Final post.

Sadly, but not without a certain amount of relief, I’ve decided to leave blogging. It wasn’t an easy decision but after a decade of commenting on blogs…and a couple of years posting music & political threads I’ve decided for the good of my health & well-being that it’s time to call it a day.

I started commenting in 2000 on Dreampop Losing Today, a blog dedicated to alternative music. The blog’s peace was eventually broken by bickering between two factions of music supporters. And the fact GW Bush’s administration had invaded Afghanistan, which led me to put up some anti-war poems and got me thinking about searching for politically-based blogs.

One I discovered was the feedback area for Fox News. A music friend & Democratic party supporter joined me as we tangled with many an avid Fox News supporter.

Whilst primarily keeping my commenting to music blogs in the years 2000 – 2004 I did add the odd comment to various political blogs during that time…primarily voicing my concerns about the bogus wars, the corporations, dynasties & individuals who benefitted from these “avoidable” conflicts…and concern for the rights of asylum seekers.

The increased xenophobia in this country & America…combined with the sight of children in detention centres…and wounded, dead or dying in the streets & plains of Afghanistan…and then Iraq, truly sickened me. And when one spoke out they were accused of being “unpatriotic” by hordes of  Nationalist bullies.

Furthermore, I grew even more troubled by the lack of courageous and in-depth reporting in the mainstream media…as evidenced by their poor showing, often playing the cheer squad role, in the buildup to the Iraq War.

This seemed to be directly connected to the pressure applied by Israel & Saudi lobby groups. And the exponential growth of the Murdoch media into a virtual empire…a sickness of tabloid proportions that infected many a gullible & ill-informed voter…and led to copycatting of the worst kind by other struggling media outlets…particularly those who bowed to the constant barrage of bullying from the likes of Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity…and avid Fox News supporter Rush Limbaugh.

As the fiasco in Iraq grew ever worse in the years 04-06 I felt a compulsion to try to speak to truth…and help right some wrongs. I began to see Rupert Murdoch as a Moriarty like figure…a nemesis for those of us who were not willing to kowtow to the bullying & character assassination approach of many of his profitable media organs. I spoke up…like a few others…and they were “few” in those days…and whenever possible, went about explaining the tactics & techniques being used by this propaganda machine so others might counter them based on my media experience & observations of Fox News from the late 90s onwards.

And voicing my other concerns, as outlined above. This meant commenting on pioneering blogs such as Troppo Armadillo…Anonymous Lefty…Lavartus Prodeo…Huffington Post…and eventually, in 06, Tim Dunlop’s groundbreaking Road to Surfdom.

Tim is someone I have great respect for…and his move to the Murdochracy by way of Blogocracy initially shocked me. I now understand his motivations…and have met some good folk who originated on that interesting site. Some I would rather have not met…as they have gone on to damage a number of good & decent bloggers…and left a trail of hate, tricky dick behaviour & vitriol that is more appropriate of the worst of Murdoch rags.

In 2009, after the closure of RTS & Blogocracy I joined other contributors on joni’s Blogocrats. A challenging blog. Yet filled with many informative & enlightening characters, some of who contribute at Cafe Whispers. We are fortunate to have them.

Having provided music posts on a couple of blogs Joni was the first to request I provided some political posts…this in the early part of last year. Since then approximately a 100 posts have burst forth. I thank both joni & Miglo for the wondrous opportunity to express my views.

Creating this blog was Miglo’s idea…a good one…and with the aid of the amazingly prolific & diligent Min, Mobius & myself, Miglo has created something special.

WE have created something special. All of us. Every author…every contributor.

And we have linked to numerous others in the blogosphere…and to those journos & columnists & articles & public information/service shows that we feel are speaking to truth…resisting the Murdoch stranglehold…doing the right thing by the public…investigating in-depth the corruption, crimes & cons that have been perpetrated in the name of greed & God…and lust for power.

We’ve done a bloody good job in my estimation considering this is voluntary work, with access to far fewer resources than the average corporate journo…and the fact we are not INSIDERS.

However, it takes its toll. Particularly when those who stand up to the serial bullies & bullsh*tters & xenophobe-stirrers are not defended by those they thought as partners & allies in the blogosphere. And petty feuds between blogs seem never-ending…often stoked by the overly-competitive…and perhaps even those who have been working hard for a good long time to try to silence effective voices…for whatever reasons.

It’s been a long ride. And hopefully I’ve been able to make a useful & positive contribution to the blogosphere, media, politics & Australia in general.

I’m no flower…and let’s face it, sometimes the blogs can feel like a game of ‘Rollerball”…you have to get down & dirty to deal with the hysteria, fear-mongering, distortions & campaign-oriented exaggerations (lies?) of the likes of Tony Abbott & his extreme right-wing party…Andrew Bolt, Piers Akerman, Miranda Devine, Alan Jones, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the deranged brigade. And that includes a number of their close minded supporters.

As I said in another knee-jerk reactionary blog today:

Instead of people learning the hard lessons from the GFC and those once again increasing oil prices off the back of “Middle Eastern/Levant/Persian/Gulf States’ instability…

and supporting “profit redistribution”, “egalitarian-based” & “climate change mitigation” policies pushed at present by this government…

in turn ensuring the average worker continues to have a certain degree of protection from exploitive & greedy bosses…and we are able to move ourselves off the fossil fuel (particularly coal & oil) rollercoaster…

too many will fall for the bogus & tricky dick right-wing economics style SPIN of those who work to enhance & continue the lifestyle of the privileged who benefit from our present dire global circumstances. Those who have benefitted from keeping the “fossil fool” dominated status quo.

If there was ever a time to get off the “oil” & “free market” CON & casino share market rollercoasters it is now.

The GFC was preceded by high oil prices as I have explained on various occasions…

putting incredible pressure on fragile home owners & businesses in a number of countries/regions…including the UK, Ireland, parts of Europe & America.

Changes to bankruptcy laws & barbarian like activities of credit companies, and in America grotesque fees for healthcare, ensured many people were driven over the edge financially…

this was the beginning of an economic tsunami.

If this Australian government, that helped its workers survive the GFC pretty well intact, is not permitted to do its job & implement essential policies to help the future generations of this country…because of fear-mongering and SPIN by the usual suspects & their copycat newspapers & bloggers…we will see one of the great crimes & cons of this country’s history.

As we did w/ the assassination of the prime minister who led us out of the GFC storm.


Keep up the truth telling & linking Cafe contributors. I felt privileged to be part of the experience.



The Dreaming

There are two views of knowledge into the past and origins of the first Australians:  The Dreaming interpretation which is based on mythical knowledge; and the scientific interpretation which is dependent on archaeological evidence.  The importance of the Dreaming interpretation is fundamental in Aboriginal cultures yet remains inconclusive to archaeologists.  The primary objective of this short post is to discuss the different accents of each view of knowledge and how their interpretations differ.

Aborigines have sometimes said they already know what happened in the past.  Their knowledge is founded on traditional and mythical beliefs passed down through the generations.  Beliefs that relate to their origins – their creation – and the living past.  This mythology gave them an assurance that they had originated from their land in a period of creative activity (The Dreaming).  These beliefs encompass wisdom, and they encompass law.  And neither is challenged.

What is The Dreaming?  The Dreaming is the creative acts of the ancestral spirit beings; creating species, features, laws and the bonding of relationships between humans and nature.  The Dreaming is as it was lived, and how it is still lived.  It is an erasable map of the past, present, and future.

All the laws rituals customs, and the purpose of life originated in The Dreaming, and it is important to re-iterate that this belief is not challenged.

Archaeology challenges this belief.  What is archaeology?  It is the study of ancient cultures through their material remains.  Mainly through excavation of ancient sites archaeologists try to create a model of the lifestyles, religious beliefs, diets or any morsel of information about the culture being studies.

In 1969, erosion exposed the skeletal remains of a young Aboriginal lady at Lake Mungo, NSW.  She is known as the Mungo Lady and her remains have been dated about 20,000 years before the present time.  Excavation of the site offers archaeologists and interpretation of many of the facets of Mungo Lady’s society as well as facts about Mungo Lady herself.  It is relevant to mention these (scientific) findings before discussing the Aboriginal (or The Dreaming) interpretation of Mungo Lady.

Science tells us the Mungo Lady was cremated, and that her bones were placed in a bark cylinder for burial.  She was gracile, that is, not of robust build.  We are told that in her time Lake Mungo was water filled therefore she belonged to a lacustrine society.  We are told that her people caught fish from the lake, and how they caught and cooked the fish.  Her people had a social order, were religious, hunted mega fauna and had implements to grind seeds.  The list could go on.

Aboriginal interpretation of Mungo Lady was more concise (or perhaps more complex):  She had been buried according to law, and that her appearance on the land surface was not a result of erosion, but rather she had emerged at a critical time in the history of her people to tell her story.

The origins of the first Australians are also interpreted differently by archaeologists and The Dreaming beliefs.  Science tells us that during one of the ice age periods – most likely the one 60,000 years ago – sea levels were much lower than present, thus allowing migration through island hopping into Australia from the Asia region.  Various theories differ on the ensuing colonisation of the continent, however one widely accepted view is the proposition by the American anthropologist, J. Birdsell, that the migratory wave radiated across Australia.  I cannot draw myself into discussing the various theories or the various arguments because neither is conclusive, there is no evidence, there is only speculation.  It is not yet represented in the archaeological record.

What is the Aboriginal interpretation?  Again this is concise.  During The Dreaming, spirit beings emerged from the water or the land and took (for our purpose) human form.  These beings were the ancestors of all living beings, travelling over the earth performing the same activities that are still performed by the Aboriginal people today.  These creatures started human society and Aboriginal people believe in this.

Of the two views of knowledge, only the Dreaming interpretation is solid.  Archaeology with its scientific and analytical approach has not provided enough evidence to support its theories.  Their description of, say, the Mungo Lady, provides an informative narration of her lifestyle, yet her origins and most of her past remain a secret.  Perhaps in the future, other remnants that now lay buried in the land may emerge and science will provide an interpretation – wile the Aborigines will provide an answer.

It may be appropriate to conclude with a statement from the Australian archaeologist: “Our models of the past are provisional, to be modified or discarded when they no longer adequately explain the evidence.  The traditions no longer explain the evidence.”


This week in Canberra

Guest post from Pete.

This week saw the House of Representatives vote to support the rebuilding the flood affected communities of Queensland and Victoria, through a temporary, modest, levy.

The Prime Minister and the Government have shown the leadership and the courage to make the tough calls and getting on with rebuilding communities ravaged by natural disasters.

The vote this week was more than a vote to support a levy, it was a vote to support fellow Australians in need.

The truth is that the recent disasters across Australia spread beyond the front gate. Vital public infrastructure like roads, rail lines and ports experienced considerable damage.

Government therefore has a responsibility to rebuild important infrastructure so that these communities can get back on their feet.

The reality is that this rebuilding task is huge – and in an economy approaching full capacity, it is important that we pay as we go – this is the right thing to do.

Two thirds of this rebuild will be funded through savings and re-prioritising of spending, with one third of the cost met through a modest, temporary levy.

The levy means $1.74 per week for an average income earner on $68,125 – less than a cup of coffee.

Pricing Carbon

Prime Minister Julia Gillard also announced a two stage plan for a carbon price mechanism. We know that acting on climate change isn’t just the right thing to do, it it also an essential economic reform.

Australians are the biggest polluters per capita in the developed world, our climate is changing and we need to reduce carbon pollution now.

Our two staged plan for a carbon price mechanism will start with a fixed price period for three to five years before transitioning to an emissions trading scheme.

The Government will then use every cent raised to:

Assist families with household bills;
Help business make the transition to a clean energy economy; and
Tackle climate change and invest in a clean energy future.

Thanks Pete.  You’re a logical fellow.  I wonder what will happen next week.

Abbott’s Drivel Continues

Crop of original picture of Tony Abbott in 2010.

Image via Wikipedia

I doubt Tony Abbott is a respected leader…nor a rational man.

It seems to this blogger he’s an attention seeker with the morality of an infant at times…who speaks trolleyfulls of drivel…a desperate contortionist negabore who has become a blott on the political landscape…a barbed wire hurdle for the public who want reform that is for the public good…a liability for a Coalition that have been severely divided by his fear-mongering, dog whistling, say NO to everything, mouth before wicket approach.

Here’s more ugly drivel straight from the Abbott’s mouth:

“This will be the mother of all taxes”

(Obviously channeling Saddam Insane)

“There has been no greater betrayal in recent history.”

(Histrionics?…and the Oscar goes to…)

“We will fight this every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month,”

 (When not doing Churchill impressions for the mirror…fighting on the beaches…and cycling like a manic on steroids)

 “…I think there will be a people’s revolt.”

(Now he’s Robespierre…Turnbull readies the guillotine)

“As the Prime MInister has said, New Zealanders are family. They are not foreigners and that’s why this disaster has especially touched the hearts of every Australian,”

(Yea, asylum seekers drowning only brings dry eyes to Abbottville…just like 9/11 I take it with all them lousy foreigners that died…the London bombings…the Hurricane Katrina New Orleans disaster…kids, families killed in Iraqi, Afghani & Lebanon bombings…Pakistani floods…just bloody foreigners…no point letting the heart be touched, nor shed a tear…Asian tsunami?…”sh*t happens”…just another day…move on)

“This is the biggest surrender since Singapore,”

(Winner of the Annual Speedo Hysteria & Hyperbole prize goes to Tony for his convincing portrayal of an unemployed talkback radio shock jock searching for God on the streets of Sydney holding an “Apocalypse is coming” sign)

Someone please give the man his melodrama prizes and ask him to

 “exit stage right“.



From contributor Patricia W.A….a top poem:

Tony Abbott is Revolting!

I heard him talking to Andrew Bolt.
Good to hear what he had to say.
He’s organising a great big revolt.
Every month, every week, every day.

They’re going to march on Canberra.
They want us all to join with them
To fight the war on tax and terror
And make Mr Abbott our P.M.

Yeah, Tony’ll come to lead us all,
Right out front with his dog called Spot,
We’ll overnight in a new school hall,
For a cause like ours that’ll be the shot.

Our standard, red budgie snugglers,
We’ll wave aloft and chant our slogans,
“Ban the Burqa! No weapons smugglers!”
We’ll all march! Miners, bankers, bogans!

We’ll pay a levy for ‘extra’ details,
Like one last supper, or a portaloo.
We’ll follow Tony o’er hill and dales,
But where’s this place called Waterloo?

Carbon Price: The Government Uses Its Momentum To Deal With Climate Change

Green Energy (narrow)

Image by via Flickr

Time for a real change:

Julia Gillard Press Conference: Multi-Party Climate Change Committee Carbon Price Mechanism

Recently on the SKY NEWS program ‘Richo’ Independent Rob Oakeshott said the need to deal with climate change was “a no-brainer”.

Is a carbon price the way to go?

I reckon so. The government has the momentum…people know that something must be done for future generations.

The price of electricity will rise anyway. Best we attract new investment into renewable energy…diversify our energy generating systems.

Particularly with all the instability in the Arab & Persian state(s) at present.

It’s time to get off the fossil fuel rollercoaster.

That will take awhile…but I reckon a carbon price with the addition of  efforts by farmers & businesses & home owners using incentives will take us part of the way.

This from longtime contributor & poster Min:

I think that Gillard’s tactics were excellent in that she is tackling Abbott’s argument head on.

Rudd spoke about climate change mostly in terms of environmental impact which then allowed the Lib/Nats to confuse the issue with their own team of ‘experts’, this also allowed the opposition leeway to run a scare campaign.

To be certain Abbott will go full steam ahead with a scare campaign about a Big New Tax but he’s on the back foot already with Julia saying clearly and precisely “I’m determined to price carbon,” she told reporters.

“History teaches us that the countries and the economies who prosper at times of historic change are those who get in and shape and manage the changes.

“The time is right and the time is now.”

 (quotes courtesy of The Age).


Over to you.

N’…thnx to Min for the youtube link.

The Courageous, The Compassionate & The Deranged

Un cop de mà

Image by Jose Téllez via Flickr

Like many of you I’ve spent the last couple of days focused on the unfolding tragic events in both New Zealand and Libya. Significantly different events…one inflicted upon the unfortunate people of Christchurch by nature…the other by a deranged leader, willing it seems to pour more pain upon his suffering people.

I went to bed last night and my dreams were filled with horrific moments…images of floods, earthquakes, cyclones & terrified people…obviously affected by this ‘summer of disasters & upheaval’ – remembering of course it is winter for those in the northern hemisphere.  

One can only  imagine tho what must be going on in the minds of the survivors of the earthquake…many having experienced a similar event only a few months ago, their rebuilt city & residences now partially or fully crumbled around them. A horror indeed.

Yet, from this scene of horror we are already seeing emerge the best of humanity. Positive & motivating scenes of the traumatised immediately putting aside their fears and working together to lift blocks of concrete and other rubble off those who have been crushed or trapped in order to save any life they can.

Regardless of the threat of aftershocks and falling masonry & glass, these courageous individuals work collectively to free their fellow men & women. Joined, and eventually replaced, by brave professional rescue teams, they didn’t discriminate…they didn’t hesitate in their efforts to stupidly ask the race, religion, sexual orientation, political leanings of those laying beneath the debris…they just did what most rational, sane humans do…help anyone in distress.

As I was glued to the TV screen, those scenes of carnage, I could not help but remember the recent dreadful conflict zone images…the Twin Towers of NY…The Pentagon…the Bali bombings…the Iraq War…the bombing of Lebanon…destroyed Afghani buildings & homes.

Chaos & distress caused by the deranged. Terrorists from various nations & religions who use  (mythical?) gods & prophets to justify their insane lust for power…their profiteering pre-emptive strikes…their mad obsession with revenge…and hate & fear for others.

Now we see the determined & long-suffering Libyans putting aside their fear in order to stand up to another deranged tyrant. Yes, Gaddafi, like many a loopy leader, will leave devastation in his wake as he  desperately attempts to hold onto the last remnants of power, struggles to survive…not unlike the bubonic plague……but there is a remedy to such plagues…courage & rational thinking…planning collectively & using knowledge, experience & technology to resist and cure such maladies.

We will never completely wipe out such human diseases…the rise of tyrants…but we can put in place political, economic and communication systems & networks to ensure the outbreaks lessen…and the deranged do far less damage than in previous times.

Participatory democracies and a wide variety of globally interconnected networks that transmit & receive information are essential safeguards – the latter played a significant role in the generally peaceful Egyptian uprising…whereas, the Libyan authorities have disgracefully attempted to ban any communication with the outside world…the mark of a deranged oppressor…given time and more support from the military we can imagine Egypt’s Mubarak would’ve taken similar draconian measures.

As I watch the New Zealand disaster unfold I can’t help but wonder why anyone would want to inflict such damage on other people, animals, infrastructure, towns, cities, nations…is it not enough that volatile nature wreaks havoc…creates so much damage & chaos?…without some of our political & corporate & military leaders emulating it?

And those who throw peaceful diplomatic efforts aside in order to drink from the vile tasting Well of Hate.

Observing yesterday and today the rise of hope & collective courage in both the streets of Christchurch & Tripoli…I couldn’t help but notice that some across our, too oft stifled, media landscape were far more consumed by sowing the seeds of hate…acting deranged…than providing  useful information.

Fox News host Glenn Beck raved & ranted at the camera his outrage…like some desperate creature from a crushed army of Mordor he urged his confused viewers to wake up to the growing Muslim “caliphate”…to recognise “the fist”…the connection between top union leaders supposedly in constant contact with & influencing Obama’s White House…and said socialist-assisted “caliphate”. This is kooky stuff for a mainstream cable TV host.

Beck even clumsily tried to connect the valid teacher union protest movements in Wisconsin & Ohio as part of his latest New World Order conspiracy (Beck is not known for his originality…more his bizarre attitude & thinking…and inconsistency & hypocrisy as a servant for Murdoch).

Paranoid delusions on Beck’s part?…or profiteering opportunism & fear-mongering of the worst kind? Either way…deranged. At a time when many are suffering from natural disasters, conflicts, lack of work & healthcare…and require rational thinking from leaders of all kinds, including the influential in our media…they need unity of purpose…and compassion.  

Instead, we get from some grotesque divide & conquer tactics…to benefit the self…and the few…rather than working together to help create “a fair-go-for-all” in these dire times.

But that’s Fox News. Political opportunism, finger-pointing & profiteering before public interest.

Sadly, here in Australia, we have similarly deranged characters who try to project their hate & fear onto others…whilst profiting grandly from their distasteful efforts.

This from ABC’s enlightening & informative Media Watch:

JONATHAN HOLMES: Radio 2UE in recent years has tried to steer a middle path. But in ratings terms, it wasn’t working.

So its owners, Fairfax Media, have appointed a program director who used to do the job for 2GB. And he seems to have brought its programming philosophy with him.

Speaking at the launch to the media website mUmBRELLA, Peter Brennan was anything but complimentary about his predecessors at 2UE

PETER BRENNAN: I think in the past by and large that it’s essentially been, you know, the fish stinks from the head. I think it’s been…I think it suffered from poor management

— mUmBRELLA web video, 2UE Launch, 3rd February, 2011

HOLMES: A fish stinks from the head. So if you think that there’s a smelly subtext to remarks like this…

DAVID OLDFIELD: I’m not here to make chums in the media, or amongst politicians either, I’m here to do my bit, however small, to make our nation ours. That’s right – that it remains ours. The nation I want it to be – for my children. Indeed, the Australia my father would have wanted it to be for his grandchildren.

— Radio 2UE, Mornings with David Oldfield, 17th February, 2011

HOLMES: …then don’t blame David Oldfield. He hasn’t changed his spots. As Peter Brennan puts it:

PETER BRENNAN: David is uh is uh much maligned by many many people because he’s honest. He’s genuine. He believes in what he says. And he believes in Australia.

— mUmBRELLA web video, 3rd February, 2011

HOMES: Course he does. A monocultural Australia. ‘One nation’, you might call it.

And Fairfax Media believes that Morrison and Oldfield can help them outdo 2GB in appealing to the resentments and frustrations of people like David Oldfield’s dad. As General Manager Tim McDermott put it at the launch:

TIM McDERMOTT: We think that within the next couple of years there’s a changing of the guard in talkback radio in Sydney and that’s obvious, there’s a few people who are getting to the end of their radio careers, we want to be ready, and that’s what this is about, generational change.

— mUmBRELLA web video, 3rd February, 2011

HOLMES: In other words, Alan Jones and even Ray Hadley won’t last forever. And when they go, we want Morrison and Oldfield to be able to grab their audience.

But outflanking 2GB on issues like this won’t be easy. On the day before the funerals, 2GB afternoon host Chris Smith ran a little quiz, with prizes, for his listeners. They had to tell him…

CHRIS SMITH: How many asylum seekers killed in the December tragedy will be buried in Sydney this week? Jason, good afternoon.

Jason: G’day mate, was it nine?

Chris Smith: It was not. Geoff.

Geoff: 30

Chris Smith: No….David?

David: 16?

Chris Smith: No. Valerie?

Valerie: 12

Chris Smith: TWELVE IS SPOT ON, VALERIE!! You’ve got Rick Stein’s DVD, you’ve got movie passes to True Grit and the book from Kim Scott. Well done to you!

Valerie: Fantastic, thank you very much.

— Radio 2GB, The Chris Smith Afternoon Show, 14th February, 2011

HOLMES: ‘Fantastic’ is one word. ‘Revolting’ might be another.


Agree…over to you.


Mega Miners Revisited

It’s a pity that the MSM were or are too lazy or too busy having their opinions controlled in their haste to support the dark side of the force to bother with a little factual information such as they are now printing. 
How many times have we seen this one.  The MSM supports and publicises ever single snippet of negativity they can find on every single given issue as long as it puts Julia in a bad light.  However once they, the media have achieved ‘the desired result’ for example by changing a positive opinion into a negative opinion, they are then the first to jump on the bandwagon by criticising the outcome that they originally supported.
The Mega Miners Tax, global mining companies claimed whilst bleating sadly about having to pay their fair share of tax would put new developments at risk and could dramatically stunt economic growth.  It was they and they alone who had saved Australia from Recession was their dramatic exhortation.  All of a sudden it seemed that every man and his dog’s job was in the mining industry and therefore on the line in spite of the fact that this industry employs less than 2% of Australia’s workforce.  Result:  dramatic downturn in support for Labor in the mining States of Western Australia (4.9%) and Queensland (1.7%).   [Ref: ABS]
I loved this one from June last it really that long ago!
And so we fast forward to February 2011.  Instead of the predicted doom for the mining industry in Australia, the evidence in June 2010 being a sudden plunge in investment in Australia’s mining industry it was as Wayne Swan predicted, minor and temporary.
A MASSIVE $10.5 billion half-year profit announced by BHP Billiton has reignited calls for the federal government to ramp up taxes on mining companies to secure a bigger share of the resources boom for Australian taxpayers.
Treasury estimates revealed yesterday show Kevin Rudd’s original mining super profits tax would have reaped $99 billion for taxpayers between 2012-13 and 2020-21. The revised tax was tipped to bring in $38.5 billion – or $60.5 billion less.

MSM, just where were you with this support for government initiatives BEFORE the last election?  Is it only because it now suits your new agenda to ensure that anything that a Gillard government might do is never going to be good enough?

Anything Goes

I’m just popping in to say hi and bye; heading off for some R&R on the Gold Coast and then down to Albury for some business.  I’ll be away a couple of weeks but I’ll be lurking via the iPhone and hope to drop in the odd comment if the opportunity avails.

There’s some great posts up and I don’t want to detract from them, but here’s a post for those who want something else to talk about: Anything Goes.  Like the name says, you can talk about anything.

Before I head off . . . if you get the chance to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo . . . take it.  It reminded me a bit of Silence of the Lambs, and it’s just as good.