There’s new & newish too (and even old is new again)

Where does the time go? So so many say…as they, we hunt thru our tapes, vinyls, cds searchin’ for memories…that “just right” feelin’ that embraced us sooo long ago.

It’s a great way of escapin’ the now, turn up the volume on a few old favourites…perhaps add some grog…mebbe a spliff…or some other mind alterin’ drug of choice…and yer on yer way to surfin’ the waves of nostalgia. And those wicked characters that too oft walk yer life, FEAR, STRESS, LOSS, DISEASE  get a bumpy ride…sometimes they’re thrown into the swell, banished. For as long as the ride lasts.

On the odd occasion they play a role, are part of the mix…but are mutated…confronted…bring a tear…a shout of defiance…a hole to descend into…or even cherished.

But sometimes we get stuck.

The radio stations know it. Time & financial pressures like family & work commitments ensure that many of us don’t move on. We listen to the same old stuff…over & over again. We become apathetic by way of  our music listenin’ behaviour. The vinyls only get dusty ’cause we’ve bought the CD versions of the same LPs.

Perhaps we’re even scared to move on? In case we feel like strangers in a strange land of alien music. Feel like an ancient creature that’s strolled into a megalopolis of sounds we barely recognise.

But search…and listen carefully enuff & you’ll realise that in many ways old is new again. And that plenty of recent music, if shown the same amount of attention as yer old beloveds, will not only embrace you…but play a significant role in yer life…and one day…will become part of the multiplicity of nostalgic waves…that are part of a musically adventurous & rounded life.  

I enjoy walkin’ to this one:

Deerhunter – Desire Lines – (from Halcyon Digest) – 2010

A new to newish music thread. A journey to new lands…where sometimes old is new again…


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