Remembrance Day

We all have a story.  Here is mine.

A family friend we knew on Kangaroo Island was at the Gallipoli landing.  In the late 1960s one of my brothers asked him what it was like.

The man never spoke.  He just wept.

What could be so horrible in a man’s life that it could reduce him to tears 50 years later?

Lest we forget?  He was unable to forget.

High Court Decision

There is a big decision to be handed down in the High Court today. As David Marr writes in this mornings SMH:

It’s big. Few decisions of the court have been so anxiously and eagerly awaited. All will be clear this morning, but when lawyers gathered in August to argue the case in Canberra, judges on the bench indicated they were ready to make a big call: that boat people cannot be detained and processed outside the law.

Had the two Tamils known as M61 and M69 flown to Australia on a tourist visa and then asked for refugee protection, they would have been released into the community and assessed by the Refugee Review Tribunal with the courts keeping an eye on officials to make sure all was properly done.

I hope the High Court overturns the excision system.

Update: The High Court has ruled that the offshore processing is invalid:

The High Court has unanimously ruled that Australia’s offshore refugee processing regime is invalid.

Great decision.