Sounds of Summer II

Miglo’s Sounds of Summer thread has seen many wonderful contributions.  The length has now made it difficult for some to view these great songs.

It continues here for those wanting to put on more great summer tunes. Have a great weekend.

128 comments on “Sounds of Summer II

  1. Brill songs Migs.

    A place I’d like to visit in summer…Spain…Hemingway gave me the initial urge…later film director Pedro Almodovar:

    The Tallest Man on Earth – King of Spain

  2. Used to go to a mate’s place here in Brissie to escape the summer sun’s onslaught…great pool, backed by golden cane palms…lots of grog…a few puffs…floatin’ on rubber thingies…top music…bliss:

    Pavement – Summer Babe (Winter Version)

  3. My favourite Cat Stevens song.

    This is one of mine Migs – from back in my teen years, and he’s still got it…

  4. Hi Min and Migs and et al

    There’s been a bit of water falling on the east coast. Amazingly LHI has had no rain for 6-8weeks. It’s only 400 nm of the mid north coast of NSW. Maybe they should move it closer!!!
    The weather can be very ‘unfair’…

  5. Hi Handyrab..I’m just south of the Qld border and it’s been the greyest and coolest start to summer that I can remember. Any cooler and I might have to start wearing shoes 😀

  6. Summers remind me of splendid, exciting days at amusement parks…and strangely lost loves.

    Red House Painters – Grace Cathedral Park

  7. There one summer about a decade ago we spent alot of time in the garden listening to this band. Also great for sittin’ back on the porch with a beer in hand watching nature do its thing.

    Idaho – To Be The One

  8. Thanks Min. I also really dig the song Crazy.

    Some great songs above.

    Augustus, I enjoyed the Pogues.

    Bacchus and Migs, I also love Yusaf/Cat Stevens. Various of his albums helped me enjoy a long orange picking season in Greece in 1981.

    Off to watch a few shows with Sanqueen.

    Slowdive – When the Sun Hits (1993)

  9. Wot’s this? A music thread without my input? Well, I’d better do something about that then. Now, I haven’t gone through the contributions from Migs first thread, but I’ll start out with this one, because I met these guys and they were lovely and they knew how to capture summer in song. 🙂

  10. Now, it looks like this one hasn’t been included yet, and it just evokes childhood memories of summer when I used to be able to get away with wearing short shorts/skirts and tiny tops in the heat , plus heaps of cheesecloth, which this song sorta personifies for me:

  11. This one’s dedicated to the memory of Dave McComb(old mates, The Triffids, from back in the day in WA):

  12. Min,
    Actually, I feel great on a Monday because the kids are back at school again(well, at least for another week and a half), and I can please myself around the house. 🙂

  13. For all those suffering rainy day blues, this is a great cover of the Dylan song “Buckets of Rain”

  14. The subject is ‘The Sun’, you’ve got Beatles songs on here, and you haven’t included this?

  15. Augustus @ 1.16pm, Tiny Tim is certainly going to be difficult to top..sadly the best that I can come up with is:

  16. Augustus,
    My son went through a period of wanting to learn how to play Polkas on the Piano Accordian because of Wierd Al Yankovic!

  17. Some people struggle to see why I like this song. It was from a new band in 1969/70 called Tyrannosaurus Rex, later to be known as T Rex. Feel free to dislike it. 😕

  18. Migs,
    Are you kidding? T Rex are the goods! Here’s another one which also has my favourite drummer(Ringo) and Piano player(Elton John) in the clip:

  19. I bet alot of soldiers around the world and oppressed people are thinkin’ this right now.

    David Sylvian – Let the happiness in

  20. For me, it’s not summer without this great Aussie and big electrical storms.

    Ed Kuepper “Electrical Storm”

  21. Great! I come back after making dinner and watching Kerry O’Brien typically show no respect whatsoever when interviewing Julia Gillard, looking, as always, for the snarky ‘Gotcha!’ admission from the PM, and not happy when he doesn’t get it, and you lot have invaded the thread with a surfeit of new music that I will have to spend the rest of the night listening to. Thank you very much! Then Nas disappears in a puff of smoke leaving his esoteric cvontributions behind him.
    Thank you, Nas. 🙂

  22. FHS and Migs, I remember the day Marc Bolan died still TRex were a huge influence, Nasking this has always been a fav Ed Kuepper song for me

  23. Feral, I dig heaps of the music on this thread and none of you ever have to feel uncool because of my choices. I listen to heaps of different music and would have put up some that are on both the summer threads if others have not have already.

    Patti Smith & Robert Frank – Summer Cannibals

  24. HFS, definately, I used to be a music photographer and have seen many a band the best gig I ever went to was Bob Geldof at the Nelson Arms in Hobart, the second best was Richard Clapton at Tilley’s in Canberra and also Ed Kuepper at Tilley’s, I saw Chris Bailey in Canberra as well but he just never got me. So I think maybe a little Richard

  25. Nasking, Patti Smith I should have guessed my favourite is Gloria ” Jesus died for somebodies sins but not mine”

  26. Guys, a friend of mine who is friend of this guy put me onto it, a local Brissy boy, it really is a magic mix

  27. Augustus, Feral and Migs,

    Good Ed Kuepper. Thought I’d add this.

    Laughing Clowns – Eternally Yours (1984)

  28. This will be my last for the night. Great stuff all.

    Quicksilver Messenger Service – How, Which, Who, Do you Love

  29. Migs,
    I sleep like a baby. Albeit a baby with a few aches and pains these days. 🙂
    Head on pillow and I’m gawn!
    As me old mam used to say, I could go to sleep on a barbed-wire fence!

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