Australia Day – My Country

Celebrations for Australia Day can be as many and as varied as the nations and cultures that chose to make Australia their home.  Yet for some, our Aboriginal peoples it became known as Invasion Day.  In the spirit of inclusion, firstly we here at the Café acknowledge the custodianship of the land by our original inhabitants.
Please consider this as an open thread to share the things that for you personally means Australia Day be it music, poetry or yarns.


40 comments on “Australia Day – My Country

  1. Thank you for putting up this thread, Min during my forced absence. And a big thank you for the clip. Rush is one show I really enjoyed, as well as the theme music.

    I agree with you that on this day we should reflect not only on our achievements as a young nation, but on the shameful side of our history that so many people deny ever happened.

    I’m talking of course about the murder and dispossession of the first Australians, which I hope to talk more of on this thread when I get back on my feet.

    But briefly, and on a more joyous note the proudest moment I’ve ever felt as an Aussie was a few years ago when I took my Dad to the War Memorial here in Canberra. My chest was thumping with pride.

    And the worst? This:

    JOHN HOWARD, PRIME MINISTER: We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come.

    SARAH CLARKE: A message repeated.

    JOHN HOWARD (OCTOBER 29): What I am asserting is the right of this country to decide who comes here.

    SARAH CLARKE: And if you missed that, there was a television advertisement.

    JOHN HOWARD: We will decide who comes to this country.

  2. Good post Min.

    As someone who has spent 30+ years in this country but lived & worked in a number of others, what I appreciate most about Australia is the pursuance of the “fair-go-for-all” goal…and the laid back lifestyle.

    Both I feel are in danger due to the corporatisation of this country (one only has to look at the major sports grounds & newspapers)…the excessive use of fear-mongering by media & politicians (stop the boats!, debt & the NBN), including divisive policies (WorkChoices for instance) that seem to be aimed at profiting the few over the many.

    I like a country that respects that people need quality time for their family, friends, animals, gardens, homes & other projects & hobbies that make them feel bloody good about themselves & life in general.

    And then work can become more enjoyable, rewarding & less a burden.

    Most Australians feel the same…but I have noticed this encroaching mentality that has partially derived from parts of Asia (including Japan) and America…not to mention certain religious & socio-economic ideologies…that leads to individuals becoming merely worker ants…

    fatigued & stressed to the point where love & friendship & home play second or third fiddle to the obsession w/ accumulating assets, sending children to the so called “best schools”, having the latest whatever.

    It is sad when a country’s diverse citizenry is coralled into ideological pens due to the dominant influence of a few characters whose vision may be more confining & based on self-interest & underlying psychological problems than even they realise.

    Still, I do believe there are enuff folk in this country w/ imagination, passion, and drive to secure our more egalitarian approach to society…

    who respect the complex, bio-diverse, life sustaining & enriching aspects of our flora, fauna…and First People…

    ensuring that there exists a good chance we won’t just end up as another filthy, pollution-ridden, rodent-infested, worker ant in the suit of the day, where do the children play?, toxic food dominated, megalopolis controlled by a few psychos.

    Here’s to the land that got the need for “the long weegend”…

    and time w/ mates & family around the barbee, or wok, or kitchen, bar, or sports ground, beach, or big tele…whatever…

    and had some bloody good downtime…and catching up time…health restoring time…and raised a drink in appreciation for livin’ in such a fortunate & vibrant place.

    Ready at any moment to help others in need. And redress wrongs. To make an ever better Australia.



  3. Message to Joe Hockey: I won’t mind paying $5 a week to help rebuild the damage done to Queensland, and I’m sure the victims won’t either. So shut the fuck up and crawl back under that pile of dung you call political opportunism. It’s Australia Day you rotten turd; a day not to try any divisiveness and fear mongering. People were prepared to fight and die for this country yet here you are asking us not to give a few bucks a week to help out the needy. My Dad shot better blokes in the war than you’ll ever be. And to the Murdoch media who are giving you oxygen over your disgusting unAustralian dribble: Get well and truly rooted.

  4. Migs and Nas’ I think that’s it, that everything about the Howard/Abbott and cronies attitude is completely against the basic Aussie instinct of a fair go. A majority of us in Australia might no longer be descendants of convicts, of Eureka, of the explorers and the pioneers but this is the basic spirit that has endured and I am convinced will endure in the future.

  5. Migs, my pleasure. And I will certainly be looking forward that topic of yours as even for those who learnt Australian History at school, the Aboriginal history of Australia has been completely neglected except for occasional mentions of heroic explorers and settlers being murdered by blood thirsty natives.

  6. Happy Australia Day to the nuts on the left and the nuts on the right and the nuts in the middle who swing left and right.

    Together we make up the best bag of mixed nuts in the world.

  7. Nas

    Almost my feelings down to a T.

    Despite everything I still believe we live in the best country on earth.

    Whether I can say that in 20 years time will depend on our politics over the next 2 decades.

  8. Here is one for all us Aussie nuts 🙂 It should have had a previous outing under the Daggy Music thread but has some interesting references to the politics of the time.

  9. I’ve decided I’ll pay $10 a week. My five and Joe Hockey’s five. Let’s all do it. Pay an extra five so that the rednecks can keep their precious pennies.

  10. That’s the good old Aussie spirit Migs, help others less fortunate than oneself…and Hockey is clearly very ‘unfortunate’ indeed, in the regrettable and deplorable sense of the word that is.

  11. Not is trying to spin it as the levy will be an impost on struggling families including the flood victims.

  12. I’m not impressed either, Min.

    I’ve submitted a comment on that I will pay Joe Hockey’s $5. Naturally, I wasted my time, but I let off a bit of steam.

  13. Miglo,
    If it makes you feel better I sent Joe an email saying exactly what you posted above, but I also said don’t be such a fucking cheap skate put your hand into the family trust and do the right thing by the country!
    Should I get any sort of reply I’ll post it here!

  14. hi all and hope your day was as good as mine.. we set up a stall today and answered questions and showed evidence with an added bonus for the tours. A great day shared by so many with high pride and others that are just happy to get a day off work regardless of the meaning.

    ok the day is over get back, go home… nothing to see here.

  15. Hi Jason. Funny isn’t it that it’s all the rich ones who complain about parting with five bucks while screaming that it’s hurting the poor.

    Perhaps they should try giving to the poor themselves.

  16. Hexx, good idea. We could hide the trap in a big apple pie and when he takes his first massive bite it’ll clasp around his fish lips.

    The only worry is that he eats it before it snaps shut. If that were the case, maybe it might clamp shut at the hole at the other end of his body.

  17. lol Jason.. i have very slow internet for half the month and your comment didnt load before i made mine. My only wish is he is reading them and not some secretary.

    Either way what ever Hockey says is not his own words, he has proved over and over that he is not capable of thought just monkey see monkey do behavior (Abbott is his tarzan).

  18. Oh, Miglo, your indignation kept me up to all hours. Still couldn’t come up with anything really as nasty on Hockey as I’d like, but tried to shame the Oz into being more decent.

    Joe’s too heavy! It ain’t yet a levy!

    Why is this newspaper so kind
    To Abbott’s not so little mate?
    Why listen when he feels inclined
    To spread bad news and speculate
    On anything that comes to mind
    To stir the pot and fester hate?

    And why on this Australia Day
    Let him throw political mud?
    I thought it was the Aussie way
    To fight as one through fire and flood.
    Tell what our PM has to say!
    Help her to stir the nation’s blood!

    This paper’s name’s a call to arms!
    Your masthead, a declaration
    You’ll fight anything that harms
    The heart of our young nation!
    Reporting truth with less alarms
    Will help all Oz. And perhaps your circulation.

  19. Love it Patricia. The lines,

    And why on this Australia Day
    Let him throw political mud?
    I thought it was the Aussie way
    To fight as one through fire and flood.

    are so very accurate. I am still of the opinion that this petty quibbling by Hockey will be seen for what it is by a majority of Australians.

    Even Hockey and cronies know that at times like this, given the Australian belief in a fair go that people don’t much care about where $5 comes from, which is why Hockey & co are trying to use the flood victims as pawns…sneaky b*stards aren’t they.

  20. This is most definitely the right way to go to counter the Libs’ anti-$5 campaign.

    WEALTHIER taxpayers are expected to be slugged at a higher rate to pay for damage caused by the floods….Prime Minister Julia Gillard today will also scrap her much-criticised $430 million ”cash for clunkers” program – breaking an election promise…

    And especially as below.

    The levy will run for a year, to be enforced by a sunset clause. The two-tiered scheme is designed to limit the impact on middle-income earners, already under cost-of-living pressures that will increase with rising fruit and vegetable prices.

  21. Where there’s life there’s hope. Channel 9’s Today show news(yes, I know, it’s for my daily sins and one of my son’s is hooked on it 😦 ), has put together a piece which is showing the Coalition’s hypocrisy re Levies for what it is. Even down to the point of juxtaposing Tony Abbott from the last election cheesily holding a baby and mugging for the cameras, with a voiceover that says that just as recently as last year he had proposed a Levy to pay for his wildly expensive Paid Parental Leave Scheme. They also had vision of lots of guns pouring off trucks, and Dairy Cattle walking around as the voiceover outlined Howard’s other Levies.
    I think where the Coalition have made their miscalculation here is in the fact that so many of the presenters on these shows come from Queensland originally before coming down to the Big Smoke to make their fortunes, and were there the whole way through the floods and saw the devastation first hand, so it’s not some existential thing which can be manipulated by the Coalition’s spin doctors to them, thus the push back. I just hope it holds. The Coalition are despicable.

  22. Feral, that is such wonderful news (Min smiles gleefully). On less good news Sky is way way way behind the times reporting that Gillard has provided ‘no indication’ of where the $s for the levy is going to come from in spite of they themselves reporting continuously YESTERDAY that Gillard is to hold a press conference at 12.30 TODAY. No replays of Swan’s comment about where are Abbott’s ‘cuts’ going to come from, but plenty of Abbott saying ‘mates don’t tax mates’.

  23. ‘Mates’ don’t treat each other the way that tabot treated Bernie Banton either. Which goes to prove I guess that not everybocy in Australia is ‘mates’ with everyone else.

    I cannot believe Channel 9 have done that Feral Skeleton, but glad they have all the same. Wonder if it will become contagious? Wonder if perhaps now IS the time to try and change this ridiculous surplus meme?

    People didn’t see the GFC, mainly because the government did such a good job of stopping it. But everyone has seen the floods, and many are directly affected by it. This may well be the time.

    Reckon it’ll take a government with bigger barssies than the one we have now. They still haven’t recovered from their demonisiation for saving our collective asses from the worst effects of the GFC.

  24. “but I also said don’t be such a fucking cheap skate put your hand into the family trust and do the right thing by the country!”

    Nice one Jason. 🙂

    Great to see yer spot on poems hittin’ the blogs again.

    good news re: Ch.9. More sanity.

    Hexx, glad ya had a great day…we generally did, great time w/ family…but day ended w/ fridge door comin’ off. Repair man comes tonite.

    Yin & yang? 🙂


  25. Welcome back TB.

    Great machine. Could use a few of those right now. 2 weeks tonite off the booze. Boring.

    Like the new gravatar.


  26. And now for a brief musical interlude. Along the Road to Gundagai..the words that we all know, or the words that many of us know even better There’s a track winding back to a sheila on her back..along the road to Gundagai.

  27. Like the new gravatar. N’

    Why, thenk yu … 🙂

    My grandfather was involved in casting of the Dog on the Tuckerbox.

    That was very brave thing to post, joni … 😉

  28. Migs, you’ve changed! Nice though!

    Serially though, had a bit of bovver wif mi gravatar account … so went for a new, appropriate, Queensland, real football, 2011 look.

    Go Broncos!

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