The empire has no clothes

Finally I have read an article on the Wikileaks affair that puts it all into context for me. The great Umberto Eco writes:

The WikiLeaks affair has twofold value. On the one hand, it turns out to be a bogus scandal, a scandal that only appears to be a scandal against the backdrop of the hypocrisy governing relations between the state, the citizenry and the press.

He continues:

The top-secret dope on Berlusconi that the US embassy in Rome beamed to the Department of State was the same story that had come out in Newsweek the week before.

Read the full post by Emberto Eco (and for those who might read Dan Brown’s atrocious novels, try Eco’s versions – far far better) for what he predicts will happen.

But he hits the nail on the head in the article, nothing in the cables leaked so far is groundbreaking, just a confirmation that the spies spread gossip. Nothing more. And that is what (IMHO) is pissing off the establishment, the empire has no clothes.

6 comments on “The empire has no clothes

  1. Gillard’s attacks on Assange seem incredibly misguided. The government has grossly misread the sentiments of their supporters or puts so-called ‘diplomacy’ ahead of re-election.

  2. Welcome back joni. Yes. much of what’s been discussed as massive news so far in the MSM has been reported or discussed elsewhere…makes ya wonder where many in the MSM have been the past few years…same place as durin’ Iraq War buildup I imagine.

    Anythin’ to make money I guess. Hypin’ now…buildin’ up to war LIVE then.

    This is worth readin’:

    I’d like to see more info on 9/11, Iraq, Howard, Bush, Downer, Cheney, Rumsfeld, the banks, the Busheviks in general…if there is any more.

    “Gillard’s attacks on Assange seem incredibly misguided. The government has grossly misread the sentiments of their supporters or puts so-called ‘diplomacy’ ahead of re-election.”

    Agree Kevin…I was taken aback by Julia Gillard’s outburst today. Perhaps the accusations of her usin’ the “illegal” term prematurely by the likes of Brandis & such got to her…and havin’ to deal w/ the Rudd China comment…and upcomin’ leaks. And comin’ off an annoyin’ Kerry O’Brien interview…he did labour a few points.

    She seemed really annoyed…not like her.


  3. Thanks for the post, joni. I admit to being ignorant to all this Wikileaks drama, so your post will give the chance to get up to speed.

  4. I wouldn’t say all of it is just gossip (though a vast majority of it is), there are some cables that expose lies by politicians (the USA did ask & receive permission from some governments for their extraordinary rendition flights). There are some that prove something we all knew but were told never happened, that diplomats engage in intelligence gathering activities. It exposes diplomacy as what my father alwasy told me it was, a method of delaying the inevitable moment one get’s threatened with force while they look for a lever with or weak point to which it is to be done.

    So far though, Wikileaks has been keeping the worst cables out of the spotlight. Exposing hypocrisy & secrets rather than causing damage. I reckon the “insurance package” put aside (& now distributed in encrypted form) for the possibility Assange is disappeared or illegally extradited to the USA has the tastier pieces uncensored.

    For example, the details of the cable listing sites that, if destroyed, would harm US interests is pretty bland & almost useless without the actual location details stripped from it. However, if the locations of these sites were released, the US could be in alot more trouble.

  5. Apparently Rudd pissed off the Busheviks. How sad. Bunch of war criminals.

    Sure, Rudd’s too arrogant & controllin’ sometimes…but I know I wouldn’t have been too open w/ the Busheviks either. Not to be trusted.

    It’s a shame tho he felt people couldn’t be trusted elsewhere…particularly as ya need to get cooperation, set the scene, get ideas before ya make an announcement to put big plans in place.

    Not sure that’s all ego tho.

    When ya look at the complicity of many politicians, journos, media barons, corporate aristoctrats and so in in regard to the Iraq War buildup…& their keepin’ a lid on the problems related to the GFC in the years prior to that economic tsunami…and the level of corruption that we’ve seen at all levels…it’s not surprisin’ Rudd wouldn’t trust many in the upper echelons.

    If Virginia Triolli has a problem w/ Rudd & knows somethin’ we don’t then maybe she should come out w/ it…instead of opinin’ negatively and verbally bashin’ him whenever she gets the opportunity.

    If Rudd is cut from that portfolio it’s likely the shame will lead him to stand down altogether. What if that seat is lost?

    Has Virginia thought about that? Or maybe she doesn’t care if this government falls…as it seems many in the ABC seem to feel.

    BTW, I think the next full-bore ASSAULT on Labor has begun.

    Just in time for Xmas & the holiday papers. Surprise, surprise.


  6. Nas’ @9.47am, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Trioli is a troll looking to become another cog in the Murdochracy wheel.

    I don’t think Rudd will be ousted, I reckon the government will sail ahead and he’ll go from strength to strength as Foreign Minister.

    I really think they’ve got absolutely nothing to latch onto, so are creating this furphy around Rudd. If the government keeps its nerve, I think they’ll have to do a re-think.

    Nil desperandum, Nas’.

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