Come Monday

A cheery, chirpy good morning to you all.

I listened to an interesting behavioural science talk over the weekend, the subject of which (arguably) shattered a modern day myth.

It was about computer games or movies that had a violent theme, namely, do the little angels that play violent computer games etc develop violent tendencies?  I was surprised at the answer, which was a comprehensive no.  How could this be?  Everybody knows that kids who play violent games or watch violent movies turn into mass murderers, mercenaries, or Sydney taxi drivers.  These people enjoy running over the elderly or killing the neighbour’s pet.  They were little darlings until they watched Nightmare on Elm Street or killed 500 friendly aliens on their computer; of that I am convinced.

Wrong again, apparently.  Violent games/movies don’t turn kids into nasty little suburban terrorists.  Why?  Because only aggressive, violent, evil kids play those games or watch those types of movies in the first place.  It’s the tail wags dog effect.

I’m not convinced, so I’m going to run my own little experiment, but with the opposite of violence.  My thesis is: Do people who watch Bambi movies turn out more passive than people who don’t?

Here is a Bambi movie.  I will be able to tell from the comments which bloggers have been profoundly influenced by the viewing.  The results should be interesting.

41 comments on “Come Monday

  1. Did anyone else watch SBS HD last night @ 8:30 “Race & Intelligence: Science’s Last Taboo”

    One of the best documentaries I have seen in a long, long time …

  2. TomR,

    … and why wouldn’t tweets come under defamation laws?

    … but then then reading the thread its just a tweet in a tweecup anyway … 😆

  3. I can see no reason why tweets should not be considered defamation given that the requirement for suing in tort for libel is that the claim must be false and that the claim must be communicated to someone other than the person who has defamed. The usual defence is to prove that the claim was true.

  4. I agree that anything put in the public domain should be open to defemation. Its not the wild west out there.

    I was amused at the reaction by a guy from a paper like the oo, who have a long record of ‘making things up’ over an innoccuos little tweet.

    The article by Burchell about Professor Jones is a case in point.

    Monash University Law Professor Sarah Joseph (linked to from Lambert) has some good points to make also, well worth the read.

  5. It goes to show how that the Murdoch types are willin’ to use lawyers to ensure that the empire is protected from “insiders”.

    Seems to me this is another case of the bullies over there warning other ex-Murdoch empire journos & those inside who might be feeling oppressed & disatisfied and consequently expressin’ such, that if they “tell” then they will be media scorched, threatened & perhaps up for a long, expensive legal battle.

    It doesn’t surprise me. The gutless “privileged” in America have been doin’ this for a good long time…rather than just usin’ their influence & access to media to defend themselves…Australia becomes more infected by this approach by the day.

    And obviously the more you have money & contacts & an empire behind you w/ big lawyers the more you can get away w/ this kind of “privileged” approach.

    Happy times for lawyers. The law of the gutless. And empire protectors.

    And people wonder why I refer to them as CORPORATE ARISTOCRATS.


  6. Did anyone else watch SBS HD last night @ 8:30 “Race & Intelligence: Science’s Last Taboo”

    I watched it. While it was a sound exploration of the issues, it also seemed to me that no new ground was broken.

    A bit surprised that there was no historical perspective – no reference (as I recall) to Hans Jürgen Eysenck and his protege Arthur Jensen or even Sir Cyril Burt and the many other figures that explored the issue decades ago.

  7. On Sky at the moment..Albanese giving the opposition a good serve. Un-believable, after all the foo-fah about step 1 of the NBN the opposition didn’t even bother to vote on it.

    Gillard re Abbott: ‘negative, bitter’.

  8. … and the many other figures that explored the issue decades ago

    Including Himmler and his SS “scientists” within the Ahnenerbe seeking the mythical Aryans … 😉

    Bearing in mind that this wasn’t an academic treatise, I thought it was good, solid, documentary journalism, dealing with apposite and the usual opposing academic interpretation but relating to today …

    … and yes … no “new” ground was broken … and, you and I know, that intelligence, education and life experience (ie environment) are often confused by the layperson AND academics, when “assessing” a person …

  9. I suppose a reasonable starting point would be Francis Galton (1822-1911), a pioneer of intelligence testing, who also founded the Eugenics Society. It was this type of thinking that provided the rationale for the Nazis’ extermination of “undesirable” groups.

    I mentioned Eysenck and Jensen becaused they visited Australia in 1973 where they faced violent student protests. (It certainly wasn’t a good look for ‘free speech’ and taking into account Eysenck was a German Jew.)

    But those were the days when students were politically active and universities weren’t just about job preparation.

  10. But those were the days when students were politically active and universities weren’t just about job preparation. Lol!

    Democracy is Dead! Kapitalism Killed It!

    Eugenics did get a mention last night …

  11. TB @9.12am, watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Two days out from Summer and here in Canberra it’s currently 13 degrees, wet and windy.

    Well it’s still spring, Migs and you know spring weather is changeable. 🙂

  12. Looks like Chris Mitchell might find his law suit difficult to process

    And overington reckons she’s just a bit special lol. No wonder they don’t like Grog, he has a very unique way of exposing the glass house they reside in. The hypocrisy of the paper is astounding. And they expect us to pay for it. (Actually, I think is is more a way of keeping cheapskates like me away, and only cater to true believers, who will continue to lap up this garbage)

  13. Two days out from Summer and here in Canberra it’s currently 13 degrees, wet and windy.

    Well it’s still spring, Migs and you know spring weather is changeable.

    Indeed, jane. Yesterday was most unseasonly hot for this time of the year (in Canberra).

  14. “The audio on this link is amazing. It does not paint a very pretty picture of lfe at the oo”

    Tom, I reckon workin’ for the Murdoch empire would be like livin’ in the former East Germany…

    you go about yer daily tasks tryin’ not to think about the overlords…consoled by yer sense of influence & privilege…an income…

    the odd supportive comments from managerial staff w/ steel in their eyes…or the worry of the ages in those same eyes…and melting faces…

    …then you find some of yer work has been edited or disappeared w/out explanation, and yer too afraid to ask why…

    and all the time you feel the all-seeing eye…hovering over you…and Rupert’s shadow.

    You get drunk alot & giggle w/ other journos…but the darkness grows inside like a malignant cancer.

    And oneday you awake in panic…3 in the morn…you want to run…speak out.

    But the threats of legal action hang over everything like gargoyles ready to waken & dive after their prey.

    And then fatigued, bleary-eyed you watch Insiders…or Sky News on the weekend…and yet again hear the confident, bullying words of the morally vacuous chosen few…Rupert’s old guard…and think “Will I transform into them?”

    You shiver convulsively. And reach for the bottle.


  15. Speaking of “””intelligence””” assessment …

    However …

    Psychometric tests have become popular among big businesses seeking the right candidates for positions.

    From Wikepedia … re psychometrics …

    includes the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and personality traits.

    … having been involved in administering and a “victim” of psychometric testing in the ’80’s … I thought (hoped) this approach had died a quiet death … but there you go …

    Much more interested in how a person would apply skills and knowledge to complete a given task, learning and decison making capability and communication skills … rather than traits and attitudes …

    Both of which can alter with knowledge and life/work experience …

  16. I used to love those ‘tests’ TB because of the amusement it provided at planning conferences and the like.

    It’s so easy to adopt ‘multiple personalities’; work out what meanings will be given to answers to individual or groups of questions, and then respond in such a way to totally confuse the assessors.

    But I wouldn’t recommend that approach if one is in a ‘dependent’ position, because some in positions of power take them seriously – I kid you not.

  17. … some in positions of power take them seriously – I kid you not.

    As Sybil Fawlty is apt to say: “Oooo, I know”

    Luckily my boss (HR Manager) and I had some influence and we moved the executive “on” …

    … not so, some years later at James Hardie, unfortunately – but then what can you expect from a company run by engineers 😉 and the HR Manager an industrial chemist … 😯

  18. “Did anyone else watch SBS HD last night @ 8:30 “Race & Intelligence: Science’s Last Taboo”…”

    sanqween & I watched a recording last nite. Thought the comments about Blacks resisting the dominant ideological system when participating in testing has some bearing on why their test scores are lower on average.

    You can imagine how motivating said tests are for a racial group that often feel the system that utilises IQ tests to identify winners & losers also contributed in the past…and present (think Berkeley as mentioned in doco) to them being dispossessed & discriminated against.

    The IDEAL Scholars Fund was established by four alumni to increase the number of underrepresented minorities at UC Berkeley. The Fund tries to counter the perceived effects of California Proposition 209, which ended Affirmative Action in California and in the University of California system. Some claimed there was a reduction in the numbers of Latino, African American and Native American students and rekindled their activism on campus concerning issues of race. However, supporters of Proposition 209 have noted that the number of Asian American students, a small minority group, has dramatically increased following its passage. Racial preferences remain a controversial topic, with some students supporting them while others are opposed to what they see as reverse racism, especially against Asian American students.


    Be interesting to see where such unis went for moolah if a majority of Asian students suddenly found themselves poorer (thru no fault of their own) as their parent’s lost their jobs & companies in an Asian economic meltdown led by a crash in Chinese housing prices & a surge in inflation.

    Self-perception & expectation also has alot to do w/ behaviour & approach to testing of students…as does parental/guardian support & prioritising of education, as shown in the doco.

    And if tests are too Euro-centric for one, then it is not surprising that a/some racial groups will not relate to & achieve as well as others in these IQ tests.

    Personally, I despise the bloody things.

    Thought the comments about Confucius-inspired emphasis on education in China interesting too.

    Tho, I did wonder what role the preparing for the eight-legged essay in the past has had on their educational history…and how many farmer peasants & general townsfolk have been tested?

    I wonder if this fella was ever tested?…he’s brill:

    Paul Merton in China – Mr Woo Robots


    For anyone interested … and/or locals …

    The squadron of FIII’s based at Amberley will take off on their last flight at 11:20 this morning.

    They will fly over Brisbane and then split into two formations one heading up towards the Sunshine Coast (North) and one South to the Gold Coast …

  20. “Perhaps they could drop a few bombs on Brisbane.”

    I heard they were headin’ Canberra way…lookin’ for a large duck pond. 🙂

    Bridge on the River Miglo.


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