What have you been listenin’ to?

The Aussie Music Thread is racin’ along…and so it should, plenty of great bands & artists in this country.

Thought it time to put up another general music thread too.

As the cafe moves into a more relaxed mode with the Christmas holidays on the horizon, we’re interested in what you’ve been listenin’ to of late.

Could range from chamber music to blues. Maybe hiphop or folk/Neo-folk…jungle, soul…industrial, country, jazz/fusion jazz/latin jazz…gong-chime…Irish Rebel…Merseybeat…medieval…ska, mariachi, swamp rock…thrash metal…gospel…new weird America…slo-core…pop mop (Mongolian pop music)…ragtime, opera…music that reflects yer cultural heritage…or  just hits the right place.

Plenty of different styles & genres that make for an interestin’ world.

I’ve really been diggin’ this band of late (the vid will take ya back):

Over to you…enjoy yerselves. You deserve it…it’s been one heckuva year


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76 comments on “What have you been listenin’ to?

  1. Like many teenagers in the 70s I picked up Machine Head by Deep Purple…then spurred on I grabbed a few earlier albums & the stuff in Japan.

    But even tho I knew a few tracks, for some reason I never got the album Burn.

    I think it was Tim Dunlop over at his music site on Crikey that mentioned how great it was…so recently I went out and bought the remastered version.

    It’s been gettin’ plenty of attention in this house lately. It rocks. Great for walkin’ to. And makin’ meals. And Chuggin’ back the beers.

  2. Had this on tape but recently picked up the CD…it brings back memories of a good mate & I sittin’ in his basement sippin’ on whatever we could afford back in the late 70s…and stuff straight outa Dad’s liquour cabinet when he was away for the weekend (he had a keen eye and I ended up replacin’ more than a few bottles)…

    this mate (“bud” over in Canada) & I would put on Joni’s Miles of Aisles in that basement…decked out w/ music equipment & welcomin’ old sofas…he’d roll a few joints on the cover usin’ his long, classical guitar taloned fingers…a satisfied grin on his face…and we’d lose ourselves in chat & chuckles…

    and once Joni was finished seducin’ us we’d grab Steely Dan or Yes or Genesis or Jeff Beck or whatever else made up his fine selection of vinyls…great, relaxin’ days after our graduation and on into that summer before big time responsibilities came a callin’.

    Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now ( Miles of Aisles )

  3. My son is telling me these guys from Denmark are worth a listen to. ‘Exploding Plastix’! They are so ‘exclusive’ only 75 people have listened to this song on You Tube so far!

  4. Very nice words to that song, Ross. It’s so rare these days for songs to have a meaning, or a message, other than ‘I love you I want to sleep with you’ to the sound of a cacophony.

  5. Migs, was a Cheap Trick fan as a teen…thnx, brings back good memories.

    Feral, thnx to you & yer son for the recommendations…I particularly like Exploding Plastix. Motivated me to pull out some of my old drum’n’bass, big beat, electronica like Filter, Chemical Bros, Goldie, Crystal Method & Death in Vegas. And Goldfrapp’s ‘Felt Mountain’ w/ it’s film soundtrack-like, theatrical underpinnings. And I’ll grab DJ shadow & Future Sound of London too.

    Fluke – Zion

  6. Feral,

    Here’s a few more you and your son might enjoy.

    Radicalfashion – Thousand (featuring Carl Stone)

  7. Here’s another one my son recommended today. It may, at first blush, conjure up certain pre-conceived notions, however, persevere:

  8. Something to relax to. I often play this for Sanqween if she is having a rest.

    Tetsu Inoue – Karmic Light (Ambiant Otaku)

  9. Nas,
    My late hubby introduced my son to Aphex Twin when he was about 12. I introduced him to The Clash. 🙂

  10. Sorry to go back in time 🙂
    However I love the rawness of the Electronic music from back then. Still in the throes of the punk sensibility.

  11. Migs, Love Fleetwood Mac. Nice stuff. I’ll think you’ll enjoy this. I know I do.

    Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac – Need Your Love So Bad [BBC Sessions]

  12. Feral, I was big on The Clash. In 1980 when living for awhile in the UK….you’re lad obviously had great mentors! 🙂

    The Clash ~ One More Time / One More Dub

  13. OK I’m heading off for the night…might not be around for a few days…just want to thank everybody for the great music offerings…it’s been a thrill. Will certainly be listening to a few of them over the next couple of days…have a goodie…

    One last song…I think Feral and a few others will enjoy.

    Sin Fang Bous: Advent in ives garden

  14. This one’s for Dave Gilmore’s son, Charlie, nabbed by the Stormtroopers in Britain over the weekend protesting the University Fee increases:P

  15. And this one’s for the other 14 Uni students who don’t have fabulously wealthy, famous fathers, who will be probably have their lives ruined by the Conservative English Establishment:

  16. Migs,
    How’s the head? Still look like you’ve had a battle with a lawnmower and the lawnmower won?
    Don’t worry. It’ll grow out. That’s the beauty of hair. 🙂

  17. Thank you Migs, that is a beautiful song. I’ve noticed that as well as Feral that you also play a good deal of Beatles music. Here is one that I like.

  18. Here are a couple that I’ve been listening to today…sadly for those fans of up to the minute music, it’s again travel back in time with Min 🙂

  19. Here’s some trivia: Buddy Holly and Richie Valens died in the same plane crash.

    There’s no telling how big they may have come if their short lives weren’t tragically taken.

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