Friday Siesta at the Café (‘Champing at the Bit’ Edition)

Tricky Dick's

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Eddie, using our popular Media Watch section today, posted a link to an insightful article by Tim Dunlop at The Drum:

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Gillard’s emotional speech to parliament On Tuesday is being put through the ringer of speculation, with mainstream journalists like Andrew Bolt hinting that her tears were fake.

This in turn gives his employer, that pillar of conservative Melbourne, the Herald Sun, license to publish comments from readers saying out loud what he merely suggested.

Elsewhere that very serious journalist, Dennis Shanahan, churns out a piece that dices with the same sort of speculation. And on and on it goes.

The point is, if, like Brissenden, we are going to get upset about misinformation, trivia, distraction and nonsense infecting our political discourse, then our eyes should be upon mainstream media outlets, not the internet. The so-called serious media is the true echo chamber, and, more importantly, it is the one that has the most immediate and far-reaching consequences for political discussion, not to mention, political practise.

Every day, the mainstream media, by its choice of stories and the way it frames them, serves us up a fusion of fact and fiction, speculation and opinion, tripe and trivia that is wrapped in the cloak of its own legitimacy.

Spot on Tim.

Can’t you just see Tim Dunlop hosting the ABC’s useful Media Watch program one day?

Trashing the net, particularly the blogosphere & Facebook, has become a habit for some paid journos & commentators…probably trying to differentiate themselves in order to protect their decently paid jobs &/or do the bidding of their corporate bosses who dislike any kind of competition for advertising space, subscribers & general revenue.

However, I didn’t expect the ABC’s Michael Brissenden – who I respect for his inventive & generally informative reporting of varied issues & topics – to stoop to that level…

as Tim speculates, it’s probably “a lazy conclusion“…

I imagine Brissenden has read some pretty extreme views on the odd Tea Party site in America of late…and in disgust tarred the entire net w/ the same brush…a reductionist, knee-jerk reaction.

And let’s be frank…if a mainstream journo, commentator, host, editor (gatekeeper) or media mogul/baron  is going to be scrutinised intensely in an ongoing basis – assessment of performance & accuracy of reporting – it’s more likely it’s going to happen on the alternative internet sites than in the mainstream arena.

So it’s not surprising the odd media character has a cathartic outburst at the expense of the net.

The irony being, as Tim notes, that mainstream media outlets are also making the internet their home…so in some ways Brissenden is coming across like a TV & Newspaper-based reporting purist…and criticising the very outlets he & his colleagues contribute to.

As for Andrew Bolt…I’m not sure he knows what he believes in…he certainly has extreme right-wing tendencies…but occasionally he sounds reasonable and moderate…but like Matt Franklin & Piers Akerman you feel the softly spoken moderate stuff is a bit of a show, a tactic…to appear reasonable to the general public…and beneath the veneer is a raging extremist who enjoys mocking, lots of attention (Tony Abbott anyone?)…convinced they know what is RIGHT for the rest of Australia, the world.

This is evidenced during interviews…if you carefully observe them as panelists or guest media on programs such as Q & A, Insiders, Agenda & Meet The Press you’ll notice they will, at certain points, take an unexpectedly less harsher approach to a topic, going by their past strong, adamant views on that particular issue or politician…

even resort to a softly spoken, gentler demeanour… 

but, if the other guests, analysts, wander onto the green pastures & red rocks of justifying present government actions, policy…approve of a certain Green or Labor or cross-bench Indie’s approach/style…perhaps sound as they say “too left-ish” or progressive…you immediately see the likes of Bolt, Franklin & Akerman champing at the bit with impatience to air their opinion…

and the restraint & moderate approach flies out the window w/ their objectivity.

Interrupting other guests before they finish their sentences and thoughts is an irritating characteristic of this type of commentator, opinion-maker.

The same can be said for some overly biased & irritating radio talkback hosts.  

The Murdoch empire seems to cater to these kind of characters.

I refer to them as ‘tricky dicks’.

Can you identify any others? Do they irritate you? Why? How importance is objectivity to news reporting? Have you ever filmed Inuits?

Answer the above questions, ignore them, comment on Tim Dunlop’s piece, talk coffee & wine…music…any other topic you choose.

This is your thread to express any views you like.



69 comments on “Friday Siesta at the Café (‘Champing at the Bit’ Edition)

  1. It’s a shame more reporters & opinion-makers weren’t as sceptical in the buildup & during the Iraq War…as they have been about climate change science…

    but that’s what happens when you have news & general media corporations dominating that are connected by way of affiliates, shareholders, ads, politics, horizontal integration & funding to those who profit from war…

    but less so from renewable/clean energy (at the present time):

    Helen Thomas Offers Her View of Objectivity in the Media

  2. Great post Nas. Eddie sure does provide us with some gold.

    Abbott and the Libs must have had a bad day yesterday as plastered all over the front page of the Daily Telegraph today was a story about Bert Newton’s mentally challenged son having phone texting issues.

    Maybe that type of stuff sells newspapers and I have no problem with that. It’s just a pity that important issues facing our country are not considered newsworthy.

  3. By gee you’re quick Nas’. I didn’t even see that one come up.

    My ‘favorites’ must be the ever-subtle smiling faces on Sky News. It must be a talent that takes many years of be able to stand there warmly smiling while regurgitating complete garbage!

  4. ‘It’s a shame more reporters & opinion-makers weren’t as sceptical in the buildup & during the Iraq War…as they have been about climate change science…’

    Its a shame they weren’t weren’t more skeptical of their own ‘science’

  5. I watch the 7pm project as I considered it factual and non biased with light hearted reporting.

    That was until last night when Andrew Bolt was the guest. As if it is not bad enough with Steve Price.

    When are the middle road commentators that see both sides of politics.

    Will have to send them a rant email.

  6. ‘When are the middle road commentators that see both sides of politics.’

    They are boring. Much better to manufacture outrage

  7. Pip, as stated in the article a bill which appropriates money cannot under our Constitution originate in the Senate and for obvious reasons..that it would give a hostile Senate unlimited opportunities to destabilise a government.

    It was in the news a while back but not for a moment did I think that it would be passed by the Senate for this reason. It seems that the independents need a short course in Constitutional Law 101.

  8. Whose side is on?

    OPPOSITION prepares to flex its muscles as Julia Gillard presents her flood levy bills to Parliament today.

    How dare Julia takes on the opposition. Once they flex their muscles she’ll be put in her rightful place.

  9. Speaking of muscles, before the election Abbott came out thumping his chest about what he would do with asylum seekers. Naturally under his policy of turning the boats back (method unknown) there would be very few of the pesky critters who made it to Australia anyway but for those who were rude and ignorant enough to try to seek asylum on our fair shores, it was going to be compulsory hard labor to make ’em pay for their board and lodgings.

    This received loud cheers from ‘hard working Australians’ who if anything know a bludger when they see one.

    However having said that, Min can now step down from the soapbox and advise…

    IN A surprise move, Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has revealed he would like to make it possible for asylum seekers held in detention to work for ”the good of the community” while their claims for refugee status are being assessed.

    Mr Bowen said he was ”sympathetic to the argument” that asylum seekers should be allowed to volunteer for the Queensland floods clean-up, although under current legislation they could not be paid.

    ”I have been looking at mechanisms to occupy them better, to give people skills to improve themselves, whether they stay in Australia or return to the country they came from,” he told The Age in an interview.

    This to me is a different thing entirely and I agree with Chris Bowen that asylum seekers should be permitted to volunteer, gain a skill as this would benefit everyone.

  10. Cheers Pip.

    Yea, ain’t it ROFL when Eric Abetz starts threatening leakers?

    Thnx for the link.

    regarding asylum seekers being able to volunteer for work…we already have the US vs THEM Scott Morrison attacking the idea and calling for a million other workers on work restricted visas to be given opportunities over the asylum seekers.

    I can see some merit in that. But I don’t think it has much to do w/ caring about other visa holders for Morrison…rather, scoring political points at the expense of people who arrive in boats.

    US vs THEM Morrison in parliament also did another sewer swim by asking why local highway/roads infrastructure programs are cut to help the flood rebuilding…whilst detention centre costs etc. are blowin’ out.

    Nice guy he ain’t.

    He might want to reflect on the cost of that bloody Nauru experiment under Howard’s regime…and why so much of that infrastructure was not done durin’ that era.

    Gillard was pretty feisty…and pointed out the Bruce Highway project, due to this government’s priorities, was gettin’ much more funding in half the time (6 years) as opposed to 12 years under the Howard government proposal.


  11. Nas’, thank you for that I missed parliament today. For starters Chris Bowen was talking about people already in Australia and he was talking about volunteer work because as the law currently stands asylum seekers cannot be paid. Reason I should imagine is because they don’t hold work visas.

    However, I’m certain that the usuals will be screaming blue murder about ‘illegals’ taking the cream.

    That’s good news that Gillard is back to her feisty best.

  12. Its was the real Julia and about time she dumped the scripted rubbish from the party stooges.

    Her quick wit is her best asset against a negative person like Tony.

  13. Nasking, its Thursday … ahh, champing at the bit …

    Thought I might post this here …


    A thought just crossed my mind.

    With all the floods, bushfires, cyclones deaths and destruction where are our highly paid a féted Governors General?

    Where is our Head of State? (half-way round the world of course) … she did make a donation to the floods, of an undisclosed amount (because she’s special) …

    Have we heard from any of the royal freeloaders? Nah! But wait till the next royal wedding or a Rugby Union World Cup.

    We’re just a bunch of colonials, part of ye olde Empire but good for soldiering, paying for holidays and providing sustenance in times of need … pity it only works one way … time we let Great Britain be just that, great, and let ‘em stand on their own two feet!

    When will Australians wake up to the fact that we need an Australian President … not a link to some useless, ancient, money grubbing, bunch of inbred, Teutonic Robber Barons!

    Even the Pommies think its weird!

  14. TB

    Thursday, how funny, it took until 3.41pm for anyone to notice.

    Regarding the royals I had heard that William and Harry were raising charity funds for the flood vicitms, could be wrong.

  15. “how funny, it took until 3.41pm for anyone to notice.”

    I blame it on my swollen leg. Not the painkillers. 🙂


  16. Just heard Gillard

    ‘WHile we worked out our budgetry cuts, we laboured over what was better for the Ausralian people, while yabot did, the laboured over focus groups’

    (not a precise retelling)

    She is not wooden today, unlike yabot, who appears decidedly frozen recently

  17. Shane, (sarcasm alert!) WoW!

    Nasking, I thought you’d done it deliberately~~ Lol! (ie “champing at the bit!”)

    TomR, just read your link, I was rebutting the answers as I read them … and read similar in the articles rebuttal … experts with ideology filters always bother me!

    One thing I do disagree with, is the plan to sell the NBN … like roads, bridges and tunnels … I believe communication systems should belong to the people … and used for revenue … Australia Post seems to work … maybe, like free enterprise, it depends on the management team?

  18. Shane,
    my leg feels like someone stuck a barge pole under the skin…foot swollen to the point where I said to my wife:

    If that limb gets any larger I could hire it out to a circus w/ a three-legged elepant. 🙂


  19. TB

    Most government enterprises work, especially if they are operating if an area that also has private enterprise.


    Commonwealth Bank
    Telecom ( then renamed Telstra to seel it off)

    They all made profits for the government coffers and employed many thousands more people that they do now.

    They also had far less complaints against them under the watchdogs when they were government owned as well.

  20. “I thought you’d done it deliberately~~ Lol! (ie “champing at the bit!”)…”

    Early to post…early to bed. 🙂


  21. She is not wooden today, unlike yabot, who appears decidedly frozen recently

    What a silly, chilly Billy he is … Billy Abbott … bloody hell, how deep are memories I hadn’t thought of Billy Bunter for years!

    Backing Up Billy Abbott … lol!

  22. TB

    There are many assets that should not have been sold off that contributed to the coffer sog government and employed many thousands more employess under government ownership than they do now.

    Commonwealth Bank (If we still owned this we would have 6 billion a year dividend for the people of australia) In addition branches would still be open in country areas.

  23. “She is not wooden today, unlike yabot, who appears decidedly frozen recently”

    Agree Tom…I think Abbott’s brain still hasn’t thawed since it snap froze when shown the Afghan stuff.

    He could use some mouth to mouth resuscitation.

    Someone w/ hot, fetid breath.


  24. “Why is your leg swollen Nas ?”

    Doc’s can’t work it out Shane. Started when I became diabetic I guess. Too much weight. We’re large Irish types on Mum’s side apparently.

    Sitting for long periods does it.


  25. Shane,

    Government is now owned by the Uber Kapitalists …

    The “social” in the ALP “social democrats” is fading …

    My concern is that Uber Socialism (eg USSR was a failure) … Uber Kapitalism (the USA model) will suffer a similar fate … and its the serfs who always pay!

    Maybe China has the part of the answer, elected representatives, social improvement and help for those needing it, state ownership of health, transport faciities and communication and the opportunity to develop in a free market environment … wait on … doesn’t that describe Australia in the 60’s and 70’s?

  26. “I hadn’t thought of Billy Bunter for years!”

    Had heaps of those Frank Richard books.

    Greyfriars School, Harry Wharton, Hurree Jamset Ram Singh, Bob Cherry.

    Good times. 🙂


  27. “He (Abbott) could use some mouth to mouth resuscitation.” Oh no Nas’ that is a horrible visualisation!!!

  28. On the subject of how the media do it, here is a prime example from Malcolm Farr and his take on events in Question Time today. It’s all in the emotive language used: the words “personal attacks” followed by a personal opinion ~ the suggestion that Pyne is to be admired – “Kevin Rudd-again” ~ suggestion that Rudd is boring – Indonesian schools become ‘Islamic schools’. There are more there in just these few sentences.

    4.09pm QT over and now Julie Bishop on her feet defending Tony Abbott against personal attacks by Julia Gillard. Well, someone had to. The PM had said of him: “I’ve never seen such a tin heart.”

    3.28pm Lib front-bencher Sophie Mirabella first MP to be warned by the Speaker in 2011. But of course, Christopher Pyne hasn’t been trying.

    3.14pm Kevin Rudd defends – again – the $500 million grant to Islamic school in Indonesian schools which the Opposition wants deferred. As a Liberal loudly suggested Rudd was like a Japanese soldier fighting on after the end of the war, the Foreign Minister kept going, jamming in further the wedge between Abbott and Julie Bishop.

  29. “I find it bloody amazing that TB was still sober at 3.41pm.”

    I guess this means I’ll have to put the Friday arvo glug glug off til tomorrow. 😦

    Even sanqween just said on the phone that it feels like a Friday.

    What does that say about how busy this society is becoming?


  30. Min, I read that, and learnt nothing of substance about what went on today.

    Not that a lot of substance did go on from the bits I heard, more a pissing match about who has the highest levy. And plenty of exposure over the opposition rank hypocrisy on the levy. Gillard even got to mention the $11 BILLION BLACK HOLE

    Although, I did hear an interesting titbit. Some lib was complaining about some local schools, who had halls built in areas that the cyclone were in, weren’t able to be leveraged for shelters. She replied something about Catholic, Independant and Public schools having different building practices?? That might be interesting to follow.

  31. Oh TB if we had the slightest thought that a NSW Liberal government had to be even just a teeny bit better than the Labor one we now have, O’Farrell and his shadow ministers blew it all away today.

    After spending five years constantly attacking the State Labor government over speed cameras as being nothing more than revenue raisers, the opposition announce they are going to increase traffic fine revenue raising to fund “budget liabilities”.

    After spending three years attacking the State government over their tardiness in installing flashing school speed restriction signs, the opposition are going to take five years to spend the $30 million to install all the signs and increase the fines to make revenue from them.

    And it went on as several ministers finally after more than 10 years stopped their negative for negativities sake attacks on the Labor government only to announce that because of budget liabilities they would not be fixing all the things they have been attacking the Labor government over, but here’s $10 million for a major health initiative over four years, wow aren’t we good and better than Labor.

    Roads, public transport, health and education all in the air and no solutions or policies to fix them, just revenue raising because of budget uncertainties.

    Get ready for a massive slash and burn the moment they get in. I think they are going to make Kennett and the previous slash and burn Liberal government look benevolent by the time they are finished.

    Finally here is a party that is an absolute shoo in to win an election, not even the religious right could screw it this time, and in opposition they have been negative every step of the way never articulating a single positive or alternative. So you would think they would come out with a positive election ad campaign as there’s no need to have childish antagonistic ads. One of the TV stations showed a snippet in a sneak preview of one of their campaign ads. Childish, antagonistic and negative.

    I’m feeling slightly deflated after catching this lot this arvo.

  32. Oh and at every step of the way they blamed Labor for their self inflicted predicament of now not going to fix all the things they intimated they would fix and doing better than Labor in everything they said they would be better than Labor on.

    O’Farrell on gaining the opposition leadership said he would be a positive leader and would not apportion blame. Turns out he’s no different to all the others and will be yet another dud NSW State leader.

  33. Adrian, hang in there , mate(lot) its been much, much worse! 🙂

    I find it bloody amazing that TB was still sober at 3.41pm.

    Me too, today, broke my five PM rule!

    Two glasses of bubbly with lunch … got the three big grandsons and my 5′ daughter over to help shift my mate’s pool pump shed (our back neighbour) …

    Took all of three minutes to plan 30 seconds to execute and then an excuse for a wine! Nice bottle of McGuigan’s Black Label Cab Merlot, between he and me … girls polished off the bubbly and the kids had a swim! (Just come back! hic!) …

    … and strangely enough, one of my railway modelle mates sent me the following this morning …

    I am passing this on to you because it definitely worked for me today and we all could probably use more calm in our lives. Some doctor on TV this morning said the way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you have started. So I looked around my house to see things I’d started and hadn’t finished so I have managed to finish off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Chardonnay, a bowtle of Baileys, a butle of wum, a pockage of Prungles, tha mainder of bot Prozic and Valiuminun scriptins, the res of the chesescke an a box a chocletz. Yu haf no idr how bludy
    fablus I feel rite now. Plaese sned dhis orn to dem yu fee ar in ned ov iennr pisss. An telum, u fukin luvum.!!

    What bothers me is finding enough money to maintain my reputationlifestyle!

  34. Don’t know if this is a furphy, but there is a Gary Briggs in Dalby (I just checked) …

    Subject: FW: From Gary Briggs in Dalby
    >> There has been some amazing great story’s come out of the floods.
    >> But there are also the ones that will never be told because in this
    >> country we tolerate idiots in government jobs and no one wants to
    >> point the finger in case it somehow blows up in their face.
    >> Sorry, but at my age, I have become totally disenchanted and someone
    >> needs to tell it like it is, so I will start the ball rolling.
    >> Please join with me to lift the lid on idiots with uniforms.
    >> Take Qld transport. In Dalby district.
    >> Dalby hit the news with a record flood in the Condamine River that
    >> damaged the water treatment plant. And water needed to be trucked
    >> in, in the middle of floods. Truck drivers worked hard to get us
    >> water.
    >> Officers from Qld Transport booked drivers for so called over
    >> loading………. what Idiots. Who pays?
    >> It’ll get squashed and probably has already, but what a waste of
    >> resources at a time when manpower was critical.
    >> Farmers crossing a road with a tractor to feed starving, flooded
    >> stock were pulled up, the tractor measured, and they were booked
    >> because it was slightly wide. Not only that, they were forced to
    >> leave the tractor and go to town to get an over wide permit before
    >> they could move it back into the farm.
    >> And this happened on an already closed road where the farmer was the
    >> only person around.
    >> Except for the idiots.
    >> These are not rumors. They are facts.
    >> This morning, I was booked for driving down a closed road to check
    >> livestock that were reported out on the road and, at the same time,
    >> pick up my employee who had walked over the bridge to come to work.
    >> My house happens to be 50 m past the road closed sign, so apparently
    >> I cannot even go in and out my gate. I tried to reason amicably with
    >> 2 idiots.
    >> Of course I got more than a little agitated when they refused to let
    >> me down the road to my farm. As a result they pulled a tape
    >> recorder, so I made sure that it recorded their stupidity.
    >> I even had to insist that they returned my driver’s license. I’ll
    >> definitely win the court battle as my employee witnessed the whole
    >> affair.
    >> But what a waste of time and resources.
    >> Over the last 3 weeks, there have been Qld Transport officers
    >> stationed outside our farm booking innocent locals for about 8 days.
    >> 2 guys sit in a vehicle with the engine idling and hazard lights on 24/7.
    >> That would be 3 shifts, plus motel and other costs.
    >> Now most of these guys were reasonable people.
    >> I had to chat with them every time I went out my gate. Some were
    >> idiots like my experience this morning.
    >> But the real idiots in this case are the people who sent them out
    >> here to guard an obviously flooded and closed road.
    >> And never bothered to check when the water went down, and left them
    >> there.
    >> We, the taxpayers, pay them to be there and also pay fines for trying
    >> to get on with our lives in tough times.
    >> Wrote the above in the hour before I went to Brisbane to help clean
    >> up the mess in our flooded premises there.
    >> While in Brisbane I was told a true story about the truck drivers
    >> delivering food to Gympie. As happens in times of desperate need,
    >> trucks rolled out of the Brisbane warehouses stacked with as much as
    >> they could get in.
    >> After all, the media was screaming for food for Gympie. Queensland
    >> Transport then intercepted the trucks and fined the drivers for
    >> overloading.
    >> What Senior Idiot in Qld Transport decided that he could solve
    >> Queensland’s financial crisis by fining drivers? And sent dozens of
    >> men out to embarrass the Government when they could have been helping
    >> people in need.
    >> And did you hear about the farmer who was ferrying food and other
    >> essentials for himself and neighbours across the flooded Condamine.
    >> Well, the SES and Police decided that was their job. Apparently it
    >> is illegal for us farmers to even launch our boats to help ourselves
    >> or rescue our livestock. So they sent him home after warning him
    >> that if he continued to help, they would prosecute. As he was
    >> putting his boat back on his trailer on the other side of the river,
    >> he heard horns blowing and looked back to where he had been sent away
    >> from. There were the professional idiots, in the middle of the
    >> river, sinking. And, as we normal citizens are stupid, he had to
    >> re-launch his boat and go back and rescue them.
    >> Apparently they had forgotten to put the plugs in the bottom of the
    >> boat and their training had not taught them how to simply put them in
    >> after they discovered it and then how to bail the boat out.
    >> He should have let them drown.
    >> That would be called “natural selection”.
    >> But again, they had been sent out with an attitude rather than real
    >> training.
    >> So who is at fault? Need I answer that?
    >> As I said at the start, there have been many, many great deeds by the
    >> vast majority of people, but when a society gets to the point that
    >> ordinary people are stopped from helping each other and are forced
    >> into submission by bureaucrats, Where are we going?
    >> Please add your story’s and keep this going. somehow, we have to
    >> reverse the stupidity that makes our nation the dumbest in the modern
    >> world.
    >> Our great grandfathers would be appalled.
    >> And if any of you have the personal emails of any Politician, or
    >> Media people, please make sure they get a copy.
    >> Gary Briggs, Dalby.

    True or not … I can see it happening!

  35. The email referred to has been doing the rounds since the Rodent was PM. I’ve lost count of the times it’s been forwarded to me by a Canadian I met on holiday a few years ago.

    Greetings from not Heidelberg, joni!

    ME, they just can’t help themselves, can they?

  36. TB

    ‘One thing I do disagree with, is the plan to sell the NBN’

    Yes, I’m not a fan of that either, and largely for the reasons you mentioned. I wondered if it was just a pitch to try and lift their ‘economic conservative’ status, but, going on their state counterparts, I reckon they are serious. Mores the shame.

  37. Grog has another good column up this morning. And, while perhaps not a good as Katters quip, I did like this line from Gillard in QT, and wondered how much more we will hear about it.

    ‘I have contemplated a tax on three-word slogans but thought that it would bankrupt the Leader of the Opposition so quickly it would be inappropriate, so I have changed my mind’

    Mind you, does the term ‘three word slogan’ rate as a three word slogan itself, in which case, would the proposed BNT have applied?

  38. Recommend Bushfire Bill’s top piece over at The Political Sword:

    Abbott in the Toilet: Shit Happens, Tony

    a testosterone-charged wannabe warrior with a potty mouth like Abbott, who’d lied his way from Canberra to London to Kabul and back again, reversed his policy and been given a free pass for all of it by the media, then you might get my drift. I think Mark Riley was right on the money.

    It’s a goodie.


  39. Has anybody else noticed what’s missing? I have; no boats. Tones and the MSM must be praying for one to sail over the horizon, at which point they’ll be all over it like flies at a barbie.

    BTW, does anybody else think that Julia was awesome yesterday?

  40. And Tony Abbott again makes headlines Coalition ‘insanity’ fuels aid divisions

    Uh oh, they’re ganging up against him…

    COALITION divisions caused by a policy decision to cut a foreign aid program to Indonesia have widened, with one senior backbencher slamming the shadow cabinet as ”insane” and the former leader Malcolm Turnbull saying the dissident deputy leader, Julia Bishop, deserved support.

    Tally to date (please feel free to add just in case I’ve left anyone out).

    Bishop, Hockey, Turnbull, Katter, Mal Washer. I think that I can see a leadership challenge on the horizon with Hockey and Turnbull trying to oust Abbott/Bishop and Bishop trying to manouver herself back into the game.

  41. Migs, no boats due to it being monsoon season. This didn’t happen this time last year due to the irregular weather pattern. There is normally a lull in SIEV activity Nov-March.

  42. Min,
    from yer great link:

    ”We are being run by One Nation,” said one disgruntled MP.

    We warned the Coalition members.

    One Nation under Tony Abbott.

    Til later…


  43. This by way of Eddie:

    Frankly, I reckon taking any aid from poor overseas schools is just plain dumb…

    unless those schools are promoting grotesque &/or religiously fundy brainwashing type propaganda.

    Apparently these Indonesian schools are secular.

    And the money is meant to undermine brainwashing that can lead to terrorism…whilst providing students w/ a broader education than they might otherwise receive…particularly, if they can’t afford to go to school.

    I would like to see a similar focus on prioritising schools in Australia that are secular & resisting religious fundamentalism & extremism.

    I think we have more than a few schools here that are receiving public funding that discriminate against other beliefs…

    and atheism…

    and homosexuality…

    and cater to cults, cult-like behaviour/teaching methods…and could be considered as brainwashing students that can lead to dangerous divisions in our communities.


  44. It is sad, that in a world filled with tyrants, terrorists and murderous regimes, paints Julia Gillard as the most evil person in the world.

  45. As for ‘Insiders’. Not a good one for Coalition. Looked like a rabble…real internal problems.

    Bolt’s claim that the Mark Riley interview was “a sacking offence” came across as desperate & ill-timed considering the embarrassing footage was shown after his dopey blowoff.

    Laughed when Milne, w/ tongue in cheek, said “If you’d waited” or somethin’ like that…which goes to prove my point on the Friday Siesta ‘Champing at the bit’ post above.

    Bolt can’t help himself. Digs his own grave.

    Might add, doesn’t Bolt get paid to give his oh so objective opinion on Channel Nine? So isn’t Riley’s Channel Seven a competitor?

    I remember Murdoch lackeys on Fox News bashing & calling for axing of CNN, MSNBC & New York Times people as well…there’s a pattern when it comes to dealing w/ their competitors. Low belt stuff.

    Bolt works for Murdoch too.

    Interesting & cosy relationship between Ch. 9 & Murdoch empire it seems thse days. Luv in…share the spoils?


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