Friday Siesta At The Cafe (“Waiting” Edition)

Australian election results are still ongoing…but apparently some in the Murdoch empire & Coalition are itching for a new election if they can’t get their way. Not surprisingly, Family First Senator Steve Fielding has also put his two-cents in…making no sense whatsoever.

It seems this Grand Coalition Of  Play My Way Or The Highway are willing to discard millions of votes & the views of the many who spent an enoromous amount of time & effort focusing on the issues, and the policies of the political aspirants, in order to vote responsibly.

This doesn’t surprise me.

Having watched the lengths that the LONG WAR, LOWER TAXES, FREE RIGGED MARKET loving Righties are prepared to go in an attempt to gain power over the past couple of decades, including creating a storm out of a teacup in order to impeach and distract an American President, Bill Clinton, for his affairs…rigging elections by cutting people off election rolls and using intimidation tactics to prevent others from voting, the Gore vs Bush election a case in point…to using refugee-bashing tactics to heighten xenophobia in countries like Australia (Think Tampa, “children overboard” lies & distortions, fake pamphlets in Lindsay)  in order to grab the One Nation vote and increase chance of winning elections…nothing really surprises me when it comes to this lot.

What does surprise me is the amount of people who are willing to vote for these “win at all costs”, “say & do anything to gain power” politicians & media allies who often display the moral development level of a “me me me” adolescent willing to destroy all of the community fair’s Leggo constructions because they didn’t get the blue ribbon & prizes when they expected them…and petulantly stand with hands on hips screeching out: REMATCH!!!.

There is an old Turkish proverb that goes:

” Patience is the key to paradise”

Over to you…pull up a seat at the cafe…I’m having a strong Turkish coffee.


45 comments on “Friday Siesta At The Cafe (“Waiting” Edition)

  1. It’s worth checking out the video:

    Jon Stewart of The Daily Show: FOX Failed To Mention Co-Owner Is One They Accuse Of ‘Terror Funding’ (VIDEO)

    Stewart showed clips from his show last week, in which he mocked Fox News for playing a dangerous game of association based on speculation, and wherein Fox continued to mention a nameless man with ties to Imam Rauf through the “Kingdom Foundation.” It turns out the man they are referring to but never name is Saudi prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, one of the biggest shareholders of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

    Showing a photo of the prince shaking hands with Rupet Murdoch, Stewart exclaimed, “That’s right, the guy they’re painting as a sinister money force OWNS Fox News”.


  2. It’s not just the right wing media emboldened at what they have achieved during the reign of this Labor government I have just seen on ABC News24 a mining industry head chest thumping as they are now emboldened over the mining tax victory.

    They now want more say in government policy and will run a campaign on climate change. Just like the media they were behaving as though they are now the rulers of this country and government is their executive arm.

    Thank you Abbott for bringing this about, and it is Abbott and the Liberal right wing radicals who caused this. You now have the beginnings of a small taste of what things would be like under an Abbott led majority government. Not very good at all.

  3. Could it be that hidden within the coalitions assumptions is a new tax, or a tax increase to fund their plans. And this is what the coalition is scared of releasing to the public? Perhaps it is an expansion of the “levy” on business to pay for their parental leave proposal?

    I wonder if the details are hidden in the depths of a coalition document so that they can later say that it was there all along…. just wonderin’ ya know.

  4. Has anyone else noticed? When Abbott is in the bad books with OO that the cartoons of him get hairier 🙂

  5. Eddie L. over at the ‘Literature’ thread provided the following link:

    The Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero and Freedom of Religion in America
    by Jack A. Smith

    I found the following comments by Republican Newt Gingrich (obviously seeking ‘Tea Party movement’ attention) rather amusing:

    Gingrich believes that Obama is “pandering to radical Islam” and that the Cordoba Initiative feeds into “an Islamic cultural-political offensive designed to undermine and destroy our civilization.”

    I doubt that any “Islamic cultural political offensive” could do more to “destroy America’s civilization” than what their corporate system of government has done under the likes of GW Bush & other presidents.

    Gingrich might want to go visit those w/out proper homes & healthcare in Louisiana 5 years after Hurricane Katrina…a month after the capping of the leaking oil pipe…

    those who were led to become far too reliant on an archaic automobile industry in Michigan and lost their jobs, pensions & homes…

    those being pissed on by chemical & oil-related toxins in Texas…

    those convinced to buy homes in Las Vegas & surrounding areas that have now crashed in value…

    those workers and their families defined as “illegal immigrants” being stomped on by draconian laws in Arizona & elsewhere…

    and the many more who find daily life in America to be less than “civilised” and “one hell of a struggle”…

    and ask them how “civilization” is going.

    According to the Pew results, “The view that Obama is a Muslim is more widespread among his political opponents then among his backers. Roughly a third of conservative Republicans (34%) say Obama is a Muslim, as do 30% of those who disapprove of Obama’s job performance.”

    Despite a birth certificate showing Obama is an American citizen born 49 years ago in the State of Hawaii, a CNN/Opinion Research poll made public on his Aug. 4 birthday determined that 27% of all Americans think he was “definitely” or “probably” born in a foreign country. Among Republicans, 41% definitely or probably believe he was foreign born, and thus a non-citizen and an “illegal” President.

    The right wing will evidently go to extreme lengths to take back Congressional seats on Nov. 2, including untruths, national chauvinism, and anti-Muslim propaganda. Many millions of Americans have been misled about the community center and mosque planned near the former World Trade Center. But millions more average Americans know better and say so in plain terms.

    I noted the following:

    “The right wing will evidently go to extreme lengths to take back Congressional seats on Nov. 2, including untruths, national chauvinism, and anti-Muslim propaganda…”

    As I stated above, this is not a local behavioural pattern on the part of the contemporary right-wing.

    They spread their sh*t Liberally.


  6. Now called by the ABC. 72/73 for the Coalition, 1 Green and 4 Independents. Of the 73 for the Coalition 1 is Tony Crook who has specified that he will sit on the cross-benches.

    Therefore it’s 72/72, 1 Green and 5 Independents. Antony Green has stated the reason for placing Crook with the LNP is that he ran on a National Party ticket however as above Crook has stated that he will not sit with the Truss Nationals.

  7. Min & Nas’, Smuggles has got away with the costings shit. They’ll have a LIEberal stooge explaining their “assumptions” to Treasury in a sit down with the Independents, because it’s all a great big secret the government mustn’t know.

    In other words, there is to be absolutely no accountability nor scrutiny of LIEberal policy fabrications policy costings by anyone capable of doing the job.

    My take is that what goes around comes around, so now Labour can pull the same bullsh!t and get away with it. It will be Three Boats policy.

    Mind you, it could backfire on them with the Public Service, too. I certainly hope so.

  8. Yes, Abbott certainly is hiding something big of that there is no doubt in my mind. That he’s going to such great lengths to stop the government from seeing the policy costings means there’s something that the government will immediately pick up but Treasury just doing the raw sums will not.

    That Abbott insisted on seeing the government’s MRRT and NBN figures in detail, and Gillard is making them available, to me means it has to do with Coalition costings/savings in those areas, and they are the two largest areas.

    Methinks Abbott was attempting to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and has now been caught out. I think he’s not going to scrap the MRRT in its entirety, which of course he wants to keep secret from the mining companies and the public. I think he had a several billions of dollars black hole that he needs to keep the MRRT or part of it and he’s seeing how much he can exaggerate the NBN savings.

  9. Has anyone else noticed? When Abbott is in the bad books with OO that the cartoons of him get hairier

    And his ears are getting bigger too, as well as his nose which happens to liars so they say.

    He’s been turned into a big eared, long nosed, skinny hairy squirrel monkey.

  10. I wonder if they will be getting Gordon Gretch to do the costings for them, behind closed doors?

    And yes, asking for more detailed analysis of the NBN is pure posturing imo. They already have the costings for that apparently, they just want to make it look like the work hasn’t been done yet I would assume.

    Well, at least it means e can move on at least. Lets wait and see what his next brain fart brings forth.

  11. I wonder what the indies think of Abbott’s change of mind, do they think he was trying to stonewall them, or has he come up with a plan B, I read today that the AFP wasn’t actually investigating the leaks as Robb had suggested but only looking into the claims of the coalition to see if they warrant investigation.

  12. Speaking of things Turkish, I heard a great quote recently, from Martin Luther [ of the Lutheran variety ]. When the Turks were at the gates of Vienna someone asked Martin Luther what would become of them. His answer, “Better a wise Turk than a foolish Christian”. Maybe Steven Fielding, the foolish Christian thought by blocking all legislation he could bring on a double dis-solution. At first I figured the Liberal adviser the wheezing Graham Morris might have put him up to that, but Mr. Rabbott knocked the idea on the head. I can’t decide whether Mr. R. is just plain sneaky or whether there is a little streak of delusion and grandiose paranoia all rolled into one. He’s certainly been avoiding any disclosure of his policy costings until today. Did he really think he’d get away with it? Well, yeh, with help from news ltd. Now they’re telling us he had a win. Part of God’s mysterious plan to get him the number one job went awry and finally we have a faux presentation for the Independents with Liberal advisers Arthur Sinodinos and Graham Morris to help explain things. Very reassuring, NOT.

  13. But if every story was to be believed then this whole election will amount to nothing because another headline of theirs was that solar activities will cause the destruction of our planet in 2012, confirming the old Mayan prophecy.

    But they’ve removed the story now. The planet of ours being reduced to ashes is not as big a story as Abbott’s win.

    He’ll save the planet.

  14. Sky this morning are pushing Thursday’s Galaxy poll, typical tactics..for those who might have missed it during the week. As a writer into Sky pointed out, If the people in those electorates had wanted a Liberal government then they would have voted Liberal not Independent.

    And as far as Abbott wanting another election.

    ”Someone in the Liberals called me today and gave me a mouthful of abuse, saying why don’t I just get on with it and go back to an election,” Mr Windsor said. He would not disclose who had abused him.

  15. A News Poll mirroring the Galaxy one is out and every news service is hammering it as the indies must go with Abbott.

    As one commentator stated what the polls don’t show is these indies hate the Liberals and have had running fights with them from way back, which is why they became indies in the first place. They ran against Liberals in those seats and whopped them so it’s fairly stupid to say the people now want Abbott.

    Also the major news services yet again lumped Crook in with the Nationals yet he beat Wilson Tuckey and has been outspoken against the Coalition for a while. Andrew Robb has picked up on this and said that Crook would be far better aligned with the Coalition and should join with them.

  16. Did anyone else catch a glimpse of Rob Oakeshott as he commented on the news that Abbott had agreed to their having the costings. He said something about being relieved because as as someone who was more on naurally on the right in politics it had become very difficult…..

    It wasn’t so much what he said but just something in his eyes as he glanced away from the camera which made me very uneasy.

    Anyone else share my feeling that perhaps it really is all over, Red Rover? That it’s not just the poll declaration and concession by Julia which is now just a matter of time, but the decision making of the independents too is becoming an empty process before they go with their natural allies/masters?

    Come on, tell me I’m wrong. I’ve stayed positive till now….and really want to hang in there for Julia. My heart sinks at the thought of her losing this chance and Shorten stepping in to take over an ALP opposition. Then it really will be back to adversarial politics as usual, only more intense and dirty.

  17. If I was one of the independents I would be thinking firstly of what this opportunity would provide for what I want to achieve and who is more likely to be prepared to negotiate. And also which is the party most likely to get what I want onto the books.

    Abbott, has from his first token gesture reverted back to his confrontational stance – iffy excuses followed by a backdown which basically wasted everyone’s time and energy while he fiddle-farted around. Abbott is therefore a big minus in being able to have smooth running of a minority government. Abbott has already stated that he won’t be dictated to by the Independents and so what hope of a workable minority government?

    And then as part of Abbott’s team you have Truss and the high profile Barnaby Joyce whom at least 2 of the independents have said that they won’t work with. So is Abbott’s choice going to be to send Joyce out of the ministry? Abbott would have to think twice about that one as Barnaby angry and roused is a sight to behold.

    And of course Labor and the Greens are going to have control of the Senate from July. To me it’s best to be on their side rather than joining with the Liberals and risking not being able to get one’s projects through. Due to this it is also far more likely that Abbott would go to an early election (going against his promise to serve a full 3 years) in order to gain a majority in his own right.

  18. Mobius at 9.17am. Thank you for that, I thought that it was a re-run of the Galaxy but it’s actually a news.poll.

    And so, what is with all the threats against the independents: This is what your constituents want via not just one but TWO polls. What their constituents want is just as relevant as holding a poll in Altona, Canberra and Murwillumbah.

  19. Earlier was for Patricia 🙂 I think that for Labor will be obviously Bandt, most likely Windsor and probably Wilkie..not a good look when the Libs try to put you in jail.

    For the LNP Crook is the only certainty.

    Oakeshott: main concern is climate change and an ETS – seems to float around when under pressure
    Katter: the NBN but is a climate change sceptic
    Windsor: climate change and alternative fuels, stability is his VIP.
    Wilkie: public health including dental, previously stood for the Greens.

  20. Thanks, Min. Clearly too Julia hasn’t given up. I don’t sense desperation from her – simply determination. She’s certainly calm under pressure. She’ll be fine in crisis.

    Meanwhile we should all count our blessings. Climate change will as surely bring huge problems to us of the order we’re now seeing in Pakistan. We at least still have money, time, technology and hopefully common sense on our side if we decide listen to our scientists

  21. Patricia that’s an excellent point and surely the Independents will have noticed the difference between the two leaders, how they react under pressure. I am certain that your intuition is correct..that Gillard is straight forward and determined whereas Abbott is flip-flopping all over the place.

    Sadly it’s an indicator of how insular Australia has become over the last year that the disasters in Pakistan have become just a footnote somewhat lower in interest than the antics of some football player and Paul Hogan.

    As Miglo would say, chicken versus egg..did we become insular and aloof to events outside of our backyard due to the media’s focussing on nothing other than getting their team elected OR because we became insular maybe due to the GFC and therefore only local politics was getting the hits.

  22. Patricia, with all the climate change debunkers in the liberal ranks and the media we will never see a commonsense approach regardless of our amount of money, time or technology at hand. Especially if we end up with a pm who reckons that climate change is crap.

  23. Jedda, I thought that it was interesting that 3:5 of the Independents who will create the next government want action on climate change. Out of the crew (please correct me if I’m wrong) but only Katter and Crook are deniers.

  24. Jedda, I think that most would classify Abbott as a denier..although I don’t see much difference between a debunker and a denier as no mostly means no.

    I was just doing a thing about probabilities and how certain Independents might vote, what are the things that they have put forward are important to them.

    Of course the indies might go against what they have stated and side with Abbott but then they will have to explain why they have sold out the bush re a NBN and why they (Oakenshott and Windsor) have sided with a debunker/denier.

    Interesting times and that’s for certain.

  25. You’re right, Min, there’s far more to consider than a passing comment or glance from Oakeshott. Oddly, although he is the most vocally progressive I agree with you he is the weaker reed and less likely to withstand pressure.

    We really need Bob Katter to have an epiphany re climate change.
    Perhaps he and Penny Wong could brainstorm together and come up with a pipeline, (fully costed!) from the Eyre basin in flood time, for storage in reservoirs to serve the Murray/Darling in times of drought.

    One can dream, I guess.

  26. “But they’ve removed the story now. The planet of ours being reduced to ashes is not as big a story as Abbott’s win.”

    Their concern for the timely death of a vicious mobster is so reassuring…unlike the lack of concern for the welfare of the children of the bombed & radiated in Iraq…during a war so spruiked.

    Priorities…and timely diversions. The Hook-into the circus to avoid the nightmare, guilt, compensation, consequences.


  27. Thank you that’s a great visualisation, Katter and Wong having a weekend together 🙂

    Ah yes but Katter wants his NBN and Katter is also pro alternative energy sources. And so Katter is a bit of a mixed bag, wants alternative fuels but is a climate change denier/debunker.

    Who knows. I have thought to look at it logically, about what I might do if I was an Indie.

    But I suppose that the best that can be said is that patience is a virtue and from now on I will keep my trap shut. But that’s what the MSM are trying to achieve aren’t they.

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