The ‘new look’ Dept of Climate Change

Typing in these days takes you to the Department of the Environment. It used to take you to the Department of Climate Change – back in the days when we had a government that had climate change as a high priority.

The big bold headline you are now met with is . . .

Carbon tax to be abolished from 1 July 2014

Rather presumptuous, don’t you think?

We clicking on a link invited to do so, we see . . .

The Australian Government will abolish the carbon tax from 1 July 2014. This will lower costs for Australian businesses and ease cost of living pressures for households.

Not only presumptuous, but now a bit of bullshit has been added for good measure. Here’s more of the bullshit:

Why are we removing the carbon tax

Repealing the carbon tax and the Clean Energy Package is designed to:

  • Reduce the cost of living – modelling by the Australian Treasury suggests that removing the carbon tax in 2014-15 will leave average costs of living across all households around $550 lower than they would otherwise be in 2014-15.
  • Lower retail electricity by around 9 per cent and retail gas prices by around 7 per cent than they would otherwise be in 2014-15 with a $25.40 carbon tax.
  • Boost Australia’s economic growth, increase jobs and enhance Australia’s international competitiveness by removing an unnecessary tax, which hurts businesses and families.
  • Reduce annual ongoing compliance costs for around 370 liable entities by almost $90 million per annum.
  • Remove over 1,000 pages of primary and subordinate legislation.

Rather odd, isn’t it?

I could have swore that on their site I read somewhere the claim that ‘We contribute to developing climate change solutions, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and adapting to the impacts of climate change‘.


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I must be mixing with the wrong people

I couldn’t tell you how many people I’ve met, although they must surely number in their thousands.

Tony Abbott – a person I have never met – appeals to the oddest types and I’m thankful that I haven’t met any of them either. But they are out there! The majority of them prefer, it seems, to hide behind an internet persona while spreading the government gospel, usually with huge amounts of vitriol and disdain against anyone who wants to save a forest, a heritage site, the planet or an asylum seeker.

I’m yet to meet a person – in real life – who behaves as insanely mad as the knuckle-dragging, right-wing cheer squad do when they bang down on their keyboard all frothed up with hate.

But I must be mixing with the wrong people. From what I’ve recently read here, there are hordes of Australians (who are not the internet Neanderthals that I deal with on a daily basis) who are grateful for Tony Abbott’s stamp of authority on our national affairs.

I really can’t claim to know anyone who fits into this category, though the nameless commenter here obviously does:

I am amazed at how many Australians I speak to every day who say that they are elated now that the boats have stopped and equally elated that the ALP 5pm news spin machine has dried up. In fact, they all say that they are enjoying their after work family time more due to the stance Morrison et al have taken against the labor media barrage we suffered previously.

An amazing number of people, apparently. And they speak about it daily. Or maybe it was just a bit of bullshit.

Here’s a ripper from another nameless imbecile:

Most of these “most asylum seekers arrive by air.” are foreign students who fly in to get a Bachelors, Masters or PhD degree. They spend a lot of time perving at the bikini girls on Bondi beach.

This causes them to apply for asylum before there visas expire.

Do any of our readers live in Sydney? If so, perhaps you could take a photo for us of all those perverted PhD students grouped together with their eyes bulging out. They should be easy to spot. There should be, apparently, tens of thousands of them. Or maybe it was just a load of bullshit.

From the same person:

I have to listen to people crying because they cannot get jobs because so-called asylum seekers who fly in do not want to go home.

I’ve seen them everywhere: dozens of people crying on each others’ shoulders in shopping centers, clubs, pubs, footy games and around the family BBQ. Our country is in tears because an asylum seeker finds a job. Or perhaps that was bullshit too.

And it appears that we all, apparently, have access to someone who has accommodated an asylum seeker. Although this nameless person calls them illegals, and I don’t know if known illegal residents – of which asylum seekers are not – are at liberty to stay in hotels, motels, guest houses or whatever.

Talk to a few people who have accommodated these illegals , they carry on like ungrateful pigs . Even thrashed hotel/motels in Brisbane justify that Sludge! Stay on Manus Island , it is a really beautiful island. I had to pay a lot of money to get there and to leave

And I’m sure Manus Island must be a beautiful island. Aussies must be flocking to the place. Our asylum seekers would be so pleased to be locked up in such a beautiful place in the world. Why bother coming to Australia (to trash hotels) when you can live in such a paradise?

Either I must be mixing with the wrong people or the right-wingers on this site (who are typical of what I’ve seen across the internet) know nothing but bullshit.

I suspect it’s the latter.

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Standing Orders

From day one Speaker Bronwyn Bishop has been under fire for her blatant partisanship which favours the Government. I do not wish to delve into the instances here; I’m sure you’ve all witnessed her horrible display. Though I might add that it’s somewhat incredulous that this week we have seen 10 Members of the Opposition kicked out of the House and none from the Government. This of course isn’t without precedence, but it is indeed odd.

But speaking of really odd . . .

Her comment to the Manager of Opposition Business, Tony Burke that: “You were not standing properly on your feet – You should have been sitting down” has a touch of the ridiculous, don’t you think?

Has it really become that ridiculous?

In case you missed it.


In case you missed it, here’s a press release from Tony Abbott in November 2012.

The next Coalition government will create a strong and prosperous economy and a safe and secure Australia.

Our policies will deliver more jobs, higher wages and better services for Australian families.  We will achieve this through lower taxes, more efficient government and more productive businesses.

Today, I am committing a future Coalition government to creating one million new jobs within five years and two million new jobs over the next decade.

My confidence in this pledge is based on my confidence in our policies and in the competence and experience of my team.  Sixteen members of the Shadow Cabinet were ministers in the Howard Government which delivered a golden age of prosperity.

The last Coalition government created 2.4 million jobs, oversaw a 21 per cent increase in real wages and resulted in Australian households experiencing a near tripling in net household wealth.

We have done great things for our country in the past and we can do it again.

The next Coalition Government will create one million jobs in five years and two million jobs in ten years by:

-  Abolishing Labor’s job destroying carbon tax.  On the government’s own figures, eliminating the carbon tax would add a cumulative $1 trillion to GDP by 2050;
–  Scrapping the mining tax and restoring Australia’s reputation as a safe place to invest;
–  Removing $1 billion a year of red tape costs from business and implementing our Deregulation Reform Agenda to lift national productivity;
–  Ending Labor’s waste and bringing the Budget back under control, taking needless pressure off taxes and interest rates;
–  Tackling lawlessness in workplaces by restoring the Australian Building and Construction Commission;
–  Removing export bottlenecks by investing in the major infrastructure that Australia needs
–  Establishing a one-stop-shop for environmental approvals;
–  Lifting workforce participation through a fair dinkum paid parental leave scheme and reviving work for the dole;
–  Strengthening relationships with the growing Asian region through greater emphasis on foreign languages in schools and a new two way Colombo Plan;
–  Establishing a Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council and ending Labor’s anti-business rhetoric.

In 2013 the Coalition will make further detailed announcements with policies that will strengthen the economy, encourage investment and create jobs.

I have nothing more to say than simply . . . we were conned.

Toyota’s decision to quit Australia doesn’t stack up

We’ve all heard the news. Toyota is to end its vehicle and engine production in Australia by the end of 2017 and about 2,500 jobs are set to be lost as a result of this decision.

“We believed that we should continue producing vehicles in Australia, and Toyota and its workforce here made every effort,” said Toyota president Akio Toyoda.

“However, various negative factors such as an extremely competitive market and a strong Australian dollar, together with forecasts of a reduction in the total scale of vehicle production in Australia, have forced us to make this painful decision.”

Yet late last week Japan Today reported that:

Toyota has shifted into high gear, with the world’s largest automaker tipping a record annual profit after more than doubling its nine-month earnings to 1.52 trillion yen thanks to the yen’s sharp decline and surging sedan sales.

The buoyant results underscore a recovery not only for the Camry and Corolla maker but also for rival Japanese auto giants including Nissan and Honda.

The trio have been big winners over the past year as a sharp drop in the yen inflated exporters’ repatriated profits, further boosted by improved overseas demand in key markets including the United States and China.

On Tuesday, Toyota said it earned 1.52 trillion yen between April and December on sales of 19.12 trillion yen—propelled by a five-fold jump in third-quarter earnings.

It also boosted its fiscal year to March profit forecast to a record 1.90 trillion yen.

For your information, one yen is roughly about eleven Australian cents. That’s still a hell of a lot of money.

Perhaps the economists amongst us can explain why Toyota can’t spare a few yen to invest in Australia. To me it just doesn’t stack up.

Toyota Camry ... the Japanese car maker says the strong Australian dollar is making exports "unviable".

What do you make of this?

From today’s SMH comes this ominous piece of news:

The Abbott government has quietly introduced a hardline code of conduct for ministerial staff, banning political commentary on social media sites including Twitter and Facebook.

The ban also extends to current Coalition staff writing books and newspaper articles and staff seeking “further guidance” on the new rules are referred directly to Tony Abbott’s chief of staff, Peta Credlin.

I used the word ‘ominous’ because:

“The Prime Minister’s chief of staff should be consulted for further guidance.”

Though staff have not been banned from using Twitter, Facebook or other social media sites, the move is designed to head off potentially embarrassing commentary for the government.

What do you make of this?


Well said, Barry

Well said, Barry Tucker.

And then there’s this.

Sometimes a picture tells the the whole story and I’m relieved of the task of searching for something to say. And both of these say it all, really. In simple terms, the man is a hypocrite and perhaps, just perhaps, a liar. ;-)

It’s official: Tony Abbott is an idiot!

I join the hundreds of social media writers who have, over the last four years, written about the demonstrated stupidity of our current prime minister, Tony Abbott. Here’s one of my favourites from a year ago, ‘Tony Abbott’s pearls of wisdom‘:

Tony Abbott says some amazingly stupid things. His brain fart comments on gay people, women and climate change are some examples. Strolling around the internet I’ve managed to find some more pearls of wisdom that haven’t had the exposure of his more famous gaffes, and I happily present them here for your enjoyment.

Let’s start with this one:

The Opposition Leader said roads were critical to improving life across all facets of society.

“Better roads means better communities; better roads are good for our economy; they’re good for our society,” he said.

“They’re good for our physical and mental health.

“They’re even good for the environment because cars that are moving spew out far less pollution than cars that are standing still.”

So next time I feel a mental breakdown or the flu coming on I’ll visit a road. They are good for my health. We should all do it. Roads do good things for Australians.

I know what he was really trying to say, but let’s face it, he stuffed it up. This next one is a real gem:

Ever since I was old enough to understand the term, I have regarded myself as a conservationist.  As a child, I used to play in the gullies and creeks surrounding the Lane Cove National Park. I wasn’t as careful then as now about protecting fauna, such as the red-bellied black snake, but I loved the bush for its potential for adventure and sense of solitude.In the valley behind our house, I first learnt to sleep under the stars. On canoeing trips, I learnt to read a map. On student bush walks, I developed a sense of direction.

As I said over at The AIMN, he no longer kills red-bellied black snakes and despises people who keep lights on. No wonder people such as Andrew Bolt rate him more credible than most of the world’s scientists. Scientists spend at least three years studying at university to become knowledgeable in their field. Tony Abbott reads maps. While floating down a river. How could you doubt him? How could you doubt a person who has a sense of direction because he walked in the bush yet needs a map to paddle a canoe?

This one is interesting:

Tony Abbott says he now has the “authority” to keep election promises. He admitted he had broken them in the past but said it was not his fault.

Well whose fault was it? Blame that ‘carbon tax’ I suppose.

I like this one:

Someone who’s earning $50,000 should be encouraged to move to $100,000.

Sounds fair enough to me. Tomorrow we’ll all line up to see the boss and ask for a $50K raise. Just tell him that Tony encouraged it (not that we’d need much encouragement).

This can’t be true:

Look, people should be polite to the Prime Minster. It doesn’t matter what they think of her policies or her government, they should be polite to her. That is the respect that the senior leadership of this country ought to be given and people certainly shouldn’t be disruptive of the Parliament.

Must be the new Tony we keep hearing about.

This is more like the old Tony:

Well, Kochie, I think the people of western Sydney want a plan, not a visit. They want a plan to ease cost of living pressures, a plan to ease traffic congestion and a plan to make the streets and community safer and the Coalition has real solutions to all these issues. We’ll build the WestConnex, we’ll end the carbon tax, we’ll stop the boats, we’ll stop the guns. Now, I think this is a big step forward for the people of Sydney.

Wow! How long have the boats been making it all the way to Western Sydney?

During a visit to Western Sydney (yes, the place where people shouldn’t visit) he said:

“We will bring in more trees and better soils, there will be incentives, not penalties and a green army for our degraded bushland and waterways under pressure”.

Where the hell are they going to pinch the trees from. Bring in from where? Maybe he’ll introduce a policy that all boat people have to bring a tree with them.

And finally:

I’ll be going to the National Press Club tomorrow (31 Jan). I’ll take questions then. Joe Hockey and Christopher Pyne will be taking media queries this afternoon.

History shows us that he ran away from questions asked.

I really don’t think Abbott tries to be an idiot. It just comes naturally.

Now we jump forward to this present day and an article in the Guardian by Katharine Murphy, ‘Navy entered Indonesian waters after wind, tide distractions: Tony Abbott‘. Tony Abbott, I’m afraid to say, has raised the bar of stupidity ever higher. This quote (which gained wide coverage in the social media two days ago) is breathtaking after it was revealed that Australian navy boats had entered Indonesian waters:

“On the high seas all sorts of things happen; there are winds, there are tides, there are other things that they’re focusing on,” he said.

“I have nothing but total respect for the professionalism of our naval personnel, for the professionalism of our customs personnel but, even people who are at the very top of their game, even people who are the very best at their job, will occasionally make mistakes.

“Test cricketers occasionally drop catches, great footballers occasionally miss tackles and, regretfully, there were a couple of occasions when this mistake was made – but it won’t happen again.”

He really comes out with some unbelievable garbage but this one leaves me absolutely speechless, other than to say that is now official: Tony Abbott is an idiot. A stark raving mad lunatic. A total buffoon. As for the first part of his statement, Mobius Echo commented here two days ago that:

No other words for Abbott come to mind. I’ve been in cyclones and hurricanes on warships, and mind you this was pre-GPS, dedicated military satellites, netcentric warfare systems and situational awareness, and we always knew where we were.

I’d believe Mobius over Tony Abbott any day of the week.

And let’s repeat this sentence from Abbott:

“Test cricketers occasionally drop catches, great footballers occasionally miss tackles and, regretfully, there were a couple of occasions when this mistake was made – but it won’t happen again.”

We can now all be relieved that no more catches will be dropped by Test cricketers. ;-)

The Aboriginal Ten Commandments

Australia Day certainly brings out many emotions. Pride. Passion. And I’m sorry to say, racism. I saw plenty of that on a couple of Facebook pages today. Here’s one:

Happy Australia Day ….. , Yes I know some of you will say invasion day, citizens day, genocide day ….. however I do not care… you nay sayers can go root a unicorn and fart out rainbows for all I care.

Charming. What a wonderful fellow.

Among the follow-up comments telling this racist chap how amazingly funny he is or how brilliant his statement was, came this equally ignorant quip:

If it wasn’t for Captain Cook none of us would be here . . .

Racism is a choice. Ignorance isn’t. But having said that, perhaps some people chose to remain ignorant. Like the commenter above.

Now here’s one from a real Aussie hero who didn’t like the idea that a particular person opposed the Government’s asylum seeker policy:

you sound like a big cry baby sore loser.

just accept the fact that half the country doesn’t want boat loads of leeches coming in here looking for a free ride (we have enough of our own thank you).

if you care about these “asylum seekers” so much, why don’t YOU take them in to YOUR home and look after them? put your money where your god damn mouth is, punk

But enough about the idiots. Just as there was some absolute bile on Facebook today, there was also a fair amount of the opposite, such as something posted by an Aboriginal friend: The Aboriginal Ten Commandments. It had no hate, no patriotism, nor racism. It simply spelled out what sound like some wonderful rules to live by. It was too good not to share with you. Here they are:

Honour and respect the Great Creator, the one who is above all.

Honour and respect the Earth for we are physically and spiritually connected to all living an non living things as we are in their custodianship.

Honour and respect our ancient philosophy whereby ‘what is good enough for one is good enough for all’ as no one is above another, for all are equal.

Honour and respect all members of humanity for we are all one ancient family, united and related through our kinship systems.

Honour and respect every person’s right to freely practice and express in their own way their unique forms of spirituality, faith and beliefs.

Honour and respect our ancient rule of sharing with one another so that no one is ever left without.

Honour and respect our ancient rule of caring for one another so that no one will ever feel alone.

Honour and respect both our Elders and Youth for each are very important when it comes to generational change and the advancement of our Peoples.

Honour and respect that violence ad substance abuse have no place within our lands, homes and families.

Honour and respect other peoples home boundaries and never walk into the home of another without first being invited in, as it is our ancient way.

Ten Commandments