Daggy Music

Am I the only person who likes daggy music?  Who else is there who wants to own up to liking music that everyone hates.  OMG, you don’t like that one do you!

And so now this is everyone’s big chance to post music that everyone else hates.

Here is a starter.  The Daggy Meter is 1-10 and this one rates a 5.

177 comments on “Daggy Music

  1. Migs @ 3.30..yes that one rates fairly highly on the daggy meter.

    Not that I want to out-daggy others but this one was the first record that I ever bought age 11. Yes indeed the sound track from Lawrence of Arabia, but then I was a strange child.

  2. Hi Handy..technical assistance being non available at present, then it was up to me. Now that’s a scary thought 😀

    You got through and that’s the main thing.

  3. Min, I remember that song from my days at teachers college at
    Wagga. It was in the ABC music book for schools. Kids loved it, and simple chords for the teachers. 1970/71? But you’re right it rates highly.

  4. Apology accepted Handrab. You’re right, that one’s most definitely a 10. I think that that one will be very difficult to out-daggy.

  5. TB, sadly this effort rates only a 2 on the daggy meter. I’m certain that you can do better re daggy music 🙂

  6. Yes, sadly TB they were too good on the daggy meter. You’re just going to have to do better..or is that do worse 🙂

  7. Oh dear Handyrab…I think that I might have been in the audience for that one. All the boys used to sing this one to me.

  8. I’d SELL this stuff full-bore right now. Not great for recycling…doesn’t fit into the upcomin’ anti-mine world…check for amount of tungsten…fools.


  9. Ya gotta luv it…TRUST issues…and ominous music.

    Always be prepared. Know yer Achilles’ heel…and follow inconsistencies…in a world where people are not often what they seem.

  10. Sometimes we find treasure in the most unexpected places…friendship rings:

    Brian Eno – Emerald and Stone

  11. I contemplated my ‘Inner Dag’ overnight, and came up with a few Rays of light to shine forth from said, ‘Inner Dag’. 🙂

  12. “how does she manage to keep her bikini top on?”

    More to the point – why does she even try to?

    Bacchus, did you even bother with the or were your eyes popping out of your head? 😉

  13. When I was 15 I was given free tickets (I should have refused) to see this mob in their comeback tour and the Mixtures were the supporting group. The tour was a flop, as was the concert.

    In 1972 they all had long hair and facial growth and wore hippy clothes. In this video they look like mass murderers. Each on of them!

  14. Well yes, my eyes were popping out of my head, but the bikini top left nothing to the imagination anyway – hence my question, “why does she even try to?”

  15. How funny. I was just about to post this very same song Migs..so, sorry about that…here it is. For some reason my late Auntie Lil used to burst into hysterics whenever she heard this one.

  16. That’s it! I better get back to looking after my guests. But before I leave here’s one that’s cringe worthey. Believe it or not this went to number 1 in Adelaide.

  17. Migs, that is fairly horrible. But what about a skinny white kid singing Ol’ Man River. Tote that barge lift that bale?

  18. By gee that’s a catchy tune Hillbilly..sorta brings images if not exactly of Christmas in fact more like the public bar…

  19. To extend my lead, I submit this:

    It has a Movember angle, a daggy, one hit wonder DJ, and daggy sidekicks!

  20. How unfortunate that I have to disappear for a few hours to prepare for tonight’s party. I have no hope of catching Hillbilly in the immediate future, at least.

    Min, if Hillbilly posts stuff to put me to shame you have my permission to delete it. 😉 😆

  21. What tha!
    My friends play that song(‘Cows With Guns’) on their guuitars around the fire at every party we have!! They’ve even written alternative lyrics to it to suit every occassion! 😀

  22. I’m certain that you will improve Migs..but then on the other hand you never know what else Hillbilly might come up with!

  23. OK, OK, in the interests of fairness to Migs I let myself get talked into going out for a few hours too. 😉
    Anyhoo, I’m baaaccckkk!
    This one makes it for the flares:

  24. laugh– I’ve just spent the last forty-five minutes going over the thread and it is awesome. Some of the daggiest, embarrassing, and funny songs I still get a kick out of listening to 🙂

  25. Thank you Ben, it couldn’t have been achieved without the daggiest, embarrassing and funny people on the blog 😀

  26. Handy..I love that one which goes to prove that it does indeed have an impressive daggy factor. To counter, Peter O’Toole singing (sort of) Dulcinea. I actually love it.

  27. Being a huge 80’s fan.. I have no idea where to start.. too many.. this one is probably one of the daggiest of the daggy from that era..

    This one’s for you mother (Min) dear xox

  28. Did I mention I’m pissed?

    F*ck knows where I’m sleeping tonight. I’d sleep outside but there’s a big spider out there. How big? Real big!

    The lounge looks good.

  29. Hillbilly,

    I need a place to sleep tonight. Are you within 5,000 ks of Canberra?

    I’m expecting an offer from Dubai but I’m unwilling to accept.

    When my wife says “Where are you sleeping tonight?” I know I’m in the bad books. Can’t for the love of me work out what I’ve done wrong, apart from enjoy myself. 😥

  30. Migs,
    Yes I am within 5000kms of Canberra, and I have a Sofa Bed. However, it is on the verandah and the mozzies have just started coming out in force recently. 😦
    Not to worry. Tomorrow is a new day, and if you clean up the yard, you’re usually back in the good books before long. 🙂
    Anyway, here’s one of my alltime favourite songs. May it keep you warm, if you do not have a dog of your own to do same tonight:

  31. Excellent job Hillbilly of keeping the evening shift so well entertained 🙂 Here’s a nice mellow one for a Sunday afternoon.

  32. This band were ‘Daggy’ personified, AND I will always love them:
    (Hope yr head’s not hurting too much today, Migs)

  33. Min,
    My late husband had a collective crush on ‘The Bangles’. Whenever he was in the doghouse he would always bring out their record and turn it up LOUD!

  34. Sometimes there is a song which seems to carry what you want to say, both words and music. This one is mine. Soppy factor 10.

  35. Migs, that one rates very highly on the Mushiness Meter in fact a 10/10. Funnily enough I was just listening to the same one but you have beaten me to it.

  36. After due consideration and there was certainly some of the best/worst daggy music heard from quite some time, and in a very close race my award goes to HillbillySkeleton.

    This topic is still open and so if anyone wants to continue to annoy friends and associates with their own daggy music, please feel free to do so 😀

  37. Min,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! And my award is a Dag from a Sheep’s bum, mounted on a Yellow Polyester plinth? 😉

  38. Hillbilly, I’ll have to speak with Mr Blog Master Miglo about what your award might be…but I should imagine that it will be something similar to the one that you’ve suggested 😉 Yes indeed Nas’s offerings were no way near daggy enough to rate on the daggy-ometer. However, if we work on him maybe he’ll improve..or is that unimprove?

    I started with a Billy Joel tune, and so here is another one. Zilch daggy but a fairly substantial proportion of mushy. A special dedication for a friend who loves lyrics.

  39. I still have a brand new WorkChoices mouse pad. It goes to Hillbilly Skeleton.

    I bet you have a lump in your throat, don’t you, Hillbilly. :P:

  40. Migs..I thought that we got rid of you a day ago ;). However as I can’t resist a challenge then I counter with.

  41. I don’t think that I can top Mig’s very excellent selections, but here is a mellow one..just the way you are.

  42. Migs,
    I’m going to hold you to your promise of a WorkChoices Mousepad! Just the sort of cack yellow that I love. 😉

  43. Now, I have a reputation to uphold here, and as you have been trying to cut my grass(no Leaf Blowers allowed!), I’ll have to return the favour:

  44. Hmm, a resumption of the song challenge. You can’t get much daggier than Barry Manilow..lyrics are very nice tho 🙂

  45. Min,
    Actually, I think you may get a bit daggier than Barry Manilow. So, let’s groove along with Neil!

  46. This guy I had a major crush on and I am including it for that very reason. Hmmm, maybe there should be a ‘Daggy & Delicious’ category? 🙂

  47. Hillbilly, before my wife’s daughter went overseas with Howard she offered to get her his autograph while she was away.

    My wife fired back: “Don’t bother. I’d only bin it”.

    A couple of weeks after her return my wife gets a photo of little jonnie with his autograph and a little message to my wife, all presented nicely in a little plaque.

    She kept it, without treasuring it.

  48. Maybe autographed by a public servant 🙂 Could be worth a lot of money one day.

    Ohh no Hillbilly, I love Hot August Night! And another one from the same album.

  49. Migs,
    I bet the photo of Howard was the one where he is looking sideways, square of jaw, like a Fuhrer with dentures.

  50. Min,
    Bet you had a copy of ‘Cold Fact’, too. Who didn’t? Not that I knew what it was about 🙂

  51. Migs,
    I have to say I have never seen that particular Beatles’ clip for ‘Another Girl’ before. Thank you. 🙂

  52. What an enjoyable post, Min. This may be the last but it is a favourite of mine, though the vid doesn’t do it justice.

  53. There’s nothing as daggy as Prog Rock, with a Hammond B3 solo played upside down! And then the fire. 😀

  54. Handyrab. How very kind of you to say so. I was thinking of my late mate Matty Price (not to be replaced in current journalism..one of a kind), and of course Tim Dunlop who always insisted on a Mid Week Meltdown on Blogocracy. One does not live from poll to poll, and even if the MSM choose to, let’s have some fun along the way.

  55. Too right Min, Matt was great. This was sung by the journos choir at his memorial – enough to make you cry…

  56. My fondest memory was after Matty’s TV appearance saying that he didn’t think himself attractive enough. I emailed him back saying that he did very very well, especially his expressive hands. I don’t think that he believed me, but I certainly meant it. I think that he would be pleased with this blog knowing that his sense of humour was being continued by the current Blog Master.

  57. sense of humour was being continued by the current Blog Master.

    PS’s don’t have a sense of humour!

    … and he’s had a bloody long hangover this week! LOL!

  58. Might I just contribute my 2c-worth about Matt Price? I used to think he was dead sexy, in a tousled-haired, goofy sort of way. I still remember the time he bought the pie to a Press Conference in Parliament House. So cheeky!
    Anyway, I told Jack the Insider once, who took over Matt’s blog spot at The Oz, that he would never be as good as Matt was. I miss him.
    Did he like Neil Young? Well, this one’s for him then:

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