Julia Gillard’s WikiWobbles

Just posted at Red Bluff:

Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard must be wondering why cyber history is repeating itself, as her government’s reaction to WikiLeaks stirs widespread and vocal resentment.
WikiWobbles: What is Julia Gillard


12 comments on “Julia Gillard’s WikiWobbles

  1. Thnx for the link Kevin.

    All I can say is, at least Julia didn’t take us into Iraq. Nor Kevin.

    I can imagine that if the government had taken a less conservative stance the Coalition woulda pounced…”what about the national security interest”?…”You didn’t go to security meetings & now you support those who leak valuable national security information!!!”…blaaah, blaaah, blaaah.

    Political opportunism has had alot to do w/ the Coalition’s general stance on WikiLeaks in recent days. Same goes for the Murdoch empire…and moolah…and fear of repercussion.

    It’s Bob Brown who tells it as he sees & feels it.

    Ruddy’s doin’ a pretty good job too.

    As for Julia…she’s tough on these things…but she has a country to run & protect.


  2. I’m with Nas on this one. You could have put your house on the fact that if Julia Gillard and Robert McLelland had not gone out hard against Julian Assange in the first instance the opportunistic Opposition would have confected a massive outrage about the fact that they weren’t supporting our closest ally, or our ‘Diggers’ in the field in Afghanistan. Yada yada.
    However, as you may have noticed, the government has been walking back from the initial censure of
    Assange as the worm has turned against the fact of the leaks and in favour of the leaker.

  3. Thanks for the link, Kevin. Good points by Nas and FS as well. Julia could do no other than follow the lead on this, if she hadn’t, the conservatives and their media friends would have given off steam.

  4. I agree, Gillards remarks were pretty poor in the first instance. However, she has backed away a bit (stating that the illegal aspect was the source of the documents (which appears to be accurate) and the actions of the government since has been pretty much in line with what one should expect from the government.

    Having said that, she has left all of the heavy lifting to Rudd (who has handled himself exceptionally, almost Prime Ministerial one might say) and I would like to see her come out and really let it be known what she thinks, like Obama has


    Personally, this latest round of wikileaks is pretty low, and, if the comments from the breakaway openleaks, then they are also pretty hypocritical.

    Privacy is my concern her, and it looks like it has been abandoned

  5. Tom is right about the quality of the leaks. It’s all very timid stuff. Nothing of a top secret classification has been leaked and probably ever could be. In the US there are 17 security level classifications above that of the president, and if he hasn’t got access to it then what are the chances of Wikileaks getting their hands on the serious stuff?

  6. The whole affair just surprises me. I wouldn’t have picked Gillard for making this kind of blunder. She needs to sort it out quick-smart and staying quiet on the issue isn’t going to help her one bit…

  7. I have to say I also have paid scant attention to the wikileaks hoo ha.

    However, I do feel deeply suspicious about Assange, possibly wrongly, on 2 counts. The fervent support of the Murdochracy and the dearth of material about the Rodentochracy. I stand to have my suspicions refuted.

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