Daggy Music

Am I the only person who likes daggy music?  Who else is there who wants to own up to liking music that everyone hates.  OMG, you don’t like that one do you!

And so now this is everyone’s big chance to post music that everyone else hates.

Here is a starter.  The Daggy Meter is 1-10 and this one rates a 5.

Friday on my mind

Some of you may have noticed that I launched Australian Blog Sites during the week.  The Political Sword ran a post about the site which helped kick it along, as did some negative publicity, which all in all got it off to a great start.  They say that negative publicity can be good publicity and this point has been proved over the last 48 hours.

Thank you to all those who contributed to its early success.

Those who have been critical of the site question why I am lending encouragement to blog sites that have a centre/left political persuasion as well as a demonstrated dislike of the mainstream media.  Well, there are three reasons:

  1. I want to.
  2. I can.
  3. For years now I’ve been sick to death of media ran blog sites that promote their own agenda and have stifled ‘dissenting’ opinions.  I’m also sick to death of bloggers who have a dislike of the left resorting to abuse of those who support the left.

Some of the most vocal critics are quite disturbed with the idea that their own opinions and political preferences cannot be expressed on Australian Blog Sites.  I can easily respond to that:

  1. That’s what the lefties and Murdoch haters have had to put up with for a few years now.  Deal with it.
  2. The site’s audience and recommended sites aren’t interested in your opinion.  Get used to it.
  3. There are hundreds of sites where your opinions would surely be welcome.  Seek them out.
  4. Australian Blog Sites is not a blog site: It’s a directory of blog sites.
  5. No-one really cares.  They ‘aint’ listening.

Now how about a song?  How about this old Café Whispers favourite?