Standing up to Oppressors…Peacefully

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Mubarak has stood down, a great day for Egypt…a peaceful overthrowing of  an authoritarian leader…yet there is still more to be done.

Torturers, oppressors, are still in place – Vice President Suleiman (has he stood down?)…

Defense Minister Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, now head of the Higher Military Council known for his resistance to “change”… and other top military & intelligence officers who legitimised Mubarak’s strongman rule …

those who have a history of sending out police & military to workplaces to homes to the streets to grab opponents of the regime…imprison, inflict pain, intimidate…even disappear permanently…

all in the name of preserving order…and profits for the privileged…when it was told that the emphasis was on “the Egyptian people”…and solidifying alliances with neighboring countries and a super power, America – that devolved into something morally bankrupt due to the draconian measures used to clamp down on the right to voice dissent, provide alternative ideas.

Unfortunately, the assassination of President Sadat in 1981 seemed to fire up & justify a mindset that saw Muslim dissidents arrested in Egypt…tortured…imprisoned for many years…some of them less extreme, more bona-fide in their criticisms…but imprisonment led to their association in prison with others who raged, pontificated, persuaded that only fundamentalist Islamic ways & violence were the answers to oppression…they too became radicalised.

Hate breeds hate. The regime created a self-perpetuating monster.

Extremism & hate & radical, violent resistance bred in Egyptian prisons, torture camps…spread across the world…

bred in combination with an Iranian Islamic revolution of 1979 that was partially caused by the interference and deviousness of Western & Soviet/Russian figures…

extremism, hate, radicalism…bred by the CIA, Saudi & Pakistani’s training & funding of rebel figures, the Mujahideen (partly the origins of al-Qaeda) in reaction to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan…

bred by the many conflicts devised to ensure Muslim sects & other Arabs fought one another…became pre-occupied with civil war & conflict between neighbours rather than focusing on the dictators, ugly alliances, hereditary rule, corruption…

weapons fed like expensive candy to these groups & countries by opportunistic arms dealers…and nations playing at RealPolitiks…pragmatism that often backfired…think 9/11.

This included, the grotesque Iraq & Iran war that lasted a decade leading to the virtual annihilation of a generation in the 80s…

Lebanese civil wars that witnessed Christians & Muslims slaughtering & pounding one another – egged on & occasionally supported by Syria, Iran, Russia…and an Israeli army funded & armed predominantly by America…

the Iraq War…Sunni’s oft supported by an opportunistic Saudi Arabia…Shia by mobster militias & an autocratic Iranian regime attempting to spread their sick influence as they had & have done with Hamas in Palestine…and Hezbollah in Lebanon…

spreading a vile message in the guise of “Islamic revolution”…a message from a regime in its own death throes…the Iranian regime oppressors themselves…crushing those who desire the right to choose their own governments…to voice their opposing views…dissent from the tragic status quo.

The Iranian dictators are now trying to con the Egyptian people…and the oppressed in their own country…by calling out their support to the Egyptian protestors…pretending this secular uprising is another “Islamic Revolution”. Attempting to manufacture perception…and justify their own brutal existence.

They should be…will be…ignored.

It’s time for civilian rule in Egypt.

In fact, across the Arab & Persian world. That includes Iran. And Syria. Jordan. Even Gaza…the ever-suffering Gazans, Palestinians forced into a reluctant alliance with Hamas, yet another oppressor…due to the morally bankrupt & gutless stances of the Palestinian Authority.

Across this planet. That includes Burma.

Even China…authoritarian capitalism is no substitute for the fresh air of participatory democracy.

It includes Italy…where one media magnate thinks he can give a middle finger to justice.

And Russia, where gas giants & murderous criminals & military figures throw big shadows…undermining what the Russian people believed was freedom & respect for their rights when those walls came down.

It includes challenging media empires & corporate conglomerates that dominate our airwaves, televisions, newspapers, political parties…censoring, distorting, crushing dissent…and playing apologists for corporate & dynastic theft and other corruption & crimes.

Long live the internet…the blogosphere, Facebook, Twitter, the more gutsy reporters in the mainstream media – those who still have an ounce of integrity during these corporate cheapo & downsizing times…all those spaces & people who provide US with an opportunity to express our views. And fight oppression.

Anyone who thinks they can own, control & profit enormously from these spaces, essential avenues of communication at the expense of the people …are deceiving themselves.

Some are rich now…but hopefully they will join the great cause of this…

global social revolution…not socialist/communist…but social, peaceful, participatory democracy-seeking revolution…

lest they be left in the dust of history’s great transformation.

No more cons. No more extremism. No more unjust imprisonment & torture that breeds violent radicals. No more hate & fear-mongering…to manipulate community division…in order to profit & distract from corruption & war crimes. No more dominating media bullhorns to promote the privileges of THE FEW…over THE MANY.

Today, has the potential, to be a great one.

Well done Egypt. Your people are a great example to the world. Peaceful protest overcomes hate & oppression.

May it remain that way…as democracy blooms along the Nile…may it spread far & wide…like agricultural practices, all those many many years ago.


28 comments on “Standing up to Oppressors…Peacefully

  1. This by way of The Information Clearing House:

    Palestinians Can Only Watch As Egyptians Are Living Their Dream

    Residents of Jenin’s refugee camp closely followed events in the land of the Nile, in a mood of melancholy jealousy.

    By Gideon Levy

    February 11, 2011 “Haaretz”

    Since the start of the demonstrations in Egypt, Zubeidi has been glued night and day to Al Jazeera broadcasts. Egypt’s revolution instilled a spark of hope, yet for him, it has not broken the spell of gloomy despair that grips the camp. “We also had demonstrations,” he says. “These were staged in protest against Al Jazeera’s disclosure of the documents. We have more democracy than anywhere in the world. They use speakers to call us to come out to demonstrate; the Palestinian Authority even sends us buses to transport us to the protests. In Egypt, it’s forbidden to demonstrate; here they send us buses. But they are not the right sort of protests.”

    Zubeidi continues: “I watch Al Jazeera all day long, and I know what to believe, and what to disbelieve. All the residents of the camp support the demonstrators in Egypt. They say: If only this were to happen throughout the Arab world. But there is a major difference between a regime and an occupation. A struggle against an occupation lasts a long time. In Egypt, this is an internal struggle. Should we get a state, it will be more democratic than Egypt’s. We have much more experience with uprisings.

    “One of the reasons for our failure is the Arab regimes, which haven’t helped us. We are not angry with the Arab people; our anger is aimed at its governments. These regimes never helped us. All they do is pressure Mahmoud Abbas to engage in another round of negotiations with Israel. They give him money, not to fight the occupation, but rather to pave roads. That will not take us anywhere. Now, after Tunisia and Egypt, we have hope regarding the Arab world. We always said: there is no war without Egypt, and there is no peace without Egypt. Perhaps Egypt and the Arab world will strengthen now, and begin to assist us. Iran has become stronger, as has Turkey, as well as China and India; it’s only the Arab world that hasn’t gotten stronger. Should it strengthen, should it become more democratic, it will help us.”

    He continues: “The situation here and in the Gaza Strip resembles Egypt. People have no work, and there is no food, and talking is forbidden. But, with us, each time people want to protest against Fatah in the West Bank, and Hamas’ regime in Gaza, they are told: There is an occupation. Fight against the occupation. You will remember that before the second intifada, there was a desire to rise up against the Palestinian Authority; people set fire [to PA] jeeps and police stations; however, following Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount, the uprising was directed against Israel. Now the occupation seems a bit distant, but should protest erupt against the Palestinian regime, it will, again, be redirected in opposition to Israel.


  2. Some have tried to up the fear about Muslim extremists hijacking the protests…

    but in reality this was a secular movement…

    check out this song played & sung by protestors during this 2011 Egyptian Revolution…I don’t hear any Muslim extremism…

    just people from all walks of life wanting freedom…:

  3. Is this day in Egypt as important as important as the day the Berlin wall came down.

    I do hope what I believe to be a working class movement achieve what the deserve and desire.

    I wonder what role the middle and upper-class are going to play in the next few weeks.

    The fall of the Berlin wall and this uprising is that the American CIA did not predict either.

    I believe this might only be the beginning of a revolution across the Arab world.

  4. Superbly written, Nas. Unifying.

    I’ll add more when I get home later. One can only type for so long on a phone.

  5. Well said CU.

    it goes to show that the Bush administration did not need to invade Iraq…

    the people were ripe for this type of revolution…

    in fact, if GW Bush’s father had not called for them to rise up back during the Gulf War & then abandoned them to die…many would’ve have become a key part of an Iraqi uprising.

    The Bush Doctrine caused far more trouble than it was worth…

    sexing up evidence to invade was, & still is, a war crime in my books.

    How many Iraqis needlessly died & were traumatised to fit the Bush admin’s corporate profiteering agenda?


  6. I hope the young in Iran are ready to follow suit before the Obano regime ends and the war mongers once again have the reins of power.

  7. Thanks, Nasking. What an inspiring event. My young grandson, just thirteen and only recently into reading newspapers, has been totally caught up in this story.

    If only it could make us all here, so immersed in our own materialistic self-interest, pause to contemplate how blessed we are to be living in this place, at this time, in a democratic society.

  8. Nas’, the war in Iraq is a topic worth revisiting just in itself. There was video footage taken just after the US invaded Baghdad and once I saw that footage I knew that the whole invasion was in the foreseeable future, going to be a disaster. This was footage of US service personnel standing idly by as looters robbed the Baghdad Museum of it’s antiquities.

    And so yes you’re right it always has to be a people’s uprising against the tyrant and trying to force ‘democracy’ down people’s throat and murdering tens of thousands in any bloody civil war even for a so-called just cause is ever going to equate with freedom.

  9. I hope so too CU. I wish the Iranian people courage & send supportive thoughts.

    it’s great that your grandson has an opportunity to follow such an amazing, history-making event.

    I hope that more people, including the young, listen to the words of the inspiring & brave Egyptian protestors…some having put their lives on the line to communicate their views on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, cable channels, global publicly-funded radio & TV.

    And I implore them to ignore the ignorant, attention-seeking, biased, irresponsible, attempting to invoke fear & divide communities types such as that jackass Glen Beck of Fox News.

    We can do w/out these “tricky dicks”, fear-mongers, and profiteers selling more of the same old garbage to the youth of this world.

    Fortunately, I’m now noticing some responsible & decent reporting & interviewing on the too oft “conflicted”, both sides of the fence CNN.

    Less they imply there is some kind of association between this revolution & the dreadful 1979 Iranian one the better.

    I feel more of the “fall of the Berlin Wall” era comparison w/ this, as mentioned by CU.

    Hopefully Obama & the American administration will not push the most extreme elements of capitalism on Egypt & overly try to influence this change by promoting some dumb arse like Yeltsin…who let the floodgates open for rich plunderers of the country’s wealth…in the name of free enterprise.

    Obama’s speech was insightful & motivating.

    It’s important that any work behind the scenes does not be seen as benefitting the previous corrupt & plunderers. But rather assisting open channels for the new set of visionaries who are inspired to create a new Egypt…free of despotism.

    And ensuring all groups w/ an aim to progress the country towards a better future are provided w/ fair elections…so they may represent their constituents/supporters.

    If it can be done in the former Yugoslavia, Turkey, Indonesia & Ireland, it can be done in Egypt. One of the cradles of civilisation.


  10. Some have tried to up the fear about Muslim extremists hijacking the protests

    For very good reason. While Egypt is far from a radical Muslim state it does have 70 million Muslims and about 10 million Christians … but is quaintly Westernised …

    The country is still at risk … Mubarek has stepped down but “his man” still runs the show … the Army so far has stayed relatively “neutral” … Egypt is surrounded by dictatorships … and groups like the Brotherhood and Al Qeada … Egypt is in a strategic global location … the Suez canal itself and free travel is at risk … the “protestors” are loosely unified and have no real goal except to change the system … the question IS – to WHAT? Will Russia be dabbling? – absolutely! Will China be fiddling? – definitely! Other middle eastern regimes champing at the bit? you betcha … Western governments? … on and on …

    … the political change is not over yet – it has only just begun …

    … Egypt is a country of real contrasts – abject poverty, thriving small businesses, Islam, farming, strong family communities, no government education system but highly educated “upper” class … friendly people and a strange “respect” for Australians over Poms and Yanks – a legacy of two world wars …

    …. the fear about Muslim extremists is real and has been for decades … in 1997 the coach we had travelled in throughout Egypt, (the tourist company only had the one), was blown up by terrorists, three months after we came home, outside the Cairo Museum (German tourists were killed)… that was 1997 … a few weeks later tourists were shot and killed at the Valley of the Queens … the threat has been there for a long time and remains just that – a real threat …

    … I’ve never seen so many sub-machine guns in one spot as I did at Cairo airport, police, army and tourist police … everywhere … all packin’ ’em

  11. “The country is still at risk ”

    Indeed TB. Valid information.

    But this does not excuse the likes of Glenn Beck, Tea Party supporter & and Neo-Con war-mongers who try to inflame the situation & distort reality for their own selfish ends.

    As I’m sure you’ll agree.

    Egypt has certainly had, and still does, have problems w/ Musilm extremism…as our countries have had w/ Christian extremism.

    But I prefer to put “fear” aside for now…and “trust” in the better motives & instincts of the Egyptian people…so they may know we support their more peaceful moves…

    caution in any situation, just about, is warranted…but we must not always focus on the worst-case scenarios…so they become self-perpetuating.

    Each country is unique.

    I’m sure the countries who luv to influence, will do much of the sweating for us. And plenty of “dabbling” as you say. 🙂

    No, there will no utopia…but hopefully far less dragging off of people in the middle of the night, torture…

    and eventually more particpation from the regular folk w/ redistribution of income & stolen assets.

    And the Suez Canal situation…will be interesting to see how that unfolds. Plenty of history there, as you well know.

    Certainly complexities. As always.

    Thnx for the useful info.


  12. “handyrab”

    Thnx for the useful link. Yep, Mubarak certainly had his snout in the trough.

    As did many of his top level loyal supporters.

    Too many still there.


  13. I see turmoil and upheaval ahead of us on a global scale. There will be chaos, extreme chaos, as people rise in anger at oppressive governments, secretive governments, cruel dictators, oil companies, drug companies, media empires and any business interest powerful enough to control whole governments.

    Socially and environmentally the planet is falling apart.

    People are dying in their millions; victims of a planet turned into moral and environmental sludge. Countries, cultures, credibility and the planet itself are irrelevant casualties for dollar driven empires.

    Most countries on the planet are ruled, or hope to be ruled by corrupt governments or power crazed zealots backed by the the corporate moguls.

    If you think Australia is immune then you’re kidding yourself. This country is ruled by an ex patriot who gave up his citizenship for a few more billion dollars because the few billion he had in his bank account weren’t enough. Everything this country wants he’ll destroy if it hurts his bottom line. Industry – especially the medical industry – wants the NBN but he’ll pay his right wing media and right wing politicians to destroy it because it might reduce his global income by .1 per cent.

    The prosperity of this country means nothing. The people of this country mean nothing. The people of the world mean nothing.

    Six billion people on this planet are the shit kickers for these bastards.

    I see a bad moon rising.

  14. Nasking

    speaking of stolen assets … I do hope that the Egyptian equities demand the return of all the treasures from around the world particularly the British Museum … I took, The Minister, there before our trip to Egypt because there and there is more Egyptian artifacts there than in Cairo – however, the Cairo museum has one real treasure and that’s the artifacts from King Tutenkhamun’s tomb … I wear a copy of one of his rings with my initials TB in hieroglyphs … similar to this:

  15. “I see a bad moon rising.”

    Migs, like you, I see social revolution…as people shrug of the yoke of corrupt corporate & dynastic dominated oppression in democracies like ours…

    and dictators in authoritarian capitalist & religious fundamentalist regimes…

    that has led to the environmental & political/economic devestation, instability, greed is good mentality, death & illness you aptly refer to….

    and yes, there will be wobbly moments…

    but there is an opportunity now to do so w/out the violence of past revolutions…

    Thnx for yer passionate input. The strength of yer convictions.

    Look for the positive. Think of what the blogosphere, Facebook, Twitter & the efforts of those good people such as yerself has achieved in such a short time.

    I see
    the ‘first rays of the new rising sun’…

    using another musical reference.


  16. “I do hope that the Egyptian equities demand the return of all the treasures from around the world particularly the British Museum”

    Good point TB. Past empire wrongs righted.

    That would certainly increase Egypt’s opportunities for tourism post-these heady days.

    And improve morale of the people as they can observe & define their history at home by way of such objects…

    whether it be exploitation and pyramid building slavery…superstitions to keep people in obeyance…to the creation of useful products.

    Useful practical thinking.


  17. First of all we have to fight the scum of our own country and this fellow is one of them, along with his pack of hero worshipping brain-dead mutants. Judging by their comments we have much work ahead of us.

    If it ain’t the most hypocritical piece of crap ever written then I don’t know what is.

    These idiots are ignorant to one other thing, and I will be condemned by some for raising his name; John Howard. I worked for the mean-spirited prick for eight years and not once in those years did he ever do anything for anybody apart from the influential. These pieces of scum who worshipped him were exactly that in his eyes: worthless scum, but they were good for a vote.

    It was not the intent of even one of his policies to actually do something for them.

  18. MIGS!! I’d forgotten why I don’t go to the Pier Accidents blog anymore … I won’t thank you for reminding me … the RWDBs in the posts are really ferral … and iggorant …

    … and with all due respect to all that post here … it would be very easy for us to take the one-eyed approach that Accident’s sycophants do … that’s why I sometimes challenge posts with a different perspective … as my dear old Mum once said to, “Your problem is that you see everything is shades of grey, nothing is black or white!” How right she was/is … I spent a career playing Devil’s Advocate … and confess to enjoying it … 🙂

    … there are good politicians on the “dark side” (just hard to see ’em sometimes!) 🙄

    Bar’s Open – *clink*

  19. Breaking News, Andrew Robb says he is on top of the world, and is swimming 1500M a day is fit as a Mally Bull, and has put a challenge out for draft horse Joe Treasury job, watch out Athletic Tony it’s your job he will want next.

  20. It is sad that Israel is predicting an outbreak of war in the middle east.

    We need to remember, especially the powerful have much to lose with what is happening. That applies to many in this country.

    The truth of Habib’s treatment seems to be unravelling at great speed.

    We have reports of a new mass grave in Iraq, that is about four years old.

  21. “swimming 1500M a day is fit as a Mally Bull”

    What not cycling a few kilometers a day. The trouble is that he is just as stubborn and thick as a mallee bull. I have more faith in draft horse,

    Legend of the Mallee Bull

    From the earliest days of settlement, grazing of sheep and cattle under licence took place throughout the Mallee Region. Most recorded history refers to sheep but there is ample evidence that cattle were also grazed in substantial numbers. Inevitably, cattle strayed from the main mobs and set up their own select herds. In the harsh environment of Mallee summers, the waterholes became the main battlegrounds for the survival of the species. William Gould reported on finding the “Natural Waterhole”, having to remove the carcass of a dead beast from it before the water could be used. W.L. Morton of Morton Plains writing of his experiences stated that “no other animal can put on a more fear-inspiring aspect than a full grown wild Mallee Bull”. Mr. Stephen Laver, lessee of Black 56A comprising of a large tract of land within the Shire of Birchip in the 1890’s, often killed a wild beast for meat which he shared with the Aborigines of the area. The natives enjoyed this fare and would prevail on Mr. Laver to “kill a bull a” whenever the wild cattle led by “Big Red” moved into the area. Victorian Railways, in their official record of place names, acknowledge the source of this phrase as the reason for naming Kinnabulla railway station by that name when the rail reached there in 1899.

    And so endth the historical facts.

    Legend has it that “Big Red” put fear into the hearts of the natives and early settlers. Is roaring and rampaging as he fought pretenders to his claim of chief of the herd could be heard for miles around. The Aborigines, in their “humpies” and “lean-to’s” and inadequate shelters, lived in dread of his visitations. They, too, had to share the same waterholes. “Big Red” was the philosophical demon which kept the children of the early settlers in their beds at night with such parental admonitions as “Big Red will get you,” Likewise, the road from school was more direct than it might otherwise have been for the same reason. As King of the mob, “Big Red” was a magnificent creature, strong of physique, colourful and resourceful with a cunning which enabled him to survive droughts, the elements, his hunters and his rivals. The saying “Fit as a Mallee Bull” is universally accepted as embodying all those characteristics which “Big Red” displayed in the animal kingdom.

    As one of the earliest settled areas of the Mallee, Birchip can justifiably lay claim to “Home of the Mallee Bull”.

    This legend, like all other legends, is part true, part fiction. As such it contains a lot of “bull”. It is our story and we are sticking to it.…/1235969882-legend_of_the_mallee_bull.doc

  22. Maybe a better comparison.
    Miserable as a bandicoot

    Extremely unhappy.

    Bandicoots are small marsupials with long faces, and have been given a role in Australian English in similes that suggest unhappiness or some kind of deprivation.

    The expression ‘miserable as a bandicoot’ was first recorded in 1845. A person can also be as ‘bald as a bandicoot’, as ‘blind as a bandicoot’, or be isolated ‘like a bandicoot on a burnt ridge’.

    > Hear the phrase miserable as a bandicoot

  23. I also like reading through some of the old posts as some of them are great reading. The people on this blog are quite prophetic.

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