The Corporate Aristocracy – Us & Them

Greeks & Irish & Americans must now kneel to them, as so many others in poorer nations already do…begging for work as their jobs, conditions & security are eroded. A public paying off the debt accumulated by countries that fell for their cons & shabby, immoral approaches to business & financing.

They still walk tall, regardless of the GFC…pumping up interest rates in Australia…fleecing the home owners & small business owners. Raking in the big bucks because they head large organisations. Are INSIDERS.

Television & radio stations & newspapers & now blogs fall into their grasp…and politicians find themselves terrified to do the right thing by the masses when it comes to anti-competitive, media ownership regulations…these so called democratic leaders become wary of the weight that can be thrown against them.

They use their might to buy politicians…and throw anti-tax advertising (think mining & media corporations)  against governments…governments weakened as they are told by the propagandised masses that they should not spend taxpayer’s money to respond in kind. People convinced by the arguments of the very same corporate media that receives mining company dollars via advertising…the very same media empires & dynasties terrified of their profits & domination being undermined.

They have no allegiance to nations…they oft sprout up wherever they can make a quick, easy buck…exploit less rigid workplace regulations…they expect vast rewards for their efforts…even though they usually don’t expel any more energy than the average worker. They expect to live & retire in luxury & splendour…and support political parties that tell us we all need to work harder, longer…and accept less entitlements…but they seem to have little problem accepting bailouts if need be…and chopping down the loyal worker’s pension tree if it suits their business plan. ..and ambitions.

There is one law for them…another too often for the worker.


In 2005 I wrote the following to George Monbiot and a couple of Labor politicians I respect…

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