I’m embarrassed

The Herald Sun reports that the Liberal Party has been embarrassed after it tried to collect political donations to fight the Gillard Government’s flood tax as Queensland braced for Cyclone Yasi.

As North Queensland battened down, Liberal Party supporters were sent an email newsletter from Opposition Leader Tony Abbott attacking Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s proposed $1.8 billion flood levy.

Underneath Mr Abbott’s signature the email says “P.S. Click to donate to help our campaign against Labor’s flood tax”.

It links to the Liberal Party fund raising page that asks for donations of $25, $50 or more.

Mr Abbott’s office said the extra line asking for donations was added by the Liberal Party.

It also appeared to undermine a statement issued by Mr Abbott about the cyclone where he said the Coalition stood ready to support the Government in the disaster relief effort.

Well I’m also embarrassed.  I’m embarrassed that  Tony Abbott and his morally corrupt party are considered by many to be a worthy alternative government in this great country.  A party that asks us not to give an economically crippling $50 a year to help rebuild Queensland and the lives destroyed, but to simply drop a mere $50 in the mail to help his cause in destroying the flood levy – a levy implemented out of desperate need – just makes my guts churn.

Has there been any greater signal that the aspirations of this greedy ogre are above the needs of rebuilding shattered cities, towns and human life?  This is as low as picking the pockets of a dying man.

I rejoice that he has been condemned by the readers of this Herald Sun article, as shown by the comments it attracted.

But I’m still embarrassed.  And why shouldn’t I be?  This evil man is an embarrassment to the good people of our country.  I hope too that all his rabid supporters share this embarrassment.  Finally.