Sounds of Summer III

As with the first Sounds of Summer, Sounds of Summer II has grown too big for those accessing the Café via a mobile device.

Somebody was nice enough to post While my Guitar Gently Weeps earlier.  I’ll start of Sound of Summer III with the acoustic version.  It’s very moving.


58 comments on “Sounds of Summer III

  1. As it’s a new thread, I’ll sneak this one in.

    Before REM but you can sure hear the influence they must have had on REM. Listen to the VOX.

    13th Floor Elevators – Slip Inside This House

  2. Savage Rose were a Norwegian band, fairly big in their country in the late 1960s. With music like this they could have gone anywhere. It took 40 years for their music to come to Australia, thanks to YouTube. I’ve posted this song before, somewhere, and it was well-received. For the new visitors – I hope you enjoy.

  3. Migs, luv Savage Rose…been tryin’ to get it for ages.

    Everytime I want out, ya draw me back in. 🙂

    one of my alltime fave Aussie bands:

    Died Pretty – Everybody moves

  4. Hi Nas, a Norwegian friend was going to copy the Savage Rose collection for me but he was transferred to Sydney before I could pick them up. Damn. 😦

  5. Migs, you know that Bacchus has a nose for it, so maybe we’ll just need to get a second bottle and relax to this

  6. If we are talking about Chris Bailey, Ed Kuepper and such then the Radiators definately need a mention, “No Targety”

  7. This song made me cry once. I was drunk, and missing an old mate long gone from my life. Sometimes songs can do that to you. So can being drunk.

  8. Augustus, Bacchus never waits for an invite. He just wanders around like an empty glass waiting to be filled. 😀

    Anyway, I have to choof. Catchya all later.

  9. Thanks Augustus. I’ll grab a couple of glasses and we’ll see if we can finish the bottle before Bacchus walks in.

    Walks in???? At this time of night? Are you trying to ruin my (well cultivated) reputation? :mrgreen:

    I hope you enjoyed your drink listening to the excellent selection of music tendered here. Seeing as I can’t walk (gotta keep up appearances) I’ll go for a mellow contribution:

  10. Yes! Yes! Yes! to the Aussie music thread, so I can gloat, along the lines of, “I shared a house with them…I used to watch them practice…I slept with that guy…I used to go the gigs for that band when there was just the band’s girlfriends in the audience…which was moi!” 😉

  11. This is a bit Left Field, but has a tangential link to music because it is one of my musical heroes speaking and is very apt wrt the attacks that Julian Assange is experiencing from ‘The Man’. Enjoy:

  12. And no, that’s not a bloated Tim Buckley, that’s Joseph Heller, of Catch 22 fame, in the interview snapshot above. 🙂 (Another hero).

  13. Min,
    Wow, those were the days, sitting on a carpet with your legs crossed wearing purple satin pants! 🙂

  14. Another one for we Peace-niks. Feral, would you believe that I still have my peace sign which used to be on a purple leather cord.

  15. Min,
    You are not the only one who believes in the power of the Peace Sign! 🙂
    My late hubby thought Country Joe and the Fish were fantastic.
    Here’s another one that was a favourite:

  16. As we are indulging musical tastes, I thought that I’d pop in one of my own 😀 Cliff Richard does a reasonably good job in the role of Raoul from the Phantom.

  17. I’m just about to put up another music thread, but everyone please feel free to keep posting to this one if you wish. Min.

  18. Augustus,

    The Cure is one of my all time fav bands. Great choice. I saw them in the UK way back in 1980.

    The Cure – The hanging garden

  19. Nas,
    You sound like a man that would have had every record in the ‘Nuggets’ collection. 🙂

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