Tony Abbott stuff-ups: A Pattern of Behaviour

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott (16)

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It’s only the first day of parliament, yet once again the leader of the Coalition, Tony Abbott, has shown himself to be an uncaring, insensitive, ambitious wally.

It wasn’t enuff that Abbott initially fumbled & fibbed thru his responses to the Liberal’s ‘anti-flood levy‘ email saga…and subsequently failed to respond appropriately on ‘Insiders’  to an obviously disgusted Barrie Cassidy when he pressed Abbott on whether he should put the flood donations first over the Liberal party needs…

but now, as handily linked to by Min & Migs on this site, we have Abbott fighting with his own cabinet members over cutting essential aid to Africa in order to make budget cuts.

Specifically, Abbott argued that $373 million should be shaved from the foreign aid budget.

Now, considering reports tell that Julie Bishop, Scott Morrison & Phillip Ruddock opposed the cuts, whilst key Nationals supported Abbott’s grotesque suggestion, this could in fact be a bit of a con game…a ruse to make key Liberal cabinet members look more moderate…at a time when Abbott & his cabinet are being scrutinised intensely over their oft hard-right approach to issues, and policy development.

Furthermore, it’s an opportunity to promote Morrison & Bishop during chaotic times for Abbott. In case he’s dropped…the Morrison/Bishop team takeover…leaving the more popular but possibly more moderate Hockey & Turnbull twisting in the wind. Possible.

Regardless, whether this be a ruse or just another mean-spirited stuff-up from Abbott…he’s proving himself to be the volatile & ambitious man many of us knew him to be…the showpony who’s quite willing to fib a bit here & there…do the odd contortionist act…play the mean-spirited pontificator…do anything, say anything it seems, to get himself out of the tangled webs he’s weaved for himself…and yet grab the limelight & attention he so desperately needs.

And like many of you, I haven’t failed to notice that time and time again, the moment his leadership is at crisis point, comes a Newspoll to the rescue – Abbott’s numbers as preferred PM are up?…yea, and my mother was born a Vulcan…

followed by some shock jock, News Ltd, Channel Nine & ABC ‘usual suspect’ support (Lateline last nite saw host Ali Moore, in smirking fashion, attempting to put the negative focus back on the PM, Julia Gillard – who in fact has performed much better this past fortnight.

Yes, they’re always there to save Tony’s bacon. Reliable as the Fox News that used to blast out anti-Democratic party hate from GW Bush’s home & offices. Or a high flyin’ Rush Limbaugh… apologist for all things Republican mean.

However, there are some of us in both the mainstream & alternative media who are not willing to let Tony Abbott off the hook so easily.

Mr. Negabore constantly farts on about making the government accountable…well…let’s have a good old look at some of Tony’s stuff-ups & apathetic responses over the past year or so…make him accountable as a leader…

and YOU readers can judge for yourselves if this man is suitable to lead the Opposition…and perhaps one day lead this culturally, economically, climate complex country.


– The latest email saga…the opportunistic politicising of natural disasters

–  Climate change science is “absolute crap”:

 “The argument is absolute crap. However, the politics of this are tough for us. Eighty per cent of people believe climate change is a real and present danger.”

 – An $11 billion black hole to costings revealed during the election under his crafty leadership

– Walking out of press conference when queried over costings

– Broadband: lack of knowledge as demonstrated on 7:30 Report…& failure to sell policy

 – Pathetic attempt to buy Andrew Wilkie’s support…poorer negotiating skills than Gillard’s led to Independents supporting ALP to form government

– Cycling for 10 days during election campaign

– Promoting himself in Speedos that led to him eventually burning them in public

– The pathetic Neil Mitchell interview where Abbott couldn’t respond honestly over whether the shadow cabinet had rolled him or not on the payments to stay-at-home Mums idea:

Mitchell: “What was your plan for a $10,000 payment to stay-at-home mums?”

Abbott: “There isn’t any such plan.”

Pretty definitive.

But Mitchell pressed on: “It’s a simple thing. Was this discussed, was it raised, was it rejected?”

Abbott: “There was a discussion about many things and I am not saying that this wasn’t one of the things that was discussed but the important thing is what we decided – and what we decided is that the reckless spending must stop.”

– Travelling to UK conservative convention instead of visiting troops first…followed by a gung-ho, action man photo-op with gun in hand:

 “I thought it was important to do this trip justice, I didn’t want to get here entirely in a jetlagged condition…”

– Running away from a one-on-one economic debate with Julia Gillard…including saying the following ridiculous comment:

“Now, are you suggesting to me that when it comes from Julia, no doesn’t mean no?”

– Views on homosexuality as spoken on Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes:

 “I probably feel a bit threatened, as so many people do. It’s a fact of life.”

– Admitting he’s sometimes a bullsh*tter on 7:30 Report:

“I know politicians are going to be judged on everything they say but sometimes in the heat of discussion you go a little bit further than you would if it was an absolutely calm, considered, prepared, scripted remark… The statements that need to be taken absolutely as gospel truth are those carefully prepared scripted remarks.”

These were some of the great Abbott moments that I could recall off the top of my head…the quotes with some help from the following useful blog posts:

Tony the Untrustworthy

Tony Abbott’s Struggle With the Truth

Abbott Caught Out Dodging Truth on Reckless Spending

I then asked our ever-dependable blogger & informative commentor Min if she could remember any other instances of Abbott stuffing up…she replied (and I couldn’t have put it better myself):

 What about his beaut idea to do with turning the boats back.  I believe that it was during a radio interview that the interviewer asked something along the lines of “But how will the navy know which boats will be seaworthy enough to be able to turn back.” 

Abbott’s reply was that he would have a hot line to each patrol boat to give them instructions..he was probably thinking of himself as a US style president with a hot phone.   

 This made me smile. I was visualising son & crewmates sitting twiddling their thumbs waiting for Abbott to get off the dunny :)))

But VIP an Australian Prime Minister cannot give ‘orders’ to enlisted personnel as a PM is NOT head of the defence forces (as is the US President), the Governor General is.  The reason of course being is that the PM is only the PM because they are the head of a political party and enlisted personnel swear allegiance to Australia and not to a political party.  It was just one of Abbott’s brain f*rts..saying the first thing that popped into his puny little brain..for a so-called clever man he’s very very stupid!

 Bringing in a 2-tier marriage system in Australia – one to be ‘faults based’.  By gee I wonder which men would be coercing their women into the faults’ based one?  The bullies?

Spot on Min.

 And to think that some reporting for the MSM stated that Abbott had basically had a “gaffe-free election campaign”. How bankrupt & kowtowin’ can ya get?

  Lead Balloon Title Screen.JPG

 So I ask you, the readers, is this man to be trusted running our government?



Tony Abbott had his Frost/Nixon moment outside parliament today…pressured by Ch. Seven’s reporter Mark Riley on why he seemed to make light of QLD soldier Lance Corporal McKinney’s death in Afghanistan by saying “shit happens” to the soldier’s unit during his visit…

Abbott stood on the grounds of parliament visibly shaking like an old man with palsy…nothing emerging from his gobsmacked self. The awkward pregnant pause lasted more than a minute as Abbott melted down…as tho his brain had been snap frozen then torched:

Could this be the final gaffe for Abbott as leader, as his popularity will surely melt like his brain did…and his party will finally be forced take the knives to this mouth before wicket prone politician. 

Mr. (far too casual at times) Negabore Abbott may have left the Coalition with no choice…having driven himself off the cliff.

The past has come a calling.


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  1. Thanks Nas, I’m famous 🙂 What about the public airing of the fact that his daughters are virgins. They well might be, but if I was one of his daughters I would be seriously considering rectifying this situation at the first available opportunity. Tasteless Abbott at this worst.

  2. I too thought the ‘debate’ within the Opposition over cutting aid to Africa was a PR strategy and a playing for time since they haven’t really got their act together, so giving Bishop ‘more time’ to find savings elsewhere gave them an out. Cutting aid to Indonesia for schools is pretty crass though.

    Thanks, Min –

    I had forgotten
    Abbot’s fatuity
    and stupidity
    saying virginity’s
    a gratuity
    or gift.
    And once lost
    by promiscuity
    that’s it
    for perpetuity!

    And – you’ll – go – to – Hell!
    You Jezebel!

  3. Hi Nasking

    Brilliant article, thankyou.

    There has been a lot more gaffes in this last week.

    Ask for donations to the Liberal Party’s campaign to fight the Government flood Levy.

    There is plenty of Fat in the budget says Abbott then tells Barrie Cassidy it’s hard to find the fat:

    They have just released this easy to find fat, they are deferrals, not cuts, so not really fat, because it’s necessary to cut fat off not leave it hanging otherwise it’s not saved is it, News Com. has called them cuts in their headlines.
    Sounds better for News Com’s agenda, to say cuts instead of deferrals.

    Here is the list:

    deferral of water buybacks

    The Opposition would defer $400 million of aid assistance to Indonesia, subject to a review.

    The Opposition will defer $150 million from the Building Education Revolution program for two years.

    $500 million to the automotive industry, bringing the assistance back to the levels of the Howard Government in 2007.

    Quote(“He said the Opposition had specifically chosen to defer, rather than cut, spending amounting to $2.095 billion over the forward estimates period”). Quote

    (We are laying down a detailed plan that no Opposition has ever had the guts to do) Quote

    I missed the press conference, but from the ABC 24 report by journalist Gillian (don’t know her surname ), they are a bunch of clowns, circus act, getting more ridiculous every day.

    “(So I ask you, the readers, is this man to be trusted running our government”)?

    I agree with Miglo, No!

  4. Well, poking holes in yabots ‘savings’ is easier than poking holes in swiss cheese

    Yes, good idea, defer water buybacks until they are more expensive again.

    And yea, why not let those overseas sit and wait for their classrooms, cos I really want me coffee right now.

    And I’m guessing tony himself will front up to the schools who have not yet got their school halls to tell them that they miss out cos we want our coffees NOW()

    (plagiarised from a fantastic comment on that site)

  5. That is a brilliant point lyn that should be splattered across the media. Abbott by bringing in these deferrals has stated there is no FAT in the budget at all. Yet for he last few weeks he’s gone about nothing else but all this easy to find then difficult to find FAT in the budget.

  6. If Abbott is going to ‘defer’ the BER for 2 years, is he going to specify which buildings that he’s planning to leave half finished..or will the builders be allowed to put the roof on first? And what is the cost of opting out of existing contracts?

  7. Another pertinent comment made at the ABC TomR is what happened to the NBN cuts he was going on about not that long ago?

    All of a sudden the NBN is important and not wasteful.

  8. ‘what happened to the NBN cuts he was going on about not that long ago?’

    Perhaps he’s deferred them? 😉

    Nice comment btw lyn, cuts straight to the errr fat of the argument

  9. Good read thanks naskin.
    No he’s not but murdoch likes him so who are we to disagree.
    Even his own mob know he is not to be trusted but still they defend him . So many selfish uncaring bastards in one team .
    At least a press of a button gets rid of a smirking ali moore ,just another ABC program to avoid.

  10. Mobius, but Indonesia is where the people smugglers come from and the naughty Indonesians didn’t like his ‘daddy’ JWH.

    I missed that bit, that B.Bishop’s chip spit has meant a swap from Africa to Indonesia. What the heck, they’re all brown people anyway.

  11. Cheers all,

    “He certainly has a way of strengthening ties with our neighbours doesn’t he.”

    Yea Tom…good old “divide rather than unite Tony”.

    “but murdoch likes him so who are we to disagree.”

    he who must be obeyed. 🙂

    “If Abbott is going to ‘defer’ the BER for 2 years, is he going to specify which buildings that he’s planning to leave half finished”

    Abbott reckons the money will be used the way it was durin’ the Howard years.

    Yippeee!!! More flag poles & Liberal government stamped religious texts.

    And screw school counsellors…bring on the mob of chaplins to help kickstart the anti-evolution movement and prepare the kids for the end of the world. 🙂

    “News Com. has called them cuts in their headlines.”

    Another great example of the bankruptcy of some of our mainstream media.


  12. “You can add Abbott’s proposed budget cuts to his list of stuff ups.”

    I have the distinct feeling this is another rushed plan…and like their dopey, poorly thought-out election budget plan & tactics, they will come under intense scrutiny & be proven to be wanting.

    good poem.


  13. I just thought of another one to do with the indies. Firstly the indies made it crystal clear that they would favor the political party which could prove to them that they would aim to provide the greatest stability of government. So what does Abbott do..immediately states that if he gains the support of the indies that he would go back to the polls ASAP to gain a clear majority in his own right.

    Tony, Tony, Tony..sigh..what the independents wanted was the chance to put their own reforms into action and here you were telling them that if they had supported you that you would have made them redundant at the first available opportunity.

    I do hope that by now that someone has done you a service by tapping you on the shoulder and has pointed this minor detail out to you.

  14. Nas

    Just a question. If oyu have the ALP links are you able to find out how many BER built buildings were utilised as alternative uses such as evacuation centres during the recent floods and cyclones and fires around the country. I think it is a good angle to use if there are enough centres used to point out the side benefits of these buildings in smaller communities.

  15. Speers on Sky is trying to wriggle and squirm out of the question about how Abbott’s budget cuts suggestions stack up. Speers fobs it off with a shrug that ‘it’s all just hypothetical’ anyway. How handy to have friends in the media.

  16. Channel 7 crucifying Abbott over an inappropriate remark he made in Afghanistan. Abbott in the end was left speechless when asked to defend his remarks, but not after he first attacked the media for “turning this into a media circus”.

    Oh how different a man he is when the spotlight is on him and he has to account for his words and actions.

    Abbott’s days are surely numbered now.

  17. Hi Shane of Qld @ 5.13pm, I think it was Shane Neumann on ABC24 a while ago debating Ms Gambaro who was reciting the Lib mantra about the BER waste etc.,
    Neumann pointed out that two new school halls, one in Esk, were used as cyclone shelters.

  18. Some lefties are saying it was a beatup and what Abbott said in Afghanistan wasn’t that bad, just said the wrong way, but where Abbott stuffed up was his reaction to Riley and the deathly silence and stare making Abbott look like he wanted to kill Riley.

    This is the second time in a short while, his response to the email being the first, that Abbott has been caught short in responding to an allegation. A pollie that can’t think on their feet isn’t a politician and especially not a leader.

  19. Thnx Pip. Was the new Innisfail school hall part of the BEr program…that was used as an evacuation centre.

    What about Redlynch State School in Cairns?

    Wish I had more time to check but my leg is severely swollen and I have to put it up. Sorry.

    Keep up the great work all.

    The rot has set in for Abbott indeed.

    Thnx for the Ch.7 info Mobius.

    “Tony, Tony, Tony..sigh..what the independents wanted was the chance to put their own reforms into action and here you were telling them that if they had supported you that you would have made them redundant at the first available opportunity.”

    Nice guy eh Min? Great negotiator.

    Real diplomat.

    Imagine him as our leader dealing w/ overseas issues?

    A travesty.


  20. For the edification of our anti-Abbott team at the Café keep an eye out for this story…it’s a ripper.

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has been caught on camera making an insensitive remark about the death of an Australian soldier.

    The comments were made during a recent visit to Afghanistan.


    I caught a snippet and Abbott looks a right twerp standing there nodding so madly and with such a stunned look on his face that at first I thought that it was some sort of spoof on Abbott.

  21. Even Speers on SKY said the cutting of money to Indonesian schools was a bad idea…no way to try & offset extreme Islam.

    Abbott has lost it.


  22. Nas’, I can help with that one as it just so happens that son and future daughter in law live in Redlynch. It was the high school which was the evacuation centre where the baby was born. They didn’t BER funding at least to my knowledge. However nearby St Andrew’s Catholic school which has great programs for kids with disabilities did receive funding under the BER for disability access and a library plus it received approval for a Trades Training Centre, also long day care which is VIP for defence families.

  23. Hi Nasking

    Further to Mobius Ecko excellent info.

    This has just come in, more evidence of Abbott unsuitableality.

    The video soon:

    ‘S— happens’: Tony Abbott to troops after Lance Corporal Jared MacKinney’s death , Staff writers, Herald Sun
    When he was asked a series of follow-up questions on camera, including how his statement was being taken out of context, Mr Abbott stood nodding, lost for words, for several seconds.

    Footage of Abbott’s interview coming soon


  24. he is not fit to run a chook raffle at my local club let alone the opposition and even less the country. He is even making Latham look good and now I will have to wash my hands for typing that, it has got to be all downhill for him now surly.

  25. Agreed, Abbot is a douche-extraordinaire but I do also agree that forking out hundreds of millions to Indonesia isn’t appropriate use of my taxpayer dollars right now.

  26. Commentary now on Sky is that Abbott fought to keep the sh*t happens comment out of the newspapers prior to the election. Now Speers is saying that a Liberal has said that ‘it’s the beginning of the end’ for Abbott.

  27. … Abbott stuffed up was his reaction to Riley and the deathly silence and stare making Abbott look like he wanted to kill Riley …

    The nodding head, and bit of a quiver in the lips too, for far too long, Adrian, looked like just what he is, a Private School Bully caught in the act!

    … lots of ADF families past and present who vote, Mr Abbott! Wanker! :angry:

  28. The footage of this is well worth viewing. Abbott standing there doing nothing but staring and frantically nodding for a good 1/2 a minute is very weird behaviour.

  29. Agree, TomR, and the silly thing is – eventually these things ALWAYS surface … I mean … Wikileaks is still operating isn’t it? 😉

  30. Yes, “Charity begins at home.”
    That is what Tony Abbott said.
    Is this taught by the Church of Rome?
    This the word that Christians spread?

    Australians who need a latté,
    Have credit cards that must be paid,
    Who buy wine and fois gras paté,
    Matter more than overseas aid?

    Our Opposition cabinet
    Agree that as a general rule
    These ‘needs’ are ones that must be met,
    Before a hungry ‘foreign’ child or school.

    That’s the ‘fat’ that Abbott’s carving
    From Budget plans, so there’s no levy?
    Taking food from the poor and starving
    So tax ‘at home’ is not so heavy?

    Where’s the ‘charity’ in tax relief?
    Is there no Bible on Abbott’s bookshelf?
    Does he not share in Christ’s belief
    That one should love one’s neighbour as oneself?

    PS Could someone do the ALT 0233 thing for me on
    ‘latte’ and ‘pate’ – I’m so angry I can’t get it right!

  31. No surprise the wingnuts jump to his defence and cry beatup.

    A Rudd salute to a POTUS is earth shattering and the end of diplomatic relations for ever, an insensitive remark from a leader who just doesn’t know what to say or the appropriate moment to say it is a beatup.

    Hypocrisy abounds in the regressive world and it’s on display now.

    My take is that the interview was a far worse mistake by Abbott than the inappropriate remark in Afghanistan.

  32. My take is that the interview was a far worse mistake by Abbott than the inappropriate remark in Afghanistan.

    Absobloodylutely! The Minister, “yelped” when she saw it on Ch 7 and then I came in and watched the dumbstruck nodding and staring eyes (the original statement was repeated)!

    The Brothers’ Neil will be interesting tonight!

  33. Done Patricia.

    Another point is that prior to the election one of Abbott’s promises was to increase foreign aid but now that he wants to make cuts which he thinks will appeal to a certain % of his supporters that promise is of course as disposable as his last pair of budgie smugglers.

  34. I’m with the Minister TB. I did honestly think that the footage was some sort of joke/mock up when I first saw it.

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  36. the ‘Insiders’ interview was a special start to the year lmao. On one hand though, aren’t we better with Negabore in charge of the Dark Side?

  37. Just saw hockey on 7.30 report. Somebody really needs to explain to him what ‘Bi-partisanship’ is.

    And to hear him talk about being great with money??? $11 BILLION anyone.

  38. Min, if its not the killing blow, we might have to see Migs about putting this thread up the top next to the Media Watch tab, cos yabots the stuff up that keeps on giving.

  39. Excellent idea Tom, we can run that one by the boss. Just a title Stuff Ups should do the trick..everyone will automatically know that this refers to Abbott 🙂

  40. Your wish is my command. I’ll let this thread run a little longer though with due respects to Nas. BTW, what should we call the new page, bearing in mind that it will need to be short?

  41. It’s OK now. Tony told that the issue can be laid to rest. Move on, nothing to see here folks. Tony’s cleared himself.

  42. My god the comments in the Punch piece. Now all of a sudden the media are terrible and Riley should have been punched out by Abbott who was apparently brilliant in restraint.

    They hypocrisy is astounding. When the same media were making things up about the government nothing but praise for them. When Riley was putting the boot into Rudd, he was a great political reporter, now he’s there public enemy.

    The regressives are scary in their ideological blindness and outright hatred running to wanting violence, but only when one of theirs is rightly criticised.

    Nothing more illustrates that Abbott well and truly screwed up and was wrong in this than the vitriolic and baseless attacks now being spewed towards the media by the rabid wingnuts.

  43. Grog has a good post up at the moment, which might indicate new depths to sink to in political posturing.

    ‘[As a note, David Speers of Sky News just tweeted that a Lib MP said to him “Gillard confected those tears today”. No doubt we’ll never know who said that – journos just love their cosy off-the-record relationship that allows them to be “in the know”. On the 7:30 Report, Joe Hockey also said “there’s nothing confected about Tony Abbott”. So I’m guessing the talking points are in.

    What a disgusting polity we have.’

  44. No matter which way they want to play it to try to excuse Abbott, given that the subject was a possible lack of backup fire power for Australian troops when a soldier has been killed the comment ‘sh*t happens’ is not exactly what any solider would want to hear. It’s more or less saying tuff, your life doesn’t matter all that much.

    If Abbott suffers ridicule due to his bizarre non-response during his interview with Riley then I can say but one thing. Karma.

  45. Here it is:


    Tony Abbott had his Frost/Nixon moment outside parliament today…pressured by Ch. Seven’s reporter Mark Riley on why he seemed to make light of QLD soldier Lance Corporal McKinney’s death in Afghanistan by saying “shit happens” to the soldier’s unit during his visit…

    Abbott stood on the grounds of parliament visibly shaking like an old man with palsy…nothing emerging from his gobsmacked self. The awkward pregnant pause lasted more than a minute as Abbott melted down…as tho his brain had been snap frozen then torched:

    Could this be the final gaffe for Abbott as leader, as his popularity will surely melt like his brain did…and his party will finally be forced take the knives to this mouth before wicket prone politician.

    Mr. (far too casual at times) Negabore Abbott may have left the Coalition with no choice…having driven himself off the cliff.

    The past has come a calling.


  46. It seems that at least the Courier Mail isn’t pulling it’s punches with the headline reading: Abbott insults Digger’s Death

    I find this hypocritical in the extreme. After spending months fighting against Channel 7’s intention to release footage of the interview it seem that NOW, that’s right folks just now Abbott has phoned Lance Corporal MacKinney’s widow. It’s up on the OO for anyone who cares to stomach it.

    “Mr Abbott said tonight: “I have now spoken with Mrs Beckie MacKinney.”

  47. Yes Min, I only just read in that Punch article that yabot has put out a statement. Apparently, it’s not ‘insensitive’. When he said ‘shit happens’, apparently, people just happen to die sometimes in war.


    “It was in this context that the firing demonstration had been arranged. In subsequent discussion, captured on film later released to Channel 7 under FOI, I agreed with the American operational commander and the Australian theatre commander that the military seemed to have more than enough available support. Jared’s death was more likely one of the terrible things that happen in war for which no one or nothing could necessarily be blamed.

    “Channel 7 sought to use this footage to accuse me of making light of Jared’s death. I would never do such a thing and did not. If Channel 7 had been there they would have known this. The material was used out of context.”

    bold mine.

    And that is all an aspiring leader of our nation can say about it. That is as simple as it is, to sum up the act of one of our nations soldiers giving the ultimate sacrifice as ‘shit happens’. If somebody said that about about somebody I lost, I would feel that he was being fairly ‘insensitive’. To say the very least.

  48. Tom, Min et al…I think we can see that Tony Abbott’s stuff-ups do in fact reveal “A Pattern of Behaviour”.

    We have the evidence above. 🙂

    “The material was used out of context.”

    What a fibber eh? The Liberal machine SPINNIN’ like a top…like somethin’ straight outa the shows ‘The Thick of It’…and ‘The Hollow Men’.


  49. Well good old They’ve published a whole six comments about the story, and five of them supported Abbott. Meanwhile, they’ve published 28 comments about Julia crying, with most of them uncomplimentary.

    The right wing are shameless.

  50. I’m thinking of calling the special Abbott page “Abbott Happens”.

    Feedback please.

    If anyone can top it they win themselves dinner for two here at the Café which will include a wine of their choice.

    Any wine, that is, from the bottom shelf.

  51. There is a new one, announce on ten tonight. He describe the death of a soldier as shit happens. His real stuff up was staring at the reporter, his head rockong back and forwards and his body quivering with anger.

  52. There is a reason that people in power (or those aspiring to it) need to speak with care and compassion at all times, and not act ‘soldiery’ when around soldiers. It is so things like this cannot get blown out of proportion. And, even if you do act ‘real’ soldiery in one context, and a different sort of ‘real’ anger when confronted by your previous real, you need to SPEAK UP, so that the death of a soldier does not become all about YOU.

    Otherwise, shit happens

  53. True Tom,
    I think a major problem that Abbott has is this intense focus on himself & grabbin’ the media spotlight…he seems to pump out the scripted or advised line or twelve…and then has little else to offer…falls back on stock comments he thinks make him look “tough”…like “shit happens”…

    which gives the appearance he’s either not really listening, not absorbing what’s going on around him (rather preoccupied w/ the photo-op & workin’ out the next way to do a negabore rant)…

    and can make him seem rather adolescent in his approach…rather than demonstrating the qualities of a leader who has both empathy & take charge maturity (willing to do & suggest what’s necessary to get the job done). Which usually includes “uniting” & “motivating” people…rather than “dividing” (Abbott seems to prefer the latter).

    Abbott comes across to me more like a head-kicker & political attack dog rather than an inspiring leader who is far too casual w/ his language at times…and obsessed w/ the ME over THE PEOPLE.

    The Coalition have chosen the wrong person to lead this country.


  54. Listening to Mark Riley on Sunrise this morning makes Mr. Abbott’s action yesterday more puzzling.
    According to Mr Riley, they were given an abridged version of the videos of about eight minutes, from Mr. Abbott’s visit to Afghan last year.
    There were three army videos made. Mr. Abbott office refused to release any more of the videos.
    Mr. Riley made arrangements three hours before the interview. Mr. Riley went through a transcript of the video with his office.
    One of Mr. Abbott’s staff walked him out to the courtyard where they met up with Mr. Abbott.
    Mr. Riley said that he showed Mr. Abbott talking to the Army people and asked him what he meant by his comments. No ambush and his office fully aware of what was being discussed. Mr. Abbott office was well aware that the videos were being sought through FOI.
    The question that needs to be asked, is why Mr. Abbott appeared to be shocked when he saw the video when he knew what the interview was to be about. Nowhere are there any allegations about Mr. Abbott, just a question to why he said what he did.
    Also why did his office refuse to follow previous protocol and hand over all the videos? Why did Mr. Hockey and Mr. Abbott refuse to go on Sunrise this morning? Even Mr. Turnbull was out this morning. I can only ask, of what are they afraid?
    I would advise anyone to listen to the whole interview before they make comments.
    I think the aim of the interview was the American officer’s displeasure at what Mr. Abbott raised with him, that the soldier died because of inadequate firepower support.
    “However, the soldier’s father said Mr Abbott’s comments were out of line and had made him feel sick.
    Ian MacKinney described Mr Abbott as thoughtless, ignorant and uncaring. “It just shows how good he is, or isn’t. I’m not going to let it bother me, but it just shows he’s not very thoughtful. He doesn’t care too much,” he said……
    The Liberal Party accused Channel 7 of ambushing Mr Abbott and committing a”desperately low act”.”

    Read more:

    PS I would like to point out that he has reached a lower level by involving the soldier’s widow.

  55. Mr. Abbott is becoming unbelievable. First he hides behind a dead soldier, then involves the widow.

  56. As someone who sees fault in both sides here is my opinion.

    1) The people claiming Julia Gillard cried crocodile tears in parliament are blind rusted on supporters of the coalition who cannot sit down and analyse things using their own intelligence and observation.

    2) The people claiming that Tony Abbott actually meant “shit happens” as a derogatory statement on the death of a digger are also blind rusted on supporters who cannot sit down and analyse things using their own intelligence and observation. Tony Abbott using “shit happens” is like the government using “working families” when they can’t think of anything else.

    While supporting both sides for different reasons, it is true, I have no love for Tony Abbott, not because of his religion, but because of his politcial ideology which is too extreme to the right for my liking.

    The things I would like to know regarding this incident after watching sunrise this morning are the following.

    1) Why was the footage of Tony Abbotts trip not released, like they usually are and why did it take 3 months of FOI to get it?

    2) If the coalition did not wish to release it, did they know there were things in the footage that could have been taken in the wrong context?

    3) If they knew there were comments that could be taken in the wrong context why didn’t they release the footage with supporting comments to explain the words ?

    4) The silence did not worry me, the shaking of the head did. Which indicates in my opinion a temper bubbling away underneath that I would not wish to risk being put to the test as our PM. Will he seek anger management therapy ?

    5) Will Tony Abbott now stop using “shit happens” and widen his vocabulary and horizons to look beyond his current extreme ideology. ?

    6) Will the coalition now take a stand and attempt to drag the party from the extreme right back to a more level headed of right wing politics.

    7) Will the coalition now try to work with the government and other political parties (also elected justly by the people of Australia) to actually do something good for this country instead of this negative attack in an attempt to divide and conquer.?

    8) Will Tony Abbott stop trying to entice the independents to change alliances just so he can form government.?

    9) Are the coalition prepared to risk their leader, ( if he becomes PM) doing the same thing to an overseas reporter or dignitary or government ?

  57. Off topic for a moment. Gillard is making her annual statement on Closing The Gap and immediately gave recognition to Kevin Rudd. Well done Julia!

  58. ‘Tony Abbott using “shit happens” is like the government using “working families” when they can’t think of anything else.’

    If ‘working families’ is in reference to the death of somebody, you may be onto something SIQ, else, thats a pretty long bloody bow.

    I’ll admit, its not as callous as some might infer, but it isn’t overly sensitive, and his handling of it since is the height of insensitivity.

  59. Tom R

    It was a reference to using a figure of speech.

    I do not think Tony Abbott referred to the death of a digger by using “shit happens” and therefore I do not think the government referrers to death by using “working families”

    Political ideology does not blind me to the truth.

  60. Shane, lets hope some of your points come about. I, for one am fed up with the childish polity we have in this country.
    Mr. Abbott was asked a question that could have been answered easily.
    Why is Mr. Abbott so thin skinned? I have a theory that people, who are not honest, expect everyone else to be the same. The man is great at giving out insults; he should learn that sometimes they are lobbed back.
    Mr. Abbott’s office did not have to hide the videos, which makes one ask what they have to hide.
    I do not have much time for Sunrise but I feel a little for them this morning. For once Mr. Abbott was asked a question that he did not like, and Channel Seven has the whole world against them.

  61. Nas @8.34am “then has little else to offer…falls back on stock comments..”

    Plus when Abbott is asked for specific details and can’t rely on a stock phrase his explanations can verge on the ridiculous. For example, his hot phone to naval patrol boats.

    But now with this example, his interview with Riley and he can’t think of anything at all we see what is really going on in his mind…a big fat ZERO.

  62. Thanks for the useful info CU…I watched the first two hours & found Riley’s explanation to be sincere…he did not ambush Howard…Abbott’s press secretary had been informed ahead of time…Riley was taken out to see Abbott…Abbott must;ve known the footage existed as he & the party fought to stop its release. This means that Abbott was uncomfortable w/ it…as once again demonstrated by his long long head shaking pause.

    For Koch on Sunrise to play such an apologist for Abbott – particularly when posts such as this demonstrate there exists a “pattern of behaviour” by Abbott that is unbecoming of a leader – it only goes to demonstrate how many well paid talking heads in the media are willing to kowtow to the so called “business party”.

    The phone poll results were also justified ridiculously by a host…in fact, phone polls give a poor indication of public sentiment considering that the people most likely to ring frantically in response to an issue like this are outraged coalition/Abbott supporters & members doin’ the astroturfing thing. And those who can tolerate ad-infested morning shows.

    Not as wide an audience as they may think.

    I was expecting a great deal of SPIN this morning…and it doesn’t surprise me the usual suspect morning show hosts, shock jocks & neswpaper columnists have gone on the attack…and are trying to turn this on Mark Riley…and make him look insensitive.

    We are seeing enormous hypocrisy from a group of critics who usually scream at the top of their lungs if information is not made public by a government.

    It should give many viewers & readers over time good reason to approach the mainstream media w/ caution…recognise their evident biases…and ask the question: “If the footage had been of Kevin Rudd & Julia Gillard, how would these same apologists have responded?”

    I think we know.

    spot on.


  63. It suits Mr. Abbott and his supporters to continue to rant on that it was alleged he was talking about the soldier when he used the phrase “shit happens.”
    I do not think this was the case. I believe he was told he was wrong by the Americans and they were not happy about his allegations. Mr. Abbott was once again attempting to dig himself out of a hole he dug himself.
    I do not think that the soldier’s widow should have been approached.

  64. ‘I do not think Tony Abbott referred to the death of a digger by using “shit happens” and therefore I do not think the government referrers to death by using “working families”’

    No, he referring to circumstances surrounding it as ‘shit happens’. Which is not far removed. In all of this, the death of the soldier is central, and so, all reference should carry some kind of feeling towards that man. yabot appears to have forgotten that in his attempt to play soldier.

    Just because it is not a insensitive as it could have been, does not mean it is not insensitive. And, as shown, that is all the reporter was asking. It wasn’t leading, it wasn’t putting words into his mouth, it was showing a clip, and asking for a response. A response he was unable to muster. This, on the very same day that reporters are putting words in Gillards mouth about her ‘learning from the BER’, and wondering aloud if she was faking tears. Fair Shake of the Sauce bottle.

  65. “Off topic for a moment. Gillard is making her annual statement on Closing The Gap and immediately gave recognition to Kevin Rudd. Well done Julia!”

    Mr. Abbott giving the PM some credit twice in two days. Is there pressure being put on him? He has a problem with this subject because sadly Mr. Rudd did not dump Mr. Howard’s intervention.

  66. “It wasn’t leading, it wasn’t putting words into his mouth, it was showing a clip, and asking for a response. A response he was unable to muster. This, on the very same day that reporters are putting words in Gillards mouth about her ‘learning from the BER’, and wondering aloud if she was faking tears. Fair Shake of the Sauce bottle.”

    Excellent points Tom R.

    Furthermore, I think the hypocrisy of some of the media re: FOI laws should really be focused on Murdoch’s group in particular as they go to court, spend money on undermining attempts by govt to stifle info…

    and focus on Abbott’s lack of preparedness…what does it say about him in a situation where he needs to think quickly on his feet?…

    what does it say about his team of advisors?…

    his casual apathetic approach to things?…

    has the over-the-top fitness stuff addled his brain? Aged him prematurely? Effected his thinking?

    Interestingly, GW Bush also tried to act “casual” & “tough”…

    he also cycled. And was sometimes MIA.

    Also a showpony.

    He drove America off a cliff.


  67. Tom R

    I shake the sauce bottle at both sides of politics and at rusted on supporters of both sides of politics.

    If you are like me, you have not heard or viewed the whole footage, only a selected portion.

    You are angry for the media being selective in comments against Julia regarding the BER and what she said and you would be right.

    Are the media not doing the same thing to Tony ?

    I throw rocks at issues, not at political parties as a whole.

  68. ‘Are the media not doing the same thing to Tony ?’

    No, they are not putting words into his mouth, they are asking a question.

    The footage is there for all to see, and, as I said, is not as low as it might have appeared, but it is still low. A potential leader ‘hamming it up’ (as Mr Denmore says) cheapens the act of that soldier.

    He should be ridiculed for it, because it was in poor taste.

  69. I do not doubt Tony Abbotts support of our diggers.

    I have been rock solid in my opinion of Tony Abbott since he became leader. He is too extreme, with a foul mouth and a foul temper.

    That has not changed, only been reinforced.

  70. ‘I do not doubt Tony Abbotts support of our diggers.

    I don’t doubt that either

    I also don’t doubt that he says stupid and uncaring things on a regular basis.

  71. Tom R

    I will agree with you on that, his mouth is worse than a rest stop shithouse and also full at the wrong times 🙂

  72. And that, imo opinion SIQ, is what this is about. No, the comment was not said in the worst possible light it could be taken, but it isn’t in a very good light none the less. And his response to his poor behaviour simply reinforces the image that he is self centered and only considers the reflection upon himself, not others

  73. There is no doubt that Tony Abbott was not being disrespectful towards the death of soldier, but it highlights Abbotts poor lack in judgement when trying to be “one of the boy’s”, sadly he is also an opportunist of the worst kind and I think his two realities sometimes get confused, one reality per synapse, and this is always going to follow him. This morning on sky he has said, “it’s time to move on from his comments about the death of a soldier in Afghanistan, out of respect to the soldier’s widow.” but sadly for Abbott one can’t help being cynical that he is trying to hide behind Beckie MacKinney whether it is true or not Abbott is his own worst enemy and it seems that Labor just may let Abbott boil in his stew as Stephen Smith said he did not think Mr Abbott intended his remarks to cause offence.

  74. Tom R

    Many are claiming that Tony said “shit happens” in regards to the death of an Aussie soldier, when we know this is not correct.

    If they are not careful it will backfire because the middle voters know this not to be the truth.

    I want to hurt Tony by pointing out his temper and his seeming lack of a wide vocabulary. Poor KRIs for a PM in waiting.

  75. ‘Many are claiming that Tony said “shit happens” in regards to the death of an Aussie soldier, when we know this is not correct.’

    I haven’t seen this repeated in the MSM, except perhaps by commentors in their blogs, and they say all sorts of stupid things? The following is the problem imo

    Song for yabot

  76. Augustus

    You are so correct in Tony being one of the boys.

    At school you spoke and tried to act tough in front of the others to be cool.

    “Shit Happens” is one of those comments which reinforces a type of schoolyard bullyboy, want to be one of the gang, types of toughness.

  77. From Phil Coorey at SMH:

    a key factor that has so far been overlooked is that the Coalition did politicise Mackinney’s death at the time.

    After the firefight in which he was killed, an anonymous email was sent to the media claiming that had the troops had more air and fire support, the death would not have occurred.

    The top brass disputed the claim but Abbott and his defence spokesman, David Johnston began a campaign of calling for more men and materiel for Afghanistan. In a policy shift, they called for tanks, artillery, helicopters and 360 more men.

    The clear insinuation was that the Gillard government was not giving the boys everything they needed.

    Senator Johnston said a Digger who suggested there was not enough fire support “should never be dismissed”.

    Indeed, when Abbott declined Gillard’s invitation to accompany her to Afghanistan, he explained it was better he went by himself so the troops might feel more comfortable talking to him about their concerns. Fair point.

    When this writer visited with Gillard, the troops were not shy about asking for artillery and helicopters. They laughed at the suggestion of tanks.

    Abbott made the trip solo and after being allowed to fire some guns, he was reassured by the US commander, Colonel Jim Creighton, that the boys had all they needed.

    And with that, the demand for more men and equipment was dropped with the acceptance that “shit happens”.

    Ultimately, the expression itself is not going to damage Abbott so much.

    His reaction of frozen fury when confronted by Channel Seven’s Mark Riley has alarmed colleagues who last night likened it to the Latham handshake moment.

    More here:

    It’s worth a read…including last paragraph about Abbott’s staff.


  78. Shane, I think where Abbott falls over is that he doesn’t grasp concepts very well, I could imagine that in order to do your job as a soldier you need to be detached from reality somewhat, especially when you loose a comrade and have to keep fighting, for a soldier to make reference that shit happens is a defence mechanism at the time of battle, this is where Abbott got himself into trouble not so much from as bullyboy, but the wanna be. Maybe they will name a doll after him, the G.I. Abbott doll

  79. “sadly for Abbott one can’t help being cynical that he is trying to hide behind Beckie MacKinney whether it is true or not Abbott is his own worst enemy and it seems that Labor just may let Abbott boil in his stew as Stephen Smith said he did not think Mr Abbott intended his remarks to cause offence.”

    Spot on Augustus…Abbott seems to be charming…or manipulating Beckie MacKinney in order to justify his poor judgement.

    Hiding behind her skirt too…so to speak.

    He has no courage. Just like when he ran from a debate w/ Julia Gillard & let News Ltd & others set-up staged debate forums for him.


  80. Nas

    You link reinforces my point that the pressure should be about Tonys language and temper.

    I too, would be worried at that head shake if he became PM.

    The footage, solely of the head shake, will be a machine guns worth of ammunition at the next election.

    The footage of Tony Abbott in Afghanistan is not.

  81. “…“Shit Happens” is one of those comments which reinforces a type of schoolyard bullyboy, want to be one of the gang, types of toughness.”

    I also think it demonstrates a lack of real awareness of the gravity of situations…taking them too casually.

    It’s like saying: That’s the way the cookie crumbles…what can we do about it? It’s the way things are.

    Not good in a serious situation that needs serious contemplation & rational, previously well-thought out decision-making to try and ensure “shit” doesn’t happen again.

    It’s like shrugging yer shoulders after your advisor tells you Townsville has been nuked by the Koreans.

    “Oh well, shit happens”.


  82. “You link reinforces my point that the pressure should be about Tonys language and temper.”

    Agree Shane…and inability to prepare for such instances…and respond w/ dignity, integrity & motivational, uniting words instantly.

    Always seems like he’s covering up his own gaffes or those he &/or his team think are gonna be seen in a bad light.

    I imagine his PMship would be a nightmare for the party & supporting media…they’d have to keep him in a box. People will not tolerate GW Bush-like stupidity & overly casual approach for long over here the way they did in America.

    I think the FOI thing re: hypocritical media is important to.


  83. I noticed during the election campaign that Abbott went and annoyed a police station and put on basic riot gear then goes to Afghanistan and is filmed toting a Steyr asking to go on patrol, hmmm certainly loves a uniform even a priests cassock, he wasn’t a member of the village people was he?

  84. If Abbott thinks that trying to be ‘one of the boys’ and presumably one of the girls is what is going to impress our enlisted personnel then he is going to be sadly disappointed.

    Enlisted personnel see themselves as professionals. They do not fob off a situation where their own and their mates lives are in danger as ‘shit’ which just happens. They scrutinise the why and how future casualties can be prevented, the same as all professionals do. What they want and should expect from politicians is leadership and a willingness to listen with sincerity.

  85. Augustus, I remember that. Abbott on patrol. Just what personnel don’t need, to have a politician to have to baby sit.

    It wasn’t widely publicised but Abbott knew all along that it was just grandstanding on his behalf due to the fact he hadn’t done the basic training which is compulsory before any civilian can be embedded.

  86. Min as you said they are trained professionals and would never consider placing another persons life at risk for an ego shot, and this is where Abbott fails, he cannot grasp the consequences of his own actions and in itself shows a lack of respect to even ask in the first place. Thank God he is not running the country.

  87. Spot on Augustus…Abbott seems to be charming…or manipulating Beckie MacKinney in order to justify his poor judgement.

    Hiding behind her skirt too…so to speak.

    I think that could be inferred quite easily as insulting to Mrs McKinney and her independence … ADF families are quite capable and confident of expressing a point of view, are not easily influenced by politicians and readily speak out in support of the serving and ex-serving members …

    … neither she nor her father in law have refuted what was said between her and Abbott … although Mr McKinney has articulated an opposite personal perspective that I thoroughly agree with.

  88. Disagree TB. Traumatised people can unfortunately be manipulated & charmed by politicians that give them the personal call etc.

    Be persuaded to say & do things they might not really want to.

    We’ve seen such cases in America during the Iraq War etc.

    Both families mourning & wounded soldiers.

    Look at the case of Jessica Lynch:


  89. “I think that could be inferred quite easily as insulting to Mrs McKinney and her independence”

    Perhaps requesting Mrs McKinney put out a press release absolving Abbott could be considered insulting her “independence”?


  90. I think that this is not just one of Abbott’s “errors of judgement”, saying something which some might consider inappropriate.

    The important thing to me is what happened next, his reaction, Abbott’s inability to say anything or to anything reasonable in response. Is trying to stop the clip being released an appropriate response? Or is a potential leader supposed to acknowledge what went wrong and do their best to correct it.

  91. is immensely amused at the whiny Lib supporters crying foul over Abbot being ‘set up’ or the horrible ‘media beat up’ from ‘red 7’. Oh dear, they really do only like dishing it out dont they…

  92. Abbott has history on the poor timing of his apologies. Waits until Bernie Banton is about to die before he decides to call him a mate; waits until after the undecided 2010 election to apologise to Andrew Wilke for the way the Libs treated him half a decade ago; waits 3 months before he calls the soldier’s widow, and only did so because his statement was made public.

    One stand alone incident I can understand. But not a string of them.

  93. Damo, not that it surprises me but clearly the Abbott supporters neglected to read the VIP information that Riley’s interview wasn’t a setup.

    No one could possibly know that Abbott was going to stand there nodding mouthing nothing. Riley obviously amazed and somewhat perplexed given his expression in the clip even tried to help Tony along by trying to encourage him to at least say ‘something’.

  94. Mr. Abbott now says that any comments on this matter should cease because it is not fair for the widow. Not bad, involve the widow then say it should stop because she is involved.
    Talk about hiding under the woman’s skirt. The man I am afraid is gutless. The lady should not have been involved in the first place.

  95. Nas’ @8.34am, exactly. Unless it’s all about him, it is of no interest to him, like a spoiled child whose parents indulge instead of guide.

    This man isn’t a leader’s bootlace; he was the chief headkicker in the Rodentochracy and that’s all he’ll ever be. It emphasizes the paucity of talent in the COALition that he’s still strutting around as their leader.

    I can only ask, of what are they afraid?

    The truth, CU.

    Shane, I think the difference is that the media is not trying to misrepresent what Smuggles said. He’s been asked to explain why he made such an offhand response to the circumstances around a serviceman’s death and he’s been found wanting.

    Instead of being honest and admitting his comment was inappropriate, he’s using spin and bluster to excuse himself, as usual.

    Had Julia Gillard made the same response, there would have been a nuclear explosion of condemnation from the usual suspects, and rightly so. However, no attempt would be made to shift the blame to the journalist asking the questions, as is currently happening.

    Unlike the current mob of pathetic toadies in Emperor Rupert’s Evil Empire, I do not excuse his comment. He aspires to the highest political office in the country, but is incapable of making an appropriate response about events surrounding the death of an Australian serviceman, killed in action.

    His only response to a national disaster is to make political hay; it is quite clear that the victims of the floods and cyclones are just fodder for his obsessive ambition to become PM, which he thinks is his by divine right. An attitude doubtless sponsored by his mentor, the Rodent.

    Since his election as Opposition leader he has done nothing to convince me that he could be trusted to perform that task with any degree of honesty, credibility or integrity.

    I place the blame for his not being exposed as the empty vessel that he is squarely on the shoulders of the MSM, Mr Denmore’s failed estate, who with the exception of a very few, have failed at every turn to hold him accountable for his out and out lies, obfuscations, hypocrisy and erratic, irresponsible, ill considered and frankly ludicrous apologies for policies, made either on the run or written on the back of an envelope.

    Policies, I might add, which he abandons in the blink of an eye to be replaced with others diametrically opposed to the ones lying abandoned and strewn behind him.

  96. Migs

    Great comments there regarding the trilogy of timed apologies.

    What I find amazing is that he has called for the comments to cease to protect the widow, and I agree.

    Where is the same request in reagrds to the loss of life due to the natural disasters, and the dogged desire of the opposition during the disasters to claim the high moral ground on money, and inspections on wastage instead of being sensitive.

  97. CU, I agree. A man with guts would have immediately contacted the widow when the event occurred, told her that he had made a comment which might be construed as inappropriate and worn the consequences. But of course Abbott didn’t, his first instinct was to protect himself.

  98. Jane

    I tend to agree with most of your comments, however I believe his comment was not intended to denigrate the death of a soldier and I give him the benefit of the doubt as you would no doubt ask me to, if the boot was on the other foot.

    I have not been privilege to the whole footage and will not be a hypocrite by slandering him over this, without all the facts and evidence.

    Having said that, you all know my opinion of Tony.

  99. Hi everyone, very interesting and accurate assessments of the dear leader of the alternative government.
    If the Coaltion had two or more months to prepare a response to the video, what happened? One thought is that Abbott figured it wouldn’t matter because those pesky Independents would come to their senses and switch sides and the problem would disappear.
    does Abbott live inside his head to the extent that when reality bites he’s left wondering what happenend to his script.

  100. Shane, I don’t think that even Abbott is that bad a human being unthinking one yes plus opportunistic. I’m thinking of his jet lag comment.

    Of course he didn’t knock back Gillard’s invitation to show bipartisan support for the troops for no good reason, it was just that he was worried about being “jetlagged” for the British Conservative Party conference. I mean after all he did eventually turn up in Afghanistan, so what’s the problem. (sarcasm alert).

  101. Min

    I have no doubt he has an agenda, but all politcians do, their aim is the top job.

    My aim is to ensure I criticise both sides of politics with evidence to back up that criticism. Such as my scathing evidence against Tony Abbotts hypocrisy on the new flood levy.

  102. Just spotted on twitter, from Parliament, an interjection from really nasty abbott,
    “nasty Julia is back”

    He’s such a grown-up.

  103. Shane, of course every politician has an agenda however to me it’s the way that Abbott goes about it which is of concern. As Migs mentioned in his comment today it is a pattern of behaviour. I believe that these sort of patterns give a strong indication of what sort of PM Abbott would be.

  104. PM Gillard performed well in parliament today…she took it to Abbott regarding whether or not he had changed his mind in regard to what type of packages should be used to assist flood & cyclone victims…

    the emphasis on Abbott’s poor track record when it came to “consistency” on positions.

    I guess the ETS was one.

    Against it, for it, against it.

    I take it he does yoga.

    He seems to know the rare head up his own ass position.


  105. What I find amazing is that he has called for the comments to cease to protect the widow, and I agree.

    Shane @ 2.40pm; to protect himself more like, going on past behaviour as observed by CU & Min. I sound very cynical I know, but Smuggles has yet to behave in a way to place any confidence in him ever doing the right thing.

    Pip @3.07pm, rather that he thought his mates in the MSM would defend the indefensible wrt his behaviour. Unfortunately, his confidence in their slavish toadying is not misplaced.

    It seems to me that he behaves like a very spoiled and over indulged child whose parents have never imposed any boundaries on him, nor taught him that automatically lying to cover a mistake or gaffe is not admirable.

    And the MSM have fallen over themselves in their haste to reward those character flaws.

  106. I must say that Mr. Abbott is very quiet today. Hardly a peak out of him. Some half hearted finger poking at Mr. Rudd. Did not appear to take in QT, not that is any thing new.

    I am still puzzled why he was so upset yesterday about something that did not amount to much.

    I am wondering if we are missing something in the videos.

  107. Jane, to add..I always found the media’s effort in going along with the Liberal’s theme that Tony is a ‘straight-shooter’, and without question one of the prime examples of their ‘slavish toadying’.

    Since when has making a considerable number of tactless verbal faux-pas ever been straight-shooting.

  108. “Perhaps requesting Mrs McKinney put out a press release absolving Abbott could be considered insulting her “independence”?”

    I believe not but I think the man has a hide to ask her to do so. Did he contact her to apologise or to get her to save his bacon. In light of the public outcry, the apology should have remained private.

  109. “If the Coaltion had two or more months to prepare a response to the video, what happened?”

    G’day Pip!

    What happened?

    Well, Abbott was out cycling of course. 🙂

    When not off at the beach stroking his fave budgie smugglers.

    All jokes aside, the man comes across as an apathetic type when it comes to his job.

    I guess that’s why he chose Julie Bishop as his trusted lieutenant…and mouthpiece (tho I think the ever yappin’ Chris Pyne is tryin’ to worm his way into that position)…

    Bishop’s known apathetic approach to researching & producing original material I imagine was meant to make Abbott look like a hard worker…

    Enjoyably, Ruddy today got spectacularly stuck into Abbott over his proposed cuts to Indonesian school programs…

    and let it be known loud & clear that Abbott had once again failed to do his policy homework…the programs had been reviewed NOT ONCE…BUT TWICE…roared a confident, articulate Rudd.

    Apparently Abbott claimed the programs had not been reviewed.

    Abbott slightly squirmed in his parliamentary chair & at one point swivelled for support from his lapdogs Bishop & Pyne & others…givin’ off a sheepish grin & unintelligable reply…

    and then turned towards Rudd – as Rudd continued to lecture him on his dopey “budget cuts” decision…

    Abbott then, as tho he’d awoken from a bad dream, started pointing & yelling at Rudd like some brash schoolboy caught out for bad behaviour, disrupting the class & failing to do appropriate study.

    Rudd shot him down.


  110. CU, I think that Abbott is stewing because he looks so incredibly bizarre in the video clip. I don’t think it’s because he said the words sh*t happens, it’s the visual image of a supposed potential leader of the country standing there looking as if he’s trying to imitate a landed fish.

  111. “This man isn’t a leader’s bootlace; he was the chief headkicker in the Rodentochracy and that’s all he’ll ever be. It emphasizes the paucity of talent in the COALition that he’s still strutting around as their leader.”

    Well said jane,

    I thought same today.

    And it’s not surprising he chose the cabinet he did…many of them are mean-spirited sycophants.

    Abbott bosses them around like a late 18th, early 19th century boss on the factory floor.


  112. “Had Julia Gillard made the same response, there would have been a nuclear explosion of condemnation from the usual suspects, and rightly so. However, no attempt would be made to shift the blame to the journalist asking the questions, as is currently happening.”

    Don’t we know it. She copped it just for bein’ unmarried & not havin’ a child (Latham & Shanashame you suck big time).

    Imagine how this woulda gone down?


  113. “it was just that he was worried about being “jetlagged” for the British Conservative Party conference.”

    I wonder how Abbott responded today when he heard the news his fellow Tories in the UK had…wait for it…increased the bank LEVY?

    Conservatives heart the old levy to grab moolah.


  114. Jane

    I choose to give Tony the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his “shit happens” comments.

    As for his silent blood boil, that scares me as I have already commented.

  115. Here are a couple of comments via Sky from journalists.

    Matthew Franklin of the OO: that Labor wants to create the image that this is a man not fit to lead the country.

    Mark Kenny of the Adelaide Advertiser: feeds into the idea that Abbott was being opportunistic when he used the email for political purposes following Jared MacKinney’s death.

    No surprises from Franklin and his emphasis on that it’s somehow all Labor’s fault, an image that THEY want to create.

  116. Conservatives heart the old levy to grab moolah. Nasking

    Not by much enough, if you watch the very interesting video from the link.

    £8oo million levy from an expected bank bonus pool for The Robber Barons fat cats of £10 BILLION! GMAFB!

    Banks bailed here there and everywhere and 18 months later they’re at it again! Bunch of disgusting, greedy pricks!


    MIN! Thanks for the edit earlier! 😉

  117. … that Labor wants to create the image that this is a man not fit to lead the country …

    Lol! He’s doing that perfectly well by himself! 😆

  118. “Banks bailed here there and everywhere and 18 months later they’re at it again! Bunch of disgusting, greedy pricks!”

    I agree TB, it’s not nearly enuff…piss weak on the Tories part.

    And they’ve done nuthin’ about exec pay.

    But my point was it’s a levy.

    Just like Abbott wanted a levy. 🙂


  119. My pleasure TB, if you ever need an edit then I’m the person 😉

    And @ 5.34pm. Stunning isn’t it how Labor finds it so easy to manipulate the media. Abbott makes a gaffe and the media are chaffing at the bit to help Labor out by turning into a headliner.

  120. Min @4.05pm, right on the money.

    Shane @4.38pm, please don’t take what I said as a criticism of your position. I have a great deal of respect for what you say and enjoy your comments a great deal.

    In fact, that goes for all the Whisperers. A mine of information to be had and none of the vicious rage you find among the RWDB mob.

    Min @4.43pm, as TB commented, Labour doesn’t need to do anything. Smuggles is doing just fine all by himself!

    Nas’ thanks for the report on Rudd giving Smuggles what for on the floor. He is a very good parliamentary performer as is Swan when he gets the bit between his teeth. I haven’t seen Julia Gillard caning them, but I imagine she would be pretty good; just don’t seem to catch parliament at the right time I guess.

  121. More than what Abbott said and in what context he said it, more than what his reaction of stunned shaking silence was to a question he was told he would be asked and footage he was told he would be shown, more than all of that, the thing that has my blood boiling at the moment is the utter hypocrisy of the right wing across the board, from bloggers, online commentators, opinion commentators, political commentators and think tank mouth pieces.

    When the media is banal and deceitful in attacking Labor, the PM and Labor pollies they are either totally silent or they fully support the media banality and pettiness, adding their own banal points of attack often worse than the media’s attacks.

    Yet now all of sudden to them the media has gone too far, Stokes should sack Riley, the media are biased against the right and it goes on and gets worse the more you read online and see on TV like today’s Drum.

    Just what friggin’ planet have these people been living on?

    Are they really that ideologically blinded, biased, narrow minded and idiotic that constant false and trite attacks against Labor for many years now somehow never happened, and the media were supposedly fair and balanced up until now but all of sudden in one Abbott interview they have gone way too far?

    And what of all the other Abbott inappropriate words, blatant contradictions and idiocies? How come they are somehow perfectly OK, but heaven forbid that Labor tells it like it is and does something good, crucify them?

    That is what really upsets me about this, the grand hypocrisy of the wingnuts, and there is no other apt description for them at this time but RWDB.

    And then there’s the fact that the moment Gillard gaffs or strines or doesn’t have a handbag, or puts a foot wrong or even if she does nothing wrong, and the media trounces her, no matter what the reason or how petty the reason and even if there is no reason so the media completely make it up, these same wingnut idiots will be out in force putting the boot in and agreeing with the media they are now condemning.

  122. Dead right, Mobius.

    Point in case; today’s Daily Telegraph. Painted across the front page was a tearful Julia Gillard. A few pages in we see a not so large article about Abbott’s remark.

  123. Adrian, the battles are endless the conflict eternal … but we shall and do prevail!

    ALP mythology says the first party branch was founded at a meeting of striking pastoral workers under a ghost gum tree (the “Tree of Knowledge”) in Barcaldine, Queensland in 1891. The Balmain, New South Wales branch of the party also claims to be the oldest in Australia. The party as a serious electoral force dates from 1891 in New South Wales, 1893 in Queensland and South Australia, and later in the other colonies. In New South Wales in 1891, the first election contested by Labour candidates (as Labor was spelt at the time – see Etymology), 35 of 141 seats were won by Labour candidates.[15] In 1899, Anderson Dawson formed a minority Labour government in Queensland, the first in the world, which lasted one week.

  124. What it amounts to, ME is that RWDBs are a bunch of sooky, sooky lalas. They can dish it out, but can’t take it!

  125. “thanks for the report on Rudd giving Smuggles what for on the floor. He is a very good parliamentary performer as is Swan when he gets the bit between his teeth.”

    Yer welcome jane.

    I reckon Swan has really grown in stature & demonstrates much more confidence now. I have confidence in him. He performs well on tele these days, dependable…gets the points across well. Doesn’t shriek like Hockey.

    I watched the Four Corners episode on the PM & found it informative & generally reassuring. I think Gillard will make a fine PM…oneday perhaps a great one.

    The responsible images shown of the Julia doin’ her job w/ confidence, empathy, good cheer & oodles of determination demonstrated to me how incredibly biased much of the imagery of her has been of late elsewhere in the media.

    Shame on the media for manufacturing a negative perception.

    My wife was very annoyed & said:

    “Now how come we don’t see these kind of longer, down-to-earth images of Julia?…particularly those during the flood…why always the short, awkward snippets and worse camera angles possible?…I reckon the cameramen are not taking her seriously, mucking around like juveniles showing no respect for the PM.”

    I nodded & told her it might have to do w/ those in control of the editing & gatekeeping process too.

    It was good to see a more balanced assessment of our PM.

    I really dig Tony Windsor & Bob Brown…wisdom of the elders.


  126. I was out of action all day so went to the 7.30 Report after the news looking something about Parliament. Nothing at all – mostly taken up with police brutality in Queensland, child abuse in Victoria and then terrorist training in the Yemen. What happened in the nation’s capital? I bet it was something great for the PM and lousy for Abbott.

    If it’s juicy please lead on!

  127. I see from Grog that Julia had a good day today – so that’s why we didn’t hear about it on 7.30 Report or even the news.

    Out of action today on my back with sciatica I amused myself with the thought that Abbott’s weird behaviour is the inevitable result of his encounter with Pituri, our indigenous kava, when he was ‘lost in the desert’ back in March. Too late to use that hypothesis for the ‘shit happens’ episode, but next time………… when he goes over the top on a PR stunt and starts off a disastrous bush fire…………… I liked the idea back then but ……………. nah. Watching the team come out to support him on this latest gaffe makes that seem not such a wild dream of mine……………….

    Abbott Misfires – Arson Charge!

    Tony Abbott’s famous trial
    Created headlines mile on mile,
    His guilt it seems writ large,
    Cos arson was the charge.

    He’d set Waringah all aflame
    So he’d achieve much wide acclaim
    In fighting back the fire till it was dead.
    That’s what the prosecution said.

    But remember Tony is a local hero.
    The chances of his guilt seem zero.
    Of all his colleagues none defected,
    Had petitions far and wide collected.

    When at last he had his day in court,
    He stood there manly as he ought,
    Proclaiming he was innocent
    With absolutely nothing to repent.

    His lawyers claim in his defence
    He’d unwittingly been influenced
    By a ‘sacred and mysterious weed’
    When teaching Aboriginals to read.

    The trial is long and still on-going.
    National debate just keeps on growing.
    How likely is it judge and jury
    Will acquit him – and blame instead – Pituri?

  128. Patricia..that’s brilliant. I had almost forgotten about Abbott’s Lawrence of Arabia moment.

    I hope that you’re feeling much better soon, 2 ruptured discs here so I know exactly what you mean.

  129. It feels as if we lefties have been waiting, well it seems for ever for this to happen. Firstly for things to start looking crook for Abbott, and now the Libs’ good ol’ reliable and permanent Deputy has decided to stand up for herself against him as well.

    THE row between Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and his deputy Julie Bishop over proposed cuts to the foreign aid budget has worsened….

    Ms Bishop reportedly confronted Mr Abbott in his office yesterday.

    The Indonesian program, and other aid areas, have been targeted by a One Nation-style campaign.

    And well done Rudd. If people think that schooling for little brown and yellow people isn’t important, well maybe they can relate to this one.

    Joining the critics yesterday was Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd, who said the program was critical in countering Islamic militants, attacked Mr Abbott.

    ‘‘There would perhaps be one person in the world who would be happy with the new policy adopted by the leader of the opposition,’’ he said. ‘‘And that is [alleged terrorist leader and Bali bombing suspect] Abu Bakar Bashir.

    The above quotes from:

  130. Barry Cassidy writes a fairly articulate article, until this point

    ‘But the partisans cut him no slack.’

    Why should we. As a prospective leader of our country, he is representing us all, and so must choose his words carefully, particualrly when discussing delicate matters in front of cameras that definitely are not ‘eavesdropping’

    Jesus, Rudd still gets pilloried for his alleged ‘rat-fuckers’ statement, but we are supposed to let poor ol tones of the hook? Cos what he actually said could have been construed as much worst than it was?

    Screw that!!

  131. Then he goes on and writes utter shit like this Tom, falling back into his bash the government with bullshit meme:

    Rough days on a rolling campaign to nowhere

    These are rough days for a government still finding its way and crippled by a history of wasteful spending, and yet the opposition seems incapable of exploiting any of it.

    Note that dissimulation on supposed government waste, stated as though a history of wasteful spending is an absolute fact that doesn’t need to be referenced or justified.

    This is how the right wing media and Liberal party ingrain in the public a false meme that comes to be thought of as a fact. It’s how the Howard government gained their “good economic” management meme, when they were by any measure terrible economic managers.

  132. Jane

    I did not take it as criticism at all. We all have our opinions and having differing opinions is very healthy it makes us provide evidence rather than simply rant.

    Having differing opinions is healthy for a site. Only having one side of opinions and having that side denigrate anyone who disagrees, via comments, makes a site bias and in my opinion unwilling to debate the truth. Examples are Bolt and Akerman to name just 2, however I have no doubt there are left wing sites as well.

    I enjoy being challenged over my opinion as it makes me sit back and look at whether my emotions have taken over logic. I also enjoy challenging those who have a different opinion and request facts rather than gossip or media bias.

    If I am proven incorrect then I apologise. Usually if I prove my point with others, the only evidence of proof is the deafening silence and lack of response from the other person, or alternatively personal abuse or sarcastic caustic comments. Which in my opinion shows their complete lack of ability to concede that evidence has proven their comments incorrect or hypocritical.

  133. Just watched AM Agenda. A boorish Kelly O’Dwyer (Liberal) was so loudly interrupting the calm Nick Champion (Labor) you’d think she was channeling one of her mentors, Peter Costello, in parliamentary setting.

    The constant interruptions were obviously meant to get the typical negabore messages thru…but ended up being irritating…was like watching the first drunk at a wedding reception table when everyone else is still sober…

    Kelly’s articulate, but she might want to reduce the caffeine in the morning…and keep the Costello blowhardin’ style to parliament.

    Unless she’s thinking of leaving politics early and becoming a shock jock or Bill O’Reilly copycat.

    Champion’s views came thru loud & clear…in ironically, a softly spoken manner.


  134. ‘crippled by a history of wasteful spendin’

    I really would like the government to stand up and say ‘show us the waste’

    Cos they have the reports and figures to show it is all just rubbish.

  135. Good old last night went to pains to tell us that the whole world stood behind Tony Abbott, even some Labor politicians.

    The fact that Labor didn’t want to throw mud at Abbott was taken as a sign of support for him. The headlines and the stories never seem to marry up on

    Here’s a headline they would never shout: “Father of deceased soldier upset with Abbott”.

  136. “Having differing opinions is healthy for a site.”

    I agree Shane.

    My views on a number of issues are quite different than many on here re: aspects of lifestyle related to food & animal welfare…

    probably more Green party supporting than some…I’d say I’m a Greenish Laborite (Soc Dem) w/ some independent views…who has sympathy for small business & farmers.

    I also focus on the odd seemingly kooky conspiracy (some thought Watergate was a load of crap, proved otherwise)…

    think Australia could be more culturally diverse, particularly in the way it’s oft presented to the outside world…

    my views on the Afghan War are seemingly less pacifist & critical to some…as oppossed to my views on the Iraq fiasco.

    And, if I had to, I could probably tolerate a Turnbull-led government down the road. Hopefully far down the road…let’s face it, this is a Democracy so the ALP can’t, shouldn’t, govern for eternity.

    I’ve differed w/ some on here regarding the Rudd vs Gillard bit. Tho, I’m quite content w/ Julia in the role now & Ruddy as FM.

    My supportive views on Julia Assange & Wikileaks have worried, irritated some. No probs.

    I think most on here generally agree that we don’t want Abbott as leader (plenty of right-wingers & Independents I’ve read aren’t too big on him bein’ in that position either)…

    And plenty who visit this site have no luv for the Murdoch media empire…and the Howard/Murdoch/corporate infection that spread thru the ABC during the Howard years.

    So commonalities exist…bur we also differ, as all humans do, on many things. If you get down to the nitty gritty.

    Just because politics egged on by certain media outlets & American influence has led to so much extremism at times (not disimilar to the 1920s – 1940s buildup of communism vs fascism…and 50s McCarthy era) …and catering to occasionally the most grotesque of mean-spirited ideas…does not mean that because we don’t have constantly right-wing extremists on here we aren’t offering up diverse opinion.

    That’s nonsense.

    I’m sure our resident swing-voter Shane recognises this…as does Mobius who supports the ALP-led government, has no luv for Abbott but respects Joanna Gash re: his district, votes for her. There are ex-Liberal party voters on here too.

    And jane, Min, TB, Tom R. & many others, including myself, are always willing to offer up advice to the government if we feel they are wonky in an area.

    So keep the great analyses & feedback comin’ if yer up for it – I’ve luved reading thru the insightful comments on this & other recent threads…

    whether it be on Abbott or Assange/Wikileaks, climate change, the Egyptian situation, Afghan/Iraq Wars, recipes, the Howard or Gillard or Rudd governments, Obama administration…arrestable offences…Mig’s wine cellar…& thought-provokin’ Aboriginal affairs posts…Eddie’s links…Patricia & others’ poetry…whatever)…

    Plenty on here have taught me to argue the issue more…and respect other views. Even if I do still screw up now & then…get a bit heated…like a grumpy bear.

    Be fearless. It will be valued.


  137. Nas

    Im not going anywhere and will continue to blog and comment. I only blog here and nowhere else. My blogs remain exclusive to CW. From memory my exclusivity contract must be coming due for renewal 🙂

    I only comment here and at GT and very rarely at newspapers. I don’t have the time to troll other sites.

    Coping with CW and GT is enough for me when you have your own business, was just voicing how I see it.

  138. Very well said Nas’.

    A summary from The Age’s Katherine Murphy.

    “Abbott’s great strength as a politician is his partisanship – people know he believes in things – but brute partisanship without a coherent ideology underpinning it is just combat for its own sake. At the moment, these conflicts look manufactured.”

    I don’t know that the first point “people know he believes in things” is at all accurate. I know that Abbott has been constantly promoted as a “conviction politician” but to me this is no more than another label written by his PR machine. Abbott is supposed to be a good Christian but his attitude towards refugees for example quickly contradicts any supposed Christian conviction of doing unto others as you would have done unto you.

    But yes most definitely, these conflicts do look manufactured and at last someone in the MSM has been prepared to put it in writing.

  139. “Ms Bishop reportedly confronted Mr Abbott in his office yesterday.”

    Things must be getting bad for Mr. Abbott. Ms Bishop has in the past looked at her leaders with googy eyes right up to when they are disposed, for ever the loyal deputy.

    Mr. Abbott does not like to be questioned on his actions. He seems to believe that every question is aimed at destroying him. Could this be a guilty conscience, because this is his modi operandi?

    I must say that the Opposition spin unit is performing well. We now have Mr. Abbott being portrayed as a loving and caring man who role in life is to support the troops when in mourning.

    I still have trouble working out what Mr. Riley and Channel 7 did that was so wrong. One or two easy to answer questions were asked. It is reported that Mr. Abbott body language showed he was consumed with anger. If so, Mr. Riley did not appear to be afraid but puzzled by Mr. Abbott’s reaction.

    I wonder how Mr. Abbott now feels, that the government offered him the hand of friendship and took his side in this debacle. His subdue demeanour in QT yesterday indicates he knows he is beholden to them.

    Mr. Abbott should take his latest experience as a warning and give up his obsession of digging for dirt in every waking hour, at the expense of fulfilling his role as Opposition Leader.

    Mr. Abbott accused PM Gillard of having a tine ear; maybe it is he that is afflicted.

  140. “‘crippled by a history of wasteful spendin’”

    Should not good journalism have the word alleged in there somewhere. If not, should there not be some proof or sources?

  141. CU, you’re certainly right. It’s absolutely woeful how supposed journalists repeat Liberal Party catch-phrases and Press Releases with no scrutiny whatsoever. As you say, just an ‘alleged’ would do.

    It used to be, A spokesperson for the Liberal Party said…… or According to Liberal Party sources……

  142. patriciawa, great poem, but bad about the sciatica. Hope it improves soon.

    Min, ruptured discs, you poor thing! =( Looks like there might be a little movement at the station re the Smuggles Set and Bishop could be smelling the blood in the water. Hockey too perhaps, although I think he’s done his dash as far as the top job goes-too many brain farts and $11bn black holes to be caned with!

    ME & Tom, yep. Same old wasteful spending meme. He just couldn’t help himself.

    However, I thought his criticism of Smuggles’ peculiar response to the video footage and the complete lack of attention to it by his minders, was spot on. It wasn’t sprung on him, but he behaved as though it was.

    It demonstrates the sheer arrogance of the Smuggles Set and their cheerleaders. They truly think that they can say and do as they please; Emperor Rupert and his client states like the ABC will always spin any gaffe, lie or example of unfitness for government in a positive light.

    Shane @9.35am, I’m very happy you didn’t take offence where none was intended.

    Nas’ @11.00pm, I know how frustrated S’ must feel reading and seeing all the bullsh!t in the media.

    It’s my opinion that the last thing the MSM wants is to project a positive image of Julia Gillard, so they edit and manipulate all the images and other information to make her look as terrible as possible.

    A lot of people fall for it because they think the MSM, particularly the Murdochracy, is honest, reliable, credible, unbiased and accurately reports current events, when the opposite is true.

    It’s because Emperor Rupert doesn’t think honesty, integrity and truthfulness are admirable qualities and therefore have no business in news reporting and he has stated that in the past. As far as he’s concerned, news reporting is the same as writing fiction; the facts and truth are superfluous to requirements.

    That’s why blogs like the Cafe are so very important. And although it is a left leaning site, we’re not afraid of the truth, always give credit where it’s due and a bollocking where it’s deserved!

    If we do get a bit full of ourselves, there’s always someone who will set us right and provide balance.

    @9.57am, yes, Nas’. People like O’Dwyer and the odious Sophie Mirabella seem to think that constant loud interjections and shouting over the top of people is the way to get their point across, whereas, of course, it only serves to emphasise that they have no manners and is irritating in the extreme.

    TomR @10.31am, I agree. It irritates me no end that the government won’t defend the BER and insulation programs.

    The facts are there; they should be aired every time Whynne or one of the other negabores in the Smuggles Set opens their lying gob. The shite they let fall should be shovelled back into their throats and tamped down with a ramrod!

  143. Jane, I am thinking that Pink Batts is a bit of a lost cause meaning that it’s probably too late to change people’s perceptions but better to move on to new ways of doing things…that is, keep publicising the benefits. I can’t recall that the government did this at all with insulation other than advertising that the scheme existed.

    This to me differs from the BER as the program isn’t finished and so the government has another chance of providing some factual information and trying to cancel out the negative impressions that the MSM have been so successful in promoting.

    However, me-thinks that there might be some bigger fish to fry especially after July.

  144. And in the news: Bob Katter to back Gillard on the flood levy.

    Things aren’t looking too good for Abbott’s plan to start the year off with a rerun of his Great Big New Tax theme.

  145. “My blogs remain exclusive to CW.”

    Well gracias sir. We feel privileged to receive yer posts on this blog & yer many insightful & informative comments.

    “From memory my exclusivity contract must be coming due for renewal”

    where’s the key to the drinks cellar?
    Any particular carton of red or beer Shane?


  146. Nas

    I can see you are bribing me with alcohol to get me drunk and sign an AWA that will leave me worse off than I currently am.

    Nothing less than a monetary 100% increase on my current salary of $0 will be accepted.


  147. “If we do get a bit full of ourselves, there’s always someone who will set us right and provide balance.”

    Well said jane. And yes, S’ finds herself shaking her head at alot of the mainstream media stuff…she thinks they’re extremely biased when it comes to supporting Abbott & bashing Rudd, Gillard.

    But she, like myself, has noticed a wee bit more balanced reporting of late from the likes of Lenore Taylor, Phil Coorey, Dennis Atkins & a few others.

    It’s refreshing.

    “People like O’Dwyer and the odious Sophie Mirabella seem to think that constant loud interjections and shouting over the top of people is the way to get their point across, whereas, of course, it only serves to emphasise that they have no manners and is irritating in the extreme.”

    jane, exactly my sentiments…passion is fine…and the occasional interjection during a debate on an issue…but we all know loudmouthed boars & drunks who turn most everyone off…

    why would intelligent politicians want to keep that attitude up in interviews?

    I luv a good stoush in parliament…or on Q&A now & then…but even in those places it can devolve into bellowing & shrieking & blowharding for the sake of getting attention…at the expense of making a useful point.


  148. “I can see you are bribing me with alcohol to get me drunk and sign an AWA that will leave me worse off than I currently am.”

    LOL Shane.

    Okay, I’ve just sent the Howard, Hockey, Abbott & Associates team home.

    More $0 it is.

    Yer a tough negotiator. 🙂


  149. Finally Julia is going for Tonys Juggler regarding the levies they had during the Howard Term.


    Did you send her my comments ?

  150. “Should not good journalism have the word alleged in there somewhere. If not, should there not be some proof or sources?”

    when Hockey was doin’ his wounded & bellowin’ bull act yesterday in arvo…fartin’ on about the “waste” compared to the Howard government era…I got thinkin’ of that thread where you were accumulating the “wasteful spending” from the Howard era.

    I think that demonstrated how full of his own manure Hockey is.


  151. “Bob Katter to back Gillard on the flood levy.”

    Good news Min. He looks out for his constituents…I’ll give him that.


  152. Min @11.20am, the only thing that I can discern Smuggles believes in is that he has a divine right to rule. and I think that’s where his alleged Christian beliefs lie.

    You’re right. He shows absolutely none of the qualities that a good Christian is supposed to have eg his acquaintance with truth, honesty and integrity is tenuous at best and his attitude to the poor and dispossessed is frankly very unChristian.

    CU @11.33am, the only thing Smuggles knows to do when a hand is offered to him is to bite it-hard!

    The so-called “pink batts” program could still be redeemed, I think if the government did some positive PR. For every alleged complaint there would have to be 100 who are happy. The government should start trotting them out.

    Good news about Katter supporting the government on the levy. His electorate has been hit, so he wants them to have all the help they can get. He also wants NBN, so there’s another battle Smuggles has lost.

    And I believe Tony Crook has given the levy the heads up.

    It’s astonishing how mean spirited and lacking in compassion RWDBs are, not only to asylum seekers and the poor in general, but to victims of the recent floods and cyclones in this country.

    Yesterday, a friend of ours had a real rant about the flood levy and how unfair it is that people who can’t afford it aren’t being slugged and that the PM has dug a hole for herself.

    He pays $900/week in tax and reckons he’s done his bit.

    My reply was that he has one sure fire way to avoid paying the levy and that’s to take a pay cut. Lead balloon! I’m on solid ground because we’ll be paying it, gladly.

    The next thing was that it served the flood and cyclone victims right, because they chose to live in Queensland (WA, NSW, Vic & Tassie apparently are exempt from bile).

    I have to say I was at a loss for words for a moment, but then asked if there was a similar disaster here, would he say the same thing. Blank stare.

    Then he tried to tie house insurance to the levy and beefed about how expensive houses on the Gold Coast and Noosa are, which is ludicrous if just because they didn’t cop it.

    Then blah blah about Qld govt not having insurance and gave Gillard a serve. Silence when I told him that was down to his hero the Rodent.

    Subject changed after he realised he was on very shaky ground. But this is an example of the attitude fostered by the Smuggles Set.

    I sincerely hope come the next election people remember who did their level best to make sure that their infrastructure was not rebuilt!

  153. Today’s your lucky day, Shane. Your salary package now includes a Workchoices mouse pad. I can assure you that there are only a couple left in existence.

    You must feel so proud.

  154. “Wayne Swan has mentioned 6 levies against the opposition. About time they started this.”

    Shane, good ya got the info out there.
    Swan was on fire…luved it.

    BTW, I was disappointed when Gillard had a go at Rob Oakeshott on his beard. I reckon he looks like one of those great old bushies & poets & down-to-earth bushies from a bygone era.

    I too have a beard My wife luvs it. Why bother puttin’ men w/ beards off-side, ain’t it hard enuff for the ALP as it is?

    I found it kinda insultin’.

    Apart from that she’s done remarkably well in responding to the Coalition attacks…at least in the stuff I’ve seen of parliament up to twenty minutes ago.

    Abbott’s a beaten man. He knows it.

    Best he go for another Jesus-like walkabout…or should we say actionabout…he obviously cracks up if he can’t get away from the handlers & the scrutiny of the press & other pollies.

    Should think of climbing K2. Probably suit him better.

  155. “I have to say I was at a loss for words for a moment, but then asked if there was a similar disaster here, would he say the same thing. Blank stare.”

    it’s so often about THEIR hip pocket.

    Altruism was flushed down the dunny when they reached the age of first owning something.


    That’s what the Coalition cater to…lowest common denominator selfishness & greed.


  156. And I suppose you reckon I have a beak.

    No, but we reckon you’re dethpicable!

    Shane, from your avatar, are you a needle nose? You seem to be sporting a very handsome representative of the species. Long live needle noses, I say.

    BTW, have you got the keys to the cellar yet, although I fear Bacchus may have left naught but a hiccup?

    Further to Migs’ offer of a WorkChoices mouse pad, I hope you’ve had rabies shots after that unsettling incident.

    I believe Hyacinth has been making them into place mats and table runners for a very reasonable price; a little less for those autographed by the Rodent. And I’m sure that with a some negotiation, you’d get the ones autographed by Tip for zip.

    Thanks for the Swan info. Nice to hear he’s laying into the Smuggles Set and scoring a few points on the levy front. If they know what’s good for them, they’ll lay off levies; they’re on very unstable ground.

    Wouldn’t hurt to bring up Tip’s expertise as a currency swapper and gold salesman, either imo.

    Nas’ how anyone can not find a beard extremely distinguished, I am at a loss to understand! The husbandy substance has sported one since he broke his razor 30+ years ago. I like a fuzzy face!

  157. “how anyone can not find a beard extremely distinguished, I am at a loss to understand! The husbandy substance has sported one since he broke his razor 30+ years ago. I like a fuzzy face!”

    Nice one jane. It’s good to know we have our supporters.

    Ya know, the moment Julia made her joke at we hairy-faced ones’ expense I knew it would become an issue:

    Things get hairy in question time: Gillard goes for the beard

    Sigh. Why Julia why? Ya did so well in parliamentary question time. Why pick on we furry ones, so many of us dig ya?…why give the media & critics an opening?

    Okay, I’m over it.

    Sh*t happens. 🙂


  158. Miglo

    The snout fits, haven’t you noticed I am always sticking my nose in 🙂


    I love needle noses, They are so friendly and happy and loving and gentle. To watch them run is truly something, they see to be smiling all the time. The instant burst of speed from those powerful back legs.Their coats are so soft, almost like fur.

  159. As expected, the PM is performing at her best in Question Time. What is more exciting is that she has managed to get her ministers fired up. I cannot recall one that did not come out fighting today.
    The Opposition appears lacklustre and do not have the energy to raise points of orders, excepting the elderly Ms. Bronwyn Bishop.

  160. CU

    And the elderly Ms Bishop was informed by the speaker that her point of order, was not a point of order at all.

  161. Shane we’re on our second needle nose, who thinks he’s a lap dog and is looking for employment as an excavator.

    He disappeared for a couple of hours today. Came home drenched to the skin and very pleased with himself.

    Seems he and the elderly GSP took themselves to the beach; the GSP didn’t have the wit to come home at the same time and finally shuffled home whinging about his arthritis after we’d been searching for the old fool for hours-in the wrong direction. Whippetses kept their counsel.

  162. The Political Sword has a great pic up…love it! I’ve also put this one up on that site.

    Excellent as always from TPS. One thing that is interesting is the background. Firstly the Libs were coming down hard saying that soldiers’ lives were being put at risk due to not having adequate equipment, backup fire power (Jared MacKinney and the email from another soldier). All the while knowing that Gillard couldn’t release the information that she was going to Afghanistan due to security reqirements.

    Following this one of Abbott’s ‘reasons’ for not accompanying Gillard to Afghanistan is that he wanted to talk to the men doing the job, not just get advice from the top brass inferring that this is all that Gillard was doing.

    Then having said that he feared that soldiers’ lives were being put at risk, his response to lack of equipment and fire power his recorded response was ‘shit happens’.

  163. Speaking of pics, I love this one from the Facebook link Tony Abbott will never be prime minister!/photo.php?fbid=10150089161272709&set=o.274330505796

    The text for it reads: The man with the tin heart:
    When a man’s an empty kettle, he should be on his mettle and yet I’m torn apart. Just because I’m presumin’, that I could kinda human, if I only had a heart.

    **For non-Facebook members it’s a pic of The Wizard of Oz’s tinman with Abbott’s face.

  164. Jane

    Riley is my first whippet and I have truly fallen for the breed. Of all the dogs I have owned in my life I find the needle noses the best in so many respects.

    Riley also thnks he is a lap dog and trying to nurse an animal that is all arms and legs is so difficult, but he simply puts himself between my arm and body and then rolls upside down with legs in the air to be comfortable. NO matter that I cannot drink my tea or see the TV thorugh this barrage of legs. Just as long as he is comfotable it is OK. 🙂

  165. CU


    I think an allowance was made for Ms Bishop because the government did not jeer her as she made her way back to her seat. She would nearly have to be the nanna figure in the parliament wouldn’t she.

  166. Wonder how the two bishops get on, as Bronwyn did see herself as PM material. I do not understand why Mr. Abbott bought her back to the front bench.

  167. CU

    He brought her back to the front bench because she is more right wing than he is, so that makes him look moderate.

    Isn’t she in the front bench as hairstyle and makeup advisor.

  168. “Isn’t she in the front bench as hairstyle and makeup advisor.”

    Could be for the Opposition. I gave up her hair style 40 or more years ago.

    Mr. Ruddock would be the grandfather image.

    Is there anyone as old on the government side.

    I am wary about having respect for the elderly. I believe they should move aside and give the younger generation a go.

    If they have not achieved anything by this age, it is too late.

  169. CU, ohhh brrrr Ruddock as a grandfather image..of the Uriah Heap variety…Mr. Wickefield’s sly, skeletal, and snaky clerk, one of Dickens’ greatest and most subtle villains. Though Uriah professes to be a model of humility and gratitude, there is something sinister lurking beneath his surface modesty. Dickens’ brilliant descriptions of Uriah’s writhing mannerisms, sly looks, and sycophantic way of speaking all combine to paint a fantastic, detailed portrait of a dastardly and conniving hypocrite.

  170. shaneinqld

    Respect for the elderly is no different from respect for the young, it has to be earned.

    The secret of growing old gracefully is knowing when to pull back. Why should I as an elderly person expect respect if I am cranky and selfish all the time.

  171. Reading Mike Carlton earlier today in and found this comment so true.

    “…….one of Abbott’s problems is arrested development. There is a lot about him that is still only 16 years old. Give him some guns to fire in Afghanistan: phwoar, zap, blam, look at that! Show him a US Army colonel in combat fatigues and he’s just gotta talk the talk……”

    Reminded me of a ‘pome’ about the same thing and encouraged me to revise it.

    If Tony Abbott had his way
    He’d mix with uniforms every day;
    Policemen in their blue and gray,
    Khaki clad soldiers far away,
    As long as guns are on display.
    So why the passion for gun play?
    Influence of the USA
    Where being armed has such cachet?
    Was his youth’s hero soldier, Che?
    When ‘martyr of the left’ lost sway,
    To the right, he found Pinochet,
    Gun toting ‘saviour’ of Chile.
    Now he dreams of a ‘Victory’ day,
    Aussies shouting, “Tony! Hooray!”
    Cannons roaring, a band to play,
    Complete with fireworks display.

    Looks like those dreams will soon go south
    If he keeps shooting………off his mouth!

  172. “one of Abbott’s problems is arrested development.”

    spot on comment by Carlton. Thnx for the link.

    Great poem…you capture an aspect of Abbott that has concerned me for a good long time.

    Another “boy’s own adventure” type w/ poor judgement influenced by the worst of the gung-hoers in America rather than the wiser, broader thinking ones.

    A moral juvenile.

    Not a man for this time…or any for that matter…hopefully the era of pre-emptive strikes & planned profiteering at the point of a gun & the drop of a “shock & awe” is over.


  173. Good article, Patricia, and great poem. Both are on the money.

    Being the leader of the opposition is not a job for a boy scout.

  174. The article below is a worthy read by Peter Hartcher who seems to be as fed up by the trivia dished out by the media as the rest of us.

    Yet the electronic media gave the trivia and spectacle of “shit happens” equal emphasis to the country’s new and concerted effort to deal with one of our greatest national problems.

    Across all networks, radio carried 115 news reports and talkback references to Closing the Gap this week and TV carried 21 news reports, according to a preliminary count by Media Monitors. And Abbott’s “shit happens” was deemed worth 116 radio news and talkback mentions and 21 TV news stories. The newspapers were no better. Indeed, this newspaper put the shit story on the front page on the first day and ran another piece inside the paper the following day, yet managed to find no room to report Closing the Gap.

  175. Thnx for the Peter Hartcher article Min.

    Hopefully Migs can catch us up here on that very report, at some point. It shouldn’t be ignored.

    I enjoy reading Migs’ informative pieces on Aboriginal news, culture, debates & history.


  176. Min, I credit Hartcher for focusing on aspects of the ‘Closing the Gap’ report…and the ‘Indonesian education cuts’ pushed by Abbott…tho, you can’t help but feel this is an enthusiastic ‘War on Terror’ supporter. Fair enuff.

    But I completely disagree w/ this assertion made related to Abbott’s extended pregnant pause when bein’ questioned by Mark Riley:

    “But did this tell us anything new about Tony Abbott’s character? Absolutely not. Did it expose any sort of deep political misjudgment by the Leader of the Opposition? Of course not.”

    It told us heaps about his level of preparation. And I felt his mind melted down for more than a moment.

    To me it indicated that he had been caught out…unprepared…and being such a keen & experienced political tactician and observer…knew this was a major nail in his coffin as leader…another stuff-up in a litany of stuff-ups.

    Abbott & Hartcher can shrug it off…but deep inside that temporarily stalled brain Abbott knows his Afghan trip was a fiasco…

    his judgement calls too often weak & insipid…

    and I think he has come to doubt himself at times…and whether his real, or imaginary, God is on his side.

    Hartcher playing apologist and trying to make the rest of the media feel guilty, does not change the fact that Abbott, once more, in full view of the public, stuffed up…once again.

    It’s a pattern of behaviour.

    That many stuff-ups on one major foreign trip could lead to enormous diplomatic problems for Australia…if not trade and other.


  177. If what Channel 7 has stated is correct then the pause and bizarre nodding from Abbott was worse than seen on TV. According to them there is 80 seconds of it not aired. They cut the full episode of silent nodding short that did Abbott a favour.

    The Young Libs that have flooded the innertubes in their desperation to save Abbott understate what aired was only 20 seconds of controlled restraint that is praiseworthy. Sorry two minutes of stunned silence and bizarre trembling/nodding is not controlled restraint and praiseworthy, it’s weird and deserving stricture.

  178. Mobius, I believe it is time that we are shown all the Defence and channel seven videos unedited. We then can make up our own minds without the gatekeeper.

    I believe the Defence Force take videos for the media not able to attend. They are not private conversations as some are indicating.

    I imagine that once the videos were released, all the media would have copies.

  179. Saw Insiders this morning, and loled when I heard dolt calling for the reporter in this to be sacked. This, from the guy who takes EVERYTHING out of context. The guy who misrepresented what Al Gores deceased mentor had said and continually pushed this fabrication in his face. The same guy who was deciding the outcome of the Christmas Island tragedy AS IT WAS HAPPENING. The one who is currently in court(???) about misrepresenting those of Aboriginal descent, and who’s defence is ‘you may not like what is said, but it is free speech’. And did anybody on the panel point this hypocrisy out? Not a one.

  180. Tom R, I believe that the other panelist believe the public sees how over the top he is. They do not consider it is worthwhile giving him any air.

    It is better to let him go on, with enough rope to hang himself.

    When he gets no attention, he always goes the extra mile, in the process making himself look sillier. As he has nothing new to say, why waste time challenging him.

  181. Interesting what the dolt wanted to talk about (or rather didn’t want to talk about) too Tom R.

    While the discussion was on Channel 7’s “gotcha”, the dolt was happy to put in his halfpenny worth, but as soon as the discussion turned to Abbott’s furious silence, it’s “we don’t want to talk about that, the issue is all and only about channel 7.

    Later the discussion was about the discord within the Lieberal ranks, and once again it’s time for the dolt to divert. “We’ve got the most incompetent government I can ever remember – we shouldn’t be talking about the opposition; we should be talking about how Julia Gillard rolled Rudd’s health reforms.

    Shameless pr!#k 👿

  182. “we shouldn’t be talking about the opposition; we should be talking about how Julia Gillard rolled Rudd’s health reforms.”

    What did she actually roll. As far as I can make out, much is still in place. There has been a change in how the reforms are to be funded.

    PM Gillard has acknowledged the fact that the political environment has changed.

    PM Gillard is recognising that under our Constitution, States do have some rights. She is respecting the Federation that governs this country.

    PM Gillard is talking about Health. The Opposition has not got past hospitals.

    I noticed this morning that the PM was wearing a suit that made her look slimmer and fitter. Maybe she has been on a fitness drive. Not that this is important but I must admit she does not look like a mallee bull as those in the Opposition strive to be.

  183. Annabelle Crabbe, like many of us, feels Tony needs his fanatical exercise regime to get his head into gear (tho, I do think he wears himself down too…hamstring at his age…judgement call again…overdoin’ things…physically anyway, obviously not mentally).

    I mean, how much exercise is this (need my exercise-induced endorphins to function) Abbott gonna be able to do if he has an ongoin’ hamstring problem & is wearin’ his body down?…and if he’s a PM w/ such high work demand & overseas flights/meetings put on him?

    Furthermore, the lack of appropriate response thing happened yet again when Robb arrogantly sat in Bishop’s seat. Abbott shoul’ve immediately righted that situation rather than letting his Bishop be embarrassed, ridiculed.

    Either spiteful, petty, backstabbing, tricky stuff on the part of Abbott who knew Robb would do it (a setup to have a dig at Bishop)…

    Or just plain inaction on his part & not asserting his leadership properly.

    Either way. Not a good look.

    And Robb, unfortunately, is comin’ across as irresponsible & somewhat manic/grandiose…as he did durin’ the NBN & “black hole’ episodes.

    The Coalition need a new leader & front bench changes.

    But I’m happy if they remain this way.

    BTW, Hockey seemed uncomfortable w/ the stuff goin’ on in his party. Yet afraid to say so. End of Howard years again? Team in straightjackets?


  184. Re: Laurie Oakes interview

    I thought Roxon handled herself very professionally, articulated her position well, including summarising the healthcare reform package.

    I would advise her tho not to be so dismissive when it comes to pensioners’ issues…the “that’s the way it’s always been” response sounded like she wasn’t taking the raised problem/issue seriously. Falling back on a “default” position in an argument can make one seem uncaring & disinterested. At least in this instance.

    Apart from that hiccup, I thought Roxon was calm & collected & handled herself well considering the focus of the interview being on health reform changes.

    Re; Meet the Press:

    As for Pyne…he scored a point re: the ALP relying on Liberals for accountability…which was added to by the use of effective descriptive “capitulation” when it came to governments excuse for changing healthcare reform based on Libs coming to power in States.

    Perhaps government advisors lacked nous when mentioning John Fahey’s appointment Re: overseeing flood reconstruction…during same week as “Liberal states” excuse. Gave the Libs a real opening.

    Frankly, I don’t think the government did capitulate…I reckon this is a far simpler way to sell health funding & reform to voters that will work in the long run…and gives the Feds more control over spending, more responsibility put back on state governments…let the premiers create their own messes & accomplishments. And focus on getting nurses & doctors trained and out there by way of incentives…& accountability in hospitals…and hospitals can get the instruments & technologies they need by way of more funding to ensure more specialists, more efficiency & more patients are seen using best practices & machinery possible.

    Tho, primary care must be a top priority too. But the real elephant in the room is the ever-growing fast food, escapism by way of substances due to stress of busy consumer capitalist world stuff that America & Canada have been dealing w/ for many years. Responding to the realities of our ad-driven, buy me, you have the credit to do it, yer busy w/ family & work, go convenience food & drink, munch munch glug glug ill ill, big pharma to the rescue regardless of side effects, stress stress, pop pop, munch munch, glug glug…very expensive in the long run…needing huge healthcare budget…western world now infecting rest of world conveyor belt.

    It’s a monster problem governments of all persuasion…but Libs bein’ really into shareholding can make big bucks outa it by pushing private health & selling expensive machines to hospitals & docs gratis of the taxpayer.

    Finally on Pyne…the mag cover made him look like a dickhead, bad timing w/ Lib’s judgement calls lookin’ bad & bein’ focused on by press & blogs…

    and that silly, knee-jerk rush to Bishop’s defense “can come thru me” made him look insincere and is easy to ridicule as he is such a puny character physically.

    Furthermore, if he does run &/or take Bishop’s position oneday, he’ll look bloody insincere again (like so many before him)…and people will laugh & ask “Did he go thru himself?”. Who is the real Christopher?


  185. There is also the fact that WA won’t sign up, Vic now Liberal has said it won’t sign up and O’Farrell has said if he wins NSW, which is a shoo-in, he won’t sign up.

    A federal government might have been able to work round WA not being onboard but the two biggest states in Vic and NSW scuttled the Rudd arrangement.

  186. Mr. Dutton has alleged that Mr. Rudd is known to throw a tizzy. He claimed Mr. Rudd threw this week over the revision to the health reforms.

    I wonder if Mr. Ruud’s can perform as good as Mr. Abbott did this week.

  187. Rudd has already denied it and stated it’s nonsense. It got about 5 seconds on ABC news this morning that’s how much Dutton’s credibility is given to his utterances.

    Yeah Rudd is going to lose it in front of Dutton or Labor members are going to trip over themselves to spill all to him. And how telling he comes out with this when the spotlight is on the bizarre on air performance of his beloved brain farting leader who was rendered mute in a barely controlled effort not to either massively brain fart or become violent.

  188. Was Mr. Rudd’s ‘alleged’ tizzy taken out of context I wonder?

    I guess we’ll never know.

    More ‘unsubstantiated’ rumours that come out at surprisingly just the right time for the opposition

  189. Yes telling isn’t it that every time Abbott brain farts or stuffs it the opposition and/or their media mouthpieces seem to have inside info on someone in Labor, and then Abbott goes to ground and isn’t seen for weeks.

  190. And they keep saying it must be someone in caucus. Are you telling me that nobody else would have been in the building who might have noticed Rudd hurrying out of a caucus meeting all flustered and harried, and simply taken that demeanour ‘out of context’

    The rank of hypocrisy of dolt calling for a sacking still has me incredulous. At least Marr did have one good thing to say to him after he had cut crabbe off again after she was talking about tabots brain fart and he started in on Rudd, something along the lines of ‘see, all you had to do was wait’

  191. So, Mr Dutton the font of all knowledge say that Rudd has tizzies. Amazing how when it’s the Libs who are throwing tizzies then instead the MSM call it a ‘robust debate’.

    Let’s see, where to begin on how the MSM tried to reinvent Kevin Rudd in their own imagination. First try, the wordy nerd/the Milky Bar Kid. That didn’t work because people kinda liked him just the way he was. This lead to Try No.2 that he wasn’t the Milky Bar Kid at all, that he had a hidden nasty streak..the evidence being..wait for it a sandwich and a hairdryer.

  192. Bollocks!

    The Rudd thing is just the Libs & their media allies tryin’ to divert voter attention away from a bad Coalition week…

    and the fact they are an unelectable rabble at present.

    In reality we have:

    Abbott’s foot in mouth.

    Robb’s foot up Hockey…then Bishop’s bottom.

    Pyne’s foot up his own butt…scoring own “annoying” goals.

    Hockey’s ready to put foot up entire Liberal party…and go back to kids.

    Turnbull smiling puts foot in NBN quicksand.

    Liberal party has both feet moving past event horizon into “black hole” of own making.

    Rupert extends claws on feet & gets very annoyed…ready to hunt his own for money.


  193. I won’t post anything on it now but I just saw the whole of the press conference on the heads of COAG meeting on a National Health system.

    Please have a topic up on this soon, it was historic and Gillard was magnificent.

    Abbott could never have achieved anything like this, absolutely no way.

    What was also telling was the indirect digs at the Howard government over raping the health system without actually mentioning the Howard government directly, except for Mike Rann who said straight out that as the states were putting in more money Howard was taking it out faster. The most important thing in this agreement that Gillard insisted on and all the states agreed to is the transparency. It was hiding the Federal health money and then blaming the States for shortfalls that allowed Howard to screw the system. That cannot happen under this new agreement.

    Remember people who was health minister under Howard.

    Unbelievably great stuff and this is how the Federation should work and show that States are still viable and not an unnecessary layer of government.

  194. Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott earlier accused state Labor leaders of falsely orchestrating a tough negotiation for the benefit of the Prime Minister.

    Do you believe that pettiness from Abbott? On second thoughts of course you do.

    Dickhead because the Liberal Premiers also stated the negotiations were tough. Abbott knows he could never ever hope to negotiate anything near this magnitude and would have trouble negotiating equal use of toys in a pre-school sandbox, so he comes out with this narkiness.

    But stuff the ABC also for yet again going to Abbott and the opposition so they quote them in a new piece. This historic occasion is not the time to be playing stupid bash the government media games Aunty.

  195. Mobius, he did do something. He bought a hospital. The problem is that he did not know what to do with it. Another mess that Labor had to sort out.

  196. “knows he could never ever hope to negotiate anything near this magnitude and would have trouble negotiating equal use of toys in a pre-school sandbox, so he comes out with this”

    No it is worse than that. He does not have the imagination to come up with a scheme like this. He back in the dark ages, thinking community boards can run high technology hospitals. All his scheme would do is give power to some local doctors.

  197. All his scheme would do is give power to some local doctors.

    His scheme is actually worse than that because it also involves having local business people with an equal say on the community boards.

    Yeah Abbott businesses aren’t going to fleece the system for their own profits. What utopian dream world does Abbott’s mind inhabit.

  198. Pingback: World Spinner

  199. What utopian dream world does Abbott’s mind inhabit.

    Maybe Utopian is a stretch where Smuggles is concerned, ME. Nightmare seems closer to the reality of Smuggles world.

  200. “Abbott’s game plan: power at any price

    Abbott is not just a bad loser; he refuses to accept that he has lost at all. For Abbott the election of 2010 is not actually over; polling day and the formation of a minority government were simply skirmishes in the ongoing campaign. It remains his duty and destiny to reoccupy the Treasury benches, and once again, the end justifies the means……

    Of course it needn’t happen and the best way to ensure that it doesn’t would be for the independents to accept the speaker’s ruling and stick with the Gillard. But Abbott seems set firmly on the path of tearing down the government, no matter what the cost to the system which, he keeps assuring us, has served us so well.

    And this is the ultimate contradiction: in his lust for power, the so-called conservative has become a wild-eyed iconoclast, red in tooth and claw. It would seem that those television pictures of him speechless with rage, quivering with fury like a maniac about to seize axe and slay five, gave us a glimpse of the real Tony Abbott. Be afraid. Be very afraid………….

    This man is frightening. As one that remembers the Whitlam debacle, it is like waking up in a nightmare. I do not believe that Mr. Abbott would last long if he bought the government down. He is there as a bulldozer, nothing more. Whitlam made mistakes, but much of he introduced is still in place, this in spite of being in power less than three years and two elections.

  201. You’re right, Catching up. Abbott’s is ‘there as a bulldozer’ and will be dispensed with once the destruction work is complete.

    My fear has always been that Abbott plays this negative, bring the government down at all costs game, to the limit, gets in and then shoots himself in the foot yet again. The party swoops and gets rid of him at last, replacing him with Turnbull. (Surely not Hockey!) The country heaves a sigh of relief and settles back to accept the new status quo – Coalition rule for another decade.

    Or they could even keep Abbott till the 11th hour pre-election and replace him with Turnbull. Same effect, relief and a massive swing the to conservatives. We’ve had that sort of response here in the West with Barnett, about to retire, long kept out of Liberal party power until they were a shambles because of Troy Buswell’s shenanigans. Alan Carpenter misjudged the electorate’s mood when he called an early election at that point, because Barnett, brought back as leader by the Liberals and a relative cleanskin, reassured voters who didn’t look beyond him to his policies and unreformed cabinet. Troy Buswell is now back in cabinet again.

    So yes, as Premier, Barnett leads the same old rabble but somehow manages to maintain credibility and good polls in spite of within eighteen months having doubled electricity charges, introduced harsh stop and search laws, cut subsidies for access to hospital ancillary services as well as subsidies for high school students. To say nothing of compulsory land acquisition from aboriginals in the Kimberley.

    Liberals know that Abbott is not prime minister material but he is ruthlessly unscrupulous and willing to stop at nothing to tear down the ALP and Gillard. Turnbull lacks that killer instinct but he would be a very acceptable PM to many uncommitted voters. The establishment would be more than happy.

  202. I am not so sure PM Gillard does not have the killer instinct.

    She keeps her cards close to her chest but I cannot see her giving up without a fight. She has shown she does not waste her time with battles she cannot win. Give up the war, I do not think so.

    You do not come from her background and up through the union movement without learning a few dirty tricks. I think that Mr. Abbott knows she is no push over.

    I believe (hope?) that many to their dismay will rue the day they did not take their blinkers off and she the world as it is, not what they would like.

    The lady has a skill that Mr. Abbott does not, an ability to control her temper.

  203. Mobius,
    The Essential Poll makes alot more sense.

    It’s neck & neck…50/50…but the PM is way ahead as preferred PM…and Abbott diving, deservedly.

    Somethin’ wrong w/ that Neilson Poll.

    As for the falling support for the NBN, I’m not surprised to hear it. Calls I made to swing voters in our family were showing same. Once I made strong, detailed arguments for it those opinions shifted.

    The government needs to sell it better…show it bein’ rolled out more…the maps etc.

    BTW, as Min will confirm as I sent her an email about it, I was playing devil’s advocate re: the NBN a week ago in order to test opinion & get some strong arguments for it across the blogosphere…that the government could guage & pull from.

    This was my final comment on it which was the giveaway. 🙂

    All so you can keep yer precious NBN goin’…

    as tho saving lives of those in regional/rural areas by gettin’ access to top surgeons & specialists by way of broadband would be a top priority for any government.

    It wasn’t for the Howard government.

    As tho creating alternative businesses, trade & jobs, and enhancing same, in those areas by getting access to efficient broadband that doesn’t cut out when yer speaking to a distributor, investor, customer, including overseas one, would be a top priority for any government.

    It wasn’t for the Howard government.

    As tho improving households & schools & hospitals access to information…digital libraries, archives, adoption records, family tree records, government departments, documentaries, educational information and so on would be a top priority for any government.

    It wasn’t for the Howard government.

    As tho improving internet speeds & reliability, particularly useful during emergencies, would be a top priority for any government.

    It wasn’t for the Howard government

    Apologies if it confused anyone but I have my own strategies/ways of doin’ things. Some caught on. 🙂

    I was pleased to see people fired up & providing useful arguments for the NBN.

    Keep up the great work.

    Hopefully the government will get fired up too.


  204. But Essential was an online poll, which are notoriously less reliable than face-to-face or phone polls.

  205. patriciawa, during the floods and the discussion about the flood levy, there was at least one WA commenter who got stuck into someone whinging about Anna Bligh’s presence by saying that Barnett went on holidays while Carnavon was enduring floods. One very unimpressed WA voter.

    Nielson is an outlier?

  206. “But Essential was an online poll, which are notoriously less reliable than face-to-face or phone polls.”

    Interestingly didn’t get a mention on ABC 24 Afternoon Live just now but the Neilson one did.

    Shakes his head.

    Top communicarion job done by Andrew Leigh responding to ABC 24s Hayden Cooper…more dynamic, animated, crisp & clear…

    I really dug his views on the relevance of polls.

    Leigh came across very determined & eager to get the job done. Sold the government & healthcare well…

    but I would like to here a detailed response to Liberal claims there has only been 13 new beds created in hospitals since the ALP announced health reform.

    Is that true…or just baloney that needs disputing, clarifying?

    Can’t afford to let the same kind of BS to get around like it did w/ the BER. Front foot…and always be prepared.


  207. Nas’ your devil’s advocate piece shows in stark detail what the government should be saying to voters, with the reference to the Howard government replaced with “Tony Abbott doesn’t think so.” That is the sort of promotion that should be in full page adverts across the country.

    In one fell swoop, it brands the NBN as excellent infrastructure and the government as progressive, unselfish and caring and the Smuggles Set as regressive, selfish and uncaring. Just right, imo.

  208. The Robber Barons busy doing what they do best – shafting the serfs!

    THE Business Council of Australia has urged the Government to consider making cuts to the disability pension to pay for flood damage in Queensland and Victoria.

  209. “it did seem just a smidgey bit out of character”

    he he.

    In fact Min I was one who wrote to various ALP members & suggested expanding internet across the country and getting more technology into schools etc. Back in 2005. And solar.

    I’m a big supporter of the NBN…I think this country being so large needs to be connected by way of another reliable communication network…a conduit for the information super highway.

    Al Gore gets pissed on by the likes of Bolt but he was one of those who not only alerted us to the dangers of global warming & positives of renewable energy…but was involved w/ bills related to funding that helped the internet to blast off.

    It might cost more than in sth. Korea…but we’re a bloody big country…all people here deserve to be able to move anywhere they like and get access to high speed broadband. Important for their kids too…especially if moving schools…or out in the bush.

    We cannot afford to be left behind.

    I reckon one reason Abbott convinced Turnbull to take on the Communication portfolio was because he knew bashing the NBN was a loser argument…and Malcolm’s “rich dick parliamentarian” aspect related to his selling of Ozemail etc. would come to public attention.

    Abbott’s a sneaky one. If Malcolm’s knowledge helped him win an election…good…but if not…screw Malcolm, he can wither & die in that stinking portfolio…so to speak.

    Probably suits Murdoch’s ambitions/goals too.


  210. “In one fell swoop, it brands the NBN as excellent infrastructure and the government as progressive, unselfish and caring and the Smuggles Set as regressive, selfish and uncaring. Just right, imo.

    Cheers jane.

    I know the government can do this if they start listening to more views outside the cabinet & advisors.

    Got get w/ the times & be more imaginative…Anna Bligh is gettin’ down w/ the people & it’s makin’ all the difference.

    She could still win. I’d luv it!

    She has her critics, but my wife thinks Anna’s done a great job w/ the public schools in her area…and Anna knows how to motivate the youth when she talks to them.

    The Anna Bligh we’re seeing now is the one that inspired my wife a few years ago at a conference where children learnt about science & met an Aussie NASA fella.

    “THE Business Council of Australia has urged the Government to consider making cuts to the disability pension to pay for flood damage in Queensland and Victoria”

    Min & TB. Disgraceful. And we know the Libs will do anythin’ for this lot.

    Smash the disadvantaged to ensure the rich pay less. Vomit.


  211. TB, you’ve just reminded me of an encounter I once had with a Liberal politician during the middle part of the Howard years. You know me, having gained his attention I thought that I’d ask him a question or several.

    One question was about raising the rate of the disability pension. Ans: MOST disabled pensioners are only disabled because they’ve been in car accidents and they get payouts.

    I simply had no answer nor other question re the above absolute stupidity.

  212. Smash the disadvantaged to ensure the rich pay less. Vomit.

    How very original these slime balls are, TB, Min and Nas’. How about giving middle class welfare eg private health rebate a bit of a touch up? God forbid the wealthy are weaned off the public teat, so the genuinely disadvantaged are looked after.

    It’s the same mean spirited, selfish gimmee, gimmee attitude toward the flood levy being snarked around by people earning very big salaries. People paying more tax than most people earn, begrudging a few dollars a week.

    Min @5.34pm. Words fail you when you run up against that level of ignorance and stupidity.

  213. Pingback: Arms and the Man (2) | polliepomes

  214. Why do the hell does Abbott & Joe Hockey pick on battlers like pensioners, unemployed, Aboriginals etc?
    One of the other blogs sent in highlighted that the disability pension should be cut to pay for the Queensland flood victims! How about Mining Magnates like Andrew Forrest chip and help out the flood victims! Andrew has already got Mr Rudd thrown out and wants to install his little pupetts Abbott & Hockey, who then will ruin Australia for good! In 10 years Australia(at this rate) will be a Chinese Colony, so why the hell do you blame Centrelink recipients for Australia’s declining productivity, Mr Abbott & Mr Hockey? Does affordable housing sound like a better alternative, than picking on battlers?

  215. Marty, the opposition pick on any minority group in the expectation that the majority will agree with them. It’s always the right leaning people who see the unemployed as the unfortunate in our society as needy people who need assistance both morally and financially, whereas to the right they are nothing but lazy dole bludgers; an opinion the opposition wants to enforce.

    While in government one of Howard’s ministers was heard to say that Aborigine bashing was good politics. That really sums the Liberals up.

  216. It’s always the right leaning people who see the unemployed as the unfortunate in our society as needy people who need assistance both morally and financially

    Miggsy!!! The “left” leaning … bloody hell, mate … I can’t proof all your posts!
    (Well, I could, for a small fee of course … nudge, nudge 😉 😉 say namoore! )

  217. Funny you should say that (re WT) …

    … yesterday @ 3pm I had a glasse of bubbly, about 5:30 another bubbly, between 6 and 8 I was at my daughter’s place (bon voyage for son in law going to Saudi in three weeks) … I had three glasses of red (OK, five drinks in five hours … )

    … I then experienced the weirdest dizzy spell … not drunk … but boy did it feel like it! Simply had trouble staying on my feet … I was outside at the time (party inside), I just wanted to lay down, so …

    Staggered home (next door) rang my grandson and told him what had happened …

    The Minister was not pleased!

    I woke (about 7am) still feeling dizzy (not the room spinning hangover dizzy) but “in my head” …

    In fact no headache, no aches and pains nothing … but I got up and had trouble standing (like vertigo) …

    … lasted till about 10am … then I was fine …

    … my neighbour had a similar experience last week … hospital could find nothing wrong … he was at work and hadn’t been drinking … I then discovered that my son in law had come home from work, having difficulty maintaining his balance (he travels by bus, luckily) …

    Very odd business … of course, just my luck to have been drinking everyone initially thought I was “just drunk” … and, while it has happened in the past … not the recent past and certainly not by eight o clock!

    At one stage I wondered if someone had put something in my drink!

    Footnote: The Minister, became most understanding when the details were figured out … particularly that I had phoned (had I been drunk I wouldn’t have been able to find the bloody keys let alone remeber the number … and I could remember details of the party very clearly …

    It may be that The Mothership was trying to locate me the tracta beam can do strange things if the distance is too great.

  218. TB, an ear infection I had some years ago played havoc with my balance. I didn’t have any pain so I was unaware of the infection. I can’t remember the name but i think it was vertigoisis or something like that. It infected the part of the inner ear that helps us retain our balance.

    The doctor told me about a prank they used to play at medical school; they’d hold some poor bloke down and put ice inside one ear and hot water in the other. It would cause the inner ear thingies to rotate in different directions, giving the poor victim no balance at all.

    I’d like to try it on someone some time.

  219. I’d like to try it on someone some time.

    I can think of a few of candidates, if you would like to swap notes? 😉

    Although a couple are already unbalanced …

    Got the wobbles again this morning! Very frustrating.

    Off to the beach for the day – that’ll do one of two things!


  220. When his girlfriend, Kathy McDonald, became pregnant, 19-year-old Tony was unwilling to marry her as it would rule out the priesthood. It would also mean he could not apply for a Rhodes Scholarship, as it was then open only to single applicants. The relationship broke down when she was seven months pregnant but he came to the hospital when the baby was born and held him for a few minutes, before he was adopted out. (Thirty-five years later, the son was found not to have been Abbott’s.)

  221. He is engaged in a strange war with his body. Marr writes: ”He walks as though he has to will each leg forward. It’s curious in a man who is so obviously fit. His face is skin and bone. He smiles but his eyes are hooded. The overall effect is faintly menacing, as if he’s about to climb into the ring.

    I’ve noticed that when talking to Tony, he often leans forward and bounces slightly on the balls of his feet, a bit like a kangaroo. Maybe he just has poor circulation and his toes are numb. For a few years, we saw a great deal of his taut torso, often clad in a pair of red budgie-smugglers. But no longer.

    Tony said that he did not threaten that girl, and it was out of character for him. My observation is that it is completely within character for him. One has only listen to him when he gets going in his regular MSSO during most question times. I would put nothing pass him.

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