Friday Siesta at the Cafe (Attack of the Leeches Edition)

Hi, and welcome to the cafe where yer coffee & tea are spiked with WAKE UP formula.

It seems to me that the Australian public has been fed a diet of 1950s style propaganda the past decade. It’s like they’ve been put to sleep, wheeled into their cars, taken to the drive-in & old, crusty cinemas…and left in a drowsy state as marathons of B-grade sci-fi horror films flicker across the screens. Titles such as:

Invasion of the Car Snatchers

Invaders from the Sea

Creatures from the People Smuggler Boats

THEM and their Swarthy Skin

Attack of the Others

Revenge of the Lady Lickers 

Humanity is at risk. Towns are  under threat. The very fabric of society is unravelling as fear of the invaders creates mayhem & an epidemic of mass hysteria. Town hall meetings descend into frantic pleas for help from authorities. The safety of wives, sweethearts, children, cars, cattle are at risk.  

Enter dashing & concerned hero Tony Abbott…and no-nonsense but occasional screamer Julie Bishop. Come to save the day.


Plus ce change eh…

Feel free to add any comment you feel will add to the atmosphere…and don’t forget to pick up the complimentary gift on the way out:

Have a goodie…and beware the attack of the leeches…tho, I’m sure Alan Jones is heading our way soon to play concerned citizen and community protector. Phew! Lucky us.