Climate Cablegate

Climate Cablegate

Benno Hansen and myself are blogging about Cancun at Th!nk4: Climate Change. We are working together on climate change revelations in Wikileaks’ Cablegate. Benno has an introductory blog in Danish: Hvad Wikileaks lægger til COP15-skandalen

I’ve been looking at some of the cables and will post in detail later. Below are 3 cables sent in the lead up to COP15 at Copenhagen. Numbering refers to cable order. It’s quite clear that the backroom game was ‘lowering expectations’ at Copenhagen.


It is just a sample of the behind-the-scenes geo-politics of climate change action. There is plenty more in the pipeline.

Kevin Rennie

3 comments on “Climate Cablegate

  1. I guess it depends what initial standpoint you read it from. From what I can see, the cable from Saudi indicates more of an understanding that the situation had to be managed carefully to keep the Saudi’s engaged rather than posing as the posterboys for climate calamity. IMO the discussion is far more constructive with everyone engaged…

  2. Fairly amazing stuff Kevin. The way that I’m reading it is that the outcome of Copenhagen had been pre-arranged with suitable publicity pre-organised to fit each different country’s agenda.

  3. Good stuff Kevin. Ya know, the Saudi kingdom really irritates me. They even expect America & their allies to do their dirtywork when it comes to Iran.

    Frankly, I can’t wait ’til our countries are more energy self-sufficient – plug-in cars and such – so we can leave them to their own devices and stop gettin’ involved in expensive, horrid conflicts at their request. They can fight their own battles. And in the meantime, create a proper deomocracy w/ equal rights for all.

    Keep up the great work.


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