I’m an Aborigine . . . just ask me

Aborigines face the unending task of resisting attempts, on the one hand to cut them off from their heritage, and on the other to bury them within it as a thing of the past.  This statement is indicative of the struggles that Indigenous Australians face in the constructions of their own Aboriginality.

Min put up a post a couple of months ago in response to Andrew Bolt’s claim that Aborigines should be black. In Fair to be Fair she alerts the reader of Bolt’s assertion that the hue of one’s skin is the only thing that matters when a person identifies themselves as an Indigenous Australian.

I was fairly livid at his claim and set out to quickly counter his argument.  I gave myself a week, while the topic was still fresh.  Two months later . . . here is my answer to Andrew Bolt.

If we cast ourselves back to 1788 we would embrace an environment where Aboriginality did not exist, but was to soon be invented by the colonising power.  The European invaders constructed Aborigines as an ethnic category based on their own notions of culture and saddled Aboriginality on the Indigenous Australians, and European ideology continued to shape European ethnic perceptions.  Prominent among the perceptions it was believed that culture was carried in the blood.

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Daggy – this means YOU

As our previous Daggy Music post has been a bit overwhelmed by the connoisseurs of things daggy it’s become a little difficult to download on some computers.  And so here is another thread.

I own up to being a big fan of operetta.  Here is one of my favorites.

Minor Edit: BTolputt made the video viewable. Hope that’s OK folks…