It’s Christmas time at the Café – time for fun & good cheer

It’s been one heckuva year at the Café…our first, most definitely not the last. Our posters & contributors have offered up plenty of opinion & ideas to chew over…and more than a few blunt comments that got me chuckling. Blogs can see some hairy debate & discussion…and are all the better for it.

But every once in awhile we need those times where we can turn the brain cells’ sparking mode down to “less intense“…let the neck & shoulder muscles relax…grab a special drink and have some high-spirited fun & enjoyment with our fellow contributors.

This is one of those times. And let’s not forget, choice of Christmas/Xmas music is all about “different strokes for different folks”. I intend to play & enjoy each & every one of yer picks.

This offering should motivate the eggnog making & brandy pouring (well, at least knockin’ the top off a festive beer):

John Prine – Silver Bells

Let the merriment begin…and have a safe as can be…two thumbs up holiday season.


67 comments on “It’s Christmas time at the Café – time for fun & good cheer

  1. Luv this…always brings a smile or twelve to the Chrissy dinner crowd:

    Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin’ – Mack Rice

  2. “I notice that the recipe calls for 1 gallon. Are you trying to tell me something”

    Lol Min. Plenty to go around 🙂

    Thanks Bacchus, yummy! Love mango.

    LOW-Silent Night

  3. Thanks nasking..but rest assured the cheer is here. Not so in Darwin 1974… does anyone remember the cry that it was Whitlam’s fault because he was ‘always’ overseas and not here to prevent such disasters…

  4. Yes, Merry Christmas to all the Cafe dwellers and lurkers.

    Hope you all have a happy and safe holiday break

    My favourite Christmas song of all time (until IronMaiden do one that is)

  5. Oh yeah Nas, I reckon some of those would go down well with this

    This guy could sing ANYTHING and make it a classic

  6. Thank you, Min. I’ll use that song for my children, who I never see. I actually sent them an Xmas card this year but it’ll probably be ‘returned to sender’ (no pun intended) ‘no longer at this address’.

  7. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL THE Whisperers (those who post and those read) AND A VERY PROSPEROUS (in all ways) NEW YEAR …

    I’m a romantic at heart and one of the greatest singers to influence me …

    Nasking – Peace, mate!

    A New Year to us both?

  8. That old bastard at the e nd reminded me of carol singing as a lad… for coppers of course

    After two or three carols we’de chant …

    “Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat,

    Please put a penny in the old man’s hat,

    If you haven’t got a penny, then a farting will do,

    If you haven’t got a farthing, then God bless you!”

    (We reserved another phrase for rotten ow’d sods … like ‘im ont’ film above … and it waren’t, “God bless you!”) 😉

  9. You tight ass, TB. I would have given sixpence. 😉

    Mind you, when I was a lad and forced to go to church I would leave little “I owe you five cents” notes in the collection hat when it was passed around.

  10. I’d better follow that one up with some music 😀 I remember going to see Fantasia at ‘the pic-chus’ about 6 times.

  11. Min/Migs – duh!

    There would be three or four of us lads shivering in the snow and cold, singing bloody Christmas carols, outside someone’s front door … when we thought they’d had enough we’d do the old, “Please put a penny” … chant …

    … most dropped us a few coins and we’d move on to the next front door (terrace houses remember!) … every once in awhile some mangy old bastard would tell us to bugger off – or in the language of Yorkshire … “… tek thee bloody hooook …” and no I have no idea what it means … but we would tell ’em what we thought!

    Actually i missed a verse

    “If you haven’t got a penny an ha’penny’ll do

    If you etc …

  12. I refuse to accept that TB has a one track mind

    From mono to stereo to surround to 5.1 to 7.1 …

    I have no idea why that would be “naughty”, Migs?

    … obviously, Min, is on another “female” wave- length … 🙄 very deep …

    Here’s the super singer again! Just for you Min!

  13. I’m going to share some feelings I’m having at the moment, I haven’t a clue why and the thought to do it came as I was about to shut down my laptop. This might become a long post, so please ignore or bear with it.

    I’m no grinch and enjoy most of the Christmas stuff and frivolity that goes with it, and I especially enjoy the family and friends get together aspect of it.

    Yesterday our boss gave by the far the best work Christmas party I’ve ever attended. It was full of hapiness and high spirit with the boss given a very good speech ending on a lot of optimism for 2011/2012 with several projects in th pipeline any one of which will see the company viable for a long time to come. He also allayed our fears on expansion stating that it was being carefully planned for.

    My role is to become more important with greater responsibility in line with what I have been requesting in my annual assessments in the part asking what I’d like to achieve in the company. Of course a commensurate renumeration has been promised. I have just received a generous payrise just a couple of months ago ontop of an already decent wage along with a good bonus.

    So as you can see everything is right with the world, except for The right of course.

    Tomorrow I go to my best mates for a Christmas barbie that is always attended by a lot of good people and next week I have family coming up from Melbourne to stay for a bit, which I’m looking forward to.

    So as you can see everything should be great and I should enjoying this time of year as I mostly always do. I’ve sent off my large list of Chrissie cards, each with a hand written personal message as I always do, and have received many. I’ve bought some good pressies for the kids in the family and have been promised some good gifts even though each year we say we will not buy for the adults but do so anyway.

    So why with all this do I feel so detached from Christmas this year, more than at any other Christmas in my life? I don’t feel depressed or unhappy, just detached as though everything happening around me to do with the holiday season is happening on a distant TV show I’m watching but not getting into.

    Anyway I’m sure a few beers at the barbie tomorrow, the normal bad joke telling and the sing along, one of the blokes is an entertainer, and I’ll snap into it. In the meantime I’m about to pour a Cardhu, something I only do for the very best of occassions, so I’ll wish you cheers and the best for the holidays.

  14. Thanks, Mobius. I thought it was just the feeling here in Canberra that it doesn’t feel like Christmas. Nobody can put their finger on it.

    BTW, I will eventually put up a Christmas thread where we can share good stories such as yours.

  15. Merry Christmas All!


    Adrian/Miglo – my guess, for what its worth, is that many people are feeling just like you because of “commercialisation” … Christmas is not about whingy old multi millionaires not making enough money … its about “tradition” and the “old ways” … and as we all keep saying – family and friends … and fun …

    … well the “rules” are being subtly changed and our ‘traditions” are being hijacked by the Uber Kapitalists … we need to change ’em back but Gawd knows how …

    … maybe the fact that people aren’t spending in the shops is a “silent” protest? Though I doubt it, we’ll know tomorrow I guess.

    Maybe some of us don’t really believe we are out of the woods with the GFC (talk to anyone who has been to the States or Europe this year) …

    Anyway …

    … we had our traditional Family Christmas Dinner here, last Saturday … (my son’s family is visiting his in-laws this year … north-west of Brisbane {some concern here about flooding!}) …

    … so we go next door today for my daughter’s special Scandinavian Christmas Dinner today … (she wanted something “different”) …

    … here’s the menu …

    Christmas Dinner Menu

    Entree deep fried camembert with cranberry dipping sauce

    Dinner Goose with apple and prune stuffing
    Roast pork and crackling
    Minted peas
    Baby beans with bacon
    Braised red cabbage
    Potatoes in goose dripping
    Apple sauce and cherry sauce

    Dessert parfait of savoiardi biscuits,
    Berry compote and mascarpone
    Cream. Served with fresh berries.

    Tea, coffee and port/ liqueur served with lindt chocolates

    Don’t know how that will actually upload … but …

    What a wonderful life I have …


    A friend of ours 61 had a quadruple bypass yesterday – they own a house, an inner city unit and her husband has worked for the state government as a supervisor/manager for over 25 years, she too has always worked, so they have a “reasonable” accumulation of super.

    He has decided that they will now retire “… its not about money, TB …” – he’s quite right, of course.


    Merry Christmas all!

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