Aussie Music Thread – By Request

In response to a special request from Feral Skeleton & Augustus here it is:  The Aussie Music Thread.  Who could resist putting up this topic just so that Feral Skeleton can ‘gloat’.  The Café finds such requests difficult to ignore 😀
I’ll start with a bluesy classic from Cold Chisel.

95 comments on “Aussie Music Thread – By Request

  1. The album ‘Wires” was one of our fave Aussie albums back in 2001:

    Art Of Fighting – Reasons Are All I Have Left

  2. Russel (lead vox & bass) is Steve Kilbey’s (The Church) brother:

    The Crystal Set – Benefit Of The Doubt (1986)

  3. Used to rip this up in the car whilst eatin’ falafel kebabs at the top of Mt. Gravatt lookout:

    The Cruel Sea “THE HONEYMOON IS OVER” (Live)

  4. These guys from QLD were superb live…we got to know Michael the bass player & corresponded by letters w/ him for awhile:

    gaslight radio – spindlings of the summer

  5. Heading off for dinner but can’t leave without playing something from sanqween and mine’s fav. Church album.

    The Church – Priest = Aura – KINGS

  6. Whoa! Lots o’ catching up to do. 🙂
    Let me just start with one from the band I shared a house with at Uni:

  7. Nas,
    I was sad for days when Grant passed on. I had just bought his album ‘Watershed’ and was really enjoying it and hoping he would tour to NSW. 😦

  8. Very cool Feral. The only guy we ever shared a house with was with a band called the Caterpillars! A local brissie band from way back. He’d come home at 4am and wake up the neighbours.

    When I arrived back in Brisbane for the 3rd time in the very early 80s, I can remember seeing graffiti with this band’s name. You probably remember them. 🙂

    radio birdman – hand of law

  9. Feral,

    When Grant passed away, we sent an sympathy email by way of a site Steve Kilbey had put up.

    A great song from a great band.

    Haze (Jack Frost) (Snow Job) (Steve Kilbey & Grant McLennan)

  10. Augustus and Feral,

    I left you a couple of songs and comments on the Sounds of Summer III thread. Great contributions (I couldn’t get access to the thread until Sanqween came home with her laptop – lol).

  11. Nasking,
    You had your tongue in your cheek when you asked if I remembered ‘Radio Birdman’ didn’t you? How’s this for musical snobbery, when I was living with the guys and their ladies out of X, we were invited to a Radio Birdman gig at The Roundhouse in Paddington. I chose not to go, on purpose, because I wanted to be cooler than everyone else! Radio Birdman, yawn! I could be a real dork sometimes, back then. 🙂
    Here’s one of my faves:

    My friend still has the Radio Birdman symbol tattooed on his arm.

  12. Then there was the time I actually went to see Radio Birdman at the Oxford Tavern, and stayed in the Front Bar talking to my friends for most of the gig!

  13. This one I have included because it has lots of footage of Marching Girls, of which I was one of their number for 10 years of my young life. Also, I just loved Shirley:

  14. Migs,
    You are trying to put me to sleep again, aren’t you? 😉
    Anyway, here’s one from back in the day. I had the most massive crush on this guy:

  15. This had tongues wagging. Zoot were a bubbly squeaky band who played lolly pop songs and they dressed in pink. Then overnight . . . this.

  16. Here’s Kevin Borich with a few mates.

    BTW, Feral, look him up in Facebook and send him a friendship request. I guarantee he’ll accept.

  17. Migs,
    He’d want to be pretty desperate at the moment to accept this old chook’s friendship request. I’d definately feel pretty desperate asking him for his Facebook friendship. 🙂

  18. This one is a trailer for a Surf film with music by one of my hubby’s favourite bands, Tamam Shud:

  19. Night all! Have to get up early to get chillin off to school tomorrow 🙂
    This should get us off to sleep nicely:

  20. I’ll search the cellar and see what I can come up with . . .

    As tempting as that excellent drop would have been Migs, I’ll have to let my liver recuperate a little tonight… shhh – don’t tell anyone 😉

    Excellent thread – I’ve had a hell of a time.

  21. Augustus, maybe the addition of soul to the purely British beat. I don’t believe that we’ve had any ladies yet with the exception of Kylie (thank you daughter;)).

  22. BTW, the scenery in the above clip looks very much like the Flinders Ranges, home of the Adnyamathana people, where I spent three years before moving to Canberra.

  23. Oh good music 🙂 I’d almost (and I do mean almost) forgotten how tight the blokes used to wear their jeans in those days.

  24. Steve Kilbey’s music, and his band The Church, have been a staple part of our listening enjoyment for a good long time. This track is one of my all time favs, rip it up.

    Celebration of the Birthday of the Elephant God Steve Kilbey

  25. Just picked up Grand Salvo’s “Soil Creatures”. I think they hail from Melbourne. It’s nice stuff.

    Grand Salvo – Flowers

  26. Migs,

    I like the Ross Ryan “I am Pegasus”.

    Min, I had 1927! Do you or perhaps Briony remember this one?

    Pseudo Echo – Listening (1983)

  27. Christina Amphlett was everything I wanted to be but was not. Tall, thin, could sing, spunky as…Sigh.

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