fact that “these people”, were ferried to a CHRISTIAN FUNERAL and they’re MUSLIM.
    The next caller was a gentleman? who firmly believes there is a plot to move “these people” from third world countries to first world CHRISTIAN countries.
    These silly buggers seem to be everywhere and now we’ve got a fair idea where their ideas are coming from….. other than from a certain orifice.

  63. Hi Jane I didn’t see your comment before. It’ll be interesting to see whether your comments are posted. Seems like a lot are considered unfit for public consumption. PatriciaWA has mentoned the same.
    Hopefully the ignorant rednecks won’t be too offended by your remarks!

    Just noticed this on ABC24 as well

    Don’t know whether the PM is back yet or not but the Greens looked happy to be announcing the news.

  64. Pip! The best thing about the One Nation story, apart from the OO actually printing it, were the comments! So many of them outraged. As if we Libs couldn’t think for ourselves! That’s our idea! We thought it up all by ourselves! And best of all which still has me chuckling was this one.

    chock of Adelaide Posted at 8:43 AM Today

    Ah rewriting history again? Another left wing journo trying vainly to discredit the Liberal Party? And this is a top story in the Australian? The Australian has become the new propaganda media outlet for the Labor party. And we all thought it was the ABC that was biased.

    Comment 14 of 34

  65. Pip, ah yes the good old Reds Under the Bed theory only now it’s Muslims. Having grown up in Hawthorn from the 1950s I’ve heard it all before. Firstly it was the Italians because they were the ‘wrong’ sort of Christian but accepted because they could marry other Micks, then it was the Greeks who were worse because they were not even real Christians. Then came the Vietnamese, shock horror, they were ‘heathens’. And now it’s the Muslims.

    Mind you Muslim Australians have been around for centuries, the Afghan camel drivers as an example who helped the exploration of Australia’s interior.

  66. A propos of which, Min, have a look at Malcolm Fraser’s article in today’s Crikey.

    I swore I would never forgive him! I recant.

  67. Oh Patricia, that is just priceless. I didn’t read all the comments before so thanks for the most hilarious thing in ages.

  68. This is becoming beyond the pale.

    First the wingnuts and opposition are turning the whole Muslim bashing that’s raging at the moment back onto Labor and Bowen in particular. It’s apparently all their fault, they are the ones who stirred it up and politicised the funerals.

    Now I just heard George Negus promoting his upcoming news show by saying that the government has raised multiculturalism to politicise the asylum seeker issue, and why are they doing it and why now.

    You see what’s happening, the blame for Morrison’s and the Abbott’s circular racist remarks and the revelation the Morrison in December was planning to stir up hatred for Muslims for political gain is being turned back on the government.

    It’s all Labor’s fault yet again. Now repeated often enough and given widespread airing across the MSM, especially the ABC as it’s perceived to be left wing bias so anything they say against the government must mean it is really awful and true, and we have yet another Labor government failure to go with the long list of of other made up failures.

    Negus also told a porkie in that he said the Christmas Island incident was our worst asylum seeker tragedy but that belongs to SIEV-X where it’s estimated 353 died of which 146 were children, 142 women and 65 men.

  69. Just saw Negus’s interview with Bowen and it was very good. Fair and Negus praised Bowen at the end of it.

  70. Sorry, Min. I had the same result when I checked back on my link, so I edited it out. Still have my IT L plates on. It’s Crikey’s main article.

  71. Thank you anyway Patricia..I certainly agree with you about Fraser. To me the fact that Malcolm Fraser sounds reasonable and balanced in judgement is either an indication that wisdom comes with age or that Australia has moved so far to the right that Fraser’s opinions make him appear to be a leftie.

  72. I cannot believe it. Sky News is saying something positive about The Greens and in particular Adam Bandt. Bandt is calling for ATM fees to be reduced from $2.00 to what it costs the banks, 75 cents. The Sky News reporter has stated (with enthusiasm) that ATMs were originally designed to take jobs from humans and now they’ve become ‘money making machines’.

  73. I was thinking that now is a good time to say thank you to all the excellent posters on this blog and others, those with the vision, those who want something better, those who love, those who laugh..but most especially those with the grit and determination to turn the dream into reality.


    The 21-year-old South Australian, who was born on Kangaroo Island, is the 23rd digger killed in Afghanistan since 2002 and was part of the same unit which farewelled Corporal Richard Edward Atkinson last week.

    This has to end … now … no more fighting other people’s wars for obscure reasons … we need a defence force – for defence.

  75. Agreed TB. Every country must be free to choose its own destiny and for the people of Afghanistan the most important thing of all is the education of it’s women and children; education is freedom of choice. Secure what we do have in areas where there is still good will and lead by example. Every dollar spent on the military is a dollar less available for education. We cannot win a war where each bullet and missile means destroying of the little that these people have. We cannot win a war where the motivation is to keep the people dependent on drug cash crops to supply the hungry US market.

  76. Poor old Tone, things still aren’t going all that well for Mr People Skills.

    Hey what’s wrong with Joe Hockey delivering a message on behalf of Alan Jones aimed at Oakeshott when Oakeshott was to make a speech at the same meeting.

    Result: Oakeshott has called off his weekly meetings with the Liberals.

    ”I think the Coalition is revealing that they aren’t interested in ‘wooing’ the independents at all. They probably never were, and they probably never will be,” said Mr Oakeshott, who informed Mr Abbott of his decision on Monday.

    ”They are engaging in a very personalised attack. They are really going for the jugular. Now, it’s fine if they want to pursue that strategy, but they shouldn’t pretend they are wooing us at the same time, that they are trying to be constructive, and I told Tony Abbott last night that until this situation is clarified I don’t see any point in continuing with the weekly meetings we have been having.

  77. Hi Min, and I can imagine Abbott’s response after being told the news by Oakeshott.

    I have images of him standing with head wobbling in rage for roughly 80 seconds.

  78. Hi Migs, I feel a bit sorry for Oakeshott with the MSM printing (I can’t help but feel with some relish) every negative comment made against Oakeshott by the Libs/Nats. A revenge scenario me-thinks.

  79. Oil prices have reached critical @ US$100 … Libya’s oil prodcution is losing 500,000 a day … Saudi Arabia is at risk of disintegrating … King Abdullah this morning announced $US36 billion of new welfare measures to appease his restless subjects …

    We live in interesting but dangerous times … as John McPhilbin and I “preached” before the GFC (on Blogocracy, Blogocrats and Gutter Trash) – history repeats itself ad nauseam … re-read history from 1928 to 1939 …

    … Europe had its civil wars and “internation” wars as did the Americas … now it Africa’s turn …

    Group dynamics writ large (forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning) – Africa is now going through stage 2 – storming … Europe at stage 3 performing … USA adjourning?? …

    … trouble is we will all be drawn into any major conflict … especially where The Robber Barons are involved – oil, gas, minerals, large groups of people ripe for exploitation!

    What we need now is a few “superstar” diplomats … and “independent” thinkers as political leaders – those who have not been shackled with Uber Kapitalism or Radical Religion …

  80. Speaking of Abbott’s ‘head wobbling with rage’, the same as he is right now with his response to Gillard’s announcement of a carbon price. I hope that they replay Julia’s announcement and include the segment where she said that Abbott would be having an apoplexy about a Big New Tax..loved the twinkle in her eye. I think that the lady has this man’s measure.

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