New Year Caption Competition

This picture just begs a caption. The winner will receive an autographed photo of me and Julia, minus Julia’s autograph.

22 comments on “New Year Caption Competition

  1. Gillard; Tony, give us a ONE word slogan with out the word ‘Stop’!

    Abbott: … that’s ‘ Bull-shit’.

  2. TA: Shhh Julia, this is all pre-determined. Don’t fight it. You know which way I’m heading.

    JG: Tony you moral bankrupt…if you think you’re going to Heaven, forget it mate. It’s to the cellar for you.


  3. TA: Julia, you know I feel more comfortable dressed like this.

    JG: But this is a construction site Tony…my hardhat works…but wearing half a suit with those budgie smugglers…not on!

    TA: But but but….


  4. Hi Ken, I must admit that they do look like they’re giving the ‘walk signal’.

    The Aussies couldn’t get any wickets through their own efforts so any assistance would have been welcomed. Call this a form of government intervention if you will.

  5. Tony Abbott: Excuse me, Julia, may I kiss your ring?
    Julia Gillard: Sorry, Tony, I’m not married. 😉

  6. What a wonderful surprise. Welcome back Hexx/Aqua. As you can imagine by the comments, you’ve been missed.

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